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    Hello! The Realm of Nautchwald is small pocket dimension with a very diverse community of supernatural beings and monsters. What you may find during your time in Nautchwald is a small beach side town lined with shops such as Big Jay's, V's Italian Restaurant, a cafe, a fashion Boutique, and various others. There is also a park for families and individuals to relax in, a farmers market down by the single dock, and various housing options. Down the dirt road leading away from the small town is where you will find Nautchwald's High School where teenagers of all sorts attend. The concrete road continues past this and ultimately leads to Petrova Manor where the Mayor of Nautchwald, Magnolia Arcenciel, and her "family" lives. You have recently moved, and registered as a Nautchwald citizen. Now that you are a citizen, what is there for you to do? Get a job, make friends, attend Nautchwald High School, and discover the secrets of the Manor. Maybe you'll even meet a Petrova?

    The Petrova Manor, named after the former mayor Xavier Petrova, sits upon a cliff by the sea. It's guarded by a black old century style gate and a built in security system. The manor itself is huge, at least three stories tall, and made entirely out of brick. It is the most luxurious places in all of Nautchwald, with a large front yard, modern appliances, personal servants, a view of the ocean, and much more. It seems that only the people who have a reason to be there are allowed entry onto the estate, but you managed to get in by applying to work there. What awaits you behind those large onyx gates? Find out and join our closed role-play "The Rose Witch Covenant"! For entry and more information please message Vio.
    The Petrova Family, that take residence in the Petrova Manor, is a millennia old family of witches. Within this family of witches there are those how excel greatly over the others. They specialize in a certain type of magic naturally and are blessed or cursed with certain powers only they possess. The reason these witches have gained such power is because they are the reincarnations of the founding members of the Rose Witch Covenant which the Petrova Family centers itself around. Each "Rose Witch" are identified by the color of their past self. Secretly, they are the true force that governs the Realm of Nautchwald and its citizens. Are you "Rose Witch" material?
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  2. Violaceous: It was a long walk through the forests of Nyx, well against the forest line that is, but the young woman is determined to reach her desired location. She walked along the tree line, on the side of the dirt path; her wavy snow white hair was tied up into two loose pig tails and bounced in each step. There wasn’t any wind, it was quiet eerily still today, and even the forest seemed to be gloomy and dead. The young lass, formally known as Moselle in this empire, looked up at the eternal night sky as she moved forward. She thought about her recent issues, while it was true that the realization of her being inhuman has been disturbing her, the people of Nyx had easily been distracting her from the issue. Though she decided today that she needed to stop running away from it….the only problem is she had no idea what she was. There were so many questions that couldn’t be answered now that she was forever stuck at the Empire of Nyx. The door to the Card Suit Society no longer comes to her, which was her only way back to Earth and her home. She let out a brief sigh as she worried over her teacher, it was unaware of how time worked in Nyx compared to the human world so for all she knew the old man was dead. He was like a father to her, and she really enjoyed being his apprentice cobbler so the thought of him gone greatly upset her. She returned her attention to the road, and noticed that her destination was finally being approached. She felt like getting away from everyone at Nyx for once and contemplate over the issues she faced. Her heels clicked dully against the dirt road as she picked up in speed, her long black skirt , that reached to just above her knees at the front, but to her calves in the back, swished about her legs as she hurried. Finally turning to the left, she came across the place where she and Adamar made camp the first time she had arrived at Nyx by portal. A small smile plagued her face before dispersing almost immediately after. She looked over the entire area before her, it hasn’t changed at all since she last been here. There was a small pond filled that had floating pink and brown, lit candles in its clear waters to the left of the area, and it was surrounded by beautiful large trees that only grew in the forest of Nyx. Their leaves the color dusty pink, and their trunks a deep brown which was something Moselle just found breath taking. She carefully walked around the pond over to the gondola and swing. Even the fire pit from the night Moselle and Admar had slept here was still sitting there. Moselle thought back on that night and a small blush creeped onto her cheeks. “I still can’t believe he held me like that all night.” She muses softly allowed to herself while taking a seat on the swing. She gently shifts herself so the swing idly rocks back and forth as she hums quietly to herself. That’s when she feels something different in the air, a sort of presence. Suddenly there was a burst of wind that blew back her white locks. Moselle squints her eyes as she looks past the gondola to the road. There her heterogeneous hues of purple and blue take in the sight of space being ripped open as a white vortex, a portal, appears by the road.

    Violaceous: A figure stepped out of the spiraling vortex, the bright light entirely silhouetted their figure and kept their identity hidden. It wasn’t until the vortex closed in on its self, at the pace of someone simply snapping their fingers, that a tallish young man could finally be seen. He brushes off some invisible, nonexistent dust or dirt off his black slacks, and daftly adjusts his suspenders. The man’s mismatched irises of green and blue, his right being green and his left being blue, scanned the area known as Nyx and a wave of nostalgia washes through him. Boy it sure has been a long time since he last been here. His gazing and pondering was put on hold though as his cool colored hues fell upon the sight of the woman sitting not far from him. His eyes squinted as he looked at her, it was hard to tell from this distance if it was her or not, the reason he came. He waves over at the young woman calling out to her. “Hello! Could you perhaps help me find someone!?” He bellows loud enough. The young lass seemed to have been able to hear him, as she responded with another wave and beckoned him over. Though as he got closer it was clear to see that this was indeed the person he was looking for. His own daughter. A sea of emotions well up in him as he approaches. He has been keeping away from her all his life, not once owning up to his responsibilities in regards to his first born. She must hate him, that is if she still even remembers him. As he finally stand before her he inspects her features, she was no longer his little girl anymore, but she did have his young face and white hair. Not a shred of her mother was in her, which only made him feel the quilt even more. It didn’t really hurt though until he saw the look on her face. It was an unhappy confused one, troubled even and he knew she remembered who he was. “Moselle….my little girl…” he says, at a loss of words, nothing he could say would atone for what he did to her. Leaving her behind to live in a world she clearly didn’t belong in, to struggle with years not knowing anything.

    Violaceous: Moselle sweet face twisted into a mix cess pool of emotions. Hatred, confusion, sadness…it was all there. She knew the instant she could clearly see him. Her father looked as he did the day he left her behind with her mother. How was that possible? She eyed him, taking note that he still wore late century clothing, a white button up shirt with suspenders and slacks. She glanced quickly at his shoes, noticing that they were most likely recently shined. Her attention is immediately brought back to her father’s face as he spoke to her. Moselle’s pale pink lips curled into a frown unsure how to respond. In fact she sat there quietly unable to give him any sort of a response until finally speaking up. “Don’t you ‘my little girl’ me. You -left- me. You left me behind, the only person who knew me best, the one person I trusted most. You left mother behind too not that she grieved over it much.” Moselle spat hatefully, her colonial accent becoming thick as she chocked on her words. “Left a hole I had to fill with strangers. Not that it did any good. Why are you here!? Finally man enough to handle your mistake? Leave!”

    Violaceous: “Moselle please…I know I’ve been a horrible excuse for a father, but I’ve never left you alone. Your mother forbade me from ever stepping near you after we separated. I know that isn’t an excuse to have left you there alone with nobody to understand you. I wasn’t there to hold your hand and comfort you when those nasty people spat in your face and shunned you from their world….” Morris tried pleading with her to show some mercy. He was wrong about before, there was indeed some of her mother in the young lass. She was strong like her. So very strong. “Moselle please don’t force me away. I know I haven’t been there for you entirely, but I did try my best to watch over you from afar. You remember the collapsing of that society place right? How a portal suddenly opened for you? That was me, I was always trying my best to protect you.” Morris insisted tying to make her understand. He needed for her to understand, to listen to him, because he knew that she had discovered her latent powers. He had to explain them to her, tell her everything, and stop holding back.

    Violaceous: “And where were you when the boys stoned me with pebbles, when the girls tried to light my hair on fire!? Where were you when my own mother kicked me out at the age of fifteen!? Or when granny got sick!? Where were you when they ran me out of town and hunted me like some sort of animal! Where were you during THOSE times too? You think helping me just that once is going to change an entire childhood of the pain I had to endure without you there as my father!?” Moselle’s voice rang out angrily. She stood up in her rage, and kicked the fire pit with her heeled boot, causing it to flip over and spill ash onto the floor. Though it wasn’t long before her anger just welled up into tears that rolled down to stain her cheeks. She could feel her father’s hand grip her chin gently and guide it to look up at him. He brushed her hair back as he pulls out his own handkerchief from his back pocket. He swiftly wipes away her tears with it before she pushes him away. As he stumbled back, Moselle looked down at the wooden floor of the gondola and gripped at her skirt in frustration. Then she realizes something, something he said that was strange. He made a portal? Moselle looked back up at her father while taking a small step back. “Y-you said something about the portal….what do you mean?” She questions.

