Rivalry of Departments

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  1. The night before had been a long one, trying to get information from one of the wives of a drug cartel, that they've been trailing for the past few months. Rubbing the bridge of his nose under his sunglasses, Rei walked into lobby to make his way up to his office, where he'd have to write up a small report about what he found out so far from the wife. It was annoyingly loud in the building, that made his head pound even more that it already. Rei decided that before going to his office, he'd grabbed a quick cup of coffee to wake him up. Strolling towards the cafe, where everyone would get something to drink or eat, he stepped inside to see one of the departments he disliked the most. The FBI agents.

    In Rei's eyes, they didn't do much of anything but paperwork and take in the criminals, while his department did all the dangerous work to get them the person they need. Both departments hated each other immensely, though they tried to avoid one another as much as possible. Going up to the counter, he order a small latte from the girl behind the register. When he finished paying, he waited for his drink to be done so he waited nearby, staying away from agents as far as he could be.
  2. Ashton had walked into the cafe a minute after Rei, immediately recognizing the group of agents siting around a grouping of tables. However, as he walked further into the cafe, he saw one of the spies, too, and his mood darkened. How was it that whenever Ashton tried to have a nice time, one of them had to come along and ruin his day?

    The spies were just glorified field agents, and didn't do much to help the real field agents. Indeed, they could get on just fine without them, yet the board still hired these pansies. Forcing a smile to the girl behind the counter, he ordered his iced coffee and paid for it as quickly as he could, eager to get to his group of kindred spirits.

    Forcing himself to look pleasant as he stood near the counter, waiting for his coffee, he shoved his hands into his pockets, cursing his luck silently.
  3. Waiting for his latte, Rei noticed that another agent walked in right after him and it was Ashton, the one agent he hated the most. They clashed several time because of the fact that he had to give most of his written reports to that man. Running his fingers through his medium length brown hair, Rei heard the girl call out his order and went over the to pick it up, before thanking the girl for it. Sighing in slight relief, he took a sip of it as he walked out of the cafe avoiding close contact to any of the agents.

    Heading up to his office, Rei met up with a few of the other spies, talking about the cases that they were doing lately. Due to Rei's special training, he was usually given more dangerous assignments because he knew how to take care of situations if they got out of hand. Excusing himself from the conversations around him, he walked into his office and took a seat at his desk, setting the latte on top of it. 'I can't wait for all my assignments to be over and I can finally take a break.." He said thought to himself when he started up his computer to type out the report.
  4. As soon as he got his coffee, he went to the group of agents in the corner, and sat with a few of them, instantly jumping into the conversation. As they talked about the things they usually did (cases, budgets, which female agent had the nicest butt), Ashton let himself forget about the paperwork he had sitting on his desk in his office, glad for the reprieve.

    As soon as he finished his coffee, he had no legitimate reason to stay there anymore, and didn't want to get caught by the higher ups. Saying good day to his friends, he threw away his cup before leaving, heading up to his office and dealing with the paperwork, filling out the proper forms. Liking the caffeine buzz from the coffee, he worked efficiently, though he kept an eye on the time, counting down the minutes until he could leave.

    Praying to get assigned a case, so that he could get out of the office for a while, he took a short break, rolling his shoulders and flexing his hand, trying to get the tension out of it.
  5. Finishing up the report, Rei printed it out as fast as he could and stapled it together to take to Ashton. Holding the papers up against his chest with one arm, he left his office to go to the agent, until he was stopped by one of the female spies who had lately been trying to get him to go out with her. Rei usually kept to himself about personal information especially the fact that he was only attracted to same sex and did good at hiding it as well, because he knew it would create problems in the building even more the higher ups. Rejecting her advances, he explained that he was too busy to bother relationships and had urgent business to take care, before leaving the woman standing in the hall by herself while he walked to Ashtons' office.

