Rose's thorns

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  1. Kyuhyun sighed as he walked toward's Rose's house. Smiling to himself he went back on the day she accepted his love. It was the happiest day of his life so far. It's been six months since they started dating and today was the day he finally got to enter her house to meet the household. They didn't live far from each other so it only took a few minutes to walk to her house.

    When he stood in front of her door her combed his black straight hair making sure it was perfect. Knocking on the front door a red head answered the door before smashing into him giving him a hug. Smiling Kyuhyun wrapped his arms around the girl saying "Hello to you too Rose,"

    Smiling Rose pulled Kyuhyun in and offered him food and explaining that no one was home at the moment. Kyuhyun took the offered food and ate it listening to her talk. As she talked her hands move erratically. The next thing he knew was that his face was on the floor and the place looked ransacked. Panicking he called out for Rose. With no answer he searched around the home before calling the police.
  2. Shikiyoku sat alone in the small shelter he'd created for himself. The mass of weapons around him catching the light of the sun and illuminating the small room. He sat in the center of the room, sharpening one of his many blades. The days for him were rather long as he waited for the return of the women he'd sworn his life to. Long and empty, like the room he so often sat in. At times he would search the tall tree's that surrounded him. Hoping to find even the slightest trace of Rose in the tree's.

    He rubbed his finger against the edge of the blade, satisfied with how it was sharpened. He stood to his feet, stretching a bit as he looked up at the sky. Every thing was as quiet as it always was. Only the creatures living in the tree's causing any noise. After a moment he left his hiding place, duel blades strapped to his back. It was another day, and a strange feeling greeted him as he began walking.

    The tree's were as alive as they always were, the creatures hopping from branch to branch. He smiled up at them as they kept on, chuckling to himself. Eventually the sun grew dark, the portal to another world causing a sudden blackout of the sky. Whatever made it's way into his world held the limp body of a young girl in it's grip.
  3. Kyuhyun waited minutes before the police arrived. An officer came in and began asking questions. Questions he didn't know the answer too because he wasn't conscious. Frustrated with himself he pulled at his shirt stretching it. He watched as they surveyed the area in the house and shook their heads. Calmly they told him there was no evidence to even try to find the perportrators.

    Devastated he walked back home slowly. Opening his door his mother greeted him with a warm hug, telling him it wasn't his fault and that they'll find Rose. Sigh he hugged back knowing that they'd never find her. He had a feeling that she wasn't even on the planet anymore.
  4. Rose was back, that was one thing that was very clear to Shikiyoku as he rushed back to his home. Quickly, he looked over his weapons. Whatever had Rose was something he'd never seen before, something he'd never come up against. For a moment he hesitated, unsure of what he could take with him to use against such an unfamiliar creature. The sound of a loud howl echoing through the forest caught his attention, leaving his eyes to wonder at the tree's.

    After a moment of silent, he kneeled down with a sigh. All of the weapons around him, yet he still felt unsure. The silence was short felt though, his moment of peace disturbed by the high pitched scream. He let out a growl of irritation, quickly grabbing a few extra daggers before rushing back onto the path.

    He made his way through the tree's, hoping for another sign of the beast where about's. He was unsure if the sound was Rose, but he had every intention of finding out.
  5. Kyuhyun went upstairs sullenly. Falling on his bed he sighed wishing that he was able to find Rose. A few minutes later of him lying there he fell asleep.

    Jolting up he found himself in an unfamiliar land surrounded by trees. Off in the distance he heard a shrill scream and got up. He didn't know if he should run away or run to see what happened. Looking around he decided to run away. He ran for a little bit before he crashed into someone. He fell to the floor with an 'oof' and got up quickly bowing and apologising.

    Looking up he saw another male. Kyuhyun noticed the swords on the others back as he backed away slowly not watching where he was going and tripping over a root and landing on his butt.
  6. Shikiyoku growled in irritation as someone crashed into him, causing him to stumble back. He held his footing though, standing up straight to look at whoever had crashed into him. The boy was strange to him, his clothing and all, completely different. All Shiki could think was what a strange boy this fellow was, with his bowing and apologizing.

    "You are terribly clumsy aren't you," he scoffed out at the boy as he watched him fall once again. For a moment or so, he watched the boy stumble about. He was almost intrigued by how clumsy this person was, amazed that someone could fall twice in a matter of seconds. His interest in the boy soon faded, another howl echoing on. Closer now.