    Violaceous: Morris eyes widen as she pushes him away, he stumbles back clumsily. Wow, and to think she was strong enough to actually push a man back like that. He wasn’t sure whether to feel happy at that fact or upset she had pushed him away. Regaining his balancing, and soon his posture he coughs softly while tugging at the collar of his shirt. There was a light murmuring he heard, as if being carried by the wind, but really it was just them acting up. Them, the voices in his head. His usually wise looking, yet tired eyes, briefly twitched as he tried quieting them down. He shook his head bringing a hand up to rub his eyes. “Y-yes, a portal. Moselle I do believe you’ve acquired the knowledge that you are special…just like your old man. Heh.” He chuckles awkwardly knowing this wasn’t going to be an easy topic of discussion. “Moselle hun, please sit.” He asks, but when she promptly refused he just continued on. “Moselle, there is no easy way for me to tell you this, though I am sure you are aware of it already. You are not human Moselle. You are a witch. Those stories and myths about witches are all true, though just not the propaganda you hear in the old centuries. You belong to a special and powerful family of witches who are famously known throughout the supernatural world as simply ‘The Rose Witches.’ I know this probably wasn’t the answer you were dreaming for, but it is an answer at least. I also know that is something big to take in. Moselle…I came here today because of the fact that you finally realized that you had a special sort of gift. The gift of healing. I came here to tell you everything, though this would be easier to explain if you came home with me. So I can show you as well as explain to you.” Morris tone had changed completely as he explained. It was stern and serious, which was fitting for such an important topic. There really was no way of sugar coating this. Though as the silence quickly settled, he knew Moselle was completely and utterly lost and ten times more confused than she was before….or in shock. His cold expression softened again as he looked down at her blank face. “Moselle please come home with me, it will be so much easier to explain. Plus, you get to see your family again, something you always wanted right?” He let out a sigh as he gently took his daughters hand. She didn’t pull away, which was good, but just simply nodded up at him. He smiled happily. “Oh thank heavens, close your eyes dear, it will be easier on you.” He instructs. After she obediently closed her eyes Morris rose his hand up at the space before him, and instantly with a flash of light a spiraling white vortex appeared before his palm. As he guided them through the portal he could faintly hear Moselle mutter something to him. “Don’t think that I’ve forgiven you.” Was all she said as they stepped through the portal to this so called “home”, to none other than Morris’s birthplace the Petrova Manor.​
  3. At best the world had a semblance of peace as he stood their next to his darling gem. Moselle had been his secret focus for so long that it hardly seemed possible for him to be standing here with her. "I am so happy to finally be here with you Moselle." He chimed as he smiled down at the Snow crowned beautiful girl beside him. Then carefully placing his finger upon the buzzer he called for the guard to let them into the grounds of the home. Ana had become so much more deranged in her security means recently and it was bothersome but he kept his mouth shut especially with his current elated state of mind. No doubt all of the Manor would want to meet her as soon as they could, and no doubt he would almost constantly be playing tug of war with the other witches, but it was worth it to have her home where he could watch her grow and evolve into her power, into a beautiful woman.

    Outside the home was beautiful as well, but he couldn't help but be anxious to open the doors and show her to her room. Moselle of course seemed reluctant and he respected that as she peered around the area. he stood back and watched silently, that was enough for the timeless man. The voices did not even bother him in his time of solace here with her, now that he knew she could be safe at home with him. "Moselle all of this and more that is unseen is yours, part of your home now away from the trivial lives of humans, and their nasty habits. you are safe now and can call this home for as long as you wish."
  4. The sensation of warping through a portal to a new space was still as nauseating and unpleasant for the young woman. She had only been through one of her fathers portals before, so she still felt the shift through her entire body. It almost made her sick. When they stepped unto solid earthy grass, Moselle let out a relieved sigh. She leaned over, the portal snapping shut as she did so, placing her hands on her upper thighs while she tried to calm her irregular heart beat. When she saw that the ground was spinning, Moselle shut her eyes tight. Swaying a bit to the side, before the sensation finally dying away. She stood erect once again, her hues watching her father's back intensely. He had left her side, and after taking a step off the grass into the center of the paved road she saw why. To fiddle with some strange contraption. She debated going up to see what he was doing at the gate, her curiosity getting the better of her. Before going to her father's side, Moselle spun on her boots heels slowly. Panning out the surroundings she had been immersed in. She noticed the onyx colored gate, mostly likely made of iron, that surrounded the entire estate. The manor behind it, the Petrova Manor, was massive. It was almost as big as a nobleman's castle, and looked like it could house at least forty people. The house was made of bricks colored various hues of brown with black window panes. She found that the colors seemed to mix well together. Peering through the gate she could see all the shrubbery, flower gardens, and trees that spread out intricately in the front garden. There was even a fountain, with a man at the top, and water squirting out in a rhythmically decorative manor. It was safe to say that the front of the estate looked beautiful, which left Moselle pondering what the rest of her new home would look like. After spinning to face the sight behind her, and halting to get a long look, she found that the paved road stretched all the way to a small town in the distance. She could faintly make out people running about the village going about their daily lives. Moselle took note that she would definitely take a tour of the little village in the distance. Her hues also witnessed at how the road declined leisurely, twisting and turning in the mountain side until reaching the town. Why did they live so far away from everyone? Moselle thought of this, and decided that would be a question to ask later after she had settled. Glancing to her left, something caught Moselle's eye. The earth seemed to meet with sky. They were on a cliff? Moselle finding this interesting inched closer to the edge. She peered over and looked straight down. It was a long drop, though she could at least see some figures relaxing about on the beach down below. Were they people who lived at the Manor? Or servants? She wasn't sure. Again, something to find out about later. This was all so new to her, but for some odd reason felt like this was where she belonged. The thought brought a small smile on Moselle's sweet face.

    Moving away from the cliff side, Moselle approached her father at the gate. As she approached she could hear a man speaking to them, but saw no actual man there. "Huh? Where is that voice coming from?" She asks looking left and right.

    "Sir Morris, I believe that is the young girl you had left to retrieve?" A voice sounded out again, and the noise grabbed Moselle's immediate attention. She looked down at this strange box that was embedded into one of the two brick columns at the front gates. She leaned in closer to the contraption and then poked it with one finger curiously. "Lady Moselle, please be careful with that expensive equipment." The voice chided, which caused her to jump back and away from the box. It was strange, new, peculiar, and Moselle wanted to tear it apart and see how it worked.

    "Is there a little man in the box? How did he know that I touched it?" Moselle looks up at her father curiously. Poor Moselle, having only lived in realms with out advanced technology after her banishment from her 17th century town, she was absolutely ignorant to how sound waves, and electricity, and cameras actually worked. Then there was a loud and sudden BZZART that rang out from the gates, and a sound of metal unhinging. The gates became unlocked and the two could now pass through with out any troubles. Moselle looked past the gate once more, to see a path of more cobblestone that lead up to the front steps of the mansion.
  5. Her curiosities were adorable to the point it almost left him wanting to scoop her up as though telling her a bed time story and explain all of the mysteries of the world to her. Unfortunately that ran the risk of her brain exploding or her gaining voices of her own so he refrained and simply answer the question. "Ahh Dearest Moselle that is our personal guard, you will come to know him as a watchmen of our home, a guardian that keeps us all safe." It was mostly true, but he wasn't worried about her safety while in the mansion, their were other things to worry over like the claims that would be had on her in seconds of her entering the home. The arguments he would have when he wanted to have her to himself... A frown played at his lips but he decided to neglect it victory in her presence and pressed on.

    "Come, come now Moselle it is finally time for you to see the inside of your new home!"

    Morris voice was beyond ecstatic, hyper and tenor in a very flamboyant way. "I suppose a great many things will be new to you Moselle, but the industries have progressed in your time away and so has time. Time is always progressing..." His voice was for a second very cold and toneless, but instantly shifted back to its normal chirpy tone. "We now have power sources like electricity, and the beautiful lights, cars, and phones and all sorts of odd devices that we have the convenience of using now." Morris ended on that note guiding her up the steps and tapping a few times upon the door before he pushed past it and revealed the inside of the beautiful manor.

    "Welcome home Moselle.."

    Soon she would meet the family, even Skylar and Skylar's mother.. This would all be very strange for her He knew that but he was happy to be here for it. Time would tell how she would adjust, and though he figured it would be easy to look into the future to see exactly how it turned out, he felt as though he had cheated himself out of her life far too much already, he would not risk doing so again, not when watching her grow and develop within their home would be that much sweeter. "We are home!" he shouted. Probably better sooner than later that they got their meeting out of the way, no doubt she would be tired soon and when that time came he would take chair and whip and back the lions away from his precious daughter, anything he could do to make her comfortable here, to make sure she stayed here.. with him.
  6. Hans sat with his back fully upright in a handcrafted chair, that he had ordered and had shipped from Germany. He glanced upwards at several video monitors which were placed in strategy areas within the Underground Bunker in which he was working from. Hans made sure that whenever he glanced in any direction, he would be able to have a full view of the security system of the Petrova Manor. Hans glanced across the oak desk, as he pulled open the right drawer. He began thumbing through various documents which were all immaculately organized, there was not a single paper which had a slight edge visible from the ones above it. Hans glanced through the drawer as he pulled out a light pointer and pen combination as he placed it on his desk. He stared at it, as he pushed it closer to him, aligned it with the edge of the desk, and had it facing in a horizontal direction following the edge of the desk. Hans glanced towards the left side of the table where he had a phonograph on it.

    Hans glanced over the bright gold cylinder, as he glanced at the record that was currently there. It was Richard Wagner's Opera Götterdämmerung, Hans took the piece as he placed the needle down, as the record began playing from the first track. "Ah, Wagner, truly your music is some of the most astounding pieces of work. You have graced the people of Germany with your glorious compositions." Hans said with a nostalgic bent. Hans took his Laser-pointer as he aimed it into a bronze bird-cage which was hanging just behind his desk, and across from his bookshelf.

