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  1. Hello! You can call me Rubix or Ness, whatever floats your boat.

    I've been role playing for approximately ten years (roughly a quarter of those were live speak role plays since younger me wasn't much of a writer). I've recently been craving some fantasy/romance RP's and decided to return to Iwaku to find a partner. I've only had one long term role play partner in the past decade so I'm unfamiliar with some of the terms people use in the role play community. Please be kind to me if I ask questions.

    MxM, FxM, or FxF relationships are fine with me.

    I don't mind if you ditch during the beginning of the RP if it's not going anywhere, I sort of understand but if we are twenty or thirty posts in please warn me if you are getting uninterested. I'd rather be a little disappointed then waiting in hopes of a reply.

    As far as role plays come, I am a fan of having a vast amount of secondary characters along with my main that I focus on from time to time. It's get's a bit boring seeing things from only my main characters view point. I hope my partner is similar or at least doesn't have a aversion to seeing secondary conflict. An example of this is in my profile under the Scene Sample where I show what is going on with my main character's mother and partner's parents while the event's of the role play are taking place.

    Please PM me if you are interested in being my partner and we can bounce ideas off each other. Any idea's you have that are fantasy/Romance/Medieval/Etc. shoot them my way.

    Also, what I wrote as the title under my name in 100% true. It's a miracle if I post more than once in a day. I enjoy doing research before I write anything down, so I apologize if you're looking for someone who's fast paced because I certainly am not.

    What's Bolded is what I prefer and/or already have a character in mind for.


    Knight x Anyone (Prince(ss)/Peasant/Witch/etc.)

    Knight x Former Pirate (Underdeveloped plot in mind)

    Renegade Princess x Evil King (Plot in mind)

    Runaway Sorceress x Her Hunter (Underdeveloped plot in mind)

    Witch/Warlock x Anyone

    Mythical Humanoid (Siren/Selkie/Tengu/etc.) x Anyone

    Thief x Anyone

    RPG OC x RPG OC (Something similar to Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari)

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  2. I'd be interested in the renegade sorceress and her hunter plot line. I definitely appreciate research done in writing and won't be turned off by infrequent posts. I'd be interested in a low-ish fantasy, maybe the rarity of magic is why the sorceress is being hunted, medieval setting.
  3. Sure! PM me and we can swap ideas! I really like the idea of magic being a rare thing.
  4. I wouldn't mind one more partner is anyone's interested.
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