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  1. Wyatt let out a sigh as he waited in the cafe with a coffee in between his hands at a table. He watched the steam come up from his cup of coffee for a moment then looked out the window he was by.
    'She is 10 minutes late...' he thought to himself. Of course he couldnt blame her concidering it is the first day of summer and they did just finish there senior year in high school. But at the same tume she WAS the one that told him to meet up with her at exactly 12 PM. He didnt understand her sometimes. As he waited he leaned back against his chair and ran a hand through his blonde-white hair. He was a rather good looking young man. He got compliment all the time. He had his blonde-white hair, shockingly bright
    blue eyes, and a nice athletic body build. He was also kinda tall, 5'12".
    As he looks out the window he finally sees her. Thank god! He had no idea what she wanted to tell him but he was willing to listen of course despite the wait. He smiled his usual smile, as always his bright blue eyes even seemed to match his smile

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  2. ((Sorry it's a little lengthy. My intros tend to get like that. Hope you don't mind. (: ))

    She was late, she knew that, yet Lana could not find herself to give a care in the world as she walked down the street, her hands held in her pockets as she looked down at the ground, her brows furrowed, her lips turned down into a frown. 'Probably won't be there anyway,' she thought, snorting to herself as she grumbled incoherently under her breath. Or at least, she figured, that he would be even more late than she was, which could give her something else to yell at the boy about. Not that she in particular wanted to yell at him per say, but she figured what ever would happen would happen. They just needed to talk, or rather she just needed to talk to him.

    And to be honest, most people would probably just push this matter aside and even congratulate the guy for getting into college. To be happy for him, to say good things to him, and to even just say good luck with your life and all of the obstacles that you're going to have to face later on in life. That he deserved everything that he got because he worked so hard for it, because he was better, he was actually able to get into the school... But that wasn't how Lana worked, or at least not in this situation.

    Sure, maybe had she heard the news straight from the horse's mouth, she might not have been as upset as she was at this moment. Maybe she might have just smacked him and walked away, leaving him to his own devices while she would wallow in her room, depressed yet pissed at the boy. But eventually she would get over it. And by eventually she meant maybe in a few years, and that maybe could surely turn into a definite no in Lana's worlds.

    To think that he was able to get into that college and she hadn't been able to. Oh, she had had her hopes set on attending it! The day she received that rejection letter, their words of 'thank you for applying, however...' it had devastated her. No, she had convinced herself that she hadn't been a drama queen about the situation, but that wasn't how everyone else saw it. Many other colleges accepted her applications, but none of that mattered to her. She didn't want to go to other schools, she wanted to get into that school!

    If only she hadn't slacked off so badly in her freshman year of high school, basically plummeting her GPA. She hadn't thought that getting those C's would screw her over like it had then, like it was now. And to think she worked so hard, put so many hours into studying notes after notes so that she could bring her average up so that when it was time for applying to colleges she would be fine. Apparently, she hadn't done enough, however.

    As those muddling thoughts raced across her mind, when she finally looked up to see Wyatt sitting in the Cafe through the window, she couldn't help but scowl in his direction. Quickly she walked into the building, a slight ding from the bell on the top of the door ringing, but she ignored it. Instead, she walked straight over to where the one and only Wyatt sat, and instead of sitting down, she stood by the table and slammed her hands on the table, effectively causing a few people to look in their direction. "What the hell is your problem?!" Her brows furrowed as she looked at him, a glare set in her eyes. "How could you do that, how could you get into that school?" So much for not yelling.
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  3. He arched an eyebrow and let out a sigh as he seen herr scowl at him. He knew immidiatly today was one of those bad days.... He just didnt know what he did THIS time. He was surprised when she slammed her hand on the table, unlike everyone who looked over at them clearly surprised. Then she immidiatly told him what was up... really? He thought even she would have been happy for him, even if it was her life long dream to go Stanford University. Although he had to admit he thought for sure she made it. He got up and looked calmly down at her hoping that would atleast calm her down somewhat, "Ok look, just calm down alright? You dont need to get so upset with me. I did nothing wrong."
  4. Lana scoffed and took a step back from him as Wyatt stood up, throwing her arms out in a bit of an exaggerated manner. "Calm down? You want me to calm down? Hell no! How dare you get accepted into that school when I couldn't. How dare you even apply to that school. When did you even apply, and why didn't you even tell me? Why didn't you tell me that you got accepted?" She was shooting her mouth off quickly, not making much sense with what she was saying, which was completely uncharacteristic of Lana.