    Shikiyoku ran past the boy quickly, rushing toward the sound. Another scream soon followed as well, only urging him on further until he came into a clearing. Stopping at it's edge, only to find a wolf howling at a screeching bird up in the tree. He let out a sigh of irritation as he stepped through the brush, scaring the wolf away.
  7. "I'm only human," he said frowning "Hey do you know where we are?" kyuhyun asked scratching the back of his head awkwardly. He had no idea wha so ever as to where he could be. Nothing looked familiar so he was definenatly not anywhere near home. He followed the strange man as he went closer to the howling and screaming. He followed him through the bushes and stared as the other approached the wolf.
  8. "The forest of Kirin," Shikiyoku said in irritation. He turned around, his eyes to the ground as the words the boy spoke ran through his mind again. That is, until his thoughts were interrupted by the loud screeching of the bird. A growl escaped his lips as he slipped out a dagger, throwing it up at the bird. Seconds later, as the sound of the dagger hitting the tree reached them, the bird flew off. "Hate those things."

    "Wait, your human?" As the words slipped from his mouth, he looked up at the boy. Eye's wide with interest, yet still filled with worry for the girl. "Rose, do you know her. She's a young girl with long red hair and bright green eyes." He seemed a bit more frantic now as he stepped toward him, "do you know what happened to her? Who took her, tell me!"
  9. "Kirin?" Kyuhyun asked with a perplexed look. He tried to remember his geography classes and realised that it wasn't a place that existed. He covered his ears as the bird began its screaming again. Staring at The stranger with great confusion he watched as the other threw a knife effortlessly through the air almost hitting the bird causing all that schreeching. Now he just looked at him wide eyed not knowing if he should open his mouth again.

    As he was questioned he stepped backwards confused. How did this person know Rose? Answering he said "I do know Rose, she's my girlfriend." he said shying away from the boy afraid of his wrath if he gave the wrong answer. "And I don't know what happened we were talking, I blacked out, woke up on the ground to her ruined house" slowly he backed away
  10. "G-girlfriend?" Shiki had a spaced look on his face as he ran the word through his head. Sure it had crossed his mind that Rose would find someone, but he'd never imagined he'd run across this person. His mind snapped back to the original subject, his eyes feeling with rage.

    In a blink of an eye, he had the boy to the ground and a dagger at his throat. "Useless boy," he snapped through clinched teeth. "Human's are weak pathetic creatures. You just let her get snatched away!" His grip on the dagger tightened as he lunged it into the ground. With a scoff, he stood straight to his feet, scowling down at him. "If something happens to her, I'll kill you."

    With his final parting words, he turned off. Walking back to the original path, making small notes of where that shadow could have possibly gone. He stared up into the sun, paying no mind to the burning in the back of his eyes. Pointing up, he noted the direction the figure came and went. "Girlfriend? Psh," he scoffed at the idea of such a weak human being with his beloved Rose. The pain in his eyes finally caused him to look down, trying to rub away the sting.
  11. 'How the hell was this guy?' kyuhyun wondered Still backin away slightly. Suddenly he was pushed to the floor and a knife pressed to his neck. Why was he angry? It wasn't like he just move aside to allow them to kidnap her. No he blacked out and woke up on the floor. He tried to pull his neck away from knife and only managed just to get a small cut.

    "Why the hell are you blaming me for her being kidnaped? It's not my fault everything was going well! And then sonethine happened beyond my control," he yelled back at the mysterious boy before getting up and placing a hand on his neck pulling back finding blood. Growling he pulled the dagger from the ground and ran after him.
  12. For some time, he blinked to get rid of the burn. Wiping a tear from his eyes, he began down the path. He had many thoughts running through his mind as he questioned who could have taken Rose and where. It had been some time before Rose had returned to this world, and the last thing he expected to follow her here was some pathetic human boy.

    The thought swam over in his head again and again. Rose had a human 'boyfriend.' He shook the thought from his head, slowly beginning to pick up his pace. He had no time to dwell on the thought of Rose being with another now. He needed to know who and where.
  13. Kyuhyun followed him silently. He wanted to know who this boy was and what his connection to Rose was. Kyuhyun also wanted to know how to get back home, if he even could get home. All he knew was that this might be some sort of huge hallucination or dream his mind made up. He touched his neck again and there seemed to be even more blood but he wasn't that concerned.

    He held the dagger in his hand still following the mystery boy when he finally caught up he grabbed his shoulder realising that this was probably a very bad idea. "Look I don't know who you are, I'm just a math nerd, I have no idea how I got here and I need to get home to look for Rose so if you'd kindly show me back to earth I'll repay you somehow"
  14. Shikiyoku came to a quick holt, feeling someone grab him. Turning around with a kick to the boys side, he brushed his shoulder off. "I really have no concern for you at all. You're a useless waste of flesh in my eyes." As he paused for a breath, he turned back around, his fist in a tight ball. "Though if what you say about Rose is true, leaving you here to die would only upset her."

    His anger levels were at an all time high as he opened his mouth to speak the words he'd soon regret. "You can come along if you can keep up. But you'll have to learn to fend for yourself."

    He walked on, with a somewhat permanent scowl on his face. "Rose is no longer on Earth, she's been brought back home. The world she belongs in," He peeked over his shoulder at the boy, rolling his eyes at him. Facing forward again, he spoke, "I get the feeling you know absolutely nothing about her."
  15. Kyuhyun gasped as he felt the foot connect with his side. He swore he heard a crack also. Breathing heavily he grabbed at it put a poker face on. Grimacing he followed the boy and said bitterly "I am not useless," he stood up straight fighting against the pain.

