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    Return of the Dragon Tamers

    The Plague of Ogual
    The time has come for the dragons and the humans to join forces once again...

    Plot (open)

    There is a dark plague spreading across the lands; tainting the minds of man and beast alike, making them rabid and feral. The plague could only be the work of one: Ogual, a dark, evil man bent on using dragons for destruction rather than protection. For thousands of years he lay in hiding but now, years later, during a major shift in civilization he has finally chosen to strike. The world will fall to him if no one steps up to defend it.

    The descendant of the Dragon Lords of old was summoned when he turned 5 years old. His parents took him deep into the basements of their family estate and where he met the oracle. Though he looked like nothing more than an old, travelled man, he had great wisdoms of the higher events converging on the world. It was that night, so long ago that Merrik recieved a black egg, the size of a football. He was told to protect the egg for a year and to talk to it and become friends with it for when it hatched he would greet a life long friend, and through the conversations shared while in its egg, the drake would hatch knowing all there was to know about him.

    Together they would train and grow, sharpening their minds and physical abilities for in 20 years the oracle would return to set them with a task that would change the world.
    Plot (open)
    Plot (open)


    20 years later.
    Merrik stood in the dusty underground chamber he first visited as a child. His dragon stood at his side, neck craned over to fit in the human sized room. He was a majestic, massive beast, standing an impressive 18 feet tall, with a wingspan of 30 Ft. The two waited patiently for the witching hour to arrive. At the moment it did; an orb of green light appeared in the center of the room, from it an old man appeared; the oracle.

    Merrik bowed his head in respect for the man, Obsidian Nova doing the same. "Oracle, you have returned, what is my task?"

    "Young Merrik, and Obsidian Nova, the time has come for you to fulfill your destiny. The world is falling into shadows and a great plague sweeps the lands. It is time for the dragon tamers to rise again, the dragons must return to these lands. You will find these people; their destinies already in motion, and bring them together with their dragons. The eggs I will give you today are due to hatch in a few hours; raise them to adulthood and prepare them to bond. With this new order of Tamers you will combat the great plague and eventually Ogual himself. Do no fail, for this planet will fall to darkness if you do."

    With that he disappeared. A strange chill rushed over Merrik and he suddenly knew felt a rush of purpose flow through him, it was like all his questions had been answered and he knew what needed to be done. He would not fail.


    2 years later.
    The time had come. Merrik had gather a group of people to become dragon tamers; he did not know what led him to choose them, but he instincts told him he had chosen correctly. They were now in a large coliseum in the woods on his estate. The recruits stood in the center, staring at the large doors that lined the walls. The eggs that Merrik had received two years ago were now hatched, young dragons. Together with Obsidian Nova, he had taught them ho to fly, how to breath fire, and the basics behind bonding. Today was the day they would choose their tamers. The question was: would the tamers be able to gain the trust of the dragons? It would not be easy as the dragons would test them; establish their worthiness both physically and mentally. He hope deeply he had chosen correctly, if even one dragon did not bond it would be at risk for being affected by the plague... and a rabid dragon was NOT a force to be reckoned with.

    "Well, here we go. IS EVERYONE READY?" He shouted down from his place on Obsidian Nova's back, high in the air above the coliseum. "I'm releasing the dragons; be swift, be sure, and be sincere. Now on your guard!"

    Welcome to Illos (open)
    Welcome to Illos (open)
    Welcome to Illos (open)

    Welcome to Illos.

    The great continent of Illos is known well across the world as the land of origins; it is believed to be the spawning grounds of all life. As the great lands of old began to shift, all other continents broke off and drifted away from Illos, but the great land mass did not move; it was as if it was anchored by some invisible, powerful hold.

    Vast geographical diversity allowed for many creatures to thrive and evolve. Filled with usual creatures, the powerful hoofed steeds, the howling canines and stealthy cats, but there is a magic in this land that fuelled the evolution of colonies of unusual creatures not found in the rest of the world. Great winged drakes, charcoal souled humanoids, clashes of species offering wings and paws to their offspring. Yes, Illos is an enchanting land indeed, filled with wonder and spectacles beyond one's imagination, but with great magic comes great evil sulking in the shadows, tailing the progression of the land. These shadows now grow stronger, and a great evil rears in preparation to strike.
    Sylvis (open)

    Sylvis was once the land of the high elves of the old days. Many millennia ago the fleet footed humanoids wove magic into the young forest with their eerie songs, ghostly wisps of this old magic still dances across the thick-wooded landscape. The great Bohdra mountain range worked as a divider from the rest of civilization, leaving the elves to manipulate the land in whatever way they chose. There is a mysterious island off the western coast that, on nights when the colors of the north dance about the skies, has been said to provide illusions to any weary travellers journeying along the coast. There is a small town nestled in to southern edge of the rolling hills named for the eerie melodic projections that can be heard from the deep woods of the island. Song Town has birthed many philosophers and adventurers who seek to truth behind the mysterious island dubbed Origin, none have succeeded and so the great wonder lives on.

    Within the ancient mountains that separate this great country lies the Lunate Monastery. It's monks have devoted their lives to studying the ancient teaching and writings of the elves. Their halls contain ancient script held in secret from the eyes and minds of outsiders. But they have always provided refuge and aid to those involved in The Path.

    As the lands began to darken under the whispers of a great evil sweeping the land, myth and legend and lore soon became a reality as a great evil lord took hold of the once great city of Kuhl. A shroud of evil and illness hovers about the eastern edge of Sylvis, but with each cycle of the moon, that shroud thickens and stirs, drawing ever nearer its urge to drown the land in its darkness.

    To the south, in the shallow shores of the great sea, lay a cluster of islands no longer traversed by man. There are tales of witchery and trick magic filling the grassy plains of the Forgotten Islands and the rumours of an old tribe of dark magic users strike enough fear into potential visitors that their geography has long since been forgotten. Only a few brave travellers from the town of Deltan are said to know the ways about these eerie lands.

    In the thick of the great Ancient Woods lies a grand estate, once built by a philosopher and adventurer named Merrikhai Tetra. Few enter the thick woods of eastern Syvlis as many have been known to enter without return or to wander for months before finding themselves in the very place they entered. Elven magic still lingers in the trees that cover these grounds; it is legend that the Tetra family descended from the ancient elven house of Tereltra Kuvana and that they family never left the lands, but instead, many years ago, a son, positioned as heir to the house, fell in love with a human woman. By offering his heart and soul to the maiden, he gave up his magic and immortality. They lived a long and fulfilled life, bearing many children. Nearly 20 generations later, the birth of Merrikhai was announced. The first great dragonlord spent the entirety of his life expanding his mind and skills and developing a safe haven for the great drakes, along with Cosmaur Sarpe, the king of the nightmares whom he met on a journey to ponder a distant illness he felt within the air in the Bohdra Mountains.