    Inside the bird-cage was a bat, which was flapping it's wings and began screeching at Hans. Hans walked up to the bat as he waggled his index finger, "Now then, you must realize you will be properly tamed. And that you will have something to live for, while under my service." Hans eyes flickered a dark crimson, as did the bat's. Hans opened the bird-cage as the bat instinctively flew onto his shoulder. Hans then walked over to the door leading upwards, as he quickly opened it and allowing the bat to fly away. Hans quickly shut the door, as his two dogs Sühne and Rache awoke from their slumber and came rushing up to Hans, panting with delight. Hans smiled at them as he began petting them both, "Yes..." Hans said, "You two are truly mighty, vigilante, and magnificent! Yes, you two are true German Shepards, filled with the vigor and glory of the German dogs who came before you, besides just being adorable. Hmm, I think I know something you two would like." Hans raised his index finger, "Sitzen." he said. Though Sühne and Rache immediately sat down as soon as he raised his index finger up. Hans reached over to the right side of his desk, where there was a large jar marked "Treats". Hans pulled out two dog biscuits, and held them out to his pets which immediately ate the treats, and stayed on both the right and left side of his chair. Hans sat back firmly upright as he glanced at the video monitors, and analyzing whatever information the bat was yielding.

    Hans clasped his two hands together, as he said, "This will certainly be interesting."
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  7. Moselle's heels clicked against the cobblestone path as they approached the establishment. She walked up the brick steps that lead to the porch and front door. The door was made of polished would, and had stain glass window embedded within the wood. Moselle's heterogeneous hues of purple and blue gazed over the intricate twists of design, and when her vision focused on the entirety of the picture she noticed that the design was that of roses and their thorny vines. At the center of the art piece was a rose of many colors. Various petals of orange, brown, green, pink, purple, white, black, grey, blue, and red. It was very pretty, and Moselle never knew that stain glass could hold such color to it. She watched her father knock, then push through the large polished double doors. Moselle stepped forward, past the door, as she followed her father closely. When they entered Moselle stared in awe at the sheer magnificence of the grand foyer. It was medium sized room, rectangular in shape, but the domed ceiling was so high up. Hanging from the ceiling was a strange chandelier that was made of branches, she took note that at the very tips of the out stretched branches were glowing a dull red, orange, and yellow at random. The floors are made of polished dark brown wood, as well as the symmetrical stairs that took the space at the left and right walls of the foyer. The stairs were large, wide, and curved inward towards the center of the room. She looked past the stairs and saw a glimpse of the second floor. There was a large rug or drape that hung in the middle of the second floor, embroidered into the drape was a another rose of many colors, but looked more like a family crest than the intricate glass pane from the front door. Beside the drape was two side tables with vases centered on top. There was various flowers inside the vases, but Moselle couldn't what type of flowers they were from the distance. Beside the tables were two brown doors made of the same wood the front door was made of. Moselle could tell by the fact that they shared the same color and shine. The second floor seemed to continue onward and branch off from the two stairs, but Moselle would have to explore those hallways later. She also noticed that the second floors form was being supported by columns. Only the columns were a lighter shade of brown, and made of thick tightly coiled tree branches that spiraled upward until growing against the structures edge and finally halting. She had never seen such strange columns before, and wondered if the branches actually had grown from the floor or was placed there. She knew for certain though that was a sign that this place was not normal. Returning her attention back to the ground floor, Moselle looked past the stair cases and found that there was another set of large double doors nestled at the center of the opposite side of the room. She wondered where that went. There was even a faded red-brown carpet that led up to the door. There was probably even more intricate detail for the foyer, but Moselle's careful studying of it's details was immediately brought to a halt when her father shouted out loudly for all to hear. It had startled her, but it at least brought her attention back to the situation at hand. She had momentarily forgotten that this was supposed to have been where she grew up, her true home. This meant that there was family here that she had never met before, and were probably excited to finally meet her.

    There was a brief moment of silence before a loud commotion began to ring out through the house. A woman, clearly a maid, ran out from the second floors hallway and into Moselle's view. When she saw Morris with his daughter she let out an excited squeal and clapped her hands before running off shouting "They're home! They're home!"

    Following soon after was the loud roar of footsteps as various servants entered the room and crowded around them. When the entire room was filled to the brim with servants, they all shouted at once "WELCOME HOME LADY MOSELLE!" and began a celebratory cheer as the popped mini confetti bombs up towards the ceiling. As the confetti rained back down upon them a large banner fluttered down and hung from the second floors ceiling, which covered the tapestry from before, and 'welcome' was written out in larger blockish letters on it. The colors glimmered and actually changed colors magically. The scene left Moselle speechless, but she smiled politely and said thanks. They all wanted to stay longer to speak with her ladyship but were ultimately shooed away by an irritated Morris with a "Get back to work!"

    Only one butler remained at their side to personally welcome them home. It was the head of the servant staff, and he informed them that most the family were either out in the garden's or currently some where wandering the home. He specifically stated that some girl named Gwendoline was having her annual daily tea party, and that "Sir Ryan" was "of course" spending his day down at some "private beach". Unfortunately, the servant was unaware of the other families current where-abouts, and then decided to lead them to the garden. Striding past the large stair cases, he approached the double doors at the other end of the room, and pushed them open. Morris and Moselle followed suit, and as they passed the butler he gave them an appropriate bow, before entering the room behind them and shutting the doors. Morris and Moselle paused while the butler continued moving forward. Moselle's heels left the hard wood floors and were now clicking against hard white granite tile. She knew immediately what sort of room they had entered, since she had been in quite a few back in her Connecticut home town on earth. Due to her stepfathers nobility she and her family had been invited to many mansions for big celebrations. This was were most the celebration took place; the ballroom.

    The ballroom is just as grand as the foyer. It's floors were polished and large square granite tiles, the tiles bordered with a very pale brown color. At the points were the large tiles connected, at their corners, the pale brown lines came together to form diamonds, and at the center of those diamonds are a white granite rose. The room is very beautiful, and it's structure seemed to be supported with the same strange columns made of tree branches, and the six chandeliers that hung in the room were also the same of the one in the foyer. Though the chandeliers hung at the sides of a large rectangular sky light. The only difference that could be noted between these light fixtures and the one in the foyer is that these chandeliers were smaller in size than the massive one that hung from the foyer's ceiling. Beside these columns, and away from the center of the ball room are various seating arrangements, and doors that lead elsewhere. Hanging on the walls were paintings of various design. On the opposite wall of the paintings was a wall made entirely of glass pane windows with red drapes. Moselle wanted to inspect the room more, but the butler called them along, and she kept moving. Though before leaving the room she glances back behind her. She gasps, having not noticed it before, but finally noticed that the floors had become transparent, and she could see fish swimming about underneath the floor. At that moment she thought her mind would give from the sheer fact that it did not seem logical to her. Before she could become lost in a sea of questions and theories her father gently pulled on her arm and forced her to leave the room.

    Leaving the ballroom behind, Moselle passed through another door that lead out into a back yard. Her black skirt swished against the back of her legs as she walked out unto the wooden deck. The deck was raised, and has wooden steps that leads to white pavement and an outdoor pool. There were various pool tables and seating placed sporadically on the deck and the pavement for people to sit and relax. Each table had a cream-white umbrella sticking up from the center of the glass tables. Moselle stepped past the two men and looked around. She noticed the pool, and how clear it's water was. There was even a wooden raft or float leisurely drifting along in the water, and three large white spheres that were only half submerged into the water. Most of it seemed to be for decor. She looked to her left at the back and noticed a large willow tree growing outward or away from some large boulders that enclosed the back yard. It's long branches almost cascaded downward into the pool, but they seemed to have been cut back as to prevent the branches from actually falling into the water. To the left of the tree was a small circle of large grey rocks that had pillows and such propped up against them. At the center of the ring of seats was a fire pit. This place was so luxurious that it almost made Moselle feel uncomfortable. She looked back at the butler and her father, and noticed that there were two doors leading back into the ballroom, and that they had come out of the door on the left. In between the two doors is a mini outdoor bar with four round stools to sit on. Moselle wondered how often people came out into this yard in their free time. Her thoughts were interrupted as the butler calls out to her.

    "Miss please, I insist that you keep pace with us." He calls out to her from a break in the large Boulders. Nestled in between the break was a wooden little indoor patio that was also connected to the main house. She walked into the patio, and saw that inside was some more seating arrangements. The butler had continued forward, moving out the patio through another door, but Moselle wanted to check something first. She looks to her right and notices that there is another door there that leads back into the house. She approaches it and grips the brass door knob before pulling the door back and peering inside. Inside was another fully furnished and decorated room with a polished, and long dining table with very many seats. Three maids were in the room, setting plates onto the table. With simple deduction, Moselle concluded that one of the doors on the other side of the obvious dinning room would be the kitchen, and that this little out door patio was for when some of the family felt like eating outside. All the help had to do was bring the food from the kitchen, through the dinning room, and then out unto the patio. Moselle found this layout to be very helpful and convenient for the servants. When she heard her father shout out for her again, Moselle quickly waved good bye to the servants and shut the door.