    Upon arriving there, he realized that the agent was obviously slacking off from his duties, so he left a note on top of the report and left to take to intelligence about any ideas of what they should do next. The note read: "For someone who has time to slack off, then he has enough time to finish his duties. Highly doubt, you'll have a promotion of any kind soon." Smirking to himself as he went to intelligence for new plans of attack, Rei actually enjoyed taunting the agent every now and then, because it was fun to see how he reacted to things.
  6. Upon reading the note with distaste, Ashton rolled his eyes before crumpling it into a ball, leaving it on his desk to clean up later. It wasn't slacking off in the least, simply taking a break. As long as he got his work done at the end of the day, what did it matter? Looking over the report, reading it for any mistakes, he found a slight typo in the paper. Grinning to himself smugly, he took out a bright red Sharpie, he circled the word that had been spelled wrong many times. Writing on the top of the paper, "For someone who has time to write up reports all the time, they also have enough time to spell check."

    Standing up, he left his office for Rei's, grinning to himself. Noting that Rei wasn't in his office, he borrowed some tape from the office next door as well as some sticky notes. Taping the report onto Rei's door, he wrote on a sticky note: I only accept perfect. Spell check next time. Try again. Underlining spell check, he gave Rei's neighbor his tape and sticky notes back, smiling up at his work.

    Turning away from Rei's office, he returned to his office and got back to work, knowing what he had done was amazingly childish but devilishly wonderful at the same time.
  7. Intelligence was extremely busy with other important matters at the moment, so Rei returned to his office to check his emails in case someone had something for him to do, but stopped in front of his door when he noticed something stuck to it. It had seemed as if the ignorant agent took things a little too far. Rei did things to the agent for only him to know, while the idiot tended to be childish about every little thing he did. Ripping the report off the door, he stepped into his office and sat at his desk while opening his email up to send Ashton a message.

    And it read:
    "If you'd like for it to be corrected then why don't you come down to my office and make sure I won't make the same mistake again, since you are obviously worried about it effecting your work when you have to rewrite yourself anyway."

    Lately, their boss has been getting many reports about Rei and Ashton's problems, that it was really starting to rub off on other employees in the building. While the two of them are fighting about idiotic things, he's come up with a plan to make them stop or at least make only them suffer the consciences.
  8. Hearing his computer beep, alerting him to a new e-mail, he opened it up, frowning when he saw who it was from. Upon reading it, he sent back, Affecting, my friend. And I will. Turning away from his computer, he finished what he was working on before standing up again. Walking back down to Rei's office, he made sure to take the stairs, going one stair at a time in order to make sure Rei would have to wait as long as possible.

    When he finally arrived at Rei's office, he didn't bother knocking before walking into it, smiling slightly. Leaning on the edge of his desk, he asked, "So, are we going to rewrite your report or did you just get me here so you could see my beautiful face?" Chuckling at his own joke, his grin grew a little, liking how he had bothered Rei.
  9. As Rei waited for Ashton to come to his office, he looked over the report about the mission from the night before. The drug cartel he was targeting seemed to be slowly his business down, yet there was still a lot of money coming into his bank accounts. Most of the deposits where in the millions area, but then he could see small withdrawals of a few hundreds being taken out quite often. It was strange and he'd have to find out soon.

    Hearing the door of his office open up, he watched as Ashton walked into his office trying to start a fight with him the moment he arrives. "Beautiful? I wouldn't even go as far as calling you decent." He said to him as he pushed the agent off his desk and pointed to the chair nearby that he could sit at. After getting started on the report, Rei's phone rang. Picking it up, he answered the phone only to hear the voice of them boss, demanding to see the both of them now. Answering him before hanging up, he explained the situation to the other and got up from his seat to head up to head office to speak to their boss.
  10. "Decent is still better than nothing," Ashton retorted with a sly smile. Slouching in the chair while Rei typed the report again, he tried to be as distracting as possible, wishing the chair spun so that he could be even worse. When Rei's phone rang, he was silent until he hung up, about to say a cutting remark about the person at the other end of the line, when Rei said that they were both to be seen in their boss' office immediately.

