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    Name: Elizabeth (Liz) James
    Age: 17
    Personality/Brief history: Elizabeth is a very loving and kind girl. She has never really been much of a party girl. She loves to be outside and in nature. She is super nice and has never hated a single person, she isn't sure what hate feels like. She has never had an enemy, and if she has, she has never known about it. She has had the same best friend for years and loves him dearly. Her parents are still married and are still just as close as they were hen they first started dating. Elizabeth is going into her senior year of high school. Her favorite color is light blue.
    Elizabeth has had the same best friend for years and they have always been super close. It is the end of her Junior year. She has made a lot of new friends this year. People are starting to call her "popular" she always thought she was. Her best friend has never really ben in the same click as her but she always has him by her side. Liz wake up for the last week of Junior year and hops into the shower. She is so looking forward to the summer, the beach and hanging out with her friends. She gets out and does her hair and makeup throwing on a t-shirt with Pikachu on it and a pair of faded skinny jeans. She throws on a sweater and walks out the door. She drives to school at a normal pace. She wondered if he was awake yet. He always dawdled in the morning, especially on Monday's. At a stop light, Liz pulls her phone out and texts him. "You awake yet sleepy head ^_-" The message sent and Liz continued driving.

    Liz stopped at a small café and grabbed a coffee for her and him. She always brought him coffee on Monday's. Liz was convinced that without it, he would never get through the day. "I have your coffee. mmmm" Liz smiled as she sent the text. People always thought that the two of them were dating but they never had, they never have even kissed. Being best friends for 11 years now, it never occurred to them. Liz got back in her car and drove the rest of the way to school. She walked in and her friend Janie was waiting for her. Janie hated him, she always had, Liz didn't know why, she said he was weird and creepy, but Liz always told Janie she was wrong. Janie saw Liz with the coffee and took it from her hand. "Thanks Boo." Janie took a drink. Liz grabbed it from her hand. "That's not for you Janie, you know that."

    Janie didn't care. She took the coffee back and continued to drink it. "You always bring him coffee, he can go one day." Liz shrugged it off. "Fine..." Liz would just give him hers. Liz walked to her locker and put her stuff away, looking down the hallway as he turned the corner and started towards her. Liz waved and Janie just rolled her eye's. "Come on Janie, let's just go." Liz laughed. "I have to put my stuff away Janie. Stop He is my best friend, you know that." Liz stood at her locker, the coffee in hand and smiled at him, as he got closer. "Here ya go, bestie"​
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    Name: Nicholas "Nick" Walker
    Age: 18
    Personality/Brief history: Not being one that's big on leaving the house, Nick prefers to stay inside and find things to entertain himself. Whether that be watching Netflix, playing video games, or simply sleeping, he does what he can to stay inside by himself. He's typically very quiet and cold towards others. Nick prefers to keep to himself than to be a 'social butterfly' as it were. One of the main reasons for this is that Nick has a superiority complex, and feels that he can hardly relate to those around him. He often finds the students at his school to be quite intellectually unappealing. However, he does have needs for some kind of social interaction, so he's stuck with his best friend Elizabeth since Junior High.
    Nick awoke to his alarm clock buzzing loudly in his ear. He grabbed his phone and shut off the alarm on it, and let out a long deep sigh as he contemplated getting out of bed. After five minutes of just simply sitting there, Nick got up and grabbed a black Avenged Sevenfold themed t-shirt, as well as a pair of darker colored blue jeans. Taking a quick shower and eating a make-shift breakfast, Nick rushed down the stairs and slipped on a pair of black and white converse low-tops and headed for the door.

    Getting into his car, he turned the keys ninety degrees until the engine started, and then he reversed out of his driveway and started heading for the High School. His car was a 2013 Crown Victoria that he'd gotten for his 16th birthday. While he was stopped at a stop light, he got the usual 'cutesy' message from his friend Elizabeth. As the light had turned green before he could respond, he put the phone down and continued his drive towards the school.