    Moving out of the patio, Moselle walked through a wooden arch adorned with flowering vines and then nearly had her draw drop from the sight before her. The flower garden was huge, and neatly overgrown. There were large hedges, bushes with various roses, large fully grown trees, cobblestone paths that lead every which way. It was simply stunning. Moselle walked through the garden and caught up quickly with her father. As they walked down the cobblestone path they finally approached a roundabout with a fountain in the center. The fountain was gushing out water in ways of fancy much like the fountain from the front of the house. The fountain was made of white marble and it's waters are so clear one could see a perfect reflection in it. Of course that was only when the water flowing the center of the fountain as halted, and ceased the ripple effect it caused in the pool of water. When Moselle closed in on the fountain, and her father she began hearing a light murmur of voices from the other side. When she reached them, her father and the butler continued around the fountain. Moselle followed them curiously wondering who could be on the other side. She couldn't believe what she saw, it was the very tea party the butler had spoken about from before. Wait? Didn't he say that was were he was taking them? Moselle had become so distraught from the fantasy that is this manor that she had completely forgotten that this was where she was going.

    "Introducing Sir Morris Petrova, and Lady Moselle." The butler rang out for the entire party of guests to hear before then promptly bowing to them, turning on his heel, and then leaving.
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  8. [​IMG]

    J U L I A N W Y A T T
    - Petrova Garden -

    It was a fine Sunday morning when Julian was tending the garden. Specifically, the rose bushes. The rosy cheeks of the petal came out lovelier than he expected as Julian clipping the dead leaves as he glanced at the bloomed flower once in awhile, ignoring the exciting murmurs from the guests the has been invited. Apparently, the host of the manor threw a tea party--observing the guests's outfit, the theme formal. As usual.

    He snipped away, his eyes studying closely to the leaves. If he could remember, this party was for a Mistress named Moselle, who finally arrived from...wherever. He doesn't really care though. Maybe a little, since knowing about the rich noble could be important as necessary information. Well, he is guessing it is necessary.

    The man in blue shrugged. Julian Wyatt, a butler who serves under Lady Anastasia, was alone by himself under the sun's glare. As summer was almost coming, the heat was killing the young man slowly. But as a butler, he must not complain. And besides, complaining would do absolutely nothing but cause more distressed feelings. Julian sighed, now picking the sprinkler by its handle. "Don't die on me everyone," He said, tilting the tinned bucket. Water began to trickle. Despite of his worrisome line, Julian didn't sound too worried. "You must all stay beautiful--" He sounded low enough for no one to hear him, his area not popular anyway to go to. "Since that's your only purpose."

    Julian was about to go to the next patch of roses until a butler who looked no more older than fifty announced that Moselle was here--he didn't catch the other man's name though. He gave her a blank stare, not saying anything until he ripped his gaze away and continued with his business. Unless Anastasia calls for him, he would not leave this spot.
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  9. [​IMG]

    Gwendoline Delphi
    -Petrova Gardens: Teaparty-

    The day was bright, the sun shining over the lovely Petrova gardens. The flowers seemed to reach up towards the sky, swaying softly in the light breeze that seemed to playfully dance over them. Small creatures crawled across the cobblestone walks and moved from bush to bush. Insects of red, gold, green, and possibly anyother color. Birds of different varieties playing across the gardens. The cobblestone walks would slowly lead down to a large marble fountain, blocking the area behind it. If one were to simply walk around the large object, they would see an odd sight. Under a large tree, surrounded by an arrangement of different flowers and nestle on a cobblestone platform of sorts was a table, but not just any table. The table was decorated with a white, pink, and baby blue table cloth of a lace-like fashion. Set atop the tablecloth were different trays, all the same shade of pink, covered in different sweets such as cakes, pies, cupcakes, sandwiches, tarts, cookies, etc. There was a Teaset nestle on the table as well, decorated in the same colors as the table cloth.

    Chairs were around the table, holding different individuals, but the person at the head of the table seemed to be the host. She sat, small and slightly bunny-like, Her large, foggy colored eyes cast over her guests. She had the appearance of a child, but was actually older. 14 years had done little to alter her body and give her a more womanly shape. No, she remained at a strong 5ft and 97lbs. Her hair was massive. Long, silver lockes dancing about her head as a gentle breeze blew through. The locks ran down her back, some parts even hanging off of the chair where she sat. Her outfit of choice seemed to be more shocking then her hair. She was dressed with all the flamboiance and outlandishness of a fairy tail princess. She wore a dress of white, powder blue, baby pink, lilac, and yellow. The bottom of the dress was made entirely of ruffles and tool, coming to a stop just below her small thighs. It was slightly puffed, as any princess dress would be, fanning out right at the waist in sparkly patterns of colors. The top of the dress was more of a corset, having pink laces in the back. It had straps and it covered her flat chest quite easily. On the chest of the dress, however, was a broch with a cupcake on it, possibly the theme of the outfit. Her stockings were white with different colored cupcakes on it to match her dress and her shoes had a blue base with different patterns and bows or the same colors. In her hair she wore a large lilac bow with a cupcake on it and a pink and blue clip with a teapot on it. She wore blue and pink bracelets on her wrists nd around her neck was a crecent moon necklace (silver and hooked perfectly in place, stopping at her collar). Her shoulders were bare, possibly the only bare thing on her, and gave you a better look at the tone of her skin, which was a pale peachy tone. On her face was a small smile, her freckles speckled about her cheeks in perfect symmetry.
    She sat like a perfect lady, back straight with a small saucer in hand. This was the flamboiance and refinement of the girl. The Grey Rose Witch, Gw-


    The girl looked down at her lap. Nestled there was a ball of snow- white fur. It unrolled itself to reveal a small creature, its ears pointed up slightly. Its face was small and slightly rounded with black marks just over its eyes, like tiny eyebrows. It gave a small swish of its short tail and sat up, genlty pawwing at Gwen's skirt. Gwen smiled and gently brushed finger over the tiny creatures head, yet her voice was slightly cross. "Now Sebastian. You know the rules that Papa Morri set up for you. While you are anywhere outside, you are to be in your human form. There are too many nasty creatures that wish to eat you...especially now with that littly pudge in your tummy." She gave the small creature a poke in his belly, quickly causing him to whine in protest. "But Gweeeennnnnn... The human form is so uncomfortable. Besides, I look much cuter in ferret form." The little ferret shook his head, then, causing the bell around his neck to give a small ring. Gwen picked up the protesting creature and gently nuzzled her nose against his, cooing softly. "No more protests, Sebby. I'll even let you keep your tail and ears out." With that, she set the creature down on the chair next to her and lightly dusted her dress off.
    Sebastian grumbled, but decided it best not to argue. Giving a small huff, he closed his black eyes and in a flash he grew, his body elongating, the fur receding to his head until he was a boy, seated with his arms folded over his chest and a pout on his face. He stood at 5'9" at 143lbs. His face was rather feminine with soft (I dare say womanly) features. His hair was wavy and white, gently curled and worn in no particular fashion about his head. He did however have some of it pulled back out of his face with a blue head band decorated with cupcakes. His outfit matched that of his master, with his own twist. A Lilac sweater with a blue, yello, white, and pink cupcake decorating the center. His pants were baby pink, the pockets decorated in blue and white stripes. His had his pants cuffed allow the blue and white stripes to be seen above his slender ankles. His shoes were yellow and pink, decorated with lilac and blue cupcakes. he wore the same bracelets around his wrists as Gwen and a brown collar with the same bell. His expression made it seem like he hated the outfit, but it was quiet the opposite. He loved the outfit but hated the form. At least Gwen was a kind master and allowed him to have his ears and tail out, both white and twitching with sudden discomfort. His large ears were pierce, tiny a cupcake on the left ear and a teapot on the right.

    Sebastian continued to pout, but reach over the table and plucked a single cookie from on of the trays, bringing it to his lips and nibbling it softly. Gwen grinned and spoke in a small voice. "Your outfit looks lovely, Sebby. I just wish Draco and Ryuu would have worn theirs as well. The cupcake suit would have fitted Ryuu nicely and I am very sure that a pink and slacks would be a nice look for Draco...Do you not agree?" Sebastian replied in a suddenly jealous voice, irritation clearly visible on his lovely face. "I think their outfits would have made them look ridiculous. Lilac is clearly not Ryuu's color. His hair is far to red. And everything that bodygaurd of yours puts on looks ugly on his oofish body. Do you know what those two did to me today, Gwenie? Ryuu put me in a box and Draco chased me when I tried to get him to try on the shirt....and you did not even scold them." His handsome face suddenly had a look of genuine hurt as he flipped his hair out of it.

    Gwen played with her dress a bit, giggling. "I am sure they were only playing, Sebby. No harm was done."

    "I swear I hurt my paw when that oof Fleabag fell on me!"
    "Now, now. Mind your manners. We have guests."
    They definitely were not the only ones at the Teaparty. Members of manor had joined. Ryuu and Draco (@Gladis @Lonewolf888978 ) were their of course. The Bisque Rose Witch and his servants had joined as well. Gwen has also extended an invitation to Myntha the groundskeeper, but did not see him. There were a couple of empty seats, one in particular was right next to Gwen and she seemed to keep glancing at it with excitement.

    When her eyes flashed a sudden shade of blue, she rose from he seat and glanced around the garden. She spoke then, gently tapping her spoon against her small cup. "Everyone. I have an important announcement. Papa Morri should be here shortly and he is bringing someone special with him. I hope we can become great friends soon and I am extremely excited to meet her. She has pretty hair and eyes. They should be just around the fountain now."

