Second Chances

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  1. "Why did you summon me?"
  2. Harmony smirk, "I always wonder where your modesty comes from."
  3. Harmony pull Lucius into her lap, "So sweet and so modest. I blame the uptight vampires. Swear they still think they're living the Stone Age."
  4. He smiled and hugged her close.
  5. "She's a Furor. I don't understand what you saw in her. Alexander killed his sister and any of his children who fell. He rather they die than be one of us."
  6. "And she'll be sad if he leaves again so soon."
  7. "But standards."
  8. Aeleosir enjoyed this more then he thought he would, she seemed to always push for control and when woman did that to him he pushed back but this made woman like her much more attractive and sexy then a woman who just let him do what he wanted. He played along, fighting against her rhythm to keep things interesting as he kissed her, when he pulled away he bit his lower lip lustfully staring into her eyes, as his thrusts became stronger and more passionate.
  9. Callahan was feeling his oats, and sent a wink Lincoln's way. "This one be for ye." he chuckled.

  10. "Just wanted a better position." Astorath held her hips as his member grew stiffer under her.
  11. SO, next Comic-Con, I'm actually considering buying a blank sweatshirt or something and making a Modern AU of my Robin cosplay.

    Probably something based on this image:


    No way am I dying my hair again.
  12. Harmony shrug and gently bite down on his neck.
  13. "A little more.." harmony begged.
  14. "I had to take care of a domestic issue." He smiled and the faint scent of sex wavered off of him.
  15. "She doesn't know. It's not like you taught her to read angelic runes properly. She's only following instructions." Kunari sigh, "You know our strength and life force are intertwined.."
  16. Oh dang. I better get my character sheet ready.
  17. bet it was someting like this

  18. Kunari frown deepens, "You're disgusting."