    Once he'd gotten there, he began making his way to his locker, which was right beside Elizabeth's and took notice of her waving towards him as he was walking down the hall. He saw Janie standing beside her. Janie was, to be fair, one of the people he despised the most among Elizabeth's new plethora of friends. She was always trying to steal Elizabeth from him, and to be honest, he was feeling quite jealous at most times. He'd been friends with Elizabeth ever since he'd moved to the area roughly four years ago. He took his coffee from Elizabeth with an unenthusiastic, "Thanks," with a small grin to follow. He quickly chugged the cup, the warm liquid traveling down his throat and to his stomach. His mood was starting to improve, regardless of having to see Janie this early in the day. ​
  3. Elizabeth smiled at Nick and then grabbed her stuff for first hour. "Did you get my texts? You didn't respond..." Normally Nick would always respond, but lately he hadn't been. Since Elizabeth started hanging out with all these new people, her and Nick didn't talk as much as they did, but she still cared deeply for him. Nick was always there for her. Liz remembered on night, it was pouring rain outside and Liz was home alone because her parents were away on a business trip and she called Nick in the dead of night and he came over and slept on her couch, just so Liz wouldn't;t feel so alone.

    Elizabeth looked at Janie, she could tell that Janie was annoyed. "You don't have to wait her with me you know, you can go..." Elizabeth hadn't had time to talk with just Nick in a long time...she wanted too really, she missed their conversations. "I have to stay here with you because your "Lover" wants me to keep an eye on you." Janie was convinced that Elizabeth was gonna end up dating Luke from the baseball team. Every girl just about swooned and collapsed at his feet but not Elizabeth, she thought he was egotistical and way to arrogant for her liking. "Uhm, he is not my "Lover" nor will he ever be." Liz laughed and looked at Nick. "Janie thinks me and Luke from the baseball team would make a good couple, I say no...what do you think?" Liz smirked at Nick, she knew he would say no.​
  4. "I didn't respond because as soon as I got it, the light turned green." It was half-true. The other reason was because he just really didn't feel like texting....especially not this early in the morning. Nick went through his locker and packed away books from his bag and took a few books out that he might need for the next few class periods. "I don't know. Luke's kind of a dick. Then again so am I." Nick let out a small chuckle and shut his locker. "But eh. I wouldn't see anything working out between you two." Nick said truthfully. Although he cared little for High School gossip, he thought that he might as well give his opinion since it was asked.

    There was a good five minutes before the bell rang. Normally Nick would stay and talk, but with Janie being there and the everpresent gaping hole that has appeared in Nick's and Liz's friendship growing wider and wider as the days went on, he didn't feel like staying. It was just a constant reminder that nothing ever remains the same, regardless of someone's wanting to. However, he'd grown to realize that he couldn't be so selfish and hog all of Liz's attention all the time...but on the rare occasions that they did get to talk, they were constantly being interrupted. Truthfully, he missed the times where he could go over to Liz's house without even having to give so much as a call in advance, but those days were clearly over. "I'll see you later, I guess." Nick said as he pursed his lips and quickly raised and lowered his eyebrows as he left the lockers and began heading for his first class.
  5. "See Janie I told you so." Elizabeth smiled and turned back towards Nick but he was already leaving. "oh...oh okay then..bye Nick.." Elizabeth knew they were growing apart but she didn't see it like she should. Liz turned back to Janie and they left for class. The day went by slow. Every time Liz went to her locker, she would see Nick but there would always be someone else with her. Liz really missed Nick, so before lunch she wrote a note to nick about coming over to her house later and slipped it in his locker. They used to sit together at lunch but since Liz got her new friends she was pulled away from the table the two would sit at. She always looked over at him though. She tried to invite him over to come sit with her but everyone was always so mean to Nick, Liz always stood up for him, but she was too nice to be mean back. Liz hated how nice she was for that reason.

    After Lunch Liz finished her day and by last period she was dead. Completely exhausted. Janie wanted her to go shopping with her but Liz really wanted to see Nick. "No...I am kinda hoping Nick will come over after school today." Janie chortled. "Ha...Nick shmick, you need girl time." Elizabeth really wasn't in the mood for Janie right now. "No Janie, I need Nick time, he is my best friend and we haven't even had a decent conversation in like god knows how long." Janie frowned very dramatically, like pouty lip and all. " a botch and hangout with your dumb weird friend." Janie left turned to leave before Liz could say anything. Elizabeth reached her locker but Nick wasn't there. She normally would wait for him, but he didn't seem very happy today. So Liz left. She went home.