    Galidus (open)

    Since the formation of these lands the northern edge of Galidus has been frozen in an everlasting freeze. It is this everlasting winter that bestowed the country's name. The icy mountain range in the frozen region harbours a deep, unexplored cave, unreachable on foot. Legends say there are great hordes of treasure, stored by the beasts that lie deep within the gemstone caves. Across the vast valley that separates the peaks lies the sister monastery to the Temple of the Moon in the southern Bohdra Mountains of Calidar.
    Vast plains clothe the mid and southern regions of Galidus, where winds and large tornado storms sweep the grassy lands all the year round in effect of the warm air sweeping down off the moutains in the west and colliding with the cool air drifting off the lakes. Nomad settlements dapple the landscape, offering rest and refuge to less experienced travellers trekking across the great prairie.
    On the southern boarder lies the largest trade post in all of Illos, offering a treaty of exchange between two once feuding countries in the days when war cloaked the lands. To the north, there is a dead zone of land, once thriving and vibrant, surrounding the now fallen city of Otamur. A great king once sat at the throne, ruling over the country until the dark lord swept in with a dark plague. The once majestic lands quickly dissolved under the toxic magicks, the proud herds of stallions who offered their aid to the king and his men fell rabid and could no longer be controlled or of any assistance in the fight against the dark lord. Without a mere steed to aid in the fight, the king's army stood no chance on foot and quickly fell to Ogual's crooked hand. None but the bravest trek into those lands anymore, even the nearby villages and towns have grown desolate and empty as the citizens each packed up their lives and set on their way to escape the vile air that thickened in their lungs and took their children's young lives. Many were overcome by the evil illness and became shells of men, no more than mindless, vicious beasts who stalk the land and prey on anything with blood flowing through its veins, be it beast of the land or air or a loved one, now forgotten.
    Far in the south, in the warm water bay that lay nestled between countries, lays an island, once greatly known and respected by all. It was the resting place for the dragons and their tamers of old. Utilized after long journeys across the vast oceans, the piece of land was honoured for it symbolized the return of the protectors the Illos. At one time, a portion of the Kuva Tribe took homage on the island and appointed themselves servants of the Order. They build a great resting place and stalked the island with herds of beasts as prey for the scaled kings. It's meadows once smelled of the scent of a thousand rare flowers and the sap of ancient trees sparkled like precious stones with each new sunrise. But as the days changed and the time of the tamers passed, the island slowly lost its aura of greatness, and the Kuva Tribe recalled their positions as less and less traffic fell upon the resting place. Now, there are but mere ruins of the ancient resting place; though the structural beauty will forever lie in sleep, there to be looked upon any who wish to wade through the waters of the bay and climb the cliffs to experience the ghostly memories of a proud, noble time.

    Calidar (open)

    The warmest of the three countries, Calidar's thick wooded forests are humid and filled with life. Most untouched by the effects of the dark lord, one could pretend there was no danger filling the land, for all seems well and untouched. The third precious monastery of Illos lies within the treacherous peaks of the southern Bohdra Mountain Range. Down the slopes and to the east, lies a peaceful town on the edge of Mystic Lake. Those who get the chance to visit this dear settlement will leave with the most awe-inspiring memories, for the people of Mystic Lake Town have chosen to return to the past, building their halls in the image of the elven lords of the northern forest. They do not consume flesh, for this would be considered an insult to the great creator, but they keep vast herds of magical beasts as companions and guardians of the pristine lake. For the lake itself in a pool of strong magical essence. It is thought that Mystic Lake is the anchor that kept the continent of Illos in its place while the rest of the world split off and journied away. Any who would step foot in these waters would struggle to argue with this old tale for there is magic to be felt all about the tides.

    The island to the south is the homeland of the ancient Kuva Tribe which still flourishes to this day. They are keepers of the old ways, holders of secrets long since forgotten by the new world, and guardians of the Silent Mountains. Lore tells that it is to these peaks, that the dragons of old would journey to when their time had come to an end. It is the burial place of the tamers and their draconic counterparts, and is considered by many to be the most sacred land, most highly offended by those who do not have a sliver of respect in their hearts. The Kuva Tribe have zero tolerance for trespassers, and only the most highly worthy may enter onto the sacred island. Within the Silent Mountains, lie the graves of each member of the ancient Order. And they shall not be disturbed by man, or time, or fate. Each year on the Festival of Fire, people from all over the continent travel to the shores of Calidar, to the twin cities of Arinar and Freya, and release burning boats filled with offerings, to drift to the island in respect for the fallen protectors of Illos.

    The Dragons (open)

    The Dragons

    A detailed list of dragon species to choose from may be found here, on my roleplay information website:

    Note: There is only one dragon of each species, therefore, first come first serve.
    The Dragons (open)
    The Dragons (open)

    The following dragons have been claimed:
    Black - Nightmare
    Pewter - Lunar
    Brown - Mountain
    Pink - Regeneration
    Orange - Solar
    Gold - Intellect
    Silver - Atmosphere
    Blue - Deep Sea
    Iron - Noble
    Green - Forest
    Pearl - Dream
    Red - Inferno
    Platinum - Arcane

    Available Dragons:

    Tan - Desert
    Yellow - Lightning
    Amethyst - Vanity
    Rainbow - Jungle


    • 1.a. General
      1.b. Posting
      1.c. Absence/Inactivity
      1.d. Interactions
      1.e. Gameplay
      1.f. GMs

    • I don't have many rules and the ones I do have are basic and meant only to avoid conflict and unease in my roleplays.

      +No god-modding: This will get you warned and potentially removed from the roleplay if you choose to ignore my warnings
      +No "Perfect" Characters: None of us are gods, and even the gods have flaws so it wouldn't matter if we were. I expect your characters to be human. Mainly because they are human. They are not perfect tamers, they are not legends (yet), they are not gurus, they are not yoda's at swordplay. They are human. They may be good, but they'll never be perfect.
      +If you're unsure about details, ask me. If I find a post that goes completely against what's happening or is an attempt to create a new section of the RP that I haven't even heard of, I'll likely make you remove it.
      +This is not an open world roleplay. There is a plot. We will be focusing on said plot. We'll make it our own along the way, but this is certainly a Point A to Point B kinda thing, though we might visit a few other letters of the alphabet on the way.
      +No mutiny. I love you all dearly, don't betray me :3

      +Most importantly
      [rainbow]HAVE FUN. I love you all. [/rainbow]

    • +I expect at minimum of two well written paragraphs consisting of 6-10 sentences each. There is no limit on the other end of the spectrum.
      +I understand that grammar and spelling won't always be used perfectly, I myself, am victim to occasional over use of commas, and verb tense agreement, and a number of other grammatical vices, but I expect you to know whether you should be using "their", "there", or "they're".
      +I don't have a posting order because I understand that sometime people get into conversations with other players that would take weeks to finish if they always had to wait their turn to post. I'm going to assume you're all nice people and have fair judgement. "Leave no one behind!"

