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R O L E P L A Y E R ' S

If you need someone new to play with or you're looking for a way to get in to Roleplay, fill out this resume and post it in this thread. It's just what you need to find partners you are compatible with. Cause lets face it, you might love someone's style but you may not play well together! It's good to get out of the box and meet new people! Notice: Inactive Member's resume are moved to the Archive Thread. You may repost a new resume if you return!

In the settings area you'll find "Edit Roleplay Resume". When filled out, it will appear on your profile!​

This thread is now closed and will be archived in a couple weeks! Please copy and paste your Resumes in to your profile to keep them up to date!
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Kidnappable?: Hell yes
Playing Habits: Possibly Everyday except Sundays. Notable that I'm on the opposite site of the world from you stateside chaps to I'm online for all of your night.
Gender You Prefer Playing: Usually male
Favorite Genres: Mostly Sci-fi, though I'll do anything if the plot is good.
Genre You DON'T Like: See above.
Playing Style: These days I lean more towards active. I love to plot with fellow players.
Plot Candies: Defininf moments for characters, conflicts, important choices.
Character Stereotypes: The character I'm most proud of is Yuri from Project Genesis. A simple man trying to keep his humanity in a world of superhumans and totalitarianism. I also have a psychotic emo who deals with his insecurities by making others more like him. i.e. taking what they value most abut themselves though rape, emotional trauma and murder. See Katrinka's dating service and keep an eye on The Seven.
I have many others I'm proud of though those are the most diverse.
Character No-Gos: Don't make me do empty headed or shallow characters.
Random Notes: I'm part of the RP support team so I should be one of the first people you come to with concerns or advice. I'll also happily sling multiple characters together if your plot needs players.

My footsteps echo off the walls. My heavy tread silencing those in the board room I rapidly approach. Finally free, my thoughts my own for the first time in my life.

On my hip is my sword, my faithful companion, over my shoulder a bag. My left hand holds a pistol, sleek and black, my right, dripping with blood holds the key to my past enslavement.

I feel the blood running down my back as the door splinters. My foot driving the wooden barriers apart. Their faces look to me, surprised, afraid. They are right to fear.

The man at the end, their leader stands. His face does not bare the expression shared by the others. He is angry with me, but not as angry as I am with him. I smile, cold sadistic and without breaking stride leap onto the table, the bag I brought lying discarded by the shattered door.

People lean back as I pass, their stares turn to murmurs. Then their leader speaks as I stand on the table in front of his chair.

"I did not give you permission to enter." he sneers, as me go into a half crouch. My bloody hand coming up between us as from between my thumb and forefinger dangles the implant that had once bent my thoughts to his will.

He looks into my eyes, confused, he sees the blood flowing out of my head and his face twists, the horror of realization taking dawn. I drop the bloody device and slowly curl my finger around his throat and lift him off his feel, standing my full height his feet hanging over the table edge.

"Shhhhhh." I say as he gasps for air, the barrel of the gun coming to rest against his lips in the mockery of a gesture for silence. "You should be proud. Your creation is taking matters into his own hands."

He struggles pathetically as slowly I push the barrel into his mouth. "Hes taking responsibility... He doesn't. Need. You. Anymore."

He tries to speak. A plea? One last insult? It does not matter. "I take responsibility for this to, only." My grin vanishes, replaced by an earnest expression. "Its not really murder..... I was made in your laboratory....." My voice drops to a whisper, the last words he will ever hear. "I'm not really human."

The laser buns though his skull like paper and flash boiling his brain explodes showering me with gore before I let the body drop, nonchalantly turning around.

Prom my vantage point standing on the table I can see into each person's face.

"I'm taking over." I say, drumming my fingers on the barrel of the gun. "Any objections?"

One brave soul stands and takes a breath. He never gets to use it as his body crumples to the floor. "Good, any more?"

No one moves, puppets ready to dance to my tune. Or are they? As I turn away to take the chair at the head of the table I hear another chair move. The runner does not make it to the door as I turn, aim and fire in a split second.

"You know, I'm beginning to think this will work better as a one man show. My big solo performance."

The weight of my words sinks in and I turn the sword drawn free and lashing out in one movement and a woman falls back in her chair clutching her throat.

It takes a second for the stampede to begin. A one they head for the doors chair flying as the cattle try to save themselves.

But unfortunately for them I'm faster, and running along the table I jump, my eyes locked on the lead suit, my sword poised. Landing on his back I bear him to the ground and stab downwards with my sword before turning slashing wildly into front of the advancing human wave. Those who did not stop fast enough fall to the bloodstained carpet, the rest, wild eyed and fearful follow shortly after my cold laughter ringing in their ears.

Amist the bloodshed I stand breathing heavily, the rush of adrenaline stimulating my every sense, the heavenly sensation bringing another smile to my lips as I casually retrieve the bag and turn to the one person who hadn't run. Who hadn't done anything except sit in her seat.

I take my seat at the head of the table, her immediately to my right, and look at her, her familiar features forever changed in my mind.

"Now that pleasure is out of the way, to business." I say, her eyes turning to look at me for the first time, questioning fer survival.

From out of the bag I draw out a folder, one of three and throw it down on the table between us.

"Care to explain?"
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Kidnapable?: YES!

Playing Habits: If I join a RP you can expect me to post on a regular basis.

Gender?: males.

Favorite Genre:
There isn't too much that I won't try. However, I most enjoy Modern, sci-fi and yeah, pretty much everything.

Genres I Don't like:
I'll try almost anything once.

Plot candies:
I like Brutally violent and dramatic war scenes and glorious death scenes.
Long and impacting character conversations. Traveling, by foot, airship or boat across vast worlds. Love interests that are torn apart, then reunited. ANDROIDS AND A.I.

Playing style:
Moderate to aggressive.

Always aggressive if it's my own game
, not to the point of hijacking (unless people stop posting) but I will get shit done. I like to grab my role-plays by the horns and beat them into submission! I tend to be a very easy going GM though.

Character stereotypes
I like to play the loyal defender as well as the misunderstood underdog. Characters with haunted pasts are another I play often. I am pretty decent at the leader or King types, too.

Character No-gos: Weakling types, sheep-like-followers, victims.

Other notes:
I LOVE RPING WITH NEW PEOPLE, So if you're new to Role-play (or just new to the site) and looking for a partner, Please, Message me. Sometimes I get too full up on games, but I am always available to plot or listen to ideas.

Scene sample:
The Winter King walked, hands clasped behind his back, one frozen footstep after the next. He made his way down the icy hall that led from his chambers and onto a balcony that over looked the courtyard. Although the ice around the land had all but melted away, the courtyard, with its cobble stone pathways and mammoth fountains remained in a perpetual state of winter. As he placed his hands on the stone lined rim of the archway, shards of ice formed in ten sharp points where his fingers were pressed tightly against the stone. In truth, Eldren wasn't worried about the shaky state of his alliance with the Metal queen, he had faith in his army and their skill and experience on the battle field. The thing that bothered him were the feelings he had about Chroma, Eldren feared that they may force him to make irrational decisions in the future.

"Sir, The war council is ready and waiting."

Said a near breathless Amen, who had spent the better part of the morning running from place to place, in preparation for what very well could be an all out war.

Eldren, without turning, nodded his head. He had nearly forgot that he had requested an assembly only an hour prior. His mind was clouded.

<iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="349" width="425"></iframe>

The war council was made up of the ten Winter Warlords that commanded his army on the battle field. They were like generals, except they fought alongside the troops, instructing them before and during war. They were not unlike the others in the Winter court, possessing the ability to control ice and snow, except that their powers had been enhanced as they were completely consumed by the ice. They no longer had the ability to shift appearance, like other Fae, but instead took on an Icy form all their living days. They were more or less like machines, running off their frozen powers the way a car would run off oil.