    Generally was she more composed and able to control her emotions. Generally she didn't even blow up like this, or at least not in a public place where people could clearly see and hear them. It never crossed her mind that she could be ruining someone's lunch, and when she turned her head to see on lookers, she couldn't help but sneer in their directions before looking up at the boy. She didn't generally get angry with people, and even if she did she would keep quiet about it and just ignore that person for as long as she wanted. But still...

    "It's not fair, and even you know this." She shook her head, her voice lowering a bit, though the anger was still held in it.
  5. He scowled a little as she continued to yell. Even though everyone was staring he obviously didnt care. He just kept his eye on the girl before him, "I didnt tell you because I knew you would be upset if I told you I got accepted while you didnt! I was trying to spare your feelings." His bright blue eyes whih were usually gentle and kind instantly chaned to serious and even a little angry, "Heaven forbid I try to do something nice!"
  6. "Trying to spare my feelings?" Lana shook her head, giving the boy an incredulous look. No way, she didn't believe that, not in the lest bit. "No, if you were trying to be 'nice' about the situation, you should have told me that you were applying to Stanford, and that you even got accepted into the school. Then, I might not be as pissed. I might even be a little forgiving about the situation, and maybe I would have only hit you once and then have been over with it. But now? After finding out through someone else, thorough one of our teachers from school, that you got accepted?"

    She took another step back as she paused in her little rant, her hands clenched into fist. Oh, you can imagine her embarrassment when their History teacher walked over to her, giving her apologizes for her not getting into Stanford, yet, oh so conveniently, that Wyatt had made it. How the hell did things like that happen?

    "You know what, if you want to 'spare my feelings' so much, then stay out of my life. Forever." Her deep scowl turned into one of disgust, but as she spoke a small quiver settled into the middle of the sentence. She ignored it though, and after looking him up and down again, she turned and left, forcefully pushing the doors open before, causing a few passerby's to jump back out of sudden surprise. She didn't care, she just wanted to get away. To get away from this place, to get away from him... She didn't even pay attention when she stepped onto the road, obviously jay walking, but didn't care. The cops wouldn't stop her, or so she hoped.
  7. He had to admit he was pretty upset. Not necessarily at Luna but at himself... and the teacher. Made at himself for not telling her himself, and mad aat the teacher for having a big mouth. As his irritation grew he ran a hand through his hair and let out an irritataed sigh. Suddenly she dashed out of there befuore he could say anything. Of course knowing him he wouldnt listen. He rushed out of there after her "Luna-" suddenly he heard tires screech he looked over and sure enough there was a blue car moving slightly faster than he should, clearly not paying attention. Then he noticed the man was about to hit Luna! Who wasnt paying attention to her surroundings which he assumed was because of anger. His protective insticts kicked in and rushed towards her. Luckily he was in track, "Luna look out!" He pushes her out of the way making her fall to the sidewalk where she would be safe. Him on the other hand... as soon as he turned the car rammed right into him. The car was going so fast his body rolled on top of the hood all the way to the trunk then onto the street where he did still roll quickly, but only for a moment. He stopped rolling and landed right in front of Luna, unconcious but still breathing. People yelled "Called an ambulance!"
    The car continued to drive away.
  8. ((I think you mean Lana, right? (: ))

    Running her hands through her hair, Lana continued to look down at the ground, her feet shuffling quickly, yet at a steady pace. Why had she just argued with him about that? Over such a petty issue that no doubt really meant nothing to the girl. She was just hurt, hurt and jealous that he had gotten into her dream college while she was going to have to settle with some other, lower college. She grunted, shaking her head. No, he was still wrong. He could have said something, he could have told her. He could have never applied either, or that school could have just rejected him as well. But, could it be that he was the one who took her place? That they were going to accept her, but when they saw his application come in they decided that he was better, that since they went to the same high school that they would choose the one with the higher GPA?

    Yes, this was his fault, all his fault, and Lana had convinced herself of that. She didn't want to see him again, no matter how flightly their relationship had already been before now. One day they would be friends, the next they wouldn't be, and then they'd be back as friends. Due mostly on her part that is, but she didn't want that to happen again. She wouldn't forgive him. She couldn't forgive him.

    As those thoughts circled her mind, consuming her every thought, she had become unaware of her surroundings, but when she heard Wyatt's voice from behind her she instantly ignored it. She said she didn't want him in her life, and she meant it. But when she was suddenly jolted forward, a sudden gasp escaped from her lips. She was harshly pushed over to the sidewalk, but before she was able to get her bearings together her foot kicked against the curb, sending her tripping in the air before she slammed onto the ground, landing awkwardly on her wrist.