    • +I typically give a one week window for every one to get their posts in for a certain "scene" before we move on. I find it to be reasonable to assume that you all have enough time in one week to make a post.
      +If you're inactive for 3 weeks without any notification prior to said inactivity, it will be assumed that you've dropped this role play and your character will have a heroic death and will be greatly missed.
      +An informed hiatus, however is perfectly fine and as long as you tell me a general estimate of your time back, your spot will be saved, so long as you return when you said you were going to.

    • +I greatly encourage interactions between characters as well as relationship building. But please, and I mean please do not lock another player in an interaction with you and then disappear for 2 weeks. It's rude and it's no fun for the others.
      +That being said, I, as GM, give my players permission to use neutral statements on your character's behalf in the case of a character lock. "Neutral Statements" being things like "The two conversed for a while and then parted ways." or "She noticed his mind was elsewhere and she decided it was time to take her leave." These statements must not imply any alterations in the absent player's character, their appearance, their personality, or any of aspect of them. They must be neutral.
      +Intimacy is fine, encouraged to a degree, and expected. Please keep it simple and no more than high PG. This is a fantasy RP, not a "mature" roleplay.

    • A few things on how I expect you to conduct yourselves in this roleplay.

      +No progression preventing rebellion. Yes, yes I understand you all want to be unique and "no chains can hold me!" but let's be real. These dragons are wise beings who were raised to be mature and mindful of their duties. They were raised well. You may not have been, but that doesn't mean your dragon is going to fly off with you to burn down your childhood bully's house. I won't step in unless I direly need to. Let's hope I don't need to.
      +You're not the Dewey Cocks of dragon taming. You don't understand magic the first time you try it. You can't do a loop-the-loop after a week of flying. You don't know how the land this thing. Give it time, your character will learn at a humanly pace.
      +Merrik is the boss. If you don't like it, don't RP here. I'm sorry, but I have a wonderful plot planned out for you guys with enough excitement that there should be no reason for you to have to rebel and get into a drunken fist fight with Merrik because he's a Dragonlord and you're not. No, you don't get to do what you want, when you want. Merrik won't let you burn down the stables. He won't let you skip your training for a week. He won't let you tell him to fuck off. .. Okay, everyone is probably going to tell him to fuck off at least once. So that's okay.
      +While your dragons are wholly yours to mold as characters, please respect their prewritten past of being raised and trained by Obsidian Nova and Merrik. No, none of them hate Nova and want him dead. No, none of them think Merrik is a joke. All these dragon's were chosen as eggs thousands of years ago to be the bringers of the new order. They have their shit together ;)

    • Respect me, talk to me, don't hesitate to ask me questions or share ideas and opinions.

      Erranruin is my right hand maiden. Respect the Lady of Dragons.

    Character Sheets

    • Name:
      Bonded Ability:
      Dragon Name:
      Dragon Gender:
      Dragon Species:
      Dragon Personality:
      Dragon Strengths:
      Dragon Weaknesses:
    • Pretty straightforward. Try not to make names that are similar to other characters to avoid confusion.]
    • Minimum of 18 for characters please, gender is pretty self explanatory.
    • If you look at the maps above, you may select any of the towns or cities to be your hometown. The only exceptions are the temples, Origin Island, the forgotten isles, etc. Stick to the mainland towns and cities.
    • Appearance is pretty straightforward. Though I will say; for female characters, there will be no armoured bikinis or any other lack of clothing. This is an army and if you think Merrik is going to let you prance around in your skivvies then you clearly don't know Mr. Tetra. Personality is completely open of course.
    • Again, open game, create what character you want to. However, if you add an event into your bio that conflicts with the plot or the lore in any way I may ask you to change it. For example, your parents did not get the disease and then miraculously recover. That doesn't happen. I'm sure you'll all fair pretty well here though, so hopefully there's no problems.
    • Mandatory for you character, optional for your dragon. This is to ensure that we all remember we're playing human characters. Nobody is perfect but we love you anyways :3
    • Feel free to form pre-existing ones, but I expect an acceptable back-story on how it formed. You may also choose to list family members, childhood pets, whatever you'd like :)
    • You are to choose a handful of traits that your character has in his or her arsenal. These can be things like archery, dual wielding, acrobatics, quick wits, strength, stealth, etc. If I think you're going overboard and maxing out your character you'll be receiving a pm of kind suggestion for changes to be made :)
    • The way bonding abilities work is as such:
      When you bond with your dragon, you gain access to the mana within their soul.
      Your bond instils in you a single magical ability that is unique to your dragon species.
      This is not the same as draconic magick which all bonded tamers have. (will be discussed later)
      Your bonded ability must be either A: an adapted version of one of your dragon's three abilities, or B: a made up ability to be approved by me which relates to your dragon's element or species.
      You will have no idea how to use this when you first complete the bond. In due time my lovelies.
    • You may name your dragon, you may choose your dragon's sex.

      You may not make up your own dragon breed.

      You may select one of the available dragons from the site listed in the first tab. I try to keep the site updated but always double check on availability.

      You may create a unique personality for your dragon.

      I ask that you include and build around the traits given to the species as that is a part of your choice in species; the dragon's personality.
      ex)A deep sea dragon (blue) looks down on humans in general. You may have a blue dragon which has a highly judgemental personality, yet your dragon does not like that it's so judgement and constantly tries to remind itself to look at things from an other's perspective.
      ex) An inferno dragon naturally has a short fuse and sporadic temper. You, may choose the red dragon and build it to be a calm dragon with a specific trigger that sets off its anger. Something like improper grammar or tardiness.

      You can find breed images, descriptions and abilities on the site I've provided a link to. Yes, some of the images don't match the description. The description holds precedence over the image, feel free to PM me to clarify details.

      You may add a physical mutation to your dragon if you choose, but you will consult me in this as it must be a minor change and must be fully explained and reasonable. PM me for more info and approval.

      Your dragon is 2. Yes, 2. Deal with it.

      Link to dragon section of my RP info storage site:

    My CS (open)

    My CS (open)
    My CS (open)

    ☽Merrik Tetra☾


    ☩Home Town☩
    Tetra Estate

    Above everything, Merrik can be seen as a dedicated man. He's given up his entire life to serve this cause, to protect Illos from a great danger that slowly creeps closer with each full moon. At 5 years old, Merrik was torn from a life of relative normality and thrown into a life of vigorous training and study. He gave up his chances of friendship and love, knowing only his sister, beloved parents, and the various workers about the estate. He has never complained, even as a child. His parent's raised him to know full well what responsibility was and the importance of it. And so he left behind his life as a carefree, innocent child and took on a life of seclusion. Keeping only the company of his beloved dragon and family, Merrik trained, for one day he would be the leader of a great movement for the liberty of all of Illos.


