Roleplay Petpeeves

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  1. Pardon if there was one of these in the past or existin', but hey.

    What are some of your Roleplay Petpeeves?

    Mine are when people who are in a roleplay with you. That one person replies with one word or one line and posts a giant image in the said post.

    Another is when people create a million accounts of different muses or to hog characters for themselves. Not on here. I experienced that through Facebook and AniRP.

    My most irksome one is when you have a troublesome person who causes unwanted drama and decides to masquerade as their parent or sibling and say that the said person did nothing wrong. Witnessed that on a small RP site long ago.
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  2. I hate when people mix up me and my characters. o__o What my character says, thinks, feels, does, etc is NOT the same as what I say, think, feel, do, and so on. It's really frustrating for me when a player tries to correct MY knowledge about something, just because my character is getting something wrong. Or when a player thinks I hate them just because my character is a bitch to theirs. It's not the same!

    Along that same vein: There is always going to be us putting a little bit of ourselves in to our characters, but I think some people take that too far. And I find that REALLY awkward, especially since I am a romance roleplayer. I don't want to play sexy-romance roleplays with a character who is the avatar of a real life person/the player. I am an immersive player and like to get in to my character's shoes and feelings, but not THAT far. O_O
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  3. Oh man. I had people do the first part allot when I RPed Dante. I got sick of it and hence why I changed the character.

    I have encountered the whole "Y U HATE ME?!!?!?!!!" thing as well. I had a character who didn't like this person's character, because they found them irritating as hell. They threw a hissy fit about it.

    Another peeve I have is when people RP canons and don't know them well. It's why I chose a character from a lesser known game.
  4. Right this one always gets me - When I'm attempting to plot out a Roleplay with someone, I always ask like "Do you prefer MxM or FxF or?" or "Do you have any limits/triggers?" Because, y'know, it's a double effort and I want my partner to enjoy it too! It's when they say "Oh, I don't mind." Then it turns out they actually mind? Why just not say? oAo. It happened once when I asked what gender they wanted to play, and they said they didn't mind so I suggested playing FxF, then they said they'd prefer it if I play a male. So okay, then I was like MxM? And they said "Oh I was hoping to play a girl."


    Son, you just have to tell me your preferences, since I tell you mine!


    Another peeve of mine is characters with a overly tragic past which is obviously there to get sympathy points. Tragic pasts, when written well, are totally cool! They add depth to your character. But, acting like its the "Saddest character competition 2k15" is just irritating. It's not a competition. ¬ A ¬


    I feel this. I love playing villainous characters, and people manage to think I'm some evil overlord IRL. I promise I'm not that bad! o-o
  5. Roleplay pet peeves? Hm, controlling my character without permission, one liners, lots of fluff, characters with seemingly no flaws whatsoever, no character development, bad grammar and spelling, and playing the same character over and over again, not having a varied character repertoire. What really irks me about the latter is that sometimes people will make their characters "adaptably available" and for me, that's impossible to do without altering them significantly to fit a setting and/or genre of the story. I also dislike those ooc posts, and when people aren't active through PMs, leaving me to wonder if they're still interested or not. I also dislike god modding and fights that don't come to a conclusion because people are stubborn.
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  6. I gotta agree a bit with this. I rp mostly in libertine and adore smutty stories :3 But ALWAYS make sure to have a disconnect between me and my characters, I never AM my character or flirt with my partner. I might start making sex jokes once someone gets to know me but thats what I do in real life too. I've seen a few rp requests and a few rpers...who genuinely freak me out...and I'm the guy who's willing to write a serial killer for a smut rp if the plot is good enough.
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  7. I hate when I'm trying to hint at something with my character for another person in the roleplay to say something about it or bring it up, only for them to proceed off in their own little world despite me waving all the flags that say "HEY THIS DETAIL IS SOMETHING I WANNA TALK ABOUT!"

