Rescuing Raven

Dramatic Karma

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Trigger Warnings: Gore and Violence. Possibly mention of Rape.

In one of the worst cases of gang kidnapping known to Californian courts, Raven Adler, age 14, was kidnapped by six Los Angeles gangsters ranging in age from seventeen to twenty-two. They then proceeded to brutally assault young Raven on camera, keeping the videos on their phones. They sold these videos and pictures to their contacts in person, avoiding the internet entirely. Raven was held in captivity for three years. When found by police at 17 years of age, he was severely traumatized, blind, and near starvation. While he had been missing, his parents had been struggling with the grief of losing their only son. Their relationship was deteriorating, and they were arguing in the car when they veered into the wrong lane and were hit head-first by a semi-truck. They both died in the accident. Now a ward of the state, the police officer who found him, feeling morally unable to allow the damaged boy to be placed in a foster home that may only worsen his condition, adopted him as his son.

You would play the police officer, as well as Raven's new father. Are you up for the challenge?

    • Blind
      • Caused by some sort of acidic burn.
    • Severely Malnourished
    • Various Scars
      • Many of these were infected due to poor hygiene.
      • Bite wounds resembling dog bites.
      • Burns from fire and acid.
      • Knife wounds from both carving the top few layers of skin off and actually stabbing him, particularly between his ribs.
      • Missing or half-grown toenails, likely the result of tearing off his toenails.
    • Lack of Appetite
      • Likely caused by some sort of psychological trauma.

  •  ​

    • Fears
      • Running Water
      • Dogs
      • Loud Noises
      • Abandonment
      • Unawareness of his Surroundings
      • Changes in his Environment
      • Physical Contact
      • Cameras
      • Cold
      • Crowds
      • Unfamiliar People
      • Blood
      • Acid
      • Fire
      • Food
      • Needles
      • Drugs/Medicine
    • Flashbacks
    • Auditory Hallucinations
    • Panic Attacks
    • Severe Anxiety
    • Low Self-Worth
    • Minor Suicidal Tendencies
    • Attachment to Objects and/or People
    • Possibly More to Be Revealed...

Now that that's out of the way...Hello! My name is Dramatic Karma, but you can just call me Karma. So, this is a roleplay actually inspired by a Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction of a very similar nature called Stairway to Paradise. It's kinda depressing so don't read it if you don't want to cry. I originally did this back when I first read the fanfiction several years ago, but I'm re-reading it now and so I'm itching to play Raven again. Also, this plot can be amended for female officers if you absolutely cannot play a male, but I just kinda have it in my head as the officer being a male, so I'd prefer it that way. Thanks.