The winter King entered the council room with his light blue robes flowing behind him, leaving quickly evaporating snow in his wake. He took his seat, surrounded by his warlords, five on each side with Amen in the middle and Bishop and Tristam on either side of him.

"I bring you all here today, as I am sure you have guessed, in preparation for War. I believe the Summer court has been manipulated into thinking we are their enemy."

Eldrens words hung in the air like thick fog

"In the event that they attack us, I fear they will come in full force. We will not launch the attack, but we will be ready to fight. I do not wish for blood to be shed on our own soil, so I have dispatched runners to keep watch just outside the Summer court, when their army is set in motion, we will meet them before they Reach our beloved court…."

He stopped, looking to the icy, emotionless faces of his loyal Warlords.

"Have the army, those that aren't guarding the castle, ready to march at a moments notice."

The Winter court's army consisted of four main units. The Winter warlords, who were the commanders on the field. The Frost knights, who were the main fighting force. The Glaciation Riders, a unit consisting of young women, the only ones who were able to tame, mount and ride the Pegasus that lived in the surrounding mountains. The 'air division' known as the Glaciation riders had proved useful beyond match, event though many in the court were against the use of such young and beautiful girls in war, Eldren highly valued them and would not listen to argument. And lastly the Snow Wolves, showing blazing speed and brutal viciousness during battle. The Snow wolves, and the knights they carried into battle, are the single most feared unit in the entire Winter court army.
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Kidnappable?: Yeah, for the most part. But I prefer to be in no more than 4 Rps at a time so I can focus all my posting energy and time on em. So I may refuse. :P

Playing Habits: I check Iwaku a lot but I may be moving soon and whatnot, so I may lose internet access for a while. I'll inform any GMs about it though.

Gender You Prefer Playing: Male, but I can do both just fine.

Favorite Genres: Fantasy, sci-fi, post apocalyptic, parody.

Genre You DON'T Like: Not big on modern RPs, not a fan of Mass RPs due to past experiences. I may make exceptions though if an RP is particularly interesting. I will NEVER get involved with anything like yaoi or furry FYI, those I do not make exceptions with. Also not too keen on perverse RPs.

Playing Style: I am in the middle between passive and aggressive. But I prefer to plan things out with my fellow RPers so I don't mess them up. Although I do keep plot twists under wraps. I believe planning things out helps make for better posts so I do it often.

Plot Candies: Plot twists[well executed ones, not failed ones], epic battles, good pacing. Mechs are also very appealing to me.

Character Stereotypes: Hot blooded heroes or heroines, pure evil villains, cold hearted characters, anti-villains.

Character No-Gos: Hopeless Emo type characters, sympathetic villains, know it-alls, Mary sues, self insertion, etc.

Random Notes: ICSYL2 FTW! My favorite RP here at Iwaku.

Scene Sample: Coming soon.

Iwaku Roleplays I'm currently in:

Current RPs:

Shintaion Resistance: Monsoon & Ramia

Versimo: Art Jones

Finished RPs:

ICSYL 1: Kraw Zieg

ICSYL 2: Neil Dia

Dead Rps:

Geth's Grimorie: Eros

Red as Crimson: Kane

Deus Ex Mecha: Richard Morrison.
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Kidnappable?: Invite me anytime! I might not always be able to play, but I'm happy to check out new roleplays!

I am Seeking: Both one[x]one roleplays and group roleplays.

Playing Habits: I can be a daily poster. But on weekends I am usually offline running errands or hanging out with the family, so don't expect posts then.

Gender You Prefer Playing: Female. I can play males as secondary NPCs, but I prefer my lead character as female.

Favorite Genres: I love playing a little bit of everything and trying out all kinds of different genre! But my favorite usually leans towards Generic Fantasy, Space Saga Sci-fi or Modern Mystery Crime Drama.

Genre You DON'T Like: Mecha, Furry (without human characters), pure Yaoi/Yuri, Pokemon/Other battle monsters or card game bases, or roleplays based on fight scenes or battle tournaments.

Playing Style: Aggressive. I've got ideas or I can make stuff up on the spot. I WILL direct the plot and makes things happen. I play more passively in someone else's game so I don't step on any toes. I am very very flexible between passive and aggressive playing when I get comfortable with a partner!

Plot Candies: Give me a love interest and I'm yours. I don't need/want it to be the focus of the whole plot, but a love interest is pretty much a Scoobysnack for Dianas. >:] Even if it takes forever to build up to it. I love the process of building a relationship between characters. I really like there to be a good Action and Drama in the plot! Putting the characters through some massive danger and developing a story!

Character Stereotypes: The nice niave girl. The princess. "That girl who gets kidnapped." Basically, the powerless/weak one that other characters must protect and worry about. One of my favorites to play is that Mean/Bitchy/Badass/Distant character that has to learn to connect with others. I like that process. I also enjoy playing "insane" or quirky characters that seem like they're completely senile but seem to have a method or reason behind all that madness.

Character No-Gos: I really don't like to play male characters as my primary, and I try to avoid it unless I have a specific idea. Again, I don't do yaoi/yuri as my main character, animals, pokemon, robots. I prefer playing characters that don't use magic, but it's not a total no-go. I HATE HIJACKING. I don't like to do it to others, and I don't like people doing it to me. I want to play my character myself, not have someone else do it.

Random Notes: I am always willing to throw in an arsenal of NPCs or secondary characters to help fill out a storyline or plot. You can count on me to help make things happen when necessary. Just say "Diana, do this." >:] Sometimes I have issues with partners that are too passive in their playing styles and don't add anything to the scene or help progress the roleplay. I don't want to be talking to myself in a roleplay, I want to interact with characters and environments. I'll get turned off to a roleplay really quick if things get too pretentious or nit-picky about details and perfectness. I'm in it for the fun, baby. >:D

SAMPLE SCENE: From the Hunted roleplay.
I'm so glad that's over.

It had been her last day at work. She had only been working at the clothing retail store for a few months before the managers decided to close the place down. Who knew how much work was involved in packing up all that merchandise and demolishing the insides of the store? Selene had been stuck with twelve hour days for a couple weeks now, but finally she was leaving the store for the last time.

Night had already fallen, leaving a pale red haze far in the distance where the sun had set. Stars were starting to twinkle in to view and the moon was a crooked crescent in the sky. It's a shame she hadn't managed to save up enough cash to get the car she needed. Walking home after long days was rough. On the bright side, she had been staying with a very nice old couple. She would eat, sleep the weekend away and then start the slow annoying process of looking for a new job.

Or a new city to live.

Selene glanced around warily as she crossed the street and started down a sidewalk. Maybe she was just being paranoid. There was always that feeling that someone was watching. Or following. Even now as she turned around to walk backwards for a moment, there wasn't anyone there. Years after.. and she still didn't feel safe.

As she turned around, paranoia was justified! There was someone standing right there and she nearly ran in to them.

"Hello Selene."

She staggered backwards, turning on a heel in a fraction of a moment to switch direction and dart off the sidewalk to run through the grass. All the while fumbling in to her jacket for the small handgun she had hidden. She could hear the footsteps hitting fallen leaves behind her, as she turned around the corner of an empty house and squeezed between the wooden doors of the backyard fence. Once inside she slid under an overgrown bush trying to catch her breath and load bullets in to the gun.