    Merrik's father was a noble man by nature and by nurture, he expected many things from Merrik as he grew but some things were taken more seriously than others. Methias Tetra lived by a strong moral code which he instilled into his children, one of honor, one of a true heart, and most of all, one of loyalty: loyalty to your family, loyalty to your comrades, and loyalty to your leaders. Betrayal was not an option, letting down was not an action, and abandonment was not a possibility. Merrik was raised to die for those he loved and therefore, to choose carefully to whom he offered his loyalty. Once he has given you his word that he will stand by your side, those words will ring true until his last breath.


    Growing up in the manner which he did, Merrik's chances at bonding with children his age and after a few years he felt no connection with them at all. By the time Merrik reached the age of 10, he could not stand to listen to the childish ramblings of his peers and preferred the company of his draconic companion over that of any human. He grew up close to his family by closer to Obsidian Nova. The weight of his responsibilities quickly severed his close relationship with his younger sister as he found less and less time to play in the meadows of the estate with her. As Merrik grew into a young man, then an adult he never truly reclaimed his place beside those of his own kind, still preferring the thoughts and presence of dragons above other humans. He doesn't relate to others as he should, he doesn't have tales of past relationships or summer trips with friends. He has training, he has knowledge, he has responsibility. The price he paid for his calling.

    +Calm & Collected+

    Years of training his mind with Obsidian Nova has carried him to an elite level of meditative control over his mind. He does not "freak out", he does not "lose his cool", he does not lose his temper.... easily.

    Methias Tetra was born of the bloodline of legends, the heir to the dragonlords of old. He knew all the stories, all the tales, all the facts. He knew that the dragons had died out before his own father's time. A childish, never seen or heard part of him envied his ancestors and cursed his time of birth. The stories told of magnificent scaled beasts bonded to the very souls of their tamers. Man and drake in an ancient treaty of peace, bound by the essence of their being. Methias studied every piece of writing in the great libraries of the Tetra Estate, quickly gaining an indepth understanding of dragons and the Order of old. He never thought he would have a use for this knowledge but to pass it down to his children.

    At the age of 19 Methias met his future wife in a tavern while visiting relatives in Espella. She wore the clothes of a commoner but conducted herself with nobility. She bumped in to his amidst the excitement of the packed bar and when she looked up with blue eyes from behind long, brown locks to apologize, Methias fell in love. He asked for her name and bought her a drink, the rest was history. She didn't seem at all phased by his bloodline nor was she any more inclined to stay with him simply because of his family's wealth or title. She loved him deeply and truly, never caring about a thing besides his hand in her and the hope of reaching a ripe age with the man she loved so dearly.
    One day, Sephira came to him speaking of changes within her body. It would soon become known that their first child, a boy would make his arrival 9 months later. Life went about as it normally would for a young couple expecting their first child. The nursery was set up, the midwife arranged, the house readjusted to encourage the safety of the child. Methias had almost forgotten who he was in all the hustle and bustle of the pregnancy. But one night, he would be reminded of what blood ran through his veins and find his role in one of the greatest legends the world has known.

    The Oracle first appeared to Methias in the woods that bordered the estate only 3 months before the expected arrival of his son. Methias thought an old man, senile with age, had wandered off from one of the southern paths and found himself lost. But when Methias approached the old man, a rush of energy poured over him and suddenly he did not fear for the man's safety, but for his own. He looked into the eyes of the lost elder and saw that his irises shifted color, from blue to green to purple to yellow to red to brown to orange. And with each shift, he thought he saw a different reflection, not of his own appearance but of a great cities, crying children, singing choirs, silent forests.

    Methias could not understand what stood before him, but it was not of these lands. He asked then, what the old man wanted, what he was doing here and what dark magic possessed him for Methias had seen many far away places in those ever changing eyes and knew in his heart that old magic coursed through this man's veins.

    That was the day Methias Tetra was told of his not-yet-born son's future calling. That was the day Methias was told of his duty to his ancestors and to the Order of old. In 3 full moons, a boy would be born with the blood of the dragonlords in his veins. The boy would grow; he would grow strong and healthy and smart. Methias was to teach him of his heritage, teach him of duty, of honor, of loyalty for one day the little boy would be thrust into a world where disloyalty to one's cause could decimate lands and end eras. 5 years from the day the boy was born, Methias was to bring him to the deepest room in the estate and there, the Oracle would appear and assign him his task, which would be great. The old man said little more, and left Methias confused and concerned, but certain on the truth of the mysterious visitor's words.

    When he told Sephira about the old man, he found that she accepted the wild tale quite easily. She said she knew she was carrying a child who's heart beat in line with a great fate. She knew she carried a strong blood within her womb and that the child would do great things. It had come to her in a dream where she soared across the lands, seeing forest, cities, joy, fear, loss, love, and every other manner of humanity and a faceless voice told her she carried within her, a change in the world. She carried the blood of legends. And she would nurture and raise up a boy who would one day lead a saving force across the lands.

    That night, neither of them slept for their minds were filled with awe and dire concern for their future. Their lives had changed from normal to abnormal in a few days and they did not know if they were prepared for what may come.

    When the child was born, he would be named Merrik, after a great ancestor, Merrikhai Tetra. The child had bright eyes and a smile gifted by the sun. Sephira and Methias could not have been more proud and anxious to continue their lives as new parents. But neither could they forget the day the man with the curious eyes arrived at the edge of their property. And so they raised Merrik with love and with support. They raised him to be strong and to be true. And on his birthday, 5 years later, they took him to the deepest cellar in the estate at an ungodly hour and waited in silence.

    The room would light up with a strange green glow. The man with the curious eyes would appear through no physical entrance, and would reveal himself to be an oracle of the ancient energy that coursed through these lands. He carried in his arms a dark stone, covered in smooth scales, as dark as obsidian and too hot to touch. But when a young Merrik stepped forward to receive the stone offered to him, burns did not appear on his hands, and the weight of the stone did not apply. The boy looked at the stone, wondering what it could be and why it was for him. Then, from some unknown place in his mind came a voice. The voice asked his name, which he gave and asked for its name in return. The voice said it was called Obdisian Nova; light within the void, and that he and Merrik were to be great friends and companions for the rest of his life.

    Merrik smiled, not knowing that his life had just changed, not knowing that the stone he held was an egg, and within the egg lay a dragonling, a creature of the past. Merrik did not know that this dragon would take the place of his friends, of his connection with humanity. He did not know the weight of the burden that had been placed on his shoulder, he did not know that his life had but one purpose now: to train and to learn. He would be a great leader one day, but he did not know. He would form a new order of legends one day, but he did not know. He would lead an army one day, but he did not know. What he did know, was that he and Obsidian Nova had a connection like nothing he had ever felt before. He knew with every ounce of his being that Nova was the same as him, that they were one. And together, as one, they could do anything.