    With the approach of footsteps, Gwen gave a small wiggle and moved away from her chair, dusting off he dress and fixing her hair. Sebastian still sulked, but rose out of his seat and moved to Gwen's side, gently taking her hand as he continued to pout. "What is so special about her? I have pretty hair and eyes..." He glanced over at Gwen, who watched the fountain intently, his irises of black,red, blue, green,and purple seeming to swirl around his eyes. When he went unnoticed, he pouted once more and turned to the fountain, watching with her.

    "Papa Morri!" Gwen chirped as he rounded the fountain, calling over the Butler's introduction. She moved towards him but came to a sudden stop when she saw the girl with her. The girl was about mid height with white hair and one purple and one blue eye. Just as she had seen her, but with something much more. Her aura was blue. Gwen suddenly beamed as she moved towards the both of them, Sebastian quickly following behind her as she rushed past Morris and grasped the hands of the girl, speaking sweetly. "Hello, Moselle. I have waited for a while now to finally meet you." She kept the girls hands and turned to Morris, speaking in the same sweet voice. "Papa Morri. I knew she would be pretty, but I did not expect her to be this beautiful! Oh she looks like a princess." (A lot coming from a girl that looks like she had just jumped out of fairy tail)

    Sebastian stayed close and eyed the girl with a mixture of sudden jealousy and curiosity. His face gave a small flush, however, unable to mask his genuine interest.
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  10. [​IMG]

    The Petrova Gardens - Attending Gwen's Teaparty

    The Bringer of Floods and Flames, The Great White, King of Scales… throughout his life, Ryuu had been known by many names and titles. He was neither particularly old nor wise, and certainly had hadn’t he done anything outstanding or amazing in his life which in his opinion, made him deserve any of these titles. No, the only great accomplishment Ryuu had perhaps ever made he had not even been able to influence himself.

    Ryuu was born a dragon. A beast the size of four busses, with its elongated and snake like body covered in beautiful but thick and sturdy scales. A creature of fairytales and legends, a monster to be feared and respected- possessing powers of creation and destruction beyond anyone’s imagination. Of course, legends tended to be far from completely legit, and Ryuu’s situation… was not the easiest to explain.

    It was not the first time that Ryuu contemplated what a being such as himself- someone who in his own homeland had been respected as something even edging towards divine- was doing in a garden, comprised into the tiny (in his opinion) form of a tall and stoic young, and attending the tea party of a child. Or well, at least what appeared to be a child. Not that Ryuu was discontent with his role as the Gray rose witches personal butler. On the contrary, the young dragon enjoyed his work thoroughly, as it rarely left him with a dull moment. Especially considering how demanding Miss Gwendolyn could be.

    "I wish Draco and Ryuu would have worn the outfits we picked out. The cupcake suit would have looked lovely on Ryuu...and the pink shirt with the cupcake slacks would have made Draco look dashing! Do you agree, Sebby?"

    The dragon was pulled from his thoughts as the mention of his name reached his ears, bringing a slight smile to his lips. Their conversation where he as nicely as possible had turned down her request of him wearing the ridicules outfit earlier the same morning was still fresh in his mind. It wasn’t as much that he thought the outfit was ugly, though rather that Ryuu doubted it would suit him well. Cupcakes were simply not his style, as he preferred eating them rather than wearing them.

    "Ryuu put me in a box and Draco chased me around the gardens, Gwen! And you did not even scold them...hmph. I think both outfits would have made them look silly. Ryuu's hair is too red for purple and Draco looks oofish and silly in everything his brute of a body wears. HMPH!"

    “For once, I am inclined to agree with the rodent. It simply doesn’t suit my style…” Ryuu let his gaze wander across the table filled with the cakes and pastries he so painstakingly had helped making this morning and last evening, his gray orbs settling on the doll like girl and familiar. “The box was an accident,” he added in his own defense, holding up a finger, “I was cleaning Miss Gwendolyn’s room when I came across something small and furry I thought was a hat. I suppose I should pay better attention in the future.” His eyes were playful and his tone light as he spoke and he knew very well that he was teasing the poor familiar.

    Yet he couldn’t help it. Although Ryuu while spending his time in the mansion had taken a liking to his mistress’s furry companion, despite how annoying he sometimes found him… Ryuu often ended up teasing him. Of course, he never meant to be seriously mean. He just thought Sebastian’s reactions were too precious to refrain from teasing him.

    "Everyone. I have an important announcement. Papa Morri should be here shortly and he is bringing someone special with him. I hope we can become great friends soon and I am extremely excited to meet her. She has pretty hair and eyes. They should be just around the fountain now."

    As the gray rose witch spoke, Ryuu fell respectfully silent, listening to her words carefully. A new person, eh? Well, that certainly is not something that happens every day… Although Ryuu mostly was indifferent about most family matters of the Petrova family, unless they directly affected Gewn, the red haired youth could not deny the tiny ounce of curiosity arising within him. Just as these thoughts passed through his mind, he thought he could hear a sudden movement coming from somewhere in the garden.

    His gaze automatically flitted to where he thought the source of the almost inaudible sound had come from- a large and old looking tree by a pond a small distance away. Yet despite him swearing that he had heard something, there was nothing there. Or at least, he couldn’t see them.

    A slight smile tugged the corners of his lips. So you’re watching us again, eh? As long as you don’t sneak more snacks from the kitchen under my witch, I suppose it is fine…

    As the lady his mistress had spoken of came into view, Ryuu shifted his attention once more, momentarily taken aback by her beauty. Then again, it should have come as no surprise, considering most members of the Petrova family seemed to have a certain beauty about them. As it was the only polite thing to do, he rose from his seat as well... mainly because it was not befitting a servant to sit when his master was standing. Nonetheless he remained in the background, like a shadow simply watching them.
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  11. [​IMG]

    -Petrova Gardens: Teaparty-


    Sebastian already felt his irritation at a high level, that he did not enjoy being ignored. Upone being called a"rodent" he whipped around and glared at Ryuu, his tail swishing and his ears folding back on his lovely head. There were many things he could stand, but he was not a simple "rodent" like a common squirrel or rat. He was a ferret. A white one at that, with a slender body and 1 centimeter taller than the others. And to be mistaken for a Hat!? Sebastian was far cuter than a silly fluffy hat. He knew that for certain. He went to step towards Ryuu and scold him, but was suddenly stopped by a pain in his chest. He looked back at Gwen, who was still fanning over this "Moselle" and too busy to even pay him any sort of attention. He had even gone out of his way to dress like her for the party, but he barely got a compliment.

    He knew Ryuu was only teasing, but his temper was short enough already, ontop of being denied neccessary snuggles earlier by his beloved master. He contented himself with sticking his tongue at the red-haired dragon and whipping back around with a proud "HMPH!" He moved back to Gwen's side and grumbled, continuing to pout. He was a total Diva....
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  12. [​IMG]

    The Petrova Gardens - Observing the Teaparty

    This particular morning, Willow had woken up to a rather unpleasant surprise. As usual she had been sleeping on one of the thicker branches of her tree, comfortably shielded from view by the long leaves hanging down around him almost like curtains. Normally, no one would bother her then, since most didn’t even know she was there.

    As the sun rose over the horizon, casting a warming light over the realm of Nauchwald and its golden rays searched their way through Willow’s tapestry of leaves, the tree spirit groaned softly, yawning before letting her eyes flutter open.

    Only inches away from his face was the golden head of a snake, which had tightly curled itself around Willows favorite branch, and now seemed to be slumbering soundly. Feeling that her personal space had been invaded, she narrowed her eyes and pouted in a display of annoyance. There were little things she had no patient for, but someone touching her tree without permission (especially doing something as insolent as curling around her favorite branch), was not something she could easily let slide.

    Hesitantly, she extended her petite hand towards the familiar and poked at it wearily, quickly withdrawing her hand again. She usually didn’t fear snakes, but knowing this was no ordinary snake, Willow made sure to remain cautious. Although she had never directly interacted with the white rose witches familiar before, he had a reputation of being quite handful at times. These rumors had not gone past the wood nymph’s sometimes far too large ears.

    “Hey, mister…” Willow hissed, the snake showing no signs of having noticed him whatsoever. “Mister Snake…” she repeated, her hushed voice laced with hints of irritation. She poked him again, this time harder- though still to no avail. “Wake up, you’re wrapping around my branch far too tightly, it’s uncomfortable,” she sniffed, her voice having risen in volume slightly, though she still made sure to keep it down. When he kept ignoring her, only wrapping tighter around the branch in his sleep… Willow started losing her patience.

    “Wake up, wake up, wake up!” she snapped, attempting to unwind him herself, though to little avail. Next she tried pushing him down from the branch, though he would not even budge an inch. “Wake up you stupid, ugly old-“whatever the aggravated wood nymph had been about to say caught in her throat as the snakes yellow eyes snapped open, staring at her menacingly. A quiet squeak of surprise and fear erupted from the wood nymph’s throat and she instantly took a few steps back, losing her footing which caused her to slip down from the branch and plummet onto the ground.

    “Th-th-th…” Willow glanced at her knee which she had unfortunately scraped in her fall, noticing a few tiny droplets of blood forming upon her skin. “Meanie!” she sniffed, feeling tears threaten in her eyes. A shadow had settled across her face as she glared up at the golden snake. It almost seemed as though he was smirking back at her.

