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    Vale groaned softly, her eyes flickering open. Her head was pounding and she hurt all over. She tried to move, but found her wrists, ankles, and waist tied to something...a chair. Her eyes darted around. She felt something on her face...panic ran through her. A gas-mask. "GET ME OUT!" She yelled loudly, her voice sounding strange because of the mask. Her eyes locked on a door as it opened, some guy in a red jacket walking in.

    "Ms. President, I would suggest not struggling. Those chains are quite rusty..if they cut you, that wouldn't be good." Smoke laughed softly. "So...think your little mole-rats are gonna come save you?"


    Kase pressed her hand against the button connected to the old loudspeaker that had taken her and the president for ever to set up. "All Recruits for the Rescue Mission are to report to the front gates NOW!!" She yelled into the mic before shutting it off, grabbing a box and moving to the gate, tossing the box down and leaning against the door, her eyes scanning over the small houses. They had little time, and they needed to act fast, or war could break out. The people were afraid.
  2. Rant, A.K.A: Tunnel Rat was patrolling the alleyways and sewers around the building where the president was being held. He carried a trigger to something, MAC11s, And a gripped combat knife. He continued to walk through the sewers after he patrolled the alleyways. Rant would watch the water ripple from movement to interpret where someone was before they got to him.
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  3. Arya was all packed and ready to go. As always, she packed light; with only the correct amount of rations for the supposed amount of days they were to be gone, two canteens of water, a few weapons, some medical supplies, some basic necessities, and two changes of clothes. She was always particular with minor details such as this. She had to have everything just the right amount, no more, no less. Well, everything except clothes. Arya didn't have much clothing, so she only packed a small amount, knowing she's going to get them dirty with some kind of filth-- Be it blood or sewage.

    Arya was early for the mission so she decided to get some last minute training in. Her specialty happened to be close combat so she was training with a worn out mannequin she found a few months back. She stopped briefly, taking a small breather because she was heavily panting and her black bangs were plastered to her face due to sweat. Soon her breathing became regular and she wiped her forehead, about to continue again when she heard the announcement. Leaving the mannequin where it was, which had fallen to the ground due to the abuse, she dashed off towards the gate. She was never one to stall or waste time. When needed, she'll be there on time if she could help it. Once the gate was in sight, Arya slowed down to a quick walk and adjusted her fingerless gloves.

    "Ready for action, Kase." Her voice was deep and silky, making her sound much older than she actually was. She was only sixteen, much younger than anyone else from the Underground. Or more of, anyone going on this rescue mission. The President of the Underground was kidnapped by the Gas Mask citizens. If they didn't act quickly and tread carefully, a war could break out. Not that Arya would really mind, she loved to fight, but many innocents would die, so that took priority over her wants. Gazing skyward with her auburn eyes, she started to think of what was to come. "We have the artillery, they have the money.... They have better training equipment because of their money, so their people are more skilled. ... If we go to war, we could be in trouble... Especially since a few people we've yet to find have been selling weapons on the black market to the Gas Mask citizens....A lot of weapons...."
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  4. Dmitri walked on the sidewalk of the semi-crowded city. Not much people were outside of their homes during that time of the day. It was hard for him to get out of his house since his mother was overprotective of him. In the end, he managed to escape, telling her that he was meeting up with some school friends to finish up a project. In truth, that was a lie. It would be a disappointment to his mother if she were to find out what he's been up to. He breathed heavily though the gas mask, looking up at the hazy sky. Hands shoved into the pockets of his black hoodie as people walked past him, sometimes shoving him with their shoulder without apologizing. He would just glare at them and walked it off.

    He turned into an alleyway, where he found another entrance to the sewer. As he went deeper into the alleyway, he finally found the entrance. Looking left then right, he opened the manhole, taking a step down on the ladder. Once he was a few steps down, he closed the manhole and proceeded his way down. Once he was on solid ground, he readjusted his gas mask. He didn't carry a lot of weapons with him, or else it may seem suspicious to his mother. Wherever he goes, there's a throwing knife strapped on his right calve, and right arm. Of course, they were sheathed. In his back pocket, there was a pocket knife. He has an obsession with knives since he didn't really fancy guns.