    As Merrik grew, he excelled in all his training and teachings; with no friends to distract him and Obsidian Nova as wrapped up in their lessons as he was, he had little to focus on apart from his work. His father taught him everything he knew about the dragons and the Order of old. He familiarized the young boy with the vast library that held all the scrolls, journals, notes, letters, books and legends written by or for the ancient order. Within the walls of the library was a priceless collection of knowledge that had served Mathias well and would serve Merrik as he grew. Mathias was well trained in the way of the sword, his own father insisting that any man of nobility should wield a sword as well as any soldier; he believed that one's class should not affect his ability to take care of himself in times of war. No Tetra would be caught being pampered and tended to when their bodies could still serve them.
    Swordsmanship, hand to hand combat, draconic anatomy, history, and eventually magic, Mathias filled his son with abilities and knowledge. He felt he had finally found a reason for his name, for his blood. He was raising the first dragonlord of the new order, and nothing could have made him more proud.

    While Mathias instilled skills, Sephira worked to instill love and compassion into her son's heart. When she gave birth to her second child, Merrik's younger sister Terria, she found herself working constantly to give the girl a more fulfilling life than the isolated, disciplined one her brother had been given. Merrik spent many days wishing he and Nova could end their studies for the day and go out and play with Terria in the meadow, but his father would not have it.

    And so he grew. He grew from a boy into a gangly teenager and then into a man. His body matured, his muscles lining his body, his eyes dark with dedication and determination. At his side, Obsidian Nova grew from a hatchling to a yearling to a young dragon to a fierce mature drake. The two were best friends, that never changed from the day Merrik first received that black egg in the deepest parts of the cellar. Without Nova, Merrik would have given up on his destiny long ago, for in a lonely world of hard training and constant streams of knowledge rushing into his mind, the nightmare drake was his only refuge.

    When Merrik turned 20, he said goodbye to his sister. She was leaving to find her own place, to gain her own experiences, her own knowledge. To Merrik's surprise, the day he said goodbye to his sister was the day he said goodbye to his parents. The night of Terria's departure, Merrik heard his parents' footsteps trailing down the stairs. Creeping out of bed, he silently followed them down to the deepest cellar of the manor. From beneath the closed door he saw an eerie green glow and heard his parents conversing with what sounded to be an old man. Was this the Oracle that his father had told him about? The man that had once changed Merrik's life with the offering of a dark stone?

    Suddenly, the door opened and an old man with the most unusual eyes looked at him. "Your parents are leaving now Merrik. They have fulfilled their duties and now they must come away with me to a place where they'll be safe. You will miss them, but know that they are in danger if they stay. Continue your training, continue growing stronger. I will return for you in 4 years."

    There was no explanation for what Merrik felt; while the situation was upsetting, something about the man's gaze told him all was as it should be, and his heart did not hurt as badly as he anticipated.

    For the next four years Obsidian Nova was Merrik's lifeline. His isolation was climaxed as he trained and honed his mind, interacting with other humans only when he made trips to purchase supplies from tradesmen or from shops in the distant towns and cities. He changed more than he had in his entire life, though clung to the light that Nova brought out in him.

    Four years later, a few months before his birthday he had a dream. In this dream he was told to be in the deepest cellar at 3 hours past midnight to meet the Oracle. And so he went.

    That was the day Merrik learned the truth behind his life, behind his upbringing, behind his destiny. That was the night he truly became a Dragonlord. The Oracle told him of a dire evil that swept the lands, though Merrik had already heard rumors of a darkness engulfing the eastern lands of the Bohdra Mountains. He was given a mission and he was given a clutch of dragons eggs, each a different color, each with a different texture. The emotions that rushed over him from the mind and heart of Obsidian Nova were impossible to replicate for the drake had lived his life believing he was the last of his kind, the last of the dragons. Merrik felt, for the first time in his life, like he had a purpose, a definite mission, a destination to his lifelong journey of training and growing.

    That night, he knew what he had to do. He would raise the hatchlings contained within the eggs. Together with Nova, he would raise up the young dragons into majestic young drakes and when the time was right, he would seek out those who were destined to bond with the souls of the drakes. He would form an army. He would form the New Order. He would severe the dark tendrils of the plague that grew in the East, and he would kill Ogual. Everything was as it should be. Everything would be as it was meant to be.



    +Courage And Honor+
    Merrik was raised with great courage and honor instilled into him. His mother taught him that being brave was one of the hardest things to do and yet, the most rewarding. Merrik grew up immersed in the legends and tales of his ancestors and their fellow tamers, he made it his personal prerogative to live up to the standards set by the heroes of old. His father taught him honor, for a man's honor is worth more than the finest gold currency.

    +Swordsmanship & Hand to Hand Combat+

    Trained rather than raised, Merrik was brought up to be a warrior, though he did not know why for most of his life. He was an accomplished swordsman and fighter by the time he hit his teenaged years, and continued to excel, though at a much slower rate, through into young adulthood. Few can meet his standards in spar. He suffered many injuries through out his years of training, but the injuries gave him initiative to never endure those pains again.


    Merrik learned quickly that acting rashly was a severe mistake, both in battle and in study, he learned that often times the best offence is a formidable defence. He has no difficulty biding his time and takes great care in formulating the best plan of action for any situation he is faced with. "A leader must know when to speak, when to act, and when to wait. Haste has lost many wars."-Mathias Tetra.

    Years spent confined to the family libraries, Merrik has gained a vast amount of knowledge about the land, of war, of dragons and tamers, of magics, and evil. The Oracle stressed to his parents that knowledge was more important for his future than any amount of physical training. Merrik may be good at fighting, but his true talent lies within his mind..
    +Experience as a Tamer+

    Born and raised into a family who's name was established by the presence of dragons, Merrik is more at home with his place as a tamer than he is anything else. Being on Nova's back, hundreds of feet in the air is no more complicated than being on his own two feet. The mana coursing through his veins is as natural now as his own blood. His bond with Obsidian Nova has become his lifeline, his normality, his sanity.


    Though not often visible, the decades of isolation Merrik experienced has left him with an internal struggle over his humanity. He puts up a good front, but he rarely feels like he belongs around those of his own kind. Each time he finds himself in the tavern, drinking to dim the blaze of thoughts that constantly tear about in his mind, he finds himself looking around at all the people. He hears them talking about work, normal jobs that everyone has, he hears them speak of their spouses, their children, bills, gossip, plans for trips, and he cannot relate.

    He has nothing in common with the people around him, he has never been in a relationship with a girl beyond bedding the occasional maiden after a drunken night. He pays little attention to socializing with the women he does bed, and leaves at the first light of day, having no interest in their meaningless ramblings about their neighbors who have nicer garden than they do or their ex husbands that are now with ugly wenches. Merrik even gets to the point, at times, where he loses his urge to fulfil his needs as a man because it's so difficult for him to be in such settings to meet women.

    On the outside, Merrik seems normal, he is charismatic, intelligent, and can put up a front to appear sociable. But inside, he is lost without his family, the few people he did trust and know, and he is empty being so far from Nova who waits deep within the woods for Merrik, away from prying eyes. This experience with the new tamers will be a difficult, but amazing opportunity for Merrik to find his place among man again.