    As soon as the doors to the garden opened and Ryuu, together with a few other servants stepped out to set the table for the tea party, the familiar slithered away, leaving Willow alone on the ground. She wiped her eyes and quickly got up before she thought anyone would notice, disappearing into her tree and once more out of sight. This sure as hell would not end here. Willow would have her revenge!

    For quite a while she remained where she was, sulking as she watched the other servants work in the garden. This day had started out terrible and Willow’s mood was as sour as the lemons Ryuu had used for the lemonade. That was, until Gwen entered the scene, her presence enough of a distraction to push away his foul mood.

    Never would the girl who looked like a doll cease to fascinate the green haired wood nymph, with her snowy hair and beautiful, misty eyes. Willow adored the girl’s cute, elegant and elaborate way of dress, and she was always interested to see what new outfit Gwen was wearing each time she saw her. The teaparties and picnics Gwen often held in the garden always seemed like a lot of fun, and Willow often dreamt of being able to join them one day. Shy as he was, however, Willow would never have dared approaching her, especially not when she was in the company of her overprotective familiar, scary butler and outright frightening guardian. The presence of Balthazar and company made it no easier, as Willow had always felt nervous around the Bisque Rose Witch. Hell looked like she could rip out ones throat at any time… and Cyneric had a generally unfriendly aura about him.

    Thusly, Willow always ended up watching the festivities surrounding the stunning gray rose witch from afar, too shy to approach them but also too fascinated as not to observe them. The one who fascinated her the most, however… was probably the gray rose witch herself.

    This day having chosen the form of a girl, Willow was comfortably seated in her tree, her long green hair freely cascading down her shoulders, reaching even below her hips. As always, she was wearing a kneeling white tunic or dress, with the only detail it really possessed being the decorative dark green string sewn along the collar, only to end in a small ribbon in the middle. Her skin, as always was fair, though the summer had given her a slight tan which was barely visible, but there nonetheless. With her petite, rather formless body (though it did have slightly more prominent curves than her male form), Willow looked very much like a child. Her personality probably didn’t do a lot to change this either, however, and a very few would be able to guess that she was actually over a hundred years old.

    Her grass green eyes widened with curiosity as Morris appeared with a pretty young lady by his side, a timid smile tugging the corners of her lips. She truly was beautiful, with her long white hair, fair skin and multi colored eyes. Even if she in Willow’s opinion did not surpass Gwen in beauty, he had without doubt to admit that she looked as though she too, had stepped out of a fairy tale.

    So this is Moselle… she thought to herself as she moved just ever so slightly further out onto one of the branches, still making sure to keep herself hidden from view but hopping to get a better look at the newcomer, and lady she would serve. Apparently, she had somehow managed to make a noise, however, as she soon felt Ryuu’s intimidating gaze searching for her. Quickly and soundlessly, she shrunk back to where he was safer and totally hidden from their view.

    You’re still mad at me for the blueberry pie, aren’t you? She thought with a sigh.
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  13. The little stroll through the mansion was easily boring to the timeless Witch of white roses, but the events that unfolded with each and every spark in Moselle's eyes were enough to make him trudge through it rather than placing a portal and porting them to the tea party. He had guessed Little Gwendoline of all would have this as a welcome for his precious Moselle, but he had also hoped to avoid anything too hasty with his little girl. She was after all just becoming accustomed to the fact that she IS a witch, that she belonged in this home since birth, the sudden shock was possibly going to throw her off and he feared that.

    None the less they continued through each room, and with it Moselles reactions were enough to bring pure joy to her father. "You like it don't you Moselle?" he would ask here here and now as they parted each room and finally found themselves near the fountain at the turn of the garden. Already he could hear the chatter of too many, this was going to be interesting if nothing else. Morris prepared himself for it as they came around the corner and their they were, with the head mistress herself leading her possy of drone/lackeys/pets/man-slaves. Morris honestly had not found a perfect title to give her following yet, but he adored gwen and was elated as she called him by her personal pet name she had given him. When she was not trying to pick his brain as wella s his wallet, they got along excellent. "Ahh my gwenie-doll! it is good to see you and of course you get to mee.." It was too klate gwen had already differed her attention and was scanning Moselle and offering her child like charms in the same breath. "Ahh yes Moselle is beautiful beyond words, this you are right dear Gwen. Do not hassle her too much though, after all she is just adjusting." Morris harped but after long he somewhat fell into a kindliness of just watching and noting Moselle's reactions to everything, perhaps because he was used to handling things this way, but he liked to believe it was also the best way for her to have people outside him that she could trust here, and that was something that Moselle needed above all else in her life right now.

    "Ahh Sebby you appear to be quite flustered, i too might feel like you in a similar situation but doesn't it bring you joy to see them smile." he addressed the familiar and glanced to Gwen and Moselle chatting, a huge smile placed on his ghost like charmers face. "Let us, let them get to know each other, and maybe you will please your mistress if you get to know her as well." he mused for a seciond before leaving the Familiar to thinking on that prospect and standing between the butler Ryuu, and of course the Guard Draco... "Might make a good painting us all standing here together like this. the red haired beauty that is actually a man, the monstrous hulk, and the charming head master in the middle.. oh they could tell stories of it for ages!" he had a silly grin at that point and left them with the thought before floating back over to Moselle unable to resist it anymore. "Moselle is their anything else I can get for you to make you feel comfortable my dear?"
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  14. Deep under the mansion, there was a room not many knew about.
    It was nothing but a large sphere, a hole in the surrounding rock, yet at the same time it was a marvel of technology and magic. In its center was nothing other then a star, a sphere of plasma that relentlessly converts hydrogen to helium, producing immense heat and radiation in the process. These destructive forces, however, fail to destroy the thin shell of countless water pipes lining the entire metal wall of the core.
    The reason for this was a spirit, a girl that was currently floating silently through the radiation filled space. The girl seemed to be sleeping, however if anyone knew her better they would know that she never slept, the girl was in fact recollecting her long life, along with monitoring the star near her. As an arc of a solar flare from the star flies past her, she mutters to herself.
    "Hydrogen reserves at 33.6%... I'll have to replace it soon... " She then opens her eyes and looks somewhere in the distance. "Generator 2... Output dropped by 2%"
    With that said the girl instantly fell, as she returned gravity to herself. Walking carefully over the uneven floor she makes her way to a small door, more akin to a trapdoor. A large valve lies on top of it, and she turns it until the door is unlocked, then she lifts the massive door and climbs down the ladder into a small hatch, closing the door after herself. She then continues down until she reaches another door, repeating the process.
    The room beyond the second door is massive, housing twelve huge power generators, with numerous catwalks going over and around them, in the Human world a small army of people would maintain such a facility, however here Stella does it by herself. She slowly walks towards one of them, Generator 2. The machine is huge, the number "2" on it being as large as Stella, she puts her hand on the machine and closes her eyes. Immediately afterwards she sighs, as expected one of the wire strands in the generator was close to melting, all the machinery in the core complex was produced by familiars Stella had summoned when constructing it, and unfortunately their performance paled in front of Human expertise, most of the components had to be constantly replaced.
    Stella traced the pipe leading the steam in from the core with her eyes until she saw the valve for closing it, and then with a gesture of her hand closed the valve. The rumbling noise from the large machine slowly toned down, until it stopped. She then did a few more hand gestures, resulting in all screws that held down the cover of the generator to float out, and then lifted the cover itself.
    The inside of the generator was a mesh of copper wires arranged in rolls, each was a separate circuit, which combined produced the electricity in Nauchtwald. She quickly finds the damaged component, disconnects and lifts it with her magic, bringing in a new one at the same time. After installing it she closes the generator and starts the steam flow again.
    She jumps off of the catwalk to ground level and walks to the entrance door for the turbine hall. The room leading to the massive construct is far smaller, and is a simple junction that leads to three other rooms; her study room (Which she seldom uses), the coolant storage facility and the shaft leading to the surface. The room also features a small pipe that leads up to the surface, but is far too small for anything to pass through it. This pipe serves only to Stella.
    With a small wave of her hand, various images of the Petrova mansion, the building over her reactor show up. Stella used the pipe nearby to bend light from all over the mansion to where she is, so long as there was no opaque obstructions, she could see as far as necessary.
    The mansion seemed quite as ordinary, and since she fixed generator 2 in a timely fashion nobody would even notice the voltage drop. She would still eventually have to tell them that she will have to bring the core off-line within the next week to replace the aging star, keeping a star once it goes low on hydrogen could result in core damage after all.
    The images in front of her disperse, besides someone just entering the mansion there is nothing in particular going on. She walks into the entrance shaft and looks up, it was a while since she was on the surface, and she could use some relaxation.
    The shaft was intentionally produced without stairs, ladders or elevators, only Stella and an occasional annoying powerful visitor come down. Even though such are rare, mostly due to the residual radiation all over the bottommost floor of the facility.
    Even though she is perfectly capable of flight, Stella rather flips her own gravitational force, which causes her to fall upwards. Several seconds of flight through the 100 meters tall shaft later, she nullifies her gravity, cancels her movement and floats over to the edge of the shaft, it looks like a large hexagonal hole from above, some distance from it a fence lined with warning signs lies, because of the sheer volume of these warning signs, she had no accidental visitors so far.
    If someone else were to exit from a hole after three months their eyes would most certainly hurt from the glaring sun, but Stella was just staring at one from up close, so she has no such problems. She walks up to the metal fence door and opens it slowly, peeking towards the garden , her facility was in one of the corners of the mansion grounds, for safety reasons. Confirming there is nobody around, she heads onwards towards the more central part of the garden. She was looking if anyone is around because she came above ground to relax, not to engage in chitchat. Though if one of the "witches" came around, that was probably going to change.
    As she entered the central part of the garden she notices it is incredibly lush as usual, courtesy of the star she created for this dimension, and the careful care of the gardener, of course, walking through the garden Stella takes care to note any small changes in it, after all remembering things became another hobby of hers. She remember seeing a tea party in the garden when she bended light, and one short check confirms it, so she takes precaution to bend light around her, making her effectively invisible.
    Her slow pace soon leads her to a large tree, one she could easily lie on. She jumps on the lowest branch in one leap, and settles upon it. With everyone in the garden probably busy on the tea party, they will not notice a non-suspicious spirit relaxing on the tree, besides maybe the owner of the tree, but Stella hoped that particular one wasn't too chatty today.
    She turns off her light cloak and lets out a long sigh, she missed sitting up here.
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  15. [​IMG]