    After she got home she kicked of her shoes and plopped down on the couch. her dad was on another business trip and her mom was where her mom went. so Elizabeth was once again, home alone. Nick never texted her at all and it was around 5 already. So he decided she would text him.'Hey you get my note? You coming over?....I miss you...' Liz was about to press send but thought her 'I miss you' would sound dumb so she erased it. She waited for a moment then hit send.
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  6. Nick went from class to class, having the work ethic than any other student would this close to the end of the year on a Monday. He intentionally slept in classes, not really caring anymore. His grades were high enough so that if he even missed a week's worth of work he wouldn't even be close to failing. Nick had started sitting by himself at lunch. He would be lying if he said he didn't mind it. While Nick liked being by himself on occasion, he didn't like involuntary solitude. He rather hated it, really. He wasn't in the mood for lunch that day, overthinking recent events has caused him to completely lose his appetite and feel sick to his stomach whenever the thought of food came to his mind. In fact, the past few days have caused him to not even show up to the cafeteria. Nick would often take visits to the library and look through books or just sit around even. Anything to keep his mind occupied.

    Returning from lunch to get his last few books for the day, Nick took them out of his locker, but a small sliver of folded paper fell from his locker and onto the floor. He picked it up and inspected it, thinking it might just be some worksheet or notes that fell out of a book. To his surprise, it was an invitation to Liz's house. Oh. So now she has time with me. Glad I could fit into the ever so busy schedule. Nick thought with malice present in the voice within his head. For the next to classes, it was a constant mental debate over whether or not he should go over. Nick knew that inevitably he would more likely than not show up anyway. He was weak.

    Nick had to finish a test in his last-period Chemistry class which kept him until roughly 4:00. By that time, Nick's brain was pounding with a migraine...and his only thoughts were of going home. He'd completely forgotten about Liz's invitation. So, while Nick drove home with a pounding headache, he was unable to think of anything. He almost blew a few red lights and made wrong turns, but luckily corrected his errors. Finally. Home. Nick went into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of advil from inside of a medicine cabinet and quickly swallowed the two pills. He went to lay down, and began to doze off. It was about 5:30 when Nick awoke. His headache was gone. But he felt like he was forgetting something. Maybe homework? No...they didn't give me any. Huh. Nick shrugged his shoulders and pulled out his phone, surprised to notice that he'd received a text while he was asleep. Oh shit. I completely forgot.... He quickly replied to the text. 'I don't know. I got the note. I would have replied sooner but I had to finish up a Chemistry test. Then I came home and passed out from one of my migraines. If it's not too late, I can probably still come by if you want me to.' Nick sent the message and awaited a reply.
  7. Elizabeth Laid on her couch waiting for a reply it was roughly around 4 when she sent it. Laying there she soon dozed off and slept until about 6. waking up she sat up, stretching and looking around. It was dark out already. She didn't even bother to look at her phone leaving it lay on the couch she got out, turned the television off and went to bed. She passed out right away, she didn't even realize how tired she was. She was still in her jeans and t-shirt when she fell asleep. Elizabeth woke up around 4 in the morning, two hours before she had to get up for school. She had done this ever since her and Nick stopped hanging out as much. she remembered that she had asked him to hang out with her. 'why didn't he respond? Is he mad at me? Did I do something?' Chloe sat up in bed and walked out to her living room.

    On her couch she found her phone lying there. A text message showed that it was unread. It was Nick. Liz smiled. He did want to hang out with her. She then realized that she didn't even bother to respond, so if he wasn't mad at her before, he would be now. She wanted to text him or call him, but she knew he would be asleep. Sleep was something Nick rarely had a problem with. Elizabeth returned to her bed and laid back down, still not bothering to take her jeans off. Liz just laid there for a moment, wondering of Nick was okay. In the morning Liz showered and dressed herself in a hoodie and a pair of black skinny jeans. Pulling her whit converse high tops on before she walked out to her car.

    She texted Nick before pulling out of her drive way. 'Good morning. I'm sorry.' She didn't think he was going to respond, or that he was even going to take her seriously but, she had to at least try. When Liz got to school Janie was waiting for her, so was Luke. They stood at her locker and smiled at her. Liz hated no scratch that, loathed Tuesdays, she didn't know why, but they were her worst days. She never wore make up and never but much effort into anything on Tuesday's. Luke smiled at her and Janie hugged her when she got to her locker. "You look really beautiful when on lazy days Liz." Luke said with a smile. "Ha! Thanks" Liz didn't pay him much attention and just grabbed her stuff. Seeing Nick walk down the hall she smiled at him, Luke put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her down the hall in the opposite direction before she could say hi though.​
  8. Nick continually checked his phone over the next few hours, not going to sleep until around midnight. You know. If you wanted to try to make it look like you actually gave a shit about me still, you could have at least replied. He thought with malice in his mental tone. You know what. I'm done with her. Seriously. I don't need her. I don't need this shit. I'm tired of trying to put up the façade of me being okay. I'm done. I'm fucking done. Nick said as he shook his head violently and buried into his pillow, letting tears escape from his eyes and stain the pillows. Nick had hit the breaking point. He'd tried to make things work. He'd tried to be happy. But no. He was done.

