School for the 'gifted and talented'

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  1. Akari stretched tiredly as she walked into her new school. Her dark blood red hair drooping to just below her ears. She wore a dark black top with faded grey jeans. Her shoes where dark black sneaker wedges.
    As she walked into the school she flinched slightly, seeing how many people were actually there, she hadn't really gotten to know many humans, due to being Deaths daughter, and ti was her first time at high school. She walked along slowly and brushed her fringe out of the way of her dark yellow eyes. She looked around slightly, trying to find someone she could easily make friends with.
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    Alexander makes his way into the new school filled with new people and not smells, His long 6'1 body sticking out a bit more but he wore normal attire as other people. his jeans a bit skinny yet loose enough to bag around the calves he wears a black pull over hoodie that is baggie on him and a loose fitting backpack as usual. His shoes are that of Adidas grey and black high tops. He walks around the school scanning people with his bright green eyes, he spots a beautiful looking girl with red hair and a black top. but as a new kid he doesn't know if she is new or not he takes this chance to try and makes friends by approaching her and greeting her with a " Hi I'm Alexander but people call me Alex for short " and a small smile whilst he rubs the back of his head.
  3. Akari stops herself from jolting and looks over at Alex with a small smile. "H-Hiya.. I-I'm Akari." She shakily said, her hands trembling slightly. Akari shook her head slightly, trying to stop shaking until she finally did. She looked over Alex with a small smile.
    "You new here too?" She asked politely.
  4. He looks at her still grinning and said " Yeah " he kind of looks down at her since he is very tall. He then says " So Akari you live around the neighbor hood?."
  5. "Ahh... No, not really. I live out of town, so to say." She says, looking around slightly, he doesn't have to look too far down at her, she's only around 5 feet in height.
  6. " Hmm out of town..sounds like a far trip " He says chuckling a bit as he looks out at the crowd of people talking and standing. " So what class do you have..uhm next? " He says with a bit of confusion to how the school bell schedule works
  7. "Uhh... English I think." She said, pulling out her timetable and reading it over slowly. She paused, hearing someone talking and glanced around before shaking her head.
  8. He looks down at his timetable and reads over it speaking outloud as if he was by himself " Hmm looks like i got ironic something i didn't want in the morning " He sighs and looks at her and smiles " Ill catch you around, i better go to class and get situated " He waves at her as he walks off towards the Gymnasium
  9. Akari smiled and waved to Alex before she s;lowly finds her English class, wondering who's going to be in it.
  10. In gym he looked at the different kids and the teachers who looked surprisingly fit instead of a fat guy wearing a track suit , His attire changed into red shorts and a black beater. His shoes still the same he would take a seat on the bench as they went about doing attendance and getting everyone into groups to start doing something in class. He was picked to join a group of 5 other kids who definatly seemed more happy to be at school than he did, He kind of secluded himself even though he was in the group. Alexanders team was up next to play basketball, as he arrived up to the gym floor and faced the kid he was up against his heart picked up and he began to play like the other kids. He was actually good at basketball he played it alot when he was younger, but he made a few points here and there and blocked a few balls. All in all he was enjoying his gym class so far.
  11. Akari walked into English slowly to be slightly afraid of how many people were there, she sat at a lone seat and opened her book she had been carrying and started to write what was on the board into her book despite not being told to. She just instantly knew she should do such thing, she looked around and noticed a book had fallen off the teachers desk and used her darkness powers to quickly lift the book up and toss it onto the desk before going back to writing things down. She wished that she could find someone who isn't normal and was slightly weird.
  12. Alexander was walking to his locker in the locker room when 3 boys came up behind him and shoved him to the wall they were just as tall as he was, Alexander covered himself with his arms while the boys made fun of him and punched him. Alexander became angry as the boys kept going on with the name calling and hitting him his right arm became inflamed and twirled with fire he punch one of the kids in the face sending him away from Alexander, the other boys looked down at Alexanders arm that was now Demonic. He looked them in the eyes and the boys got there friend and took off, His arm changing back to normal Alexander changed his clothes and walked out of the locker room and into the main school. He sighs and looks around for a place to hide, He walks to a wall and just slides down it holding his legs to his chest his head on his knees.
  13. Being new Davin did not want to over dress so he wore a pair of tan cargo shorts and ablack tshirt on his feet were some black and white nike slides. His socks black and white striped. After his first class physics he would enter into the hallway seeing anarray of people staying close to the lockers making his way to the bathroom he sees a kid sitting on the floor near the door he approaches.... "hey (looking down)my names davin you alright DAVIN WOULD EXTEND HIS HAND in hopes that the guy is friendly ..
  14. Alexander doesn't move at all he shuffles a bit away from David since he thinks its one of the boys who he just hit. He then looks up at David and says " im Alexander and im fine" Alexander puts his head back onto his knees and closes his eyes again trying to go back to meditating or until he could see someone he new.
  15. Grettahid away from all the students in the shadows afraid and scared.
  16. Davin takes the gestures from the kid as a sign of disrespect .. “stop acting like a babyi.. Davin goes in the bathroom does his duties . And hurries as his next class is starting looking back to see yhe kid still sittingon the floor..
    Hey teach I think they put me in the wrong class im not supposed to be in greek 101.. Im taking french 3and spanish2. " the teacher rudely replies so sitdown.. " Davin takes his seat.. Mad he thinks of a plan to mess with the teacher.. He begins twriling his finger as the teachers back is turned. Upon her turning around half of her students would appear to be missing .. Davin thought he was the only odd ball placed here.. What he did was remove the light rys from their bodys making them apper to be invisible from the front side.. .. As the teacher goes to ring the buzzer and turns around Davin stops twrilinf his finger and they all appear again. He laughs .... Out loud as everyone looks at her as if she iscrazy.. Hope I meet a weirdo like me..
    +davin I though I told you about your powers in publc human areas...... +
    -Well being a halfa I guess it does not matter .. I need to have fun -
    Davin breaks the connection and rests his head the rest of class.
  17. Alexander chuckles as he removes himself from the floor his pupils have dialated and he had the creepiest smile on his face. he walked through the halls as a teacher aproached him to tell him to go to class he grappled the teacher by the throat lifting him up off the floor Alexander stared into eyes. the man he was holding began to twitch an shake as he let him drop to the floor," i need to calm down " he runs his hand through his hair and heads to his foreign language class. he burst into the room making the teacher jump as few students did to, he sat down in his seat as the teacher said " and why are you late?" he responded with " i had to go break something" the teacher stared at him and then continued to teach the class.
  18. Gretta sees Alexander pick up the teacher and screams, but it just comes out like a sqeak.
  19. "Lovely." Quincent was late. First day at a new school, and late. He knew he shouldn't have let Father burn things for an extra hour. But, being a Pyromancer, his dad just has to burn things at the day's start. Quincy cared not about fire. He preferred darkness and cold, like that of a tomb. He took after his mother, a Necromancer. So, he looked at the time, looked at his schedule, and trudged toward his second class of the day.
  20. Akari quickly walked out of her English class and walked down the hall, her English teacher had held her back to talk to her about getting her moved up a class due to her brilliant work. She saw the compliment as an insult and bolted out of the door, she then continued to her next class, which was Maths. Akari swore to herself slightly as she entered the class room and took her seat.