    Making a big show of standing up, he walked after Rei, heading to the boss' office. Straightening his clothes as he went, knowing how militaristic their boss could be, he made sure to look presentable enough. However, there was only a few reasons why their boss would want to see both of them at the same time, and all of them were bad. Frowning as he walked, he smiled at an agent he knew, giving a confused shrug when his friend pantomimed a question asking what he was doing. Mouthing 'boss,' as he passed by, he ran a hand through his hair, grinning confusedly.
  11. Rei's bright blue eyes noticed the motions that the two agents were making to each other from the side as they passed by heading to the boss' office. He knew that the only reason the boss would call for them was because of their constant bickering, but usually he'd handle this by speaking two them one by one and not together. Approaching the office, he knocked at the door until he heard the boss allow them in. Opening the door, he closed the door behind him once he saw Ashton walk in after him and then stood in front of the large desk that their boss sat at.

    "You called for us, sir?" He questioned. The boss chuckled to himself as he looked at the two standing in front of him. Getting up, he walked behind them before patting them on the back as he spoke. "Say hello to your new partner. You two will be stuck together all the time, meaning even during personal and work time. I want the two of you to work on a new assignment that I have. You will live in a place I picked just for the two of you and I will not alone for either you to refuse." Once he was done speaking, his secretary came into the office with two keys and a piece of paper with the address of the place they will be stay at.

    Rei didn't know what to think as he took the key from the secretary. Now he couldn't have personal time, because he couldn't let anyone know his secret and having to stay with Ashton was even worse.
  12. Ashton had to stop himself from arguing with their boss as soon as the words came from his lips. No way, he thought, he can't be serious. But it appeared he was, and Ashton was left feeling betrayed. He must know that Rei and Ashton work as well as night and day. Frowning, he took his key and the piece of paper from the secretary, reading the address quietly, committing it to memory.

    "When will we start?" he asked, struggling to keep his voice even and not angry. It couldn't possibly come directly from their boss; it must be from one of the higher-ups, who knew nothing of their arguments. After the answer, he nodded before continuing, "How long will we be working together, sir?"
  13. Rei listened as Ashton asked for how long they would stay like that. It bothered him quite a bit too, he didn't want it to last for a long period of time, but long enough so that they didn't learn anything about the other that they may have not wanted to come out. The boss stared at Ashton for a few seconds before answering. "Until I say so." He waved his hand at the two, now motioning for them to leave his office.

    Stepping out of the office, Rei heavily sighed out loud, but this was an order from his boss and if they didn't do as he said they could lose their jobs. "We're both not happy about this, but let's get it over with." He muttered under his breath. Going towards his office, he couldn't help thinking about how they were going to live with each other.
  14. Cursing the whole way to his office, Ashton ignored his friends he passed, not in the mood for social interaction. "Until I say so," didn't seem like a good time frame, especially coming from their boss. That could mean a couple months or longer. Once in his office, he began gathering his things, figuring he might as well leave work as soon as possible, get a head start on Rei. At least then he could secure a room first. It would probably be hell living in the same house as Rei.

    Sliding the house's key onto his keychain, he frowned at it for a long second before leaving his office, locking it behind him. Walking down to the cafe, he bought coffee again before heading out to his car, already in a bad mood.
  15. After taking a seat at his desk, Rei looked up the apartment that the two of them would be living in from now. It was quite luxurious and large. Top notch appliances and a modern clean look to it, he knew he'd enjoy living there since the kitchen was enormous because Rei loved to cook. Exiting out of the site, he then finished up any other work that he had to get done before packing up his things to head over to his new home that he'd be sharing.

    Getting to his car, he got inside of it and drove to the new place. As he drove, Rei's personal phone began to ring, noticing it was the guy he was currently interested in lately. Picking it up, he explained to the other that the two of them couldn't meet for a while due to continuous work he'd be doing. Hanging up after they said their goodbyes, he knew he'd never see the guy again because he knew that he'd take it as an excuse to not see each other any more.