    His father's OCD habits in his training worked their way into Merrik's personality and his naturally keen eye for details elevated into an obsession. If he mixes a burn heal and it turns out to be a slight shade darker than it should, it is not acceptable and must be remade. If the angle of an aerial dive is off by a few degrees, it needs to be practised again and again until perfection is achieved. Merrik has unusually high standards and is too stubborn to allow himself to fall below the bar he set for himself. Lucky for those around him, this obsessive attitude in almost entirely self directed, though if given the opportunity, he would help anyone achieve perfection.

    Because of Merrik's obsession with perfection, he has a tendancy to over do his training. There have been many days where Nova has had to use his flame to heat the steel of Merrik's sword to a point of non-handling just to get Merrik to stop trying to perfect a backspin slash. Lucky for Merrik, Nova knows his limits just as well as the drake knows his own and has served as a mediator and line-drawer for the length of their companionship.

    +Muscle Pains+

    After 2 decades of extensive training, it only makes sense that a man may have sustained injuries. Merrik is no exception. He has over done it a time or two before his body was fully healed from an injury and the result is chronic pains in his left shoulder muscle and right leg when he pushes himself beyond his limit. The pain does not affect him at all times, rather makes itself apparent when Merrik has surpassed his body's threshold for the day. Once the pains set in, they are not so quick to leave. Because of this, Merrik has to pay special mind to the extent and length of his training session.


    ☩Skills & Abilities☩

    +Swordsmanship and Hand to Hand Combat+
    Merrik has spent almost his entire life training to be a soldier, though he may not have known it at first. He is highly skilled in two-handed swordsmanship and won't likely lose a bare fight.


    Merrik was well educated on the history of Illos, the Order of old, draconic anatomy, magics, potionmaking, and a wide variety of other subjects. His mind is his best weapon and he will gladly share his knowledge with any willing to learn.

    +Aerial Abilities+

    Years of training with Obsidian Nova and more hours in the sky than he can count have left him with a second nature in flight.

    +High Intermediate Magic Use+

    While Merrik has been using draconic magicks for many years, the complex art is still difficult for him to control. He has many more hundreds of years of work to master his abilities, but as far as relative ability goes, he is advanced. He does not use the mana he possesses lightly, for he knows full well that each drop of mana he draws from the bond is a drop of Obsidian Nova's life source, and in return, his own, being drained. He always allows at least a week of recuperation for himself and his dragon before attempting another session.

    ☩Bonded Ability☩

    His bond with Obsidian Nova, a nightmare dragon, instilled upon him a curious ability to control the darkness that fills the spaces between matter. Much like Nova, he summons the dark plasma and can contort and control it to be used as a weapon or means of distraction or containment. Even for a nightmare drake this is a dangerous plane of existence to meddle with and so very rarely can either be seen harnessing this hellish power outside of private training and war.


    Obsidian Nova, his soulmate of 21 years.
    Mathias and Sephira Tetra, loving father and mother.
    Terria Tetra, beloved younger sister.


    Obsidian Nova

    Descendant of Cosmaur Sarpe




    Nightmare Dragon

    ☩Species Description☩
    A Black dragon is a beast of the night, of the darkness itself. They are large, sleek dragons with noble features and extreme muscle definition. Their wings are powerful and thin, allowing for quick maneuvers and bursts of speed. Eyes as red as blood and black fangs that slice like razors, any who find themselves prey of these ancient drakes hold no hope of escape. These shadowy beasts were rare during the time of man, as they were nearly driven to extinction in the old times when they were hunted and slain by the people who believed them to be demons sent up by the devil. Long, long ago, before the old order had formed, the first drake offered up its soul to a human to form an alliance between the two races. Cosmaur Sarpe and Merrikhai Tetra, the first bonded pair. A drake cloaked in honour, nobility, and a terrifyingly powerful aura of power chose the bloodline of Merrikhai Tetra to bond with, and to bond with his offspring for generations to come.

    Naturally Nightmare Dragons are loyal, intelligent beings with strong morales and even stronger bonds. They will defend their human fiercely; never has it been recorded that a black dragon let a Tetra pass while in its presence. They were once rulers of the darkest nights, evolved from the first dragons of old that took to the skies and melted into the night sky. Their blood red markings resemble blood stains, leading primitive humans to view them as omens. Leaders by nature, these great beasts were chosen, and chose themselves, to connect with the hearts of the pure blood of the Dragon Lords. Only they or their offspring may bond with these great creatures and together, the dragonlords and the black drakes will draw out the very darkness of the land. Their fire is black.

    ☩Dragon Abilities☩

    +Shadow Melt+
    They can melt into shadows, becoming invisible to all but other dragons. Such time spent in utter darkness has pushed them to evolve finely tuned night vision.

    Can cause the enemy to hallucinate, these visions are different to each person to accommodate their worst fears.

    They control darkness, the black dragon senses the lack of light and substance around it and can summon the void to create a powerful orb of manipulatable blackness. It can be hurled in attack or used to restrain those who do no understand the antimatter.


    Since he was thrust into his life long duty as a Nightmare Dragon bonded to one of the Tetra bloodline, Nova has worked as a mentor for Merrik, possessing a wisdom that comes with the different workings of a dragon's mind. When the yearlings were first hatched, he felt an obligatory duty well up in him again and he took on his role as mentor and guide for the hatchlings proudly and with great care. He has never turned down a yearling's request for assistance or knowledge and he has never stopped working his hardest to raise them up into fierce warriors that the newly revived dragon race might be one of strength, wisdom, and pride.


    To no surprise, a dragon in Nova's position has little tolerance for foolishness or rebellion. He was never easy on the young dragons and never will be. He is firm in his word and moreso in his law. He believes that the only path to greatness is one of self discipline, hard work, dedication, initiative, and a good level of respect for those above you.
    Nova has raised these young drakes with a very stern "hand" and their skills and behaviours are what he has to show for it. While he is very much isolated from the flock of younger drake's by his place as "strict teacher", he happily pays the price for the sake of the safety of the lands and for the well being of his hatchlings.


    Despite his "grumpy old dragon" demeanour during training and lessons, Obsidian Nova's love for the young drakes is no secret. Whenever he gets a chance to let loose and fly about in the night skies with the young dragons, teaching them new methods of flares, he feels such fondness for the yearlings within his heart. He often feels like a father to the younger drakes and he takes great pride in watching the younger dragons accomplish difficult flight maneouvers or complex flare bursts. He cherishes those of his kind and would fight to the death for any one of them and while it goes without saying, Merrik is guarded and loved twice as fiercely.