    -Petrova Gardens: Teaparty-

    "Ahh Sebby you appear to be quite flustered, i too might feel like you in a similar situation but doesn't it bring you joy to see them smile." Morris commented, watching Sebastian's flushed face with a coy smile. Sebastian glanced over at him and blushed more, pursing his lips in a more prominent pout. "Hmph...I don't see what all of the fuss is about...yeah she is lovely, but what about me..." His ears folded back just slightly as he watched the two girls. His beloved master was fanning over Moselle, holding her hands and gazing up at her with so much love and awe. Sebastian was jealous. Why could he not recieve that same attention at this moment. He was wearing cupcake shoes for fuck's sake. He gave a slight sniffle and folded his arms over his chest, his tail hanging slightly. This is why he hated new people. They got so much attention and he was left in the dust.

    Morris noted the pout on poor Sebastian's face and added.
    "Let us, let them get to know each other, and maybe you will please your mistress if you get to know her as well." Sebastian's ears perked then and he glanced back a Morris, who had waltz off into the background between Draco and Ryuu. Giving a small huff, he continued his slight sulk. "I don't see how she has to get to know her that well...but maybe if I am nice...I'll get a compliment and maybe a hug...Fine I'll do it to please Gwenie..." He placed his hands in his pockets and walked up next to the two, giving a small nod of his head but keeping the same pouty expression.
  16. Adamar
    ~Within the Cherry Blossom Grove-Pocket Dimension.~
    In a forest of infinite cherry blossom trees rested the enigmatic loner. The soft, gentle whistling of his flute, a polar opposite to the chaos and destruction he wrought normally, though there were no living creatures in this realm, thus he found a type of solace in this place. More specifically, Adamar had elected to take respite at the forest's center, sitting comfortably on the stump of an elder cherry blossom with his right leg folded over his left and bent at a forty-five degree angle, as he continued to serenade no one in particular with his music. He'd often mused 'Is this the reality of my eventual success?', finding the tranquility of silence to be almost heart-warming, he could never truly feel -anything-. ​

    After hours of continuous recital of the most sorrowful and lonely music, which could've been easily translated into a dirge for his broken peace at that moment, Adamar removed his lips from the instrument and tucked the flute away into the inner-pocket of his overcoat. A gruff and dejected expression crawled across Adamar's scarred and haggard face, a far cry from his usual stoicism as he reminisced over the silver-haired man's arrogance. "How dare he come to this realm...her father or not. Suggesting I owe -him-? It is a testament to my appreciation of his act, that I didn't rend him to pieces for intruding into my haven." Again his thoughts began to wander though, Moselle, Adamar could not comprehend why he was unable to forget her or why he felt compelled to save her that evening either.

    Morris had earlier that very evening visited Adamar, much to the latter's chagrin, about his guardianship over Morris' daughter. It was at this appointed hour that Morris revealed it had been -he- whom set Adamar free, arranged his meeting with Moselle and desired as repayment for this debt for Adamar to protect her. Bewildered and smothered in a suffocating wave of inexplicable rage, Adamar sent Morris out of his realm without an answer. Unbeknownst to most, Adamar could track and keep a watchful eye over those souls he's seen before, provided they aren't shielded by magic. Having been watching over Moselle ever since he'd left Nyx himself, to most it would seem stalker-like and obsessive, though Adamar oddly could not resist the compulsion towards Moselle. He simply desired her safety, he felt as though, her life had some measure of value, thus...he was unable to quiet his mind on the subject.

    The moment Moselle departed from Nyx and into the magical realm of Nautchwald, Adamar lost sight of her soul: an event he was thoroughly unprepared for. Having presumed to keep his distance and watch over her from a relatively detached position, he hadn't given any thought to Morris' offer, nor did he have any idea that it was even Morris who had taken her to this realm. Turning his full attention on Nyx, where she'd last been, he strained his eyes to focus on the spectral footprint left behind by her soul as she rifted into another realm. Locking on to it in his mind's eye, he rose hastily from his perch of a stump and viciously drew his sword from his hip and stabbed it with his reverse-grip style into the fabric of reality, his face contorting with displeasure as he drug the sword through the air like tattered curtains and created a hole large enough for himself to walk through.

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  17. [​IMG]
    The Petrova Manor
    The Gardens, Gwendoline's Tea Party
    (( @Wolfsin @DoomyCakez @Gladis @Nocturnia ))

    "Hello, Moselle. I have waited for a while now to finally meet you." She kept the girls hands and turned to Morris, speaking in the same sweet voice. "Papa Morri. I knew she would be pretty, but I did not expect her to be this beautiful! Oh she looks like a princess."
    "Oh? I-I don't think I'd make a suitable princess, but thank you anyways. It's nice to meet you. I take it everyone here knows of me? It's a bit embarrassing to say, maybe even sad, but I'm afraid I don't know of you or anyone here for that matter." Moselle's soft, clear voice rang out sheepishly from her diaphragm as she responded to the young girls claims. Her abnormal, but in this case normal, snow white hair, Type 2A, was long and wavy. It cascaded down to her back yet styled in a way that easily framed her oval shaped head. Her heterogeneous eyes of purple and blue, the left one purple and the right one blue, blinked curiously at the young girl before she finally spoke again.
    "Oh, wait. Are you perhaps Gwendoline?" I had heard the butler from earlier provide us with information that a 'Gwendoline' was hosting a tea party out here in the garden. You must be her seeing as your are the only girl here upon arrival." Moselle chuckled slightly at her own reasonable deduction. Her black skirt that was cut short in the front, to three inches above her knees, and continued to trail down to her ankles at the back in a loose wavy fashion. Her long legs, that were actually quite thick at the thighs, were bare save for the strange thorny vines of ink that trailed up to just above her knees. It almost looked as if it were simply a tattoo, but sadly it was a mere curse mark that Moselle had come to terms with during her times staying at the card suit society. Although, she would never tell anyone of the fact that she was cursed, especially with the fact that she had no idea what the curse was going to do once it matured. It was certainly the most apparent trait about her when not covered, but her eyes normally always seemed to grab the most amount of attention. Though after seeing her father's eyes, it seemed that her mismatched irises were genetic. She prayed the her children wouldn't be born with such the inconvenience, assuming she'd even have kids in her future. Moselle absent mindlessly straightens her soft pink baby-doll, bubble top mesh made of a polyester, chiffon, Rayon blend. It was a cute top with a floral pattern of various other hues of pinks, and light browns.

    She returns her line of sight back on Gwendoline's face before something behind her catches her attention. A boy, not much taller than her for she was at least 5'7 in height compared to his 5'9, with white ears protruding from his hair and a strange tail just peeking around the side of his leg. "U-um...Tha-" Moselle was about to make a comment, or ask a question before her father had interrupted her train of thought, and distracting her from the young boy. "W-what? I'm fine father. I don't need your help." She mumbles coldly towards him while averting her eyes onto a tree near by. She could faintly see the figure of a young woman with sleek dark hair resting in the shaded branches. She pondered over the person for a moment, wondering why they were not joining the festivities before simply dropping the matter and gazing back over the others at the party. "Who are the others?" she asks both Gwendoline and Morris with a curious tone to her voice.

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  18. [​IMG]
    Gwendoline and Sebastian
    -Petrova Manor Gardens" Gwen's Teaparty-
    (@Vio , @Wolfsin, @Lonewolf888978 , @Gladis, @Nocturnia )

    If one could measure the amount of pleasure that crossed the small girl's features upon having her name called by Moselle was able to be measured, it would probably surpass any manmade measurements. Her eyes had returned to their same foggy state, but they almost seemed to sparkle as a wide grin cut from cheek to cheek. Those same eyes filled with odd emotion and child-like wonder before she nodded frantically and bounced in place, clapping excitedly. "Oh yes. yes. YES!~ But you may call me Gwen, or Gwenie...Dollie is only for Papa Morri, but I am certain you can come up with a nickname of your own for me, Sellie.~" Not even a minute of meeting, but the girl already had a Nickname for Moselle, but that was her personality. She rathered to make up her own names for people, rather than having to memorize their actual names.