    She groaned, a stinging sensation coming from the injured area, but it only seemed to bring that anger she had before all back. "What the h-" She stopped, gasping as she watched Wyatt's body being thrown over the car, tumbling over the vehicle before he landed right before her, unconscious and beaten. Her body trembled as she listened to the screams of the other civilians in the area, many of them just looking, though she could hear the conversations that some were having on the phone as they called the police and hospital. "Wyatt? Wyatt!?"

    When she went to rush over to him someone grabbed onto her shoulder, holding her back. "Let me go, he's hurt! He needs help!" Desperation could be heard in her voice as she fought against the person, but ultimately she ended up losing the battle, that pain in her wrist being brought right back to her and because she just wasn't strong enough to get out of the grasp. She sucked in a heavy breath, her eyes wide. How did this happen? Why did he do that? Why did he push her out of the way? She could hear sirens getting closer to them as the seconds ticked on, though they were only a dull noise in her mind.
  9. ((Crap! Yeah! XD))
    Wyatt may have been unconcious but he still felt the pain that entered into his entire body. He did look pretty beaten up on the outside: Road rash on his arms, legs and back, a few cuts and bruised all over him, even a few gashes on his arms. He didnt have that many cuts and bruises
    on his face and they werent as bad. He also had a busted lip. But what hurt the worst was his right side, where the car rammed into. He would definetly be feeling that by the time he grew concious.
    As people frantically tried to help him suddenly the paramedics put their vwhicle into an instant help and yelled, "OUT OF THE WAY. MOVE!" And they did. One older man did notice Lana was in a bit of pain herself. He saw the whole thing and figured they were friends. He went to her side and yelled "Hey! She got hurt too!" The paramedics glanced up at him then to her as the put Wyatt on a stretcher, then they looked into their vehicle and yelled, "Grace! We got another one!" He brown haired woman came out and they pointed their heads in the direction of Lana. The Grace woman walked over to her leading her to the vehicle, "Come on honey, it will be ok." She gently set her down in the chair and the parmedic who was holding up the bottom end of the stretcher says to the one who was holding the other end , "Ok! Lets hurry up and get this kid to the hospital!" He nods in understanding and rush him into the vehicle, shut the back doors and drive off.
  10. Everything was moving too fast, yet things weren't moving fast enough. People running about back and forth, trying to get a handle on the situation, trying to get the boy who laid on the ground onto the stretcher so that they could quickly get him to the hospital. And all Lana could do was watch. Really, it didn't even feel like she was there, just like she was a spectator about the whole thing. Like Wyatt wasn't someone that she knew, someone that had just gotten hit and that she actually knows him. It was surreal, too much so.

    It made the girl feel sick. She felt like she was going to puke. But when she saw a woman come over to her, leading her over to the ambulance, she didn't fight against it, nor did she really say anything. She was still trying to figure out the situation for herself.

    As they brought Wyatt into the ambulance she watched as the paramedics frantically set things up, things she didn't know as they talked among each other, saying that she really wasn't paying attention to. She didn't want to listen. Her eyes stared down at Wyatt's still form, her eyes beginning to sting with unshed tears as she looked at his state. How could this have happened?

    She was brought from her revere as she felt a light touch to her wrist, causing Lana to yank it back and groan in pain. She looked down at it, the skin already an angry red, though the forming of a bruise could be seen. Oh, how she hoped it wasn't broken or fractured and just sprained. When the paramedic who looked at it told her that they would have to x-ray it to see if it was all right or not, she could only sigh. "Fine." She was just more worried about the boy who she had just yelled at only moments before any of this had happened.
  11. Aas they drove to the hospital they checked all his wounds while the female paramedic took care of Lana's wrist. All of them did seem to be cuts, bruises, gashes and road rash. As one flashed a flash light in his eyes the other lifted up his shirt slightly. A deep dark purpled bruise became visible on his side. The one with the flash light said, "He has a little concosion." Then the other one whispered so Lana could not here, "He has a deep bruise on his side. I'm judging that was where the car hit him. Probably has a few broken ribs and may have some internal bleeding." He says thinking Lana cannot hear him. As the one with the flashlight continues to flash it in his eyes suddenly Squeeze shut and he lets out a quiet groan. As expected the pain hit him full force. Though now only he was patially concious he was able to somewhat comprehend what was going on around him. That little movement and quiet noise caused hithem to show a little bit of relief in each of the paramedics eyes. The one with the flashlight started asking him question, "Do you know who you are sir?" Was the first question.
    Wyatt managed to mumbled in pain, "Wyatt Andrews."
    After a few more little question it was safe to say he was for the most part aware what was going on. It was hard to forget, getting hit by a car is something that would be almost impossible to forget. Once they finally get to the hospital they immidiatly open the back door and bring the stretcher with them. While the guy paramedics brought in Wyatt Grace slowly brought Lana in and smiled at her a little, "He will be alright." She said trying to make her feel better.
  12. As the paramedics started talking more and more about the boys condition, Lana fond herself trying to strain her hearing in their direction. It was obvious that they didn't want her to know, or rather they didn't want her to hear what they were saying, which worried the girl greatly. What if he wasn't all right? What if something happened to him, what if he was dieing? Her throat was beginning to tighten as those thoughts circled through her mind, her breath coming out in heavier pants. She turned her head to the other female on board who put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, trying to get Lana to calm down. It didn't really work that well.