- Moon, Blood, and Wolf's Bane: Grace, Saraliya
- Katrinka's Dating Service: Katrinka, Paris
- The Music In Me: Noriko
- CHOSEN: Jasper, Lenora
- Glowing Tree: Zahra
- To Walk Alone: Vivian
- Three Behrs: Goldi
- The Returning: Telara, Cassio
- Never Summon the Wrong Demon: Melanie
- Betrothed: Elaina
- The Strangest Thing: A Pendulous Fall: Penelope
- Nocturne Reverie: Nicole

- In The Name of Innocence: Riley
- Skindancers: Johanna
- You're the Prettiest Thing I Ever Stole: Bella
- The Switch: Patricia
- Starlet: Lia
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Kidnappable?: sure why not!
Playing Habits: eh depends on the day and what's going on in my daily life. While at school it may or may not be sporadic but I try to post when I can ^^
Gender You Prefer Playing: I've played both so either or but I do tend to lean toward females more but males are fun too
Favorite Genres: don't really have a favorite. I'll try anything once if it captures my attention
Genre You DON'T Like: eh haven't found one i've really hated or not liked..if i'm not interested i just won't join xP
Playing Style: little of both I guess
Plot Candies: excitement! I don't know haha random twists that give my character something to do and such. I don't like to start my character right int he action with everyone all the time so sometimes I end up rping by myself for a while so when something massive happens that forces everyone to interact somehow whether it's nearby or at a distance I enjoy it ^^
Character Stereotypes: Independent sarcastic woman with a hidden softer side (if anyone says tsundere I will end them!!! D:< ) or just crazy individual with some deep psychological problems
Character No-Gos: well I've played them before but the super cute extremely naive girly girl can't do anything for herself character. Though at the same time they can be sooo a musing to put in certain situations (:< (yes i'm evil)
Random Notes: I'm good at bringing in random NPC's to move plot along or get my character interacted more with the main plot/other characters. Again I don't like just plopping them in the middle of everything unless it's necessary.
Scene Sample: TBA
Iwaku Roleplays I'm In:
current rps
-Slice of Life
-Mirror of Dreams
-The House
-Chosen of Talas
previous rps/ones that might be revived
-Iron Chef
-Geth's Grimorie
-Red as Crimson
-The Valiant
-So Comes Our Retribution
-Leaving the Pack
-Insanity's Embrace
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Kidnappable?: So long as I can be distant if I need to be.
Playing Habits: Pretty much get on as much as I can, if found I'm rather impatient with other peoples posting habits - but I keep that to myself when I feel that gnawing feeling.
Gender You Prefer Playing: I think I can play either sex rather well. I favor women of late, though.
Favorite Genres: my biggest like would be fantasy. Second is Romance. If it isn't glaringly generic, I enjoy a good sci-fi as well.
Genre You DON'T Like: Yaoi/Furry and anything like these, also if it's big on modern religions. I'm not a fan of religion.
Playing Style: I'm actually rather passive poster. I tend to let other people take charge.
Plot Candies: Romance, kidnapping, swords and magic.
Character Stereotypes: Man With Tragic Past, the gritty-badass girl who stabbages people.
Character No-Gos: Gunslingers and Softies
Random Notes: STICKY SITUATIONS. and not the dirty kind.
Scene Sample: OPTIONAL. Otomo Kisei watched as a man floated unsteadily to the ground. The young student wasn't close enough to see the outcome, but he assumed that the floatation was just a figment of the distance between the two men.

Why in the hell would a man jump out of a second story window.
Kisei's family was no stranger to drama, and on that family instinct he continued on: Perhaps that woman's husband came home?

Of course, it was always in his family's best interest if he kept out of people's home life, even if a man had fallen out of a second story window. The 20 year old hadn't stepped thrice into the threshold of the alleyway when he suddenly found himself in the dust, glasses scrapping across the ground.

-Mango Drama
Iwaku Roleplays I'm In:
I was in Mango Drama, as well as Marvel Uprising. I do have a new Marvel project in the works and Fabled Fighters is something I'm in as well.
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Kidnappable?: Sure.
I am Seeking: Strictly ONEvONE for the time being.
Playing Habits: Subjective.
Gender You Prefer Playing: Male.
Favorite Genres: Medieval-Fantasy//Scifi//Modern-War//Astro-Horror//xxx
Genre You DON'T Like: Fandom//Romance
Playing Style: Balanced.
Plot Candies: Simple settings//Desert themes//Polar themes//Dark themes//Realism//Atmosphere//xxx
Character Stereotypes: Disconnected warrior out for redemption.
Character No-Gos: xxx
Random Notes: Romance, if any, must be kept subtle.
Scene Sample: xxx
Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: None
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Kidnappable?: Hehe, very kidnappable, just ask Diana! XD

Playing Habits: I'm usually available every day to post or every other day. Work or school, I love my roleplays very much. Some might say a little too much. *lol*

Gender You Prefer Playing: Both actually. If it can be helped, I often play the gender the game needs the most. For example, most RPs are filled with tons of female characters so I'd play a guy.

Favorite Genres: My favorites are fantasy, sci-fi, modern, magical, horror, romance and everything in between! I haven't played yaoi or furry or yuri yet but I'm willing to give them a try!

Genre You DON'T Like: I haven't played a genre I don't like ... at least not yet!

Playing Style: Hm. I'm more a passive player than aggressive. If I have a plot twist or something else in mind, I usually get in touch with someone else to see how we can work things out.

Plot Candies: Actually there's little that I don't love in my roleplay plots! But I do see a trend where romace tends to play a big part of it!

Character Stereotypes: Guys: The badass; the strong, silent type; the flirt; the boy next door; the anti-hero; the villian

Girls: The tomboy; the quiet nerd; the graceful lady; the anti-hero; the villian

Character No-Gos: I haven't found one yet! XD

Random Notes: I'm a sucker for the plot. If I think you have a plot where a character of mine could develop and grow, I'm all yours.

Scene Sample: A long lost excerpt for Sweet Lady!

Click! Clank! Click! Clank! Those were the sounds of a pair of boot heels as a tall, lithe figure went strolling down the corridor. Electronic doors slid open as she approached and then shut behind her exactly three point five seconds later. It was enough time to allow her to slip through without the damnable things catching a piece of her skirt or the hooded cloak she wore. Ch'roth knew what had happened to the last mechanic who had allowed the doors to close too early ...

Iwaku Roleplays I'm In:

Cheshire: (GM)
Katrinka's Dating Service: Deborah Raleigh; Malcolm Thomas
One Realm: Lyseth
Avatar TFF: Kurai
Starlet: Thomas
Second Chances: Alex
Daiki: Irene
Russian From Danger: Nicholai
Gear: Lily
Sword of Embera (Morning Star): Alax
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Sakura : <3

Kidnappable?: Yup Yup, of course :33

Playing Habits:
Mhmm... Now that I'm in a new school, and it's my junior year, I'm little busier, but I can try two or three times a week =]

Gender You Prefer Playing:
LOLI OR SPIRITED-TEEN FEMALES <3 And if I have to play a guy, I usually play the Macho-cool or Overprotective-sweet stereotype. Only because most of the guys I know are like that

Favorite Genres:
I love all the genres, but I tend to prefer FANTASY, SCI-FI (dunno how that happened -- mostly the futuristic stuff), DRAMA (:33), & MODERN (I'm a teenager! I'm a teenager!)

Genre You DON'T Like:
Meh. Well there's the occasional CREEPY ASMU-HORROR roleplays that freak me out because IMO he goes WAY OVERBOARD with the trauma stuff. >_< And, I usually avoid the over PG-13 stuff, but that's about it. =D And if its from an anime or book or something && I've never seen/read/heard about it, that might make me a little hesitant if you don't explain it well :33. Yup Yup.