    "Who are the others?" The question was soft almost unnoticed by Gwen, but when she heard it, her expression changed slightly to a more lady like look. Reaching over, she gently took Moselle's hand and led her to Sebastian, speaking excitedly. "Moselle, this is my familiar, Sebastian. You can call him Sebby, and his weakness is snuggle, pettings, pretty girls, and sweets." Sebastian had been watching them in silence, giving Moselle a jealous stare when she had looked at him, but upon having Gwen tell her his secrets, His face turned bright scarlet. "Gwen! I am very sure that is not something you should tell someone you just met..." He glanced at Moselle and noticed her shy smile. He frowned then and looked away, rubbing the back of his neck before mumbling under his breath. "pleasure to make your aguaintance..." He turned then and moved to the table, grabbing a cookie and flopping upon on of the chairs, nibbling it in irritated silence. Gwen smiled and followed Sebastian, dragging Moselle behind her as she introduced the other guests.

    She stopped in front of Ryuu and Draco, glancing back at Moselle.
    "This is Ryuu. He is my handsome Butler and Dragon. He likes fruit pies and tarts, but refused to wear the suit I suggested to him, which is why he is dressed in silly old red and black." She was teasing Ryuu of course, but did manage to make him blush and stutter. She moved on then to Draco, who was relaxing in one of the chairs, his legs thrown up on the table. "This is my personal Bodygaurd, Draco. Don't let his appearance fool you. He likes hugs and is a big softy!~" She whipped back around then and pointed over to the Bisque Rose Witch and his servants, giggling softly. "That is Balthazaar and his servants! He keeps money in Papa Morri's pocket, which means that I get more pretty dresses like this one!" She did a twirl in her dress then, showing it off for Moselle to marvel at. "if you let me, I would like to have Sebastian and Mrs. Ana make outfits for you as well. Sebby picked this one out himself. She skipped over the the Neko boy and grabbed his hand, causing him to blush once more, but he followed respectfully, his pout lessening slightly. "Now Sebby. Don't be rude. Say hello to Moselle!"

    Sebastian tried to protest, but Gwen pushed him to Moselle until he was right in front of her. He did not really enjoy being put on the spot, especially infront of girls. His ears folded back then and his lovely eyes filled with sudden embarrassment. He spoke though because he was commanded to. Speaking softly and gazing down at his shoes, he greeted her properly. "He...Hello Ms.Moselle. Welcome to Petrova Manor. I am Gwendoline's Familiar...Seba-"

    Gwen grabbed his arm then and gave him a small shake, pouting. "Don't be so formal! We are all friends here! Now greet her as a friend, Sebby. Now!" She was rather demanding at this moment, wanting to make the best impression on the Pretty Moselle. Maybe she was slightly jealous, being that the girl was Papa Morri's actual daughter and Gwen was not. Whatever Jealousy was there, however, was completely hidden. Sebastian gave a small huff and Greeted Moselle again. "Hello..." That was all he would give. With a simple "Hello" he slipped from Gwen's grasp and retreated behind Ryuu. Gwen watched him and frowned. "Grumpy Guss!"
    She turned back to Moselle and smiled, straightening her dress just as she did before asking. "have I forgotten anyone?...I am not sure if I have or not..."

  19. Petrova Manor Gardens, Gwendoline's Tea Party
    (@senpai • @Wolfsin • @Vio • @DoomyCakez • @Gladis •)

    Blue was such a beautiful colour. It seemed to own the world nothing less then it's elegancy, wavering in the subtle breezes of the green outdoors, washing away any unpleasant feelings from those around it. "I miss you Xavier..." Anastasia mumbled to herself, melancholy overtaking her current senses. The woman sighed, looking once more upon the singular blue rose in front of her vivid green eyes, she looked to the living thing with hope of her future, watching as the wind cascaded around the flower, picking up and and awakening it's leaves with all the might a gale could produce. Ana took in a heavy breath, obliterating away any down-trodden thoughts of her past, and perking her beautifully stained red lips with a smile, one of real meaning.

    She had heard today be the day of her Granddaughters arrival, a thrilling event she had waiting many years to experience. Moselle was her name, and such a beautiful name it was... the name in itself meaning savior, a trait which Anastasia was aware the girl herself possessed; in retrospect, she had the rose witch gift of healing, and a mighty powerful gift at that. Anastasia pondered to herself before bidding the blue rose a final farewell, and ridding her thoughts of the depressive recent memories of the colour blue. She had chosen to sport a rather lenient outfit to the welcome party, she wanted to feel a gratis from her outfit, being sure it wouldn't weight her down.

    Her tall, slender legs were being hugged quite perfectly by a pair of black cotton leggings; a rather personal favorite of the Witch herself. She had chosen some gorgeous felt -black- heels to accompany the leggings, tucking the bottoms into the choked tops of the shoes. Her torso and above was covered by an elegant, form fitting grey laced shirt that hugged around her chest, right under her fairly large endowments. It seemed to wrinkled all throughout the shirt itself aside from the clumps of lace that held onto her arms just above her elbows and underneath her breasts. Her abdomen was rather exposed however, showing off the navel piercing she had, holding a gorgeous diamond dangling chain with the carved out image of a husky; a parallel feature to her real familiar, Aldwyn.

    The signature feature, known to all; of the glorious Red Rose Witch, was her hair. Not as red as a fire burning ablaze, but prominent to say the least. It was lengthy ash red hair, with a burnt copper tone fortified into it. Her hair casually hung past her shoulders, chest, and down to her hips, either at the small of her back, or covering most of her torso, it was a handful, yes, but a wonderful handful indeed. Most days her hair shone in the sun, seeming to own her entire appearance. Somedays' she had even wondered, if the reason she was dubbed "Red Rose", was because of her hair, it definitely brought a nice mocking laughing fit to her thoughts.

    Aside from her hair, Anastasia was a monstrously tall woman -without heels-, and with heels, well lets just say some doors should accompany her height. In general the exquisite woman stood tall at a grand crest of six foot, three. Massive for a woman. With heels on her feet, however, she reached varied heights of six foot five and up, a berserk height for such a slender woman; she blamed it on her legs. Two vivid green hues lay at rest on her face, creating a constant gleam from her eyes. She had -before- over heard a conversation that one of the Petrova maids was afraid to look the Witch in the eyes, in fear the hues would pierce through her flesh. Anastasia found this quite funny, seeing as thought even with an intimidating style to her, she was a loving kind woman, with much to give of her own heart to others around her.

    Anastasia could hear laughing, joyous celebration in the distance from where she currently was. Oh Gwen, always throwing the most ludicrous tea parties. Anastasia smiled, pulling her soft full lips up to her cheeks. She continued on her walk through the gardens, past quite a few hedges, some more simplistic rose bushes, and a few arches she tended to bask under when the sun was shining just a little to bright for her own liking. A thought crossed her mind, but she decided to put it off in hopes of asking the subject of her curiosity later as to how she withstands such brightness. Her feet seemed to carry her in the direction of the euphoria, a sound which the woman enjoyed before she came to a halt, nearly stumbling upon a young man, bent down on his knees tending to the bushes. She grinned, watching the man tinker with what seemed to be a sprinkler. "Julian, you are more then welcome to accompany me to Moselle's welcome party, after all, you work yourself so hard out here, a little break would be good for the soul."

    Anastasia offered her smile once more, continuing on her way to the party in hopes her personal butler would follow along. He deserved rest like all the others. Anastasia has always had a strong belief, that servant or not, every person under her care had feelings and needs, ones which she tended to often, assuring herself that her family and friends always had time to relax. What would be the point in living in such a grand manor, if nobody took the time to sit down, and enjoy a good old tea party. That being said, the radiant woman approached a gathering of many men, and what seemed like two women only. Gwen, and her beautiful, shining granddaughter, Moselle. Anastasia had wanted to run towards the woman, hug her tight and never let go, she wanted to approached her, tell her everything and fill her head with the wonders of the Petrova's, but she elected to hold back, resting herself on the weight of her left heel, watching the festivities occur before her.

    Look at her Xavier...a beautiful purple rose in the world we live in. I only could be here to see her today.
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  20. [​IMG]
    The Petrova Manor
    The Garden, Gwendoline's Tea Party

    After Gwendoline thoroughly introduced her to everyone that was currently at the table Moselle deftly gripped the side of her skirt, and held it up only a little behind her as she gave them all a humble bow. "It is a pleasure to meet all of you." She says speaking in a manor that would project her voice for all of them to hear, and keep it's refreshingly soft tone to it. When Gwendoline suddenly pushed her familiar Sebastian towards her she quickly surveyed his facial features. He had such the feminine face, but the strangest oddity in his features was his eyes. His irises were a mix of two rings of color, black being the outer ring and a red the second. She could faintly see that the red hues faded into pink and were speckled blue and green. They were much stranger compared to her own eyes, yet very pretty to look at. She was about to compliment the man on his eyes before he breaks their eye contact by looking down at his shoes. When he began to introduce himself for a third time, Moselle couldn't help and giggle a little. "You two are quite the pair. Hello again Sebastian."

    "Oh my...such a bundle of energy," A soft chuckle escapes of Moselles lips again as she spoke, "You remind me of my sister Jessica." Moselle admits a bit fondly as Gwendoline bubbly introduces her to everyone in such a rush. "Oh! Speaking of blood relations. How am I related to you again?" Moselle questions as she raises a hand up to the side of her face and casually brush a few strands of her luscious white hair back behind her ear. ​
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