    Nick woke up the next morning feeling like shit. His eyes hurt from the constant crying the previous night. He quickly made his way into the shower and washed himself off before changing into a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He pulled on a light jacket as he left the house and drove to school. He'd gotten texts, but had deliberately ignored them. He'd managed to open his phone and read them, so they'd be marked as read, but he didn't respond.

    Once he got to school and saw Liz with Luke and Janie, his entire expression changed. He went from bad, to worse. He completely ignored any attempt that Liz had made to even signal at him or anything and simply went to his locker, got his stuff, and headed to his classes. He couldn't conentrate in any of them. Nick's blood was boiling and he was hoping that he didn't do anything rash. I need to find a new friend. Blow her off. See exactly how she likes it.
  9. Elizabeth spent most of the morning with Luke and Janie. She thought about Nick all day though, if he was okay and if he got her text. she felt bad, this was the first day that they hadn't talked all day. By lunch time Liz didn't feel like eating so she just sat there with Janie and listened to her go on and on about the local gossip. Elizabeth could honestly care less. 'At least if Nick was here I would have an interesting conversation.' Janie shoved Liz playfully. "Are you even listening to me?" Liz looked up at her and smiled. "Of course." Although it was obvious that she wasn't. "Hey come to the library with me I need to return a book from English class." Janie and Elizabeth stood and walked to the library. Liz knew that Nick would normally be in here. When they entered the library Liz looked for him. Janie just walked through like it was no big deal. "Oh jeez, Liz, really, stop looking for that loser, he wouldn't even look at you this morning....what kind of best friend is that?" Elizabeth looked at Janie. "He was mine...I need to find him so I can talk to him...I was really rude to him yesterday." Janie chuckled. "Good." Liz smirked. "You are so mean Janie..."

    Elizabeth went through the rest of her day normally, she never saw Nick at his locker, but she knew she could catch him at the end of the day. At the end of the last class for the day, Luke walked Liz to her locker and gave her a hug goodbye. Liz stood by her locker and waited for Nick, when she saw him coming towards her she smiled as he opened his locker she spoke. "Hey, I'm sorry I never got back to you last night...I kinda passed out...forgive me?" Liz leaned her head against the hard locker and smiled at him.
  10. Nick wasn't in the library like normal. Rather than having gone to the library, he stayed behind in one of his classes. He felt that if he went to the library he'd be sought out, and he really wasn't in the mood for. He finally managed to hide his anger for the rest of the day, but once he headed for his locker. He was done. Nick couldn't stand it anymore. "Yeah. It's fine. Like it always is." Nick said with a tone of passive-aggression, grabbing his books and turning to Liz before leaving. "Have a good day." He said with an outrageously fake smile and began heading out of the school and towards his car.
  11. Elizabeth could tell he was pissed and chased after him grabbing his arm and stopping him. "Hey. I really am sorry Nick. You know I would never purposely ignore you, you're my best friend Nick, I'm sorry, I really am." Nick had never been short with her before and he had never been fake with her either. "What's gotten into you? Why are being so angry with me lately? What did I do?" People walked by them in the hall just bumping into them, Elizabeth didn't even notice them, all she saw was Nick, and how hurt he was and she didn't understand why.
  12. Nick began getting hysterical as he spoke. "Are you serious? What's gotten into me?! Nothing's gotten into me. The hell's gotten into you? We USED to be best friends. We haven't talked more than a few sentences in the morning since the semester started. You know that? My faith in you was somewhat renewed yesterday when you asked me to come over. I was legitimately happy. For the first time in a while. I would have the chance to talk to you. Like old times." Nick's eyes began to fill with tears, a couple of them fell. "I'm done with you, Elizabeth. I've tried to keep from being jealous. I actually understood you wanting to have new friends. But they've done nothing but get in between what we used to have. You should go hang out with your actual friends. The ones whom you've preferred to me for the longest." He ripped his arm away and got lost in the crowd of people, running in full force out towards his car. He sunk into the drivers set, pounding his head against the steering will and began hyperventilating as he cried.
  13. Elizabeth starred at him in amazement, as he spoke her eyes filled with tears and began to stream down her face. She had never seen Nick so angry. As he pulled away from her and disappeared down the hall and into the crowd of people, Liz covered her mouth and tears continued to fall down her face. She felt her heart rip in half. Nick was done with her? She had pushed him away when she wasn't even trying to. Janie saw Elizabeth fall to her knees in the middle of the hall and ran towards her wrapping her arms around Liz and holing her. "what the hell happened Liz?" Elizabeth began to sob more and told Janie about hat Nick had said. Janie and Luke ended up driving Liz home that night and staying with her all night. In the morning Liz didn't even bother to shower, she just put her hair in a messy pun and wore sweat pants and a hoodie. When she got to school the next day she took her stuff out of her locker and for the last three days shared a locker with Janie down a different hallway. She was like that for the rest of the week. The last day of school she tried to look nice. Luke never left her side. He walked her to every class and was always with her, so was Janie. The rest of the week was all a blur to Liz.
  14. Nick couldn't say he felt a bit guilty for what he said and what he did. His emotions got the better of him. But was he really sorry for it? He loved Elizabeth. She was his best friend. But the pain of her ignoring him for so long was entirely too much. The last few days of the week, Nick continually contemplated talking to Elizabeth and trying to make things right...but a part of him didn't want to. A part of him was stubborn enough to keep his pride in tact rather than his friendship. It was finally the last day of school. Nick had stayed late in the library, making small talk with the librarian and trying to persuade her to let him borrow a few books. She decided to allow him, thus Nick was walking through the various aisles of books, looking for a few things that would catch his interest.
  15. Elizabeth walked into the library on the last day and returned the last of her text books. She just wanted to get out of here. She walked in and saw Nick in one of the aisles. her eyes instantly filling with tears. The librarian cam up to her and asked if she was okay. Liz just put her books on the counter and left, wiping her eyes. Liz left school right away. She was ready for the summer, ready to get all of this done and over with.