Playing Style: If you have an OPEN STORYLINE, I'll be an aggressive player. If you've set out a COMPLICATED plot and are one of those Asmo/Feekun/Paochama/Roreh type roleplayers, I might squeak here and there, but stay passive because I don't wanna mess up. xD Love you too, gaiz <3 =D

Plot Candies:
I like cheesecake <3 xD I mean, cheesy romance. Like the guy loves the girl OH SO MUCH. You know, the cutesy butterflyness in most mahou-girl-animes <3 Trust & sacrifice. Betrayal & lots of drama and screaming and yelling and angsting over it. xD That's the best kind of roleplay betrayal when everyone gets to point at the character and go, I CANTBELIEVEYOUDIDTHISTOME? HOWCOULDYOU? I love crying over stories, too, so emotions are important. And heated drama. && love triangles! xD &&&crazy random stuff sometimes too because humour is humour and humour is a must. x33 And the occasional boom kaboom fighting scene is fun to type out too.... I like upbeat, fast paced moving roleplays with lots of action that makes me imagine it like a movie xD It can be a slow drama too, with that tears on the edge of your eyes suspense. =P Just touching. Like worthwhile, so you can go back and read it, take a deep breath and sigh like awe....

Character Stereotypes:
Okay. xD I got these off TV Tropes:
The Genki Girl, The Nicknamer, The Magical Girl, The Rebellious Princess, The Righteous Child, The Hypermaniac, The Crazy Little Sister, etc... Cutesy, Smart, Naive, Upbeat, & Emotional <3

Character No-Gos:
Generally, I don't mind going out of my cutesy box to play other character types, but I'll be honest. I DO have a hard time keeping up with other types of personalities after a long time. So if the story goes on for a while, my character's personality might start slipping up a little because I can't stay on track with the unfamiliar persona.
Shy/Reserved, Always-Calm, Older-Female, Always-serious >> are hard x3
Emo, Tormented, Depressed/Distressed, Mute, Psychotic, Aggressive >> I probably won't be able to manage too well.

Random Notes: Blah. I think I left enough notes all over the place. x3

Scene Sample: This is from the Darkstalkers: End Game roleplay:

Ferocious Strife

"Whatever you've been doing up till now, you've been doing WRONG." Fero spat at Rose, mildly irritated. He could see why the DNS was so bent on trying to capture her. They hated to lose. She hated to get caught. It was the perfect clash of emotions. "Don't demean me, Rose! You're running away from the truth!" Ferocious argued, grabbing another punch before shoving her to the ground roughly. He felt fire burning inside him, threatening to unleash itself on this stubborn Darkstalker, but he held it back, running a hand through his hair to calm himself down.

I can't let my emotions control me. There has to be another way. He flipped the gun out of his holster and raised it, pointing it directly at her.

"You won't fail to cooperate now, will you Rose ?




"Hey carrot-top! You leave her alone!" Aqua shouted, shaking her fist in Ferocious' direction as she ran towards their little scene, "I knew you were trouble," she hissed at him, a couple feet behind him. Her eyes shot daggers at his back. She watched and then, blinked. Did she just hear him laugh?

"I told you stay out of my way, kid."

"Don't kid me, you monster! You're no better than the rest of them, cornering her like that and manipulating her emotions! I HEARD EVERYTHING!" Aquaeous was distraught. She kept getting strange flashbacks by simply looking at this guy. She wanted to know why, but she couldn't get herself to ask. This was her way of throwing off that frustration that was building up inside her. Who was he ? Why was he having this effect on her ?

"You think you're so clever!" Aqua ran forward and lunged at him, grabbing his arm and hanging onto, kicking at his stomach in a wild rage.

[DASH="#FF0066"]Iwaku Roleplays I'm In:

Iwaku World

>Fortune's Fools:
Lilac Stern
>Shinataion: Cecilia Skye
>DarkStalkers: End Game: Aqueous & Ferocious
>Twilight 2025: Annie Lockhart
>Oni High: Lilac Pearl & Hiroshi Kasai
>Deadliest Warrior: Yuffie Kisaragi on Team Sephiroth
>Pokemon: Rise of Team Rocket: Aurelia Hikariko
>The Hunted: Elena Eldridge

-Roleplays I'm GMing:

>A Thousand Shining Stars: Night of the Masquerade
: Memoian Heir: Felicia/Aurora Lily
>Crack the Case * A Race Against Time

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Kidnappable?: Yes quite so.

Playing Habits: I'm around most of the time. If you ever need me to post just pm me about it and I'll get to it.

Gender You Prefer Playing: Male

Favorite Genres: Anything from modern supernatural to supernatural fantasy. Sci fi on occasion if I can find something that works.

Genre You DON'T Like: I really am not a fan of hardcore fantasy, plain modern, or big robot things.

Playing Style: I am the guy that likes to keep things moving by either introducing small or large plot points.

Plot Candies: I'm all about the epic fight scenes. So long as we get a good one in I'm gold. The other thing I like is real time fighting and allowing me to hijack your character well I make a fight or vice versa. I think so long as there is trust between players you can make some pretty cool fight scenes.

Character Stereotypes: I tend to play the villain a bit as I love doing evil characters. If I do a hero usually they got some interesting quirk to them whether serious or not.

Character No-Gos: I never have and never will play the dumb kid in the background that is no help at all. Neither will I play a practically useless character. It just seems to subtract from things in my opinion. (Plus I'm not that good at having the useless comic relief character.)

Random Notes: PM's are good and you should use them when you RP with me. Also keep OOC chatter in the OOC………big pet peeve of mine.

Scene Sample:

-The Beyond

'The darkness, it might consume me. Am I dead? Am I alive? My legs have gone numb, and so has my mind. Am I floating or lying down? This feeling in me, is it warmth or the cold? I can feel it, but I can not describe it. There is no light, no sound, no feeling. What distinguishes me from pure energy is erased, is this what he felt? Could I be going mad, uncontrolled, no will of my own? Or am I dead, dying, or being attacked? I would not know, and no amount of trying would see a result. Should I give up? Is there a ray of hope or is that my imagination? What do I do completely helpless like this? The feelings inside me are completely gone and with that no motivation. This world of absence has made my soul fickle and untrustworthy. Darkness, it consumes me, and with that I am neither dead nor alive. But wait, I can feel it, a slight prickling in my lower body. It is that feeling, that stinging feeling. The darkness, it does not hold me any longer. The light I can see it, the sound of air I can hear it, the ground I can feel it. The earth feels so rugged against my rough hands. I can now feel the warmth in the wind, the wind so beautiful yet an eerie hum to it. I can see, I am opening my eyes. But this is not what I expected, this was not the light that was promised, this was…darkness.'