    Obsidian Nova has long been a wise, calm dragon. Even in situations where the more rebellious of the younger drakes is trying to set him off, he knows full well that anger, shouting, and tail scorching will accomplish nothing. He is much like Merrik in the sense that he handles any situation quite well. He does not feed into the taunting of his temper, nor does he allow conflict to affect who is he or what his goal is. He understands that a strong mind can overcome a strong body in almost any war.

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  2. [​IMG]

    Credit for Images used - Lowenael, JustAnor, Ichuarraquax
    Some Artists could not be found, other pieces were taken from freely available media.

    Name - Yennefer McNeill

    Age - 28

    Gender - Female

    Hometown - Espella

    Dragon Name - Methuzar

    Dragon Breed - Mountain Dragon

    Dragon Gender - Male


    Yennefer has a very comforting and homely appearance, short for her age and full of rounded smoothe curves and soft edges. Her hair is a blazing red and manages to be as difficult and thick and messy as possible. Usually it is tied back in a quite and thoughtless ponytail since she is very regularly working with her hands in dirty and bloody environments. Her skin and appearance generally shows very little evidence of cosmetic care and her hands are calloused and firm to the touch. Her whole body is surprisingly muscular and well built though she is still filled out by some soft areas.


    Yennefer is gentle and somewhat mild mannered but firm when she needs to be. She can calmly take control of a situation and very rarely loses her temper, these traits being products of being a doctor. She is empathetic and sensible but not necessarily kind or warm-hearted which in her youth meant that she blurted out her thoughts and made those around her angry. To counter this she has developed a very polite personality, always observing the most diplomatic way of saying things. She has found it the best policy for her life in general. However this does not mean she is proper. She considers the confines and ideas of virginity and modesty to be meaningless and stupid and so generally has a flirtatious personality.


    Yennefer's parents were crofters, farming the land and raising herds of cows and goats. She always had an interest in bodies and how the animals survived and what they looked like when they died so it didnt take long for her to take an interest in medicine. Her parents were pretty supportive, her mother being especially proud of her and even allowing her to disect animals dead from disease. She experimented with herbs on sick animals, sometimes they died quicker but gradually her success grew further until she was the one her Village turned too when anything was ill. As she grew older she got itchy feet, she wanted to do more with her skills and knew of a monastery outside the city that trained women to heal the sick. It was a long way away but she was determined and her parents were so excited about their daughter's talents that they told the whole village and gathered support for her. Eventually all of the trustworthy Men of the village who could be spared were sent to escort her to the City, the send off being a large feast with everyone wishing her well and telling her to come back and visit when she could.

    The journey there was somewhat dangerous but her bodyguards kept her safe and whenever one of them was injured in the line of duty she would quickly patch him up. They reached the monastery and the nuns there were very eager to take her on as a student. For a moment it was a little rocky, Yennefer ranting a little after being told she had to become a nun to heal the sick, but she quickly conceded defeat and tried to be demure about it. She stayed there for four years, becoming an excellent pupil, if a little frustrated at the confines on her actions and flirtations. A war erupted late into her training and she and some other sisters were brought to the outskirts of the battle to tend to the wounded they brought in. It was a shocking and hardening thing for her. She was not squeamish about bodies but the way some soldiers had been sliced and hacked apart turned her white. After the battle she left the nunnery and instead apprenticed under the Surgeon she had met in the battle. He was surprised at her request but was not particularly bigotted about women doctors and had certainly witnessed her prowess in the battle. She had just turned 19 when she left. The surgeons name was Kaleb and he was a fine and kindly man, happy to teach and help wherever he could. He took her to various places from the depths of a dungeon to the villages in mountain valleys to more battlefields and all the way he healed those who could pay him a small fee or offer him some food. Yennefer learnt well from him and eventually liked him very much. He was probably her first real crush but she herself never pursued it, him being much older than her.

    Some few years after their meeting and Yennefer was ready to make her own way in the world. Amongst other things Kaleb had taught her he had also taught her to defend and fend for herself. Archery was something she was pretty good at and she always kept a few knives tucked in various places around her body. She had used them a few times already before she left. Generally she was not very strong of body, good at running and climbing but punching or pushing someone away would be difficult. However she was good at wriggling out of tight spaces and so she always escaped any trouble generally unharmed. She was concerned about the way the world was going. A darkness was coming over the land and it worried her, she felt like the earth was sick and she didnt not know how to cure it, which was rare for her.

    It was around this time that she met a strange man, Merrick was his name, she had come to a village near to his estate to help stop the spread of some mystery sickness. He watched her for a while and when she was finally getting a little edgy and concerned he introduced himself and told her a great many fantastical things. She was skeptical at first but eventually after actually seeing his Dragon, a black graceful creature, she was convinced. It took a little consideration but eventually she agreed to becoming a so called 'Dragon tamer'. If this was the remedy the world needed then it was her duty to try and use it, to put her full dedication behind it.


    Bonded Ability - Strength of the Earth
    She took on some of her dragon's earthshaking talents, suddenly gaining much more strength, gaining the ability to stamp her foot and create cracks in the ground or punch a wall and break it in half.


    I'm a Doctor before I am anything

    She is an incredibly experienced and adept healer, having expansive knowledge on most herbs and remedies wherever she goes and understanding a human body very well indeed.

    Academic is probably the Term
    She is well travelled and can fluently speak two other languages while knowing many more. She also has knowledge of the various states and how they are faring, friends amongst every reach of life telling her all that occurred in the various cities.

    I will Survive
    She is a pretty decent shot with a bow.

    She can use small weapons like knives with some dexterity and is good at weak combat and escaping from tight places.

    Ever the Diplomat
    She has a calm and measured attitude that makes people listen and consider her opinion without anger or malice towards her. She is very in control of her own mind.

    When its my domain, I am the Commander
    She is quite surprisingly intimidating when a situation is hers to control and she knows she has the best expertise to deal with whatevers going on.

    "I'm a Lover not a Fighter"

    Yennefer has never had any proper military training of any kind and an martial combat she has taken place in she has either been saved from or wiggled out of. Swords and heavy weapons are foreign to her and she has not the proper strength of body needed for long-winded combat. This is something she must work on and she knows it.

    "I have to know"
    Due to her insatiable curiousity and rapid interest in things she will often go off into a daze mid conversation or sometimes completely ignore the world happening around her in favour of reading or studying some mystery. She can insult many people this way but it generally doesnt effect her ability when faced with life or death situations.

    "Soft words aren't remembered by the Dead"
    Yennefer is very bad at sympathy or empathy or kind words in general. She will stitch your wounds and cure your colds but don't expect her to coddle you all the way through it. In fact she will probably greet any complaining with brisk actions and cutting words. She does not spare pain for her patient if the sparing will impede on some aspect of her treatment. This tends to mean patients do not want to return to her care.