    He followed behind him soon compliant about where they were going, and not wanting to get on the other's nerves anymore than he has. "What do you mean home?" he asked confused "She never told me about anything apparently, and one thing you should know was that she agreed so stop being so bitter"
  16. He let out a scoff of annoyance. "Home, where she was born, where her family is. You know, the stuff that makes a place home." He rolled his eyes as he walked, looking up at the tree lines, hoping for some sort of sign, anything that could give him a hint as to where Rose was taken.

    "If she didn't explain to you, I shouldn't have to either." The sun was glaring bright in the sky, making a point that mid day had been reached. His only problem, knowing that he hadn't made it far at all. Shikiyoku glanced over his sholder, glaring at the boy who trailed behind him. Just another problem to worry about, attached to his side only because of his loyalty to Rose.

    "You say she agreed, I think she just felt bad for you." Shikiyoku smirked, deciding to taunt the boy for amusment. "That or she just missed a real man, she had to settle with less." Peeking over his shoulder again, he looked the boy up and down, "A whole lot less. Poor thing must have been terribly desperate."
  17. He growled lowly "Hey, she didn't only go out with me because she pittied me, we were friends before, both foreigners in a strange land. We drifted together and protected eachother," he huffed wincing with every step he took he looked down and saw that blood began to soak his shirt because of the cut and said "Maybe she didn't want some stupid brute as a love interest ever thought about that?"

    He was angry and and in pain and that never was a good mix for him. He still held the dagger in one hand before pocketing it and placing the now empty hand on his neck feeling the wet substance on his fingers. That was never a good sign, either he had a disease or was cut deeper than he thought at first. Guessing it was the later choice he voiced his concern for his neck pulling the hand away.
  18. Shiki came to a sudden stop, bursting with laughter. He continued like this for a minute, falling down to one knee as he laughed at the words the boy had just spoken. "'Drifted together and protected each other'?!" He only laughed harder as he repeated it outloud, and even more in his head. After his laughter finally ceased, he stood to his feet, wiping himself off.

    "Protecting one another would mean you wouldn't be here, and she wouldn't have been kidnapped. I think she would have been better off with 'some stupid brute,' as you so put it. At least she would have been safe." He turned to look the boy over, hefting out another sigh as he noticed the blood. "Try to keep pressure on it. I'm sure that damn plant is around here somewhere."

    Shiki turned, stepping off the path. "Just sit, and wait. I'll be back as fast as I can. Try not to move to much." With that, he ran off. The last thing he needed was to be dragging the dead corpse of this boy anywhere. He ran toward the nearest stream he could think of. A plant that grew under the rocks on the bank of the river could stop the bleeding, and that was his only goal at that moment.
  19. "how many god damn ttimes do I have to tell you I was knocked out from behind?" he said irritated frowning deeply. Everything hurt and he was cranky not to mention he was bleeding a lot. 'is this what periods feel like?' he thought with a strange expression. He barely registered what the other told him to do.

    Sitting down he had his hand on his neck applying pressure in a way that wasn't choking him. Kyuhyun watched the other leave and raised a brow wondering where he was going and what he was doing. Not thinking about him anymore he laid on the grass getting comfortable on his side before passing out from bodily stress. His last thought was 'I really am weak aren't I?'
  20. As Shikiyoku finally found the plant he was looking for, barely peaking out of the water, he hesitated on taking it or not. If he'd leave the plant here, he'd be rid of a large nuisance, making his travels so much easier. Though, if he saved the boy, he'd have to protect him further, then watch Rose run off with him back to Earth where she wouldn't be well protected. He kneeled before the rushing water, nulling his options over.

    With a sigh, he felt the roots of the plant being ripped from their original place. His hand damp and cold from the water. He rushed back to where he had left the boy, beginning to wonder if he'd made the right choice.

    Of course he wasn't shocked once he returned, seeing his new 'friend' laying there. Still, as he crushed the plant in his tight grip, he began wishing the boy was already dead. After having done this many times though, he knew the boy would be just fine. He used one of his dagger to rip a piece of fabric from the dry part of the boys shirt, seeing as he wasn't going to destroy his own clothes for this boy. He wiped up the blood, and placed the plant over the cut on the boys neck. Letting the liquid from the plant soke into the wound to stop the bleeding.

    Shikiyoku picked the boy up, hefting him over his shoulders and making his way to a nearby shelter. It'd been so long since Shiki had lived in the forest, he'd made little resting area's and hide outs all over the place. Each one hidden some where deep and dark, with little sunlight. The one he carried the boy to was beyond a waterfall, up the stream he had found the plant in. It was wet, and damp as he laid the boy out on the floor.