Atoshi got up his head hung heavy as his form sat up. His eyes had shown him the world, one that he had never been to. The sky was dark, no stars and purple currents flowing around. The wind whipped around what rubble remained around him. Through smaller cavities it would give off a high pitched whistle. Standing now he looked at the large castle in front of him made of black stone. Behind him, there was a long drop, a drop to a town below full of decayed trees and the same ground he stood on. The dirt looked to be harmed, its color not a cool brown but a painful bruise color. He staggered a moment and was fully on his feet now standing up straight. "Where am I?" He asked confused. Ahead of him lay three bodies. Noticing them he quickly rushed over hoping they were still alive. He turned over the first one, it was Sartos. "What is this?" The man squinted his eyes and successfully opened them.
"At-Atoshi. I do not believe it, you…survived."
"What happened?" He asked greatly concerned for his Uncle's condition.
"I could not…do…it. He was…too…powerful." Sartos' body went limp, and slowly faded away into dust.
"Rest Uncle." Atoshi said moving onto the next person. It was Alastor, the Great Beast.
"Well…look at that. I never thought…I'd see you again."
"Alastor, what happened?" He asked direly trying to find out the cause.
"I…I saved her…for you. She is not…too badly hurt. You…should go to her."
"Just hang in there. Do not leave me." He tried to give as response but his body just gave out. He was sleeping and barely alive. Atoshi moved onto the final person who lay there.
"Hi…Atoshi. It has been…a real long time." Her voice was familiar, and her face was too.
"Yes, it has been ten years, Nomia. How did you end up like this?"
"We…fought Shinigami after…learning he had taken over Reaper's realm. I found myself…in the village below. When he came back…the three of us fought him. We stood no chance. He eliminated…us all with one…attack." Her voice was getting softer and softer. "I will…be alright. What about…the rest?" She said through deep breaths. He shook his head as he thought about Sartos.
"My Uncle, is gone. Alastor, he is still alive."
"I…I am sorry."
"Do not be. Get some rest." She nodded and rested against the ground. Atoshi turned his attention to the castle sitting on top of the floating island.
"SHINIGAMI!!!" His voice echoed over the empty expanse. Chatter below on the street rose to a clamor as several hundred people got out of their house to look up into the sky. There was large manifestation of energy at the top above the castle. It soon formed Shinigami and he looked several times more powerful. His aura was actually flowing out of him.
"Surprise surprise, my catalyst seems to make it through unharmed. I should be upset but I must say it is satisfying to see you again."
"Do not talk of me as if I am your pawn! I said we will finish it and now I have my chance."
"Poor poor boy, I am sorry to say but your time is up. Not only do I have full access to my power now but your Arlon energy is about to destroy you from within. Nothing you can do now will help a damn thing."
"That does not matter! I will use my feelings and focus them on you!" His power multiplied as he took off into the air, his wings extended. His chakrams were unhooked in mid flight as he went up against Shinigami. The sparks flew as their weapons clashed together.
"Unfortunately for you I can do more than just disruption now." He said through clenched teeth. A wave of energy swooped around Atoshi's side and sent him into the ground of the floating island. It felt as if a hand was holding him down. "You see, I told you that my power was no match for you." His gloating was short lived as the Arlon energy made Atoshi's body shine a golden orange. From this he used it to make a small crack in the middle of the stream holding him down. The crack started to claw its way all the way up the arm of the stream and straight into Shinigami. Once it hit its target there was a large explosion. The malevolent being slid to a stop in the air as the vampire took to the skies once more.
"Very good, but I still-" Shinigami was interrupted with a punch to the face that sent him downward. He once again stopped himself in the air. "So ru-" He was punched again.
"Shut the hell up and fight!" He turned his face back to his assaulter; the blood on his face was dripping down his chin.
"Fine." He readied his sword and took a swing at his opponent. The sword met with the chakrams once more. It was another case of sparks but the weapons he carried glowed the same color his body did. The sword had finally been shattered, sending a shockwave into the castle. The rubble was shot all over the island, to Atoshi's surprise Alastor had recovered enough to help Nina off the island before the structure collapsed. Taking the chance Atoshi turned berserker endlessly hitting his target. Shinigami had no choice but to dodge the attacks. First a vertical swing by both weapons, then a diagonal. Finally he wrapped up with a disruption field. It blocked Atoshi's attack long enough for him to make another attack. The aura streams were adjusted so a piercing spike was smashed into the orange aura around his chest. The spike drilled Atoshi further away until he finally stopped the power. "This, this is wrong. Why and how can you do that? Nobody ever takes a direct hit without suffering damage."
"My friends give me strength and I give them hope." Atoshi punched Shinigami straight in the face again sending him through the island breaking the magic holding it up. The rocks started to fall to the ground. Using his quick speed and agility Atoshi managed to get down to the crater Shinigami landed in. He picked him up by the collar and chucked him in the air. "DARK IMPULSE!" A shockwave of blackened energy shot upward in a dome shape. The large pieces of the island were shattered into nothing but dust, the rubble of the castle suffered much the same fate. Shini tried to block it using another aura stream. It stopped the attack in its track near the center but the rest kept going making a depression in the middle of the visible edge of the wave. He hung there for a good ten seconds before he managed to burst through the wave. Before he could react, the vampire was already attacking him again. This time the hits connected, several cuts on Shinigami's arm were visible and the pain reflected on his face. The horizontal and vertical slashes stopped as he pulled back on his right chakram and thrust it forward straight into the entity's chest. The spikes on the end of the blade dug in deep and the force of the punch rocketed him right off of them. As he launched blood sprayed in the air. Coming to a stop a good thirty meters away Shinigami was now breathing heavily and blood stained his clothing.
"Such…power. You will receive my full potential." Shinigami closed his eyes as he focused. Atoshi tried to charge at him but was stopped mid way by a wall of power. Once his enemy opened his eyes he extended his arm as if to grab a toy. The aura was shaped to his will and grabbed hold of the helpless bat. He then closed his hand and squeezed so hard his arm shook. With the conflicting auras several sparks shot out as Atoshi screamed from the pain. His body was being crushed; his bones could be heard cracking. As soon as it was no longer amusing Shinigami threw his victim to the ground laughing. "Ah ha ha ha ha! Can you take on what my true power is?" His answer was simple, bursting through the dust cloud he was in, the fast object made his strike. His objective was to run straight into the sphere of power Shinigami had around him. He made it a good few feet in before he was stopped. "Bad idea." The sphere allowed Atoshi in but gripped him like before. Inside the winds kicked up and the aura was used like thousands of tiny razor blades. His skin was being cut up, every part of him started to form wounds. Shinigami then took his still prey and began performing advanced martial arts moves in mid air. The aura once again reflected him and large bone shattering blows were made. An uppercut, then a kick to the side, followed by several small kicks straight to the chest, and finally his leg came to a rest. He raised his arms and started punching Atoshi in the face. He could not move his body and the aura started to dissipate. "Final blow, multi crusher!" Shinigami prepared himself for his technique. He began to punch his victim with thousands of punches per second. Next there was a heavy punch sending him to the earth. Extending his arms above his head, the aura shaped into thousands of hands that followed after the target. Atoshi did not even have a chance to rest after he hit the ground. A second later the hands made it to him and started to pummel him even further into a rock coffin. Half of the village below was destroyed after the attack stopped. Now with time to think Shinigami rubbed a bit of blood off of his face onto his fingers. Looking at it he smiled. "Pitiful." His smile turned into a frown as he saw the blood in his hand turn silver. "So you are still alive!" He shouted below to the dust now clearing.
"Yes…and with the power of the vampires, I shall destroy you!" The blood from below shot up into thousands of sharp tendrils. It confronted the orb Shinigami had around him. From the opposite end the hands came out and grabbed hold of the silver pillars. As they passed by they smashed through each one shattering it into thousands of tiny crystals.
"You serve no threat!" The crystals falling were then turned into a weapon. Each of them went for the sphere again in a futile attempt. They were nearly shattered into nothing as they confronted the awesome power above. Atoshi could not stand any longer and he fell to the ground.

'This is it, the darkness. It has consumed me and consumed the rest. The numbing feeling comes back, the sounds start to disappear, and the ray of light lost. I could not help anyone, and I could not help myself. My power is no match for his and no use to others. I tried my best and even that was not enough for the likes of him. Perhaps he truly is invincible. Wait, an orange glow? Arlon, you trusted me, you trusted my friends. Our power is what will defeat him and save the world. That is right; we have the ability to do this. The light at the end of the tunnel…it is a brilliant golden orange.'

