RWBY OCs of Remnant

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RWBY OCs of Remnant | RWBY WIKIA

So I have decided to come up with a RWBY fandom RP. In this RP we will all be playing original characters, characters created by us based off the series, that will usurp the roles of both main teams; RWBY and JNPR. In addition to this we will also be following the storyline up until volume two of RWBY. Even though volume three is now going after volume two the story will become original as well, since Monty Oum gave us such a glorious definitive, but not, ending.

Above I have given two links; One link is for the RP the other takes you to the wiki for RWBY. If you need to catch up on RWBY or find out what it is, I suggest either watching it (since its literally just an average movie's length all together) or looking up information on the wiki.
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