    He walked deeper into the sewer, glancing at the sewer water in disgust, hands still in his pocket. He started humming a melody, which sounded weird because of the gas mask. Soon, he saw a silhouette walking ahead of him. He recognized him as Rant, one of the four people, other than him and the kidnapper, involved in the kidnapping of Underground City's President. Among the four people, Dmitri is the youngest and also the same age as Smoke. He quietly walked next to him before greeting him, "Hey."
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  5. Freed walked around the inside of the building the president of the Underground was held at. After all, she was considered a 'guard', but all she did was sit around and watch over the building. She didn't care about whatever happened to this place, as long as she gets a good pay and a roof over her head, she was content. Besides, after snatching up the Pres and nearly getting herself caught in the process, all she wanted to do was rest. She slumped against a piller and slowly closed her red eyes with a heavy sigh. She looked peaceful, but she had a head-splitting headache and would hurt anyone who tried speaking with her right now. Although no one is in the building, except the President, Smoke, and herself.
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  6. Kase glanced around over the few who had come in.
    "Is this everyone?" She asked, looking confused slightly. She rubbed the side of her head.
    "I thought we had more..." She counted them over.
    "Okay. Everyone, you know our mission. Scout, infliltrate, rescue, and leave. Conflict is to be avoided at all costs, understood?" She didn't wait for a response.
    "Now, we, sadly, have to wear gas-masks. The air is still too toxic to breathe without one." she said, grabbing the box and pulling out a red gas-mask. She put it on, then slid it up so she could be heard. "This is mine, the others are blue and black. If you hear me say 'Code Red' that means fall back immediately, everyone got that?" she said, her steel eyes glancing over the group.
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  7. Arya met Kase's cold stare with her own signature "disinterested" gaze before pulling out a black gas mask, slipping it on. "Yeah, yeah..... No conflict, 'Code Red' means retreat..... Got it....." Her voice echoed within the mask and she crinkled her nose. She was often on the field, so she usually had to wear a mask, but that doesn't mean she liked sounding like this. Even her breaths could be heard, messing with her sensitive hearing. She let out a slight groan, muttering "Stupid mask...." (though it was amplified by the echo), and turned her attention back to Kase. "Any plans, Boss? We can't just charge in there and demand Vale be released without expecting a fight. "
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  8. Rant was walking around the sewer. Not much happened he eventually opened a secret entrance on a corner that he created so only he could survive the maze. These secrets were throughout all of the sewers and were opened by pulling the bricks on walls back. In some of these you could find traps such as bombs, or tazers attached to a machine that electrocuted the water. Rant's shoes are made with a material that doesn't allow for the flow of electrons.

    He walked for a bit on the second level his maze created before coming out near the entryway. Rant leaned up against a pillar when Dimitri startled him. Rant jumped almost blowing the kid's head off. When he realized it was Dimitri he holstered his weapons and waved with a blank unexpressive face.
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  9. Freed was starting to fall asleep quickly and easily. She didn't have a reason to stay up anyways, if anybody wanted her they should come to her and wake her up. But that wouldn't be such a good idea since she has a punching reflex when someone tries waking her up. Her eyes were fully closed and she was snoring like a man, having dreams of a better time and guns.
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  10. Dmitri chuckled slightly, smirking underneath his mask at Rant's reaction. "On guard, as always." Dmitri leaned on the wall next to Rant. Despite being the youngest, he always tried to act mature. Albeit, he can get a bit cheeky sometimes. In the end, he becomes a little kid again. He is still young and naive, thinking life is a game. He turned, facing Rant again. He said, "So, I'm guessing you're going to stay down here for the rest of the day? I'm thinking of going to the building..."

    So much for leaving the house... The main reason why Dmitri actually participated in these kind of things was because he didn't want to stay locked up in his house. Since the death of his father, all he did was cause trouble for his mother. Plus, she wasn't home most of the time, except the weekends. And, he was bored to death at home. He waited for Rant's reply.
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  11. Vale glared at Smoke. "Maybe they will, but even if they don't," she spit at him, "I can get out of here."

    Smoke laughed softly. "So naive." He flicked her nose. "We'll see." He stood, stepping back from her and wiping the spit off his cheek and then walked out.

    Vale groaned, sighing. "Great.." she mumbled. "And just as everything was going good.."


    Kase paused for a moment. "The plan is we infiltrate from above, and from under. We split into two groups, one group enters from a hatch on the SouthWest end of the roof. They make their way down, and the other group will come up from the sewers." She tapped the side of her helmet and a little beep sounded in all the others. "This will be our communication go-to." She said, and it echoed quietly in the other masks.
  12. Rant covered Dimitri's eyes. "I could end up dead if I wasn't Dimitri." He pulled open a small section of the wall, inside was a massive machine no one knew what or of the machine let alone how to get it. Pushing Dimitri down he left a message where he used to be givina a blunt "Yes". A little bit later Rant was walking down the sewer tunnel to Dimitri. He was holding a long blade. "You like this kind of stuff right?" Rant tried his best to find things for the kid since for some reason he never carried a firearm. "Whether you like it or not I'm in charge of patrol down here the all tunnel, train, subway, and city systems. That's a lot of crap to take care of." He stared at Dimitri with a blank face waving his gun around lazily."Now silence masks make echoes down here worse." Dimitri turned a nob on his trigger and the pipes all along the sewer system started sparking. He pointed at the water then made a walking sign afterwards saying do not. He grabbed the grooves in the ceiling and crawled along like spiderman.
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  13. Dmitri 'Tch'-ed slightly, though he knew Rant was right. Soon, Rant came, holding a long blade in his hand. Dmitri could feel his mouth gape, his eyes was glued to the blade as though it was some precious gems. He nodded, his hands slowly reaching to grab the blade in front of him as he asked in a child-like tone, "I can have it, right? Right?"