    If I point out the specific details of something while my character is interacting with another character, it's almost always a clue on what I'd like the next post (or several posts) to talk about. Like if I describe my character's odd fascination with an object in her hands while responding only absent-mindedly to the people talking to her... ask her about the thing she's holding. She's clearly fascinated by it.

    People who just ignore it and move on talking about whatever they want to make me wonder if they're roleplaying by themselves! >:[
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  8. Hmm, it's annoying when I spend a while working on my post and it's clearly evident by the person's response that they skimmed it. I know I'm boring and sometimes long-winded, but please make some sort of effort...I can guarantee it took me longer to write/edit that post than it'll take you to read it...

    Oh, or when people try to back me into a corner to make my character behave how they want them to. Whenever there's been an element of romance in a roleplay this always happens to me; something along the lines of "____ should [insert dialogue or action]".
    Well, yes, but ____ wouldn't do that. It's not who they are. Back off ._.
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  9. A lot of my pet peeves are OOC at the moment. One's mainly just me being paranoid of losing good writers like, OMG they haven't messaged me in two days and they've been on and posted somewhere else, did they not like something I wrote? Did they lose interest? Did I make things horrible? Come back! *wails* Then a day later they post and everything is right with the world. That's a petpeeve at myself and my worries, or possibly lack of back and forth OOC communication when there's a lull in IC posting.

    The other is when I see a lovely long ass interest check expressly saying plotting is important and think ooh fancy and then put forth the effort to give them back a long ass yes, I'm interested, I have ideas, I'd like to talk, give them questions, get the ball rolling and all I get is one sentence of "Hey, yeah, I'm interested what do you want to do?" Like, dude, I just told you. If you can't read two paragraphs of plot pertinent fodder and respond in kind with answers to my questions, this is not going to be a collaboration. It's disappointing...
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  10. Another are the people who claim to be great writers ans say that they have Roleplayed for years or can dish out a ton of paragraphs. When they give you a roleplay, it's pretty half assed. Another was when someone bitched at me for my OOC marks. I use |ϟ| on the laptop and |¥| when on mobile. Someone said this to me.

    "Why are you using that? Every RPer uses (())! ARE YOU NEW?!"
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  11. One thing I really hate that seems to be more and more common for me now is plots that are going no where. They have a strong start, but about 30 or 40 posts in, the story is going no where. Or occasionally when I indulge myself in a libertine roleplay is when our characters first start having sex, it's like nothing else really happens from that point on is just meaningless buffer time between times that they have sex. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with sex in my roleplay(obviously) but I hate when that just becomes the focus from that point on.

    Another thing that I don't like is something that's already been mentioned. It's when a partner goes a long time without replying, but obviously they're on and replying to other things. So at that point, I usually start freaking out mentally. But generally, it's just that my partner didn't get a notification, or they just completely forgot to reply.

    My final thing that I hate is when my partners disappear for long times without even saying anything. I have a partner that hasn't been on in a month, which really sucks, because I actually had a good roleplay going on with them. While I've always been one to promote RL over RP, I just wish that there would be some sort of warning or heads up that they would disappear. Though I try not to look too much into it, because it's likely that they're not just ignoring coming on. But anyway, those are my peeves.
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  12. I been called "illiterate" by a person who lacked common sense and a brain. I asked them why they said I was. Want to know what they said?

    "You spell color as colour! That's wrong!"

    I know and learned British English!
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  13. Do people who don't understand what the generalization of advanced posting expectations count as a pet peeve?
  14. Players who spend most of the roleplay with their character either not interacting with anyone or just going along with everything else in such a basic way that they don't contribute anything to the story or provide anything to react to, and then they complain that they're being ignored and/or that they have nothing to do.

    Yeah, as GM, it's kind of my job to promote interactivity, but it's a joint effort, bud. I can't help you if you can't help yourself.
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  15. Then you wouldn't like RPing with me, I'd guess. Not that I don't have a varied character repertoire, but I have characters I really like to play, and characters I'm interested in developing. I also have to disagree, personally, on the whole "adaptably available" thing. I design my characters to be adaptable to any setting, without the need for "significant" refitting. But then, that's me. I can't speak for others.