    "You spend seven years in a Convent, see how you turn out"
    Yennefer is somewhat repressed as an individual. She

    "Also probably to do with the Convent..."
    Yennefer has quite a wild and

    "It is hard to respect those who are threatened by your very existence"


    Dragon Breed Description
    The largest of all dragons, and the strongest to boot, the brown dragon is a behemoth. Though their size is impressive, standing at a shocking 14 FT tall, their mahogany scales are matte, not shiny. However the underside of their wings are as gold as the precious stone they collect and guard so fiercely. The brown dragon is a hoarder, they blend perfectly into the mountain side and spend most their time protecting their stash of precious metals and gems they have collected over the years. They are very proud animals and extremely intelligent. It is said that the first earthquakes were from these massive creatures scaring off thieves who prying into their stash, but stomping their massive legs and shaking the ground.

    They prefer the ground to the air but will not hesitate to take to the skies to pursue and punish any who cross them or dip into their hoard. They are the noblemen of the dragon world and take place high regard for those with manners like their own, they are extremely chivalrous towards their human especially. Their fire is a copper color.

    Dragon Abilities

    These massive animals can knock over almost anything including trees, boulders, houses... although generally the tamer is expected to avoid allowing the dragon to level houses.

    By flying into the air and dropping themselves to the ground, the earth around them will shake under their massive weight.

    They are master diggers and can dig tunnels and caves rather quickly.

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    Ah, my dear Lady, it is lovely to see you again!

    And Soulserenity...mighty lovely to meet you. I have read up on this, and I find it fascinating...your dragons are beautiful. There is only one pink dragon on Partheus, and she is a, she has feathers. I find yours to be beautiful. But your Solar Dragons are even more exquisite...I don't know which to choose!!

    Hmmmm, but I simply cannot play a submissive creature...the only submissive dragons I have ever been able to play are my Peridots, and that is more because they always have a childlike mentality. So, I call the Solar Dragon, if you don't mind. I'll work on a character sheet after I get at least one of my orders finished in my shop, which should be tomorrow morning. I look forward to playing with you both.

    Though, before I create a character, I do have a question...what are the sizes, exactly? Typically, I do length (from tip to tail, then broken down), height, and wingspan...I'd like to know what the ranges of the Solar Dragon are so I can interpret correctly.

    For example, just in case I have confused is the structure that I typically have for my dragons.

  6. [​IMG] A dragon a few days old is the white size, after a month or two, they've reached the green size (growing very rapidly in their first year of life to better ensure survival) By the time your tamer meets his or her dragon they will be 2 years old, on the charct, you're looking at a blue dragon. Obsidian Nova, at 20 is the size of the red dragon :) There's alot of interesting info on the role play in the different tabs on that site. If you click "Return of the dragon tamer" under "The Escape" you'll find info on Illoa (I posted that here), Under "For the Tamers" you'll find other interesting information. Disregard the sleeping arrangement as I'll have to update the names once this gets going again :)

    Here is a CS Skeleton, feel free to add extra information and don't hesitate to ask questions.

    Hometown: (Select any town from the maps)
    Personality: (Use a 5 word description, then add paragraphs below please. This is for quick easy reference.)
    History: (Optional)
    Skills and Abilities: (Ex. Swordsmanship, acrobatics, archery, medicine, etc.)
    Bonded Ability: (Each tamer gains one ability after they bond with their dragon. This is a slightly mutated version of one of your dragon's three abilities listed. You will choose one (or make up one that will be approved by me, it has to be chosen in accordance with your dragon) and you will learn to use it and develop it through the roleplay.
    Dragon Name:
    Dragon Gender:
    Dragon Species: (Chosen from the list on the site)
    Dragon species description: (Can be found on the site.)

    :) I hope I didn't miss anything! It's good to have you Mowkie!

    [rainbow]I'll be posting rules and info later today when I figure out how to work the tabs and find time to do it XD[/rainbow]
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  10. Lol well the bonding and arrival at the forest garden will go the same. I'm going to have a chat with erranruin about new ideas but I'm really not sure how else I can do it! Lol the players have to learn the ropes as much as their characters do :3 suggestions are always welcome
  11. I think a large part of it is dedication from the RPers too right? I can only do so much XD last time it just happened that everyone disappeared :|
  12. I think one of the problems is that people wanna get to the plot of the rp. Training is fun and getting to develop relationships is great but its necessary that we kinda run through it in a very structured way and it does take some time. we'll see what we can do about it, I gotta get up right now //is a lazy shit
  13. Oh, so you don't have exact sizes...I skimmed through the site last night to see if I couldn't find anything...I just figured that you would have maximum sizes for each type of dragon since you did state they were all different sizes...

    As for tabs, you just put the code "tab=TITLE" in [brackets] with /tab at the end of the text you want in a tab with the code "tabs" in [brackets] around the entirety of the text. Make sure to double space between tabs.

    For example:

    That's one of the few things not on the BB Codes page on Iwaku...that page is still helpful, though.
  14. The dragons have varying sizes compared to each species but I think the Solar dragon is one of the medium sizes? So I always imagined Methuzar towering over everyone and being just a little shorter than Obsidian Nova since he hits the top of the sizes spectrum.
  15. But if the Mountain Dragon can only get to 14 feet tall, how is it that they can grow as big as the chart suggests? Or am I just reading the dragon descriptions wrong?

    I have spoiled myself when it comes to dragons...I always have general liking, appearance, and combat in that order...then below, Personalities Commonly Associated, and Size...structure is what keeps my dragons going...but I also have 40 different types, so it's either that or chaos.

    If you guys don't mind, when I do create this profile (which, I already have the basics), I would like a little freedom to add personal description to my dragon. He'll be the general appearance, but every dragon is unique within the breed, and I would like to note on that. Otherwise, he won't feel like my character...if that makes sense.
  16. Thats the main point, all breeds have general characteristics but they are characters in themselves so personalisation is a must

    The chart isnt specified for this rp but dragons never stop growing, I think the point is while a mountain dragon grows at a great pace and gets very big very easily, a dragon like the pink dragon would have to get very old to be a formidable size
  17. Yeah its difficult :( I'll reserve my grey dragon then if you don't mind and see about getting the cs up.

    Edit: Yellow dragon even, I have a memory I really do.
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  18. Okies...I think I have an idea now...I'll put Byriarti between the green and blue sizes, roughly 40 feet in total length, which would put him at around 10 and a half feet tall...

    I'll get to work on my char sheet later tonight. ^^
  19. Lol I've been working on this RP for almost a year so there's going to be thins I've forgotten to change and things that need to be updated. I will answer any and all questions tonight. I have everything set out in my mind but from the 4 sites I've had this RP on, the info might not all line up as it should. Trust I can always provide the answers personally :) the dragons are all mostly the same size, some are a bit longer, some are bigger, some are smaller, it's like horses. Most are an average size, some tower like Clydesdales, some are smaller, some have longer tails, etc. I'll clarify everything tonight, :)
  20. Okies ^^ That works for me. I'll make sure Byri's size remains somewhat vague.

    I'm working on my character now. I'll have the pair up later today or early tonight...
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