"Hmm? You still have not died?" Shinigami asked seeing that Atoshi was now standing again.
"We will not let them down! You will die here SHINIGAMI!" His power was doubled, tripled, quadrupled. The Arlon energy mixed in with the blood lust technique giving the silver the same orange glow. The pillars were formed once again and went straight for his foe. Aura hands were once again en route to block the pillars. As they edged closer the curiosity welled. Finally the first hand met the first tendril. There was a bit of a struggle but the hand was shattered away. The same was true with the other hands. The next objective was breaking through the sphere. It pierced the bottom like as easy as a poker through water. The attack had found its way through and to Shinigami. The first few popped through his heart, his shoulders, his arms, and his legs. Then several more came through piercing him even more. His eyes were filled with shock and awe. The blood seeped down the crystallized blood and was soon evaporated by the glowing orange aura. "Now let me show you the one attack I learned from one of my elders." His eyes flashed and his power shot out in a shockwave. Following this wave of energy the blood started to shoot out spikes just like Kington's. The blood had had time to work through Shinigami's body and several of the spikes shot out from under his skin. His breathing became extremely unsteady and he started to choke.
"The…love. I…see…it." Not able to hold the attack out any longer Atoshi retracted the spikes letting his enemy's body hang there. He began to shake vigorously and started to scream. As he went on the scream got louder, his body started to glow. One could see his body start to shatter extra pieces of himself. The ghostly image of Derfless and Exodus bled away into nothing. His soul was next as it dissolved his body no longer could hold itself together. The light intensified as the form began to melt into the seven orbs. They spun around as if part of a great machine. Lightning bolts were tossed every which way, as the orbs started to slow. One by one they each shattered until one was left. The final one was destroyed as the circling stopped. A large explosion of energy was forced outward and the sky began to clear. The purple aura was dissipating and the blackness replaced with a blue hue. The trees below began to grow with life and there was a horizon to be seen, a mountainous one at that. Atoshi now stood in the crater as both Alastor and Nomia rushed to his aid.
"Atoshi I thought I'd never see you again, I thought I-" She was stopped before she could go any further. The white beast had grabbed hold of her. Turning around she looked for a reason why she was stopped. The only reply given was Alastor's head shaking back and forth.
"He is right…I am not bound for this world…for long." He said his body already fading away. "I always…loved you Nomia." His body then fully faded as he returned to the sunlit realm from which he first came from.


He faded back into the harbor where Reaper had been waiting. He had known all along he would triumph against Shinigami. "You have defeated him I assume." He paused for a moment looking at Atoshi and his wounds. "And you had a fight for the ages. I am afraid, you will not survive long and your soul will most likely not find rest here."
"I never…intended that Reaper. Take me to the exit please." The cloaked figure nodded and guided Atoshi out to the gate.

-Underworld, The Gate

[ame=""]YouTube- Darker Than Black OST - Tentai Kansoku[/ame]

It was dark out, and early in the morning. Atoshi stepped through the door quietly not waking anyone who had been waiting. They were all asleep in their sleeping bags that they were given. Atoshi walked away from the gate and to the top of one of the edges of the mountain. From it he could see of in the distance Jackal's Castle. He held his right arm close to his chest as he let the wind blow by him. "So you did it." A voice came from behind. He was shocked that someone was still awake so he quickly turned around to see who it was.
"Oh, Ados."
"You suffered some heavy damage. Looks nearly irreversible."
"It is irreversible. I lost nearly all my power, and my life."
"And you are doing the only thing that will keep your soul in this world." Ados said approaching Atoshi. He stood right next to him and looked at his right hand which clutched a sapphire colored orb. "You know it will only spark controversy again."
"Have you not learned a thing? I am no hero." He chuckled to himself a bit.
"You know, legend says these mountains glow a nice dark blue hue at night after the door was opened to the realm of Eternity." Ados mentioned as the moon came out from behind a cloud. The light from it lit up the mountains as well as the orb in Atoshi's hand.
"Can you give this to my son and Hishin? Not only will it be a priceless heirloom, but it will be my will."
"Of course my friend. I will stay here and honor your death, as any good Hymn ruler would do."
"Thank you." Atoshi said staring at the moonlight. It was not long before his skin started to turn a grey ash color. His body began to dissolve and as it did the glowing light from the mountains faded almost as if they were being pulled into the legendary vampire's orb. The wind kicked up again blowing the dust away leaving just his dark blue cloak and sapphire orb. Gathering his things up Ados prepared to meet the others at the camp.

'I did it, and the light is forever secure. The orange glow has been replaced with a peaceful blue. I can release that feeling, I can no longer see, can no longer hear, and no longer feel. Unlike the darkness, this feeling brings me joy and relaxation beyond that which I have ever felt before. This is eternity, this is what legends feel like, what they do. I may not be able to hear you anymore, I may not be able to see you anymore, and although I can't see your love it rests with me for eternity.'

Iwaku Roleplays I'm In:

  • Fantasy: I Can't See Your Love Revelation of Sins
  • Fantasy: Broken Dreams
  • Sci Fi: Dark-Stalkers End Game
  • Sci Fi: The Staff
  • Sci Fi: Red as Crimson
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Kidnappable: Yeah I am

Playing Habits: I usually post when I can; I have school so I have to take priority in that more than Iwaku first.

Gender I prefer: I like to play as both

Favorite Genres: Well I like to Roleplay under fantasy

Genre I don't like: Well I don't care too much for romance at all

Playing style: I'm more towards passive than anything.

Plot candies: Well I like it more with past action like swords armor and magic. Guns are optional I mean they have the technology in the past enough to make guns and gun powder.

Character stereotype: Well I like to play as people who have sometimes a tragic past most of the times.

Character no-Gos: Well I don't like to play as romantic people just not my type right now.

Random notes: Well I should add that I like to play as wolves, humans if it is required

Role Plays I'm in: NOTHING
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Kidnappable?: Sure Go ahead
Playing Habits: My Frequency on this site is chaotic at bestGender You Prefer Playing: Male, very rarely will I play a female.
Favorite Genres: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Modern Fantasy.
Genre You DON'T Like: A deep introspective and discussion of the main characters desires and emotions
Playing Style: Either or, depends on the cahracter
Plot Candies: Betrayal, Massive plot twists, Re drawing of the battle lines so to speak.
Character Stereotypes: The Warrior, The Priest
Character No-Gos: The Fairy, The Pacifist (which i will often refer to as the same thing)
Random Notes: If It move's I'll probably try to kill it. more than once.
Scene Sample:
I feel I must explain this odd trend of mine, often the most awesome character that, in my opinion at least, I've created I have frequently been unable to name, and so a friend of mine has always, for expediency reasons named them after me, this is one such character, an alcoholic, womanizer, brigand, and one of the most powerful pyromancers to walk the earth.

Steve stood there, his back to the bar, as three brutish looking thugs stared at him, intent on easy prey. Such was not the case, the fools had no idea what they stood against.