    (Time skip?)
  16. Nick saw Liz as she came in and contemplated running after her, but he knew that he shouldn't. He was still incredibly angry about the entire situation, but wanted to make some sort of peace with his friend. But that wasn't quite it either. He just wanted things back to the way they were. He wanted to go over to Liz's house for days on he'd done summers before. He wanted to stay up all night talking to her; laughing about the stupidest things. He wanted her companionship. But these things couldn't happen now. He had a feeling he'd ruined things. Nick grabbed three fictional books and checked them out and began heading home. Once he was home, Nick stared at his phone for a solid thirty minutes at a text he'd written. "Hey. I'm really sorry for the way I've acted. I just want things to be the way they were...." After deciding whether or not to send it, he deleted it. This is going to be a long Summer.

  17. The summer went by slow at first, after Elizabeth had gotten over everything it went by really fast. she spent a lot of time by herself really. She and Janie were no longer friends because Liz blamed her for a lot of what happened between her and Nick. She still talked to Luke though. He was a nice guy for the most part, at least to Liz. She missed Nick though still and Luke knew that. He never made a pass at her over the entire summer, in fact during the first 2 weekends of summer Liz went to a party at Janie's house and got completely wasted and Luke drove her home and made sure she got to bed okay. He even called the next morning to see if she was okay. He was a good friend, he was starting to become her best friend. It wasn't like it was with Nick, there was never any late night conversations, never any laughing over stupid things just talking on occasions.

    The first day of senior year was tomorrow. Luke had came over at noon and had spent most of the day over at her house. Janie's mom like Luke, he seemed like a nice, but often made comments about how even she missed having Nick around. Luke and Liz sat on her bed watching television and were quiet for the most part until finally Luke spoke. "So do you think you and Janie are going to patch things up?"Liz looked at Luke and chuckled. "No, she was mean to Nick and I never did anything to stop her." Luke nodded slowly. "she misses you though." Elizabeth looked at Luke in disbelief "Really?"
    "Well, yeah, of course she does, you were her best friend. Nick just made her jealous."
    "That's ridiculous, she is a girl, he is a guy. totally different."
    "Not really, you told Nick"
    "Yea so." Elizabeth didn't see what he was trying to get at. "You don't tell me everything." Elizabeth laughed. "Well, do you want me to tell you everything?" Luke smiled. "I wouldn't mind to be honest...but I have different reason then Janie and Nick did." Elizabeth knew what he was talking about. "Luke, I like you okay...but I jut don't want to be a relationship right now." Luke nodded. "I know, that's why I am being the best friend that I can be." Elizabeth smiled. "Thank you for that Luke."

