Rowan High School

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  1. This is a high school roleplay! No specific plot, just drama and stuff :3

    Don't be afraid to post, no one bites. :)

    I meant to put the High school prefix but my tablet won't allow me to scroll.
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  2. Name: Brendan

    Personality: Shy, loyal, trustworthy, old fashioned, funny, and quiet.

    Status: single

    About Brendan: Nobody really knows where brendan is from, he just appeared and made this his place of residence until graduation. He doesn't have many friends, but he is always there to help others.

    It's the first day of school, people walked around, the hallway was pretty packed.
    Brendan however, didn't pay much attention to anyone as he made his way to his locker.
    He opened it up, grabbed some books, and put them in his bag. He grabbed his water bottle and took a sip as he skimmed through the people trying to find anyone that seemed nice enough today.
    He sighed and took another sip.
    "Today's gonna be so boring." He mumbled
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  3. Name: Rachel

    Personality: Social, bubbly, talkative

    Status: Single (Searching)

    About Rachel: Rachel has always been getting her heart broken. She feels unlovable, and is searching for love in all the wrong places. She's social and popular. There will always be rumors about her around the school.

    Rachel texted furiously on her phone as she made her way to her locker. She relied on her side vision to avoid bumping into other students. Unfortunately, she didn't see the guy that was right in front of her.

    "Oh, sorry." she said nonchalantly. Rachel was too focussed on her phone.
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  4. Brendan looked at her "it's okay, my fault." He watched her text "you know.. You'll never see what happens around you if you keep being focused on your phone all the time." He said jokingly.
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  5. Rachel looked up at him, and smiled. "Well, yeah, I guess." She said awkwardly. She then put her phone away, and decided to break the ice. It was the first day of school, her friends were nowhere to be found --- what else could she do?

    "Are you new here? I've never seen you around here before."
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  6. He smirked "oh.. Uhm, yeah, I'm Brendan, I guess I should stay out of your business, right?"

    He looked around and fidled his hands.
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  7. Rachel noticed Brendan getting uncomfortable. Probably not a people-person. That was okay, she was friends with everyone. Which is why she is well-liked by many.

    "I'm Rachel, " she replied with a bright smile. "And don't worry about it, " she gestured to her phone. "It's nothing."
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  8. He smiled "ah, nice to meet you, for nothing it looked pretty intense."
    He looked at Rachel and inspected her a little.
    "Was it your boyfriend?"
  9. Rachel dropped her eyes sadly. Peter had left her for her best friend. They had been sneaking around together for weeks now, and she hadn't found out until recently.

    "My ex, " she responded, refusing to suggest him as her boyfriend. She wanted to explain to Brendan what happened, but she wasn't sure he'd care. Why would he? He was a stranger. Yet he had known it was her ex she'd been texting.

    "How did you know?" she asked curiously.
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  10. He looked down "oh sorry.." He shrugged "usually when girls type so furiously it's either their boyfriend who said something wrong, or their arguing with their friends." He looked at her "what did he do? Are you okay?"
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  11. Rachel sighed. "Both, I guess. I got dumped for my best friend.'' she admitted sadly. She and Peter were even planning to go to college together. It's sad the way life turns out sometimes.

    "Do you have a girlfriend?" Rachel hoped he wouldn't take it the wrong way. Whenever people ask that question, they assume they're being asked out. "I mean, I'm just curious, not to take it the wrong way."
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  12. Brendan looked at her "what a prick.. I'm sorry that happened, on behalf of all half decent guys."
    He chuckled and shook his head "nahh, really? Look at me, girls wouldn't touch me with a bargepole." He said jokingly
  13. Rachel giggled. When she realized how foolish she sounded, she blushed a bright red, causing further embarrassment. "But, uh, yeah, " she said awkwardly. "I'm hoping to find someone decent enough not to cheat." She pushed a stray strand back in place from her messy bun.
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  14. Name: Spiral ((Real name is Serena))
    Personality: Sporty, Quiet, Artistic
    Status: Single
    About: She lives with her parents and older sister who nicknamed Serena "Spiral" because of her childhood habit of spinning in circles out of boredom. She rarely speaks to the other students and is in both the Track Team and the Art Club, as well as the school's Choir and Orchestra. She is a Senior, and is widely known as the school's "Ice Queen"

    Serena moved silently through the crowd, most of the students parting so she wouldn't come in contact with anyone. She opened her locker slowly and took out her Math textbook. Slipping the heavy book into her bag, she noticed the very popular Rachel talking to a boy Serena had never seen before. She closed her locker and walked past them with not even a glance at the two younger students.
  15. He smiled "no need to blush, you were cute already." His eyes widened and he looked down "uhh, I did not say that, I am sorry, please don't hit me." He looked up and noticed serena look at them and smiled "hi, can I help you?" He said happily
  16. Rachel noticed the talented yet quiet Serena move through the crowd of students. Serena was a grade older, but was much of a loner, rather staying home than partying with friends. Rachel sent a small smile her way, but Serena didn't even notice. She silently turned back to Brendan.
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  17. Rachel blushed an even darker red, not knowing how to respond. "I... I think I should go now." She quickly walked past Brendan to get to her class. She ignored when her group of friends called for her down the hallway.

    This was how she got hurt the last time.
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  18. He looked down, and rushed after her "hey.. Wait up.. " he stopped her "I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to say anything wrong.." He looked at her "I'm sorry.. That's all I wanted to say." He stepped away and started walked back to his locker. His head filled up with thoughts, he wanted to skip school, and that exactly might be what he was about to do.
  19. name: Jake
    personality: shy,not talkative,very secretive
    status: single
    about Jake: Jake grew up in a family of people who treated as a slave until he revolted and ended up running from home to soon he got a job and kept to himself he has trust issues he keep distances from people so thy don't get to know him.

    Jake was walking to his class he had a Hispanic look to him his keys rattled in his pocket he arrived at his class and sat far in the back and looked at the ceiling his black hoodie looked a bit large on him so it looked as if he had the hood over his head
  20. Brendan looked into the class room, no teacher, great. He rushed passed the door and bumped into someone, he looked up and looked the teacher dead in the eyes 'and where do you think you are going?' The teacher almost yelled at him
    "I was just getting my books, what am I supposed to be doing?" He replied with a smirk
    'Really funny, get in there, right now. I have a book you can borrow'
    Brendan sighed and walked into the room and sat down