    Oooo, yeah... love it when I have partners who pick up my "wink wink, nudge nudge" clues. Seriously disappointed when I lay up a good set for development and interaction, only to have it ignored or just plain not noticed. Had a lady I was playing with who had a "Lilo and Stitch" character. Had my character pick up one of her dolls and ask about it... you know, the doll Lilo made? Lady didn't take the hint. Probably should have made the hint stronger, but, oh, well.......

    Ahhh... had this happen to me. Guy GMing didn't like the way my characters were responding to their "situation," so he stopped posting, thereby ending the RP. Because I refused to abide by his wishes.

    All of these are indeed peeves I share.
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  16. @Roose Hurro

    Mm, you're assuming too much on whether or not I'd like to roleplay with you just based on characters. I can understand people having characters they really like to play or really want to develop, but if someone is going to roleplay with me, I'd prefer if they created a new character that way everything is all fresh. I tried to roleplay a few characters that I'd been dying to use with someone and it turned out I already had everything laid down for them, because I'd already played them for a while, and that gave my partner no wiggle room.

    My last forum there was a guy who created his character and used him for EVERYTHING. Just needed to change his species or weapons or powers and he was all good for that roleplay. Then for another, and another. He never made a new character. He always stuck to that one character, never bothering to try out other characters or keep the dude to one thread, one roleplay. Thus, why I dislike "adaptably available" characters and prefer a character to be created for one genre/setting alone.
  17. Sorry for the assumption...

    I've used pretty much all my characters in fantasy/sci-fi settings, for which fantasy/alien critters are suitable. From your description, it sounds more like "adaptable" means the same person/name in a different wrapper... I never change my character wrappers. They remain the same species, with whatever talents/powers I've given them, though weapons, if they have them, can change, dependent on the situation. Just like in real life. Knife is good for some things, firearm for another... maybe one time a shotgun, another time a scoped rifle or sturdy handgun. Maybe a spear or a bow with arrows, if they have access to such.

    However, whatever the RP, I have characters to fit, one way or another. I look at it this way, though: Sometimes, an "off-kilter" character can add to an RP. A character "out of place." The way I like to "adapt" is to throw a character into a situation they've never encountered... a "Dorothy in Oz" state, if you will. Then see how they react. Adapt to this strange/unusual happening in their lives. Some of my characters have experience with this, others don't. Even so, it's not a necessity to have this Oz experience in an RP. For me, I can tweak a bit, and move onwards. It all adds to the fun.
  18. My pet peeves are fairly normal.

    I absolutely detest god-modding and have had some experience with a god-modder in another forum. I was pretty fresh to RPing back then too.
    Same with bunnying: I do not like that one very much either.
    The one and only person who I permit a mild degree of both is my friend @Laivindur because of two simple facts: She asks me OOC about these things and I trust her to not abuse the permission granted. Our styles might be different but I love that roleplay-brain of hers.

    Sometimes I use a little time on a few posts, either because I need to think about my answer or because I'm busy and have to prioritize which ones I reply to. Otherwise I'm actually more prone to the opposite phenomenon of speed-posting. Having grown since I was a horrible transgressor of that I try to avoid doing that by keeping a number of posts between my posts in group RPs.

    Otherwise it's the whole: Disappearing off the face of the earth-thing that can happen. I'll live, but it would be nice with a message.
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  19. ^^ I wish I could have you inside my brain @dragonesper to explain what I feel and think about that. I can show it to you with this: <3 and I can say that I agree with you, haha :)
  20. Yeah, it's really a matter of giving and receiving. If you find that the other character don't respond to it, and if the player don't explain why, then maybe the character just doesn't care and has its attention elsewhere. Though I know what you mean, it's nice to know your hints are ignored for a reason so you don't have to use all that energy on hinting, haha. If you're the only one giving from your character, it tends to be rather boring and exhausting. It's nice to have the other character actually caring about yours x3