    Parking in the lot of the complex, he got out the car and picked up his things before going inside to take an elevator up to the floor of their apartment.
  16. Ashton had gotten to the apartment a few minutes before Rei, and was already lying on the bed in the room he wanted, the one that was in the corner of the apartment near the living room. After setting down what he had brought from work, he went out to the balcony, leaning against the railing and lighting a cigarette. He was surprised that they had gotten a balcony, considering that one of them might jump before their time in the same house was over. Sitting down on one of the metal chairs on the balcony, he silently thanked their boss, hating the idea of having to walk all the way downstairs to sate his addiction.

    After his smoke, he went back to his room, deciding he would go to his own apartment later to pick up some clothes and his laptop. Yawning, tired after work, he laid back down on the bed, wishing it was late enough to justify sleeping.
  17. Upon unlocking the door and opening it up to the apartment, Rei could tell that Ashton had already arrived before him. Not seeing him in site, but noticed that a door was closed, he figured that he had already settled into a room. Finding his own room, he was actually happy that it seemed to be the smallest of the two rooms because he did like to feel closed in when he was going to sleep. Setting his things down on the bed, he messed up his hair a little and took his tie off before picking up his keys again to head to his own apartment to pick up some things as well as get groceries while he was out.

    Rei had taken about three hours at his old apartment to get everything that he wanted to bring, before he went to the grocery store for food. Figuring that the two of them were going to be living together now, he'd might as well cook for them because he didn't see Ashton as much of a cooker unless he was going to surprise Rei with this information soon. Stocking up on vegetables, meat, spices and other good, Rei paid for everything as he left the store to head back.

    Entering the house with the groceries first, he placed everything in it's place and then left back towards his car to get his things. Unpacking a little, he started to feel a little hungry so he went back into the kitchen, making dinner for the two f them.
  18. After hearing Rei arrive and leave, Ashton got up, deciding he better get some of his things, too. Returning to his car, he started driving towards his apartment. Once there, he packed a duffel bag of clothes and gathered a few of his personal belongings. Making sure to pack his favorite books, knowing that Rei would probably be a bore, he started packing up his laptop.

    After eating a quick meal, he got back in his car. Driving towards the local cafe, he bought coffee for both Rei and himself, driving back to the hotel. Taking the elevator up to their apartment, he walked into the apartment, smelling his new roommate cooking. Setting the coffee on the island in the kitchen, he asked, "What're you making, honey?" Chuckling at his own joke, he hoisted his things once more and went to his room, setting down his things as he began unpacking.

    Storing his clothes in the dresser, he set down his books and laptop on the nightstand, plugging the computer into the outlet, knowing how it would never hold a charge. Sighing, hating his luck, he stuck a piece of gun into his mouth, chewing it thoughtfully as he walked back to the kitchen, hopping onto a counter and watching Rei cook.
  19. Hearing Ashton come into the apartment and towards the kitchen, Rei ignored the comment as he listened to Ashton go into his room. Still cooking when he comes back out, he found a little annoying to have him in his way, but since there was a lot of counter space it didn't bother him too much. Rei was cooking them one of his favorite meals; beef stew with a small twist of his own in the mix.

    When it was done cooking, he put the stew into two bowls and sat them on the dining table. Before he actually sat down, Rei thought to celebrate this hellish partnership with a couple of beers and then sat down waiting for Ashton to join him. "Neither of us are happy about this, but we might as well make the best of it for the time being." Rei said as he raised his beer towards the other.
  20. Following Rei after he was done cooking, his stomach making protesting sounds that he hadn't eaten yet, he sat opposite Rei at the table. Silently taking a spoon, he took a tentative bite of the stew, wondering if Rei had the gall to poison him on their first day together. Taking the other beer, he popped the tab before taking a swig, liking the familiar taste.

    Giving Rei a sort of half-nod to express his thanks to the other man, he ate as fast as he could, not wanting to be near Rei any longer than he had to. Silent during the whole meal, he tried not to drink as much as he would like, not wanting to accidentally create a friendship between the two of them.