    But when a quiet groan sounded around the back of the ambulance, everyone's attention turned more onto the boy, them shooting questions at him in all the same instance. Lana wanted to stand up to get a better look, to see if she wasn't just imagining this, which, in a sense she wished she was about this whole situation, but she stayed put, her muscles not allowing her to move. She sat there, frozen, as she listened to the little strangled noises that came from Wyatt, her mind instantly flashing images of him being hit, him toppling over onto the ground right in front of her.

    This couldn't be real.

    As they made it to the hospital and carried the two out of the vehicle, Lana nearly pulled herself out of the woman's grip as they started taking her in another direction, her eyes locked onto Wyatt's form as they rushed him across the halls. "Wyatt..." Again the woman's calming words did nothing, but nevertheless Lana followed the woman down the hall to x-ray, the woman saying that they were just going to have to make sure that nothing was bad with the wrist, despite Lana's feeble attempts at saying that she was fine. It was only sprained, and the swelling would go down with ice, she tried to convince them. But, she had been wrong.

    Her wrist had been fractured, grade two, but it wasn't that bad. All she had to do was keep the cast on it for a few weeks, and then it would be as good as new. Nothing to worry about, they assured her. It happened all the time. 'But having someone save your life doesn't.' She fiddled with the cast on her arm as she sat in the waiting room in one of the lobbies, her leg bouncing up and down out of nervous habit. Was he okay, was he all right? She sighed, sniffling a little as she tried to get her bearings together. She would not cry here, she would not lose herself...
  13. It took about an half an hour to do everything: Clean up his wound, stitch up the gashes on his arms and take the extra and a couple other small tests. Yes he was quit fortunate, the only big problem was his broken ribs. They also feared that he might end up have some internal bleeding. He fell asleep when they were cleaning him up, but by the time it was all done and over with his hand twitched underneath the blanket,his eyes just then slowly opened. The light in the room nearly blinded him but he adjusted rather quickly... he does remember everything. Immidiatly his mind went to Lana and he was on full alert. He sat up straight rather quickly... bad idea. He felt the sharp pain on his right side intensify and clutched his side. Where is Lana? Was she alright? Suddenly he heard the door open and he looked in the doors direction, it was the nurse. She looked a little surprised but happy, "Well look who is up." She says happily as she walks over to him and flashes a flashlight into his eyes.
    "Is Lana ok?" Wyatt asked.
    She smiled kindly, "Lana? Oh yeah she is fine she is in the waiting room. I'll go get her." And with that she walked out of there and into the waiting room. She smiled at Lana, "He is up."
    Wyatt slowly leaned back and let out a sigh of relief.
  14. What was taking so long? Why hadn't she heard anything about him yet? Every time one of the doctors would walk past her, Lana would instantly turn to attention, only to become disappointed that they weren't the ones that she needed, or wanted, to speak to. As she waited for those long, agonizing moments, or at least that's what they felt like to the girl, her phone rang a couple of times and every time she looked at it to see that it was her parents, she would ignore the call. She didn't need to hear them, not right now. She'd just talk to them later. Besides, she didn't even know how she was going to be able to explain any of this to them.

    A shaky sigh escaped her lips as her leg continued to bounce, but when she heard a voice speak to her, Lana looked up, instantly standing as she looked at the nurse. "H-he is?" A sense of relief washed over her. So he was all right then? Being awake was good, right? "Thank God..." She plopped back down into the chair, wincing as she bumped her caste against the arm of the chair. She'd have to get used to that being there.

