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  1. What was the last thing that made you say "'Scuse me?"/"Ex-cuse me?" or something similar out loud

    Mine was this:

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  2. That reads almost like satire to me.

    ... which is actually true of a lot of dumb things these days.
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  3. it doesn't have to be real to make me go "scuse me" :P So what's the last thing that made you have a reaction like that?
  4. "jump down, PK roll"...from a really big fuckin; height
  5. [​IMG]

    Ex-cuse me??
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  6. nope, but it may give him a thing for brown girls with taught tummies

    yum yum
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  7. The guy who was trying to get offended by this gave me that reaction. :P

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  8. actually, for a second, i was like "'scuse me, but that's a shitty LINK cosplay"

    and then i realized it was peter pan
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  9. People/articles that say vaccines cause autism, homosexuality, and a variety of other things. Basically, anti-vaxxers.

    People who questions masculinity by choice in home decor or choice of clothing or drink.

    Also, people who can't match the colour of their belt and shoes:

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  10. belt and shoes have to match?
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  12. Not really, unless you ask hard-core fashion bloggers. It's just a pet peeve of mine.
  13. Every time someone screws up one of the following.
    • Your, You're.
    • To, Too, Two.
    • Where, Were.
    • Witch, Which.
    • Fish, Phish.
    • Right, Write.
    I can be right in the middle of reading something, hit that mistake, and just stop dead at it and stare. This qualifies as a 'scuse me. :ferret:
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  14. I'm already past the "scuse me?" stage with those. I've moved on to the "fuck you guys, even I know how these work and English isn't even my first language!" stage.

    Also, I came to drop this here:

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  16. Every time I'm forced to go to Walmart for some reason or other is a "'scuse me" moment.
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  17. Wanna hear a good one?

    You'll lose a bit of faith in humanity

    My racist and ignorant co-worker that commits fraud on a weekly basis while the staff refused to do anything because she's a bully and pulls the race card seconds into any sort of accusations was recently talking to her 12 year old grandson after school one day.

    Wanna know what she said?

    Show Spoiler
    "You don't need friends in school. You only be thinking you need friends because other people got friends. But soon as something goes bad they gonna stab you in the back without a thought. Ain't never gonna need friends in yo' life. It's family an' people who can be good to you. Only kind'a friend you need in life's the one who gonna be good to you. If they ain't good to you then you don't need them no more."

    -incoherent rage babbling-
  18. Wow... :/

    I'm actually feeling a bit bad for her there.
    She must of had some shitty childhood to hold onto a belief like that.
  19. According to her sister she's just a bully. Always was growing up. Never had to go without anything growing up.

    She's just nasty and thinks the world owes it all to her because she's lived this long.
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  20. Prince Ali, as you can see, has issued a Fatwa
    Prince Ali - mighty is he - Allahu Akbar
    Strong as ten infidels, definitely
    He faced the Crusader whores!
    A hundred GIs with SAWs!
    Who sent those pigs to their holes?
    Why- Prince Ali!
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