    Elizabeth and Luke hugged and then after another few minutes Luke went home. Elizabeth got ready for bed and woke up early the next morning. She didn't dress to fancy but she made her self look nice. Getting in her car she drove to school and when she got a good morning text from Luke, she didn't really pay to much attention to it. Her locker was going to be next to Nick's again like it was every year. Liz went and put her stuff in her locker, placing pictures from over the summer and over the past few years up in her locker. A few of them were of her and Nick and then some of her and Luke. She didn't keep the pictures of her and Janie, she burned them actually. ​
  18. The first half of the summer was hell for Nick. He was completely by himself in his house. He'd moved out of his parents house his Sophomore year when he'd turned 16 and had been living alone ever since. His sanity was drained as he spent hours on end, alone, inside of his fortress of brick. He lost track of days and nights, his mind going into a state of insomnia. At one point he'd attempted to even end his own life, but had failed. He only left his house to get food and other groceries that were necessary to maintain his hygeine.

    The latter half of the Summer was starting to get better. He'd decided to make a change in his life and went out to join a gym. Nick had managed to get into amazing shape. His free time became centered around exercise and personal physical betterment. However, there was still a hole in Nick's life where he'd practically cut Liz out. She was a part of him as much as either of his arms or legs were. Metaphorically speaking, it'd been a slow process of losing that part of himself, however to end the pain he cut it out himself. Unfortunately, it only made matters worse.

    Then one day while exercising he met a girl named Ashley. They'd talked a bit and even became friends. Their relationship evolved and they went on a few dates. However, their little fling came to an end when she had to return to college. She was visiting her parents in town, but school was starting back soon for her as well, so it was an unfortunate circumstance. While they had a great time together, Nick's mind stayed on Liz. No one could replace her.

    Nick was nervous at the thought of returning to school the next day. How was he going to react to seeing Liz? The idea that Nick was unsure of his reactions was frightening to himself. Regardless, Nick slept well that night and didn't waste his time on thinking about it. The next morning, he showered and got dressed in a blue, grey, an black plaid short-sleeved button-up shirt along with a black tie to match. He slid on a pair of jeans and his lowtop converse. It was semi-formal, but quite casual as well.

    Once he arrived at school, his heart was pounding. He'd arrived earlier than he ever really did. He went to go set up his locker in his usual spot. He took notice that Liz's hadn't even been touched. Maybe she wasn't going to use it this year? Nick wouldn't have been surprised. She probably wanted as little as possible to do with Nick. He'd contemplated sending Liz a text, but decided against it. She doesn't want anything to do with me... He decided and left to go to the library until school started.
  19. Luke met Liz at her locker after everything was in place and walked with her to the library. She already knew what classes she was going to take this semester so she figured she would get her books now and not have to do it later. Elizabeth and Luke walked into the library and they both saw Nick. "He looks good." Luke said as he nudged Liz. "Yea.." Elizabeth only looked at him for a second and then focused back on her books. She knew he din;t want anything to do with her, he had made that clear last year. Luke walked over to Nick and smiled at him. "Hey man, you looked like you worked out over the summer, looks nice. You gonna join any sports teams this year?" Luke didn't care for Nick, simply because f how he treated Elizabeth last year but he knew how Liz felt and told himself he would try to like him for her. Elizabeth just watched from afar, she didn't want to upset Nick. She had done enough of that last year.

    Janie walked in with a few other girls and smiled at Liz and waved. Elizabeth could tell Janie missed her but Liz ignored her and kept watching the conversation between Luke and Nick.
  20. "Yeah. I had to have something to take up my free time. I don't know about sports though. It's already senior year man. I think it's a bit too late." He said, marking his spot in the book he was reading. Nick made eye contact with Liz for a few seconds. His heart skipped a beat and forced himself to look away. I need to do something.... I can't just ignore her all year...but this is entirely too soon for me. I don't think I could handle a conversation with her without breaking down. Fuck.... I just want what we had back. It's too late for that though. I fucked everything up.

    The bell interrupted Luke and Nick's conversation. "Well. Nice to see you." Nick got up and walked passed Liz, unable to make eye contact, and made his way into his first class.
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