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  1. It was a warm fall day, winds blowing, leaves falling and the sun shining down on world, it was a wonderful day. The bell rang and everyone at the school started getting ready for their classes: doing last minute homework, scrambling for notes or just walking to their classes.
  2. Renee Venz walked down the hallway, carrying her books, making her way to class. She entered the classroom and sat down in the chair by the window, staring out as the other students were rushing inside.
  3. Nic had been relaxing outside when the bell rang and he hurried off to class when he heard it. He happened to be in the same class as Renee but didnt really know her he choose a good spot at the front of the room and opened his books to get ready to learn.
  4. Renee sighed and opened her books, looking up at the front of the class and listening to the teacher. Unfortunately, this was her least favorite class, so she opened a fiction book, reading where she had left off. As she read, Renee smiled as the story got more interesting, but lifting her head every few minutes to act like she was paying attention.
  5. The class went on Nic taking down notes and stuff looking around every once and a while just to see what every one was up to. He saw Renee reading a book and he looked away with a small sigh, she had been doing this every class for this subject.
  6. When the teacher called on her, Renee stood up and closed her book quickly. She listened as the teacher asked her what the question was and Renee's face paled. "Uh, er, 24?" she asked, shrugging her shoulders and giving an attempted half smile. half of the class snickered at her response, so she smiled a little. The teacher was not amused, motioning for Renee to sit back down. "Pay attention, Miss Venz, or there will be detention." she warned, turning back around to the blackboard. Renee bit her lip in embarrassment and started taking actual notes.
  7. (Thats why i pay attention in class lol :D) The bell rang for the end of class and they all filled out of the classroom. "So what book is that yoy were reading? It must be pretty interesting if you read that instead of taking notes." Nic says sneeking up to Renee's locker.
  8. (Yeah, me too!) Renee jumped a little at the sound of a voice and turned, seeing Nic. "Oh, you scared me!" she said, smiling. She opened her locker and started putting books inside before responding. "It's called Fire and Emblem. It's very interesting, if you should know." she closed her locker and shifted the heavy books to her other arm. "What about you? You seem to think those notes are pretty interesting." she said, narrowing her eyes at Nic and smiling a little. She barely knew the boy, but she was all for making new friends.
  9. "Hey you want a job you gotta learn. Just a suggestion but you might want to follow those words of wisdom it could help. Hope you enjoy the book." He says walking off.
  10. "Yeah, Yeah. It's always the same thing. Learn this, learn that. Why don't you just tell me not to do what I want." she said, mainly to herself. She sighed, feeling the whole thing weighing on her shoulders. Slinging her back pack over her shoulder, Renee followed the boy out of the school then sat on the curb. Her mom never really came to pick her up and she walked home most of the time, so she just sat, wanting a rest before she started.
  11. Nic walked home since he was only a couple blocks away from the school. He had, had a good day and in the evening he did some basic lifting, the went to sleep.
  12. Renee sighed and stood up, stretching her legs, before starting the jog home. She had a long way to go, but managed to get home by six. When she went inside her house, she was greeted with shouts and sounds of doors slamming and glass breaking. Renee sighed and went into her room. There, she decided to just go to sleep. The day was tough and she dreaded the next one.
  13. The bell rang for school to start and Nic went to class right next to were Renee usually sat and greeted her when she came in.
  14. Renee smiled when she heard Nic greet her as she walked in. "Hey! What's up?" she asked, taking a seat and pulling out her supplies needed for the class.
  15. "Nothing much. You plan on reading all class again?" Nic asks teasing her.
  16. Renee rolled her eyes and smiled. "No, not really. I'm going to actually start taking what you people call 'notes'. Maybe you've heard of them?" she teased back.
  17. "What?... What are these notes you speak of is this another form of language or is it a game you youngsters play now-a-days?" Nic jokes in a safisticated voice, snickering after. (I love jokes :D they make life so much better lol)
  18. (Haha, me too :D I love them) Renee giggled and started sharpening her pencils. "I see. So even you don't know the meaning of 'notes' I take it?" she asked, raising an eyebrow as well as giving a half smile.
  19. "The definition of 'notes' to take a pencil or pen stab a peace of paper with it make a plane out of it and to then through it into your teachers hair. Am i right or am i right." Nic said in a top class scientist "voice", he was now starting to burst with laughter.
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