He was a slender man, and tall, his physique obscured by heavy red robes. an almost stereotypical red mage's hat rested on his charcoal hair, his matching beard went past his collar and a pair of Orange eyes smoldered from beneath the brim of his hat.

at the instant the thugs charged two were immediately reduced to ash and the third hurled back with tremendous force, 3rd degree burs covered the majority of his body. More thugs charged in, some from outside the bar, some from within. All suffered the same consequence, Immolation, burnt bodies were hurled into tables, chairs, through windows, and one even found himself hainging from the chandelier. The mage then walked out of the bar after paying his tab, and reparations for damaged furniture he then flipped a gold coin into the blouse of the rather chesty barmaid and winked at her before walking out into the night air. his body seemed to fade into smoke as the guards arrived to investigate the scene.
Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: Dark Heresy: The White Chamber
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Kidnappable?: Yes, I am kidnappable. ^_^
Playing Habits: I can almost assure you I can post at least once a week, unless my work schedule just completely sucks. I'll warn you beforehand if I won't be able to post.
Gender You Prefer Playing: Female
Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Scifi
Genre You DON'T Like: Modern?((Usually))
Playing Style: A bit of both, I suppose.
Plot Candies: A really BAD bad guy. Mindfuck is always great, IF they can back it up. I also like to see more personal relationships in an RP.
Character Stereotypes: Sweet girl, the young shy character, the sisterly type.
Character No-Gos: Uhm...the smart, scientific people.
Random Notes: Nothing comes to mind at the moment...
Scene Sample: I let my posts speak for me. ^^;
Iwaku Roleplays I'm In:
Darkstalkers: Endgame- Rose
(Starting soon) Elfen Lied- Chi
Infinity Labs- 4
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Kidnappable?: Yes
Playing Habits: I have a reputation as an unreliable poster who has a tendancy to up and vanish. But I'm working on it.
Gender You Prefer Playing: Male. I can't do reliable women, and if I tried, they'd probably turn out like Revy from Black Lagoon, or the Major from Ghost in the Shell.
Favorite Genres: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Mecha, Magic anything
Genre You DON'T Like: Romance, Magical Girl, Yaoi, Furry, Vampires (ala Twilight, I'll do some World of Darkness Vampire Hunting, though).
Playing Style: I'm a switch (haha), but I lean towards Aggressive.
Plot Candies: Guns, mecha, swords.
Character Stereotypes: "The Super Bum." A tough-guy with a devil may care attitude, who knows how to kick ass and sits back and chills in the face of danger. Ex: Roy Fokker (Macross), Kou Hiko (Houshin Engi), Gourry Gabriev (Slayers), Ken (Street Fighter II), Han Solo (Star Wars), Sanosuke (Rurouni Kenshin), and Dante (Devil May Cry). I think you get the idea-- the "relaxed, tough-guy/scoundrel."
Character No-Gos: Wussy-boys. The Ikari Shinji-type. The "has no testicular fortitude to face what needs to be done" type. That sort.
Random Notes: OO-rah!
Scene Sample:

Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: Dark Heresy: White Chamber, Iwaku World, Shintaion, Oriental Adventures, Spellbound Glory, Ruin of the Bloodmoon
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Kidnappable?: Mostly, yes.

Playing Habits: I believe I can check in with this place everyday and may be able to make a post a day.

Gender You Prefer Playing: Male

Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern, Magical, Horror, Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic, Urban-Fantasy, new to Space Pirates, maybe some kind of heist stuff.

Genre You DON'T Like: Not good at romantic stuff.

Playing Style: Mostly passive

Plot Candies: Comedy makes me laugh. Adventure is what I'm looking for. I like the idea of forcing unlikely or diverse kinds of characters to have an adventure together. Randomly started things are great. Warped worlds.

Character Stereotypes: Depends on my mood. Lately I've been in a Man With A Tragic Past vibe. Mostly though: man of few words. Basic super powers that I like to use are super strength and emotionaly triggered catastrophicness. Still trying to find what works best for me. I like to play crazy guys sometimes.

Character No-Gos: Don't do gays

Random Notes: A lot of times I am not decisive so I may be more comfortable throwing characters together and deciding finer detail as we progress . Not skilled at keeping role plays afloat. Emotion is good. I am willing to sacrifice my character if it will be able to sustain the game, and I'm a rookie.

Scene Sample: Guy walks into a bar. Guy says "Ow." Man watching Guy says "Why'd you do that?" Man says "Because I'm in a joke." Man watching says "That sucks." Guy says "Yeah it does." THE END.
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Kidnappable?: Mostly yes. I would have to see the plot first before deciding.
Playing Habits: During the summer months, I tend to be more active and can post anywhere from three times a week to once a day. However, I cannot guarantee more than one or two posts a week during the school year.
Gender I Prefer Playing: Female. I'm willing to NPC males, but I don't like being a male character as my main.
Favorite Genres: Fantasy, mystery, suspense, slice-of-life/realistic.
Genres I DON'T Like: Mature roleplays and excessively gory role plays.
Playing Style: Mostly passive except for when I'm the owner of the RP. I may do a few things here and there, but don't expect my characters to do something that'll make a plot twist without me consulting the GM or other players who are more involved in the plot.
Plot Candies: Boarding-Schools, Old mansions, Magic, and Music/Dancing/Clubs, just to name a few.
Character Types I Typically Play: The misunderstood pretty girl, the snoody girl forced to get dirty, the mentally-challenged girl who just wants to help, the introverted day-dreamer who keeps her opinions to herself, and the pretty girl that secretly does very bad things when nobody's looking.
Character No-Gos: I won't play as characters that are loud and bold, bad-ass gunslingers, narcissistic super-villains, or a prostitute.
Random Notes: I can sometimes have activity slumps and then suddenly become active again.
As of the eleventh of November, 2010, I am trying to become more active again. School's been kickin' me in the butt but I think I can manage to post during the weekends.
Scene Sample:
From Kazeyama:
And so Amelia's eyes continued to drift along. She was pretty zoned out until Aisha appeared. There's something, I don't know what, I just don't like it, Amelia referred to Aisha as she placed her hands on her hips and smiled. What is she trying to be? A temptress? Amelia wondered as the clumsy girl's sister began to speak to the group gathered near Kenta.

"hey guys, how was lunch?" Aisha asked the others.

Amelia made brief eye contact with the girl. Honestly, her blue eyes could've been stating anything, but what she had meant to give was a questioning look. Was there really any point to that question? I mean, I guess it's a social obligation, but . . . what's the point? Amelia thought as her eyes drifted off into more pondering thought. Eventually, her mind returned back to reality as she noticed in the distance the clumsy girl and the very tall boy. Hm? Amelia thought as she looked at the two. I would say something, but it would come out as mean. She needs to calm down.

Iwaku Roleplays I'm In:

Iwaku World RP
---To be started---
Oni High
Desiderata: Resurrection
--Was In--
Shintaion: Resistance
Kazeyama: Haunted Memories
Tokyo Nights
Summer's Dream
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Kidnappable?: If you think I might enjoy your game, sure, why the hell not.
Playing Habits: There's numerous factors. Such as when my muse is actually being reasonable or when she's off sulking in a bar, or if I have a shit-ton of deadlines looming. Or if I'm drinking a lot.
Gender You Prefer Playing: Dudes.
Favorite Genres: Horror (In all it's varieties), Sci-Fi, Dark Fantasy, Cyberpunk (hell, -punks in all their forms are awesome), Modern with Supernatural/Fantasy twists
Genre You DON'T Like: High Fantasy, Excessively Optimistic and Cheery stuff (general Grumpy rule; NEEDS MOAR GRIM-DARK), and stay the fuck away from me with any furry stuff; that's really not my thing.
Playing Style: Generally, I'm happy to let the plot of a story unfold if it has one. I'm not one for pulling game-breaker shit on people, either, so if I do go aggro I'll let you know first and square any plans I may have with you.
Plot Candies: Gritty settings, cyberpunk (or any other -punks, that said), atmospheric horror settings, Cthulhu Mythos-related games
Character Stereotypes: They will monologue. Without fail. If you don't like it, I recommend not inviting me, because it's just how I prefer to write. Aside from this, my characters tend to be villains with a human streak, substance-abusers, Rorschach-esque anti-heroes, grim bastards and the occassional serial killer should the mood take me. Not to say that I can't do anything else, however. I love a challenge.
Character No-Gos: Happy, bubbly, over-cheery characters, characters who's immediate reaction to seeing scary shit is to curl up in a corner/cupboard/ball and scream, and villains who are villainous for no bloody good reason.
Random Notes: I've not got a problem with making a post particularly unpleasent, gritty or gruesome should the story call for it. If you do, let me know.
Scene Sample: An Excerpt From IWAKU WORLD
Character: Grant Page
Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, that's all. Quickly, though; I don't fancy getting caught by the guys chasing me.