    She ran a hand through her hair before she looked up at the nurse. "Can I see him?"
  15. The nurse smiled and nodded, "Of course you can see him. He was actually asking about you. Now follow me." She turned her back to her and lead her to his room, "He is a very lucky young man. He is lucky he isnt handicapped." She grabbed the doorknob and turned it, once the door was opened she moved to the side so Lana could go in.
    When Wyatt saw the nurse back with Lana he grinned, seemingly like his usual goofy self, "Thank you nurse."
    The nurse nodded and smiled back before shutting the door behind herself. Wyatt smiled at Lana, "Hey, are you alright?" His voice did sound a little raspy and was pretty dry. He hasnt had anything to drink for hours.
  16. Lana hesitated when the nurse actually said that she was able to see him, having already half expected that she was going to be denied the request, though she can't say if she was upset that she was able to see him or not. But... She just wanted to see for herself. See for herself that he was all right and that he was alive. So that maybe this guilt that was beginning to well in the pit of her stomach would go away.

    She took a deep breath before following the nurse, telling herself things in her mind to calm herself down. She wouldn't get upset, she wouldn't break down when she got in there. She wold be fine; calm, cool and collective. Hopefully. When the door was opened for her, Lana stepped in, her eyes widening as she looked at Wyatt, looking at that smile he had etched on his face. She didn't step closer though, not even when the nurse closed the door behind her, leaving the two alone. She didn't know what to say. Again that feeling of her throat beginning to close surfaced again, causing her to swallow as she took in his appearance. How bandaged up he was...

    Yet he was still asking if she was all right?

    "H-How could you?" She grit her teeth. "I thought I told you to stay out of my life!" So much for her keeping calm. Clenching her left hand, the one with the not fractured wrist, the girl took a step closer to the bed. "If you had listened to me, if you had just left me alone... Then you wouldn't be here! You wouldn't have gotten hit by that car. You wouldn't be hurt." Her voice quivered greatly, her eyes stinging with tears. "You shouldn't have done that."
  17. 'Oh no!' He thought, 'She is crying!' If there was anything he couldnt stand to see it was seeing girls cry. He gently took her non fractured hand, "Lana... lets face it. We are never going to be ouyt of each others lives. No matter how our friendship maybe we always wind up being friends again. And what was I suppose to do? Let you get hit? I dont think I would have lived with myself if I let that happen. " he says this in a calm voice and looks at her with gentle eyes , "No matter how bad some of our fights get I will always have your back ."
  18. "Yeah, but you almost didn't live by saving me." She muttered quietly, turning her head to the side so that he wouldn't see the tears that were beginning to well. She sniffled and shook her head, trying to get her bearings together, though the words that he spoke racked through her mind. He was right, she knew, but oh how she hated it. She wanted to hate him sometimes, she wanted to despise him sometimes, and like she had said before sometimes she even wished that he was just out of her life... Yet, for some reason, they always came back to each other. And that cared Lana.

    "Why can't you just be like every other guy I know? They're a lot easier to deal with." She sniffled again before turning her head to look at him. "You're too nice, and I hate you for that." But, she also appreciated it, and loved it. With him, she always knew that she would have someone to talk to, someone to complain to. He was also there to listen to her. And what did she also do? Yell at him, scream at him... What kind of friend was she? "I'm sorry."
  19. He gave her a funny look, "So you want me to be an ass?" He asked and smiled a bit to show he was joking, "I dont think that would be a whole lot easier honestly" he hoped that little joke would somehow make her less upset and teary. Then she apologized which stunned him. She never apologized. "Heyy you dont need to apolgize." He gave her a gentle smile, "I should have told you... about the university thing."
  20. She snorted lightly at his small attempts at jokes, Lana figuring that this was him trying to lighten the mood. It worked, slightly. It made her give off a little smile anyway. "No, I'm sure it would be a lot easier if you weren't... You. For me anyway." But then, Wyatt wouldn't be Wyatt, and what good would that be? If he hadn't been himself today, if he had actually listened to her, she probably wouldn't have been here at this moment. She would probably be dead. "But then, what good would that be?"

    She frowned and looked down at the ground, giving his hand a little squeeze before she dropped it from his gentle grasp. "No, I do need to apologize." No matter how odd that felt to her, especially towards him. "It's just a college, a stupid place that'll probably mean nothing to me later on. I... I shouldn't have gotten that upset. It was pointless. I was just jealous. Very jealous."
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