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The Fourth of July is coming, how should we celebrate the holiday/event?

  1. In Character ((will discuss how in the thread if this wins majoirty vote or by poll.))

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  2. Out of Character ((will discuss how in the thread if this wins majoirty vote or by poll.))

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  3. Both ((will discuss how in the thread if this wins majoirty vote or by poll.))

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  1. Important Announcements, News, and Plot Discussion.
    Mostly Plot Discussion.

    Please make plot bunnies for RWC. This is for collaboration between all the members of RWC. Here is where we make suggestions for new plot, discuss on going plot, and declare plot that has been made between two certain characters. Here is where we will be discussing important real time events and whether or not to host an event ICly or OOCly.​
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  2. Okay this goes a lot to Anastasia

    Vio and I were discussing Gwen's powers since they are unstable! O:

    We came up with an Idea that Ana can put some form of cap on her powers since she is all potions and stuffs. I was wonder what you thought about all of this??? o:
  3. This is a shell of the current event going on in the IC

    Moselle just accused Anastasia of murder and Attacked her.

    Gwen had a panic attack while connecting with Moselle.

    Gwen is the only one that saw what happened between Moselle and Anastasia.

    Gwen is a child, so she might not know what to do, how to feel with what she saw, or really understand the situation. What you do with her is up to you Doomy.

    Morris takes Moselle to the infirmary while I am assuming Anastasia fires Julian. Then she goes to have her word with Morris.

    Some people come to see Moselle. It's up to you if your character shows.
    This is how I am going to introduce Skylar.

    @Gladis Don't worry about what I said about Willow. He doesn't have to go if you have something else planned for him. He and Moselle can meet later under his/hers willow tree after Moselle wakes up or something. Iunno. ~

    From there do what you will until dinner. Crowley introduces Adamar while the family is eating dinner. THEN we can have our freak out =w=;

    From whatever you want because I've got nothing.

    This was just a shell, so if any of you want to add to this by all means fill free to do so. I want your feed back on what should be and what shouldn't.

    Please give me your input in the comments below before tomorrow night.
    @Turbo Snail
    @Princess of the Teacup
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  4. Well... as for what to do with Willow, it depends on what you would like me to do. I wouldn't mind having him visit the infarmery, although I think it would make more sense if they met under his Willow, seeing as that would give him reason to approach Moselle other than that she is there... and courage, especially if they're alone. I know that he is her butler, but they're still practically strangers and Willow is really shy in most situations. X3

    What I do with Alexius depends totally on what Wolfsin does with Morris.

    Ryuu will most likely remain by Gwen's side, so I've got nothing special about him to add either. X3

  5. yay!~ freak out o w o
  6. I think Lel may come and visit Moselle in the infirmary.
    Also are we going to celebrate the holidays rp time or real life time?
  7. Both, but mostly real time :3
  8. Ah I see mkay thanks =3 I'm excited. Mainly for Valentine's day, I think it would be very interesting, oh like love is actually in the air and people start flirting and whatnot, a dreadful embarrassing day for everyone, just throwing out an idea though XD. And Christmas, not sure if Lel is going to like that holiday because of financial reasons, that's going to be fun for me lol
    ... I'm excited XD
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  9. Lel: Bah Humbug!!

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  10. O_O Yeeeeessss, I want to see Valentines day in this RP.
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  11. As for the over all plot everything above looks really well planned, it obviously highlights the main people it needs to highlight. I might advise people to use the time to a. check in on moselle or B. get to know each persons characters. Do miscelaneous posts to get your characters down since this is the beginning of the rp. There are obviously the prearranged reltionships and such but its also good to flesh those out in character as much as possible. Try to include everyone that is reasonable possible for the scene you create.

    What I am understanding, is that aside from what this main plot entails, and those that are involved. IE: Morris, Moselle, Anastasia, Skylar. and familiars respectively. The rest of you have some fluff time to work out your characters. Make good use of it is my suggestion.

    I might suggest after this chapter or scene at least. We next make it a point to somehow end up with a day trip to the city; if for no other reason to expand the world to our players. This will help flesh out the city and possibly open up some fun times. maybe between karaoke, dance, clothes shopping. You know that little anime filler episode where everyone is chillin in the city? XD
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  12. @Aka~Kitsune I have to many ONS's to enjoy Valentines day -.- Shit makes me bitter X'DD
    As for what wolf said, working towards de-fluffing the basics of your characters during a main plot point is a good idea, seeing as people will understand the basics of all characters, and then when it's your time to shine, there's no need to go into strenuous detail about introducing your character to the plot, seeing as they've already been introduced, you can just jump right into the main plot points :)
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  13. I just realized I was tagged in this post Q_Q Never got a fucking notification IWAKU! THANKS! -.- anyways x'D
    Sure, I'd be up for that :)
  14. Everything to help the flow of the story and the believably of your characters in correlation. =D
  15. *Is secretly shipping most of the characters.* >_> <_<
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  16. I'm openly shipping everybody into one giant orgy >:l Deal with it x3
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  17. @Sinopa Exactly X'D
    Most relationships in this RP are incestual, plus I was talking about rounding you all up in real life for some good old fashioned fun ;)
    JK JK x3
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  18. Hehe :3 -innocent face-
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