    He placed the blade and strapped it around his back as he followed Rant deeper into the tunnel. Sometimes, he preferred hanging out in the tunnel rather than be in the crowd or on the streets. Though he does agree the air in the tunnel reeks, sometimes, he couldn't handle the outside air. ​
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  14. Free opened her tired red eyes and rubbed her hands together to get them warm. She felt uncomfortable and not that sleepy after her five minute nap. She didn't very mind that because she used to have to take small naps when she lived in the bad part of the city in case someone robbed her. She stood straight felt along her back to feel her sniper rifle there and then felt on her hip to find her Uzi, tied to her belt, still there. She looked around, hearing something move. She took a deep breath. "I'm too old for this crap!" And started to walk downstairs into the lobby looking room.
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  15. Atlas felt his eyes flicker over his fellow crew members with observation. He had been there for a while, observing, quiet and waiting. He didn't own much but he liked it that way, it meant he had less to carry and less to take care of, he didn't have to fret over leaving things behind because he would always have them on him. A small looking backpack, an old ice pick in surprisingly good shape shape, an old gas-mask he found lying around somewhere that he used when his curiosity got the better of him and a set or two of clothes. The reason he had been picked to aide with this task was clear to him. His animalistic senses (especially his nose) and strange but powerful close combat fighting, other than that... Well, he had his brain but after years of living so much like an animal... His instincts usually won over everything else.

    Glancing at Kase, he noticed her tensed shoulders and determination in her eyes. He knew they'd have to find the Pres and save her from the Smelly man, even if it cost them all their lives. The President was what held them together. War wasn't always an answer to things... He stands up straight and listens to orders, deciding it would be good for him either way depending on how many was in each team. His eyes would be good in either position either way. The one thing he worried about was ranged combat. Would they be able to tell if someone was about to attack them?
  16. Kase glanced over her team. "Okay...before we leave, who's coming with me in the sewers, and who's going in from above?" She asked, reaching over and grabbing a lever on the wall. As she flipped it, a red light flashed and a door began to raise. Immediately, a burst of wind rushed in, but then it died off. The door revealed a white room with sensors on the wall, along with a red flashing light. Kase stood in the middle of the doorway. She'd explain everything once they decided who did what.
  17. Okami was walking quietly toward the group, they where already going, but, there was no hurry for him, he uses to be a calm and silent person, more acts than words, he is very patient and uses to take things not to serious, but when needed, he becomes a beast in the fight, an unstoppable machine of killing.

    When he finally reached the group, he just stood there without saying a word, he knew that they where going to the "Upper World", that's how he calls the world outside the city, he takes things with some seriousness when the Upper World is involved.
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  18. Kase glanced over at the newcomer and sighed softly, grabbing a gas-mask and gently tossing it to him. "Welcome to the team. You missed the original briefing, but I'll catch you up. Here's how we'll split up. Instead of picking groups, you're going with me," she pointed at Okami, "and you two are going through the roof. Everyone understand?" She said, pointing at Atlas and Arya to go above. She was itching to get going. Who knew what was happening to the president?



    Vale managed to knock the chair backwards, banging the chains on the ground. "Tell me they're rusty." she smirked as the broke with a resounding 'clink'. She rubbed her sore wrists, leaning up and fiddling with the chains at her feet. The rust made it difficult, but she managed to break the legs of the wooden chair...not exactly what she wanted, but good enough. She grabbed the chair and quickly moved behind the door. Smoke walked in.
    "Where-" He was cut off as a chair connected with his spine, sending him sprawled into the floor. Vale dropped the chair, taking off out the door.
    Smoke groaned softly, rolling over and returning to his feet, rubbing his back. He took chase, catching her in one of the hallways, lost in the maze of the old office building. "Tsk tsk Miss President. I thought you'd be smarter." He said, having pinned her against the wall. She closed her eyes, catching her breath as she tried to think how to get out of here.
  19. Okami took the mask and stared at the girl "Guess it's ok" He said before placing the mask on his head, he knew that he messed the briefing, but, he didn't really care about that, the only thing that was taking place in his mind was...They where going out, up there, there's no support, no friends, no help, just he and his new partners, he knew that to survive out there, like it or not, he needed to trust in these new characters that have just entered to his life, it was annoying, but, it was his only option.
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  20. Though the roof it was... He smirked slightly before waiting for his other companions to group together before they left. The Pres is tough, she should be fine until we get there... If not, she wouldn't have been chosen as our leader. He takes his gasmask out and slides his over his muzzle- mouth and nose. His excitement couldn't be masked very well but he didn't mind, he knew he acted more animal than man anyways so he just went with it. Atlas's eyes glance towards the others in his 'group' as he observed Arya.
    "Ready to go?" His voice was rough, musky almost, as if it wasn't used often.
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