Turn. Spit blood. Stagger a little. Keep moving.

Just gotta keep moving. Nothing to it.

Charge up stairs, down hallways. I barely notice my surroundings; the pain's kinda obscuring it all. The cracked ribs grate, which is really, really not good. I shouldn't be straining my body in such a ridiculous manner, but I'll be damned if my last act is to get killed running away from a bunch of fucking nutters through a castle.

Spit blood again, cough uncontrollably, continue forcing legs forward.

I'm not dying here, not now. I've got a job to do, after all, and I'll see to it that it's done.

Might wanna get my ribs fixed first, though.

Great, Grant, well done. Joking to yourself will totally help the situation.

Shoulder my way through doors, continue running. My pace is beginning to slip; I can only force my body to do so much. The voices behind me are growing steadily louder, closer. At least these guys don't have guns; I'd be fucked if they had guns.

Burst onto the roof, head straight for the remaining transport ship. No sign of Uriel or Sakura, which is really very not good. A few of the remaining Shapeshifters guard the ship, looking at me with fear and confusion in their eyes. Around us, the town is ripped apart; nothing's gonna survive in this place for much longer.
"You okay, Doc?" one of the Shapeshifters asks as I lean against the side of the ship, breathing heavily.
"I'll live," I reply quickly, "Now get your guns on that doorway; they're coming."
"No need," the leader of the group states, "We're about to take off--"
"Not a fuckin' chance," I interrupt, "There's still people on the way, and we ain't leaving them to die. We hold 'till the last minute."
"You're not the one in charge, Doctor. Now get in the transport--"

Snarling, barely able to see from the pain, I manage to dart forwards and jam the barrel of my handgun into the man's mouth.
"Don't tell me what to do, you little shit-poke. I said we hold. 'Till. The. Last. Fucking. Minute." I look over at the Shapeshifters, who are all half-beginning to aim their weapons at me. "Don't point those fuckin' things at me, you idiots! Get them on the door! There's survivors on the way, and we're waiting for them!" The 'Shifters exchange looks, and with a sigh, level their weapons at the door I came through.

Who says I don't have very good people skills?
Iwaku Roleplays I'm In:
- Iwaku: Dark Reign
- Crystalis
- Hesperos
- Silent Hill: SALVATION
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Kidnappable?: Sure! Feel free to message me any time, and I'll have a think about whether and how I can contribute to your RP.
Playing Habits: This is my main limitation; due to long work hours and other responsibilities, I might not be available for more than one or two RPs at a time, for a few hours a week. I'll probably be checking the board every couple of days or so as opposed to daily/multiple times a day, unless I'm on vacation or it's a weekend.
Gender You Prefer Playing: Mostly male, I think.
Favorite Genres: Fantasy, sci-fi. Things with a romantic flavor are cool, but not a purely romantic emphasis. Open to anthro themes when it's not the main focus and not expressed in an obsessive manner.
Genre You DON'T Like: Not too interested in the horror genre, or in modern settings for now.
Playing Style: As a relative newb to RP, I'll probably take a passive approach for the time being. Please provide guidance, constructive criticism and assistance whenever and wherever you see fit! I crave it!
Plot Candies: I enjoy a certain epic quality to RP - saving the world one post at a time. Progress towards a goal, yeah? Imperfect characters with significant flaws are a plus. I like there to be challenging obstacles in the way of advancement. Guidance and unifying vision from the GM or other leading characters, as opposed to a chaotic free for all.
Character Stereotypes: Quiet, thoughtful types. And guys that like guys, in one way or another. But I'm trying to branch out and diversify from these. Also, more generically, I think my characters tend towards the "lawful" side of things--they like playing within the bounds of whatever the current world-system is, and don't cause trouble or rabble-rouse. And they may in fact be the type to resist change, for better or for worse.
Character No-Gos: Magical angel girls? I dunno, lots of things. I stay away from playing very feminine characters, I think. I don't do hyperactive, zany, boisterous types that often, either. Also, I tend to play either good-aligned or perhaps neutral/self-serving characters. Pure, unmitigated evil just isn't in my system. And I lash out at the sight of chaos and destabilizing influences in life, being drawn to peace and order of one kind or another... though I may give such concepts (
destruction, chaos, decay, evil) a shot sometime.
Random Notes: I am nice! I will try my best to fit in and contribute to the story in a constructive, yet non-obtrusive way!
Oh, and an important disclaimer--I have a bad habit of obsessively poring over each sentence I write, editing and re-editing over and over, sometimes adding detail and tightening sentence structure, but at the expense of actually adding any more action or plot development. Don't be surprised if pretty much all of my posts have edit marks at the bottom, as I come back to them, add to them and tweak them day after day. That is to say, my posts probably tend to be less numerous than other peoples', and a bit shorter than average, but denser in content matter and writing style. I have a tendency to use long sentences and unnecessarily big words, habits which I am working to ameliorate. This is just my style.
Scene Sample: I'll have to come back to this... maybe drop something in once I've posted in some RP threads.
Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: Just joined Pantheon - Prometheus' Will, and can't wait for it to get started.
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Kidnappable?: I'm always available for some writing shenanigans!
Playing Habits: I can always get a post once a week if not more.
Gender You Prefer Playing: I tend to stick with male characters. I can't write women to save my life.
Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern, and just about anything else so long as it's not that mushy anime love crap.
Genre You DON'T Like: Mushy anime love crap as mentioned above.
Playing Style:
Plot Candies: Romance, action, regret, just about anything tickles my fancy... except that mushy anime love crap. >: (
Character Stereotypes: The man with a tragic past, and is running from dealing with it, the man with power, but has no real regard for it's use, or idea for how to truly control it, the man who doesn't give a damn about anything other than his needs, desires, or loved ones, and the cliche suspicious enigmatic man. I do however have other talents.
Character No-Gos: I don't really have one that I won't do... unless it ties in with that mushy anime love crap. FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU
Random Notes: I have a tendancy to take cliche characters, and give them an odd twist. Like a completely controdicting twist.
Scene Sample:

Seeing the Mage call to life a spell of great power, Zagara regained his senses, and saw the immediate danger that flew in a flock towards him. The spell he should have casted failed to be called to his mind, and his mind, and arms worked with instinct. Slowly he circled his arms in wide paths. The air around him lit ablaze, and sucked the oxygen from the air around him leaving it blurry. The hall cracked with raw magic as it seemed to pour straight into Zagara setting his eyes aflame. Their light radiated inside the hall for a moment blinding the occupants...


Zagara screamed hauntingly, and then slammed his palms together creating a spark of fire. The spark ignited on the oxygen, and spiraled forward into the flaming projectiles burning their fire with more fire. The vortex of flame seemed a being of absolute rage as it pulverized the eagles into ash, and continued forward.

[size=+2]"MAGI!"[/size] Zagara yelled once more, and pushed his hands forward adding to the speed, and power of his spell. As the spiraling beam of flame neared Steve he could see faces moving in between it. Five faces... a young human woman, an elf male, two small human girls, and an elderly looking human man. Their mouths opened in a hungered expression as they neared, and then....

The force slammed into Steve's chest lifting him up off his feet, and carried him into the air towards the wall. The force of the man being slammed into the rock was deafening, and left the Hall's occupants blinded by dust as the man disappeared from their sight leaving only an open hole with the view of the skies beyond the continents edge where the castle was perched.

Amidst the settling dust, Zagara had collapsed to the ground in a wheezing mess. He struggled to catch his breath, and his body wracked with coughing fits whenever he did catch his breath.
Iwaku Roleplays I'm In:
This One Realm
Katrinka's Dating Service
Blood, Moon, and Wolf's Bane
Kazeyama High School
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