Remnants of the World

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  1. The world itself was forged of fire and iron. To gain power the heroes of the world had to be the strongest or be destroyed. All of the world saw promise in the discovery of the new Continent that was discovered by a band of knights trying to search for the devious pirate Davis Jones. After the month or so they came back only one of the knights was able to come back. He claimed that the other knights stayed there to inhabit the land. Soon the prospering kingdom of Eddenolm would be crushed under this lie. The king sent out a vast amount of ships that had enough supplies to build another kingdom in Eddenolm's exact image. Once they arrived their all hell broke loose. The land was black and red. Lava poured from it's hills and the scorched land was grew ravenous beast from it. The whole fleet from Eddenolm was annihilated only leaving maybe ten survivors.

    The survivors told the king of this attack and he launched a large war fleet to destroy the monsters that lived on that god forsaken rock. Again the fleet was destroyed and again the king sent a large fleet. The last fleet would decide whether the king would be able to take the land or not. He was a very stern man who had no knowledge of how to defeat an unknown enemy. After a month or so none of the fleet returned. The kingdom soon went into ruin. Many friends and family of the citizens had died and no one knew what to do.

    Being stern the king started taking people out from their homes and training them for war. For many months this went on until a rebellion started. All the magic users, and humans banded together and killed the king. After the king died the two factions split into two new kingdoms. Eddennolm still thrived but was decaying rather fast. So the two kingdoms were truly in control.

    The story takes place in the non-magic kingdom, which strives to keep magic out of it's plains. Hulimar is the non-magic capital of the world. While many magic users struggle to sell magic items there it is one of the harder things to do. Selling magic items or smuggling magic items are put in jail for treason. Then they are usually hung or burned at the stake.

    Marcus Trivault, the king of Hulmar, recently has issued a large quantity of money for whatever magic user is brought onto the land. His son Richard Trivault would take those slaves and find out their weaknesses, to be able to fight against them if they ever went into war.


    Note there are many types of magical beings in the world but humans are the only ones able to be intelligent.

    If you are going to play a non-human race you cannot speak the common language.
  2. Kieara Odspry was an unusual type of maiden. A magic user. She tried to keep to herself. Just so no one bothered her, she wouldn't bother them. She didn't try to force her magic on people, and she would only use it at someone's request. Often this build up of her powers made her ill, but she hated them. Having grown up in Hulimar, it was really no surprse that she had at one time been a regular human.She'd gained her powers through a curse. A curse cast on her by a nasty wizard. He'd tried to sell her his trinkets, and she'd turned him in. He'd been arrested, but before he'd been caught, he'd cursed her. Cursed her to be a peddler as he was, to have her magical powers, but to be a slave to anyone who ordered her to do something. There were orders she just couldn't refuse. But it wasn't without its safteys. One couldn't order her to die, they couldn't order her to obey only them, and they couldn't order the spell broken. Though it was cliche, there was only one way to break it. and that was to be kissed by someone who loved her for who she was.She was out as usual trying to just do her regular shopping. Though there was no way to hide she was a magical being. She had three star markings on her cheek and her eyes were bright blue that nearly glowed. Her hair was auburn, and it stood out on her pale, porcelin skin. She was small, petite, but beautiful in her own right. She had curves in the right places and was rather well endowed in her chest. She wore a dark, forest green dress and a black cloak that came up to hide her hair and face. She also wore a necklace. she couldn't remove it. It was a circle and inside it held an odd looking rune. It was the necklace that bound her to the curse, and she couldn't remove it.She went to a stand looking through their merchandise and spoke. "How much for the bread?" She asked her voice soft and soothing.((sorry its kinda short and that it took so long.))
  3. The baker looked upon her and smiled. It will be five Trents, he pulled out a fresh loaf of bread with almonds baked into it. As he pulled it out the fresh smell of bread fills your nose. The shop you were was in a line with many other small shops. It was mostly produce along with some merchants selling trinkets, or other obscure items.

    The location was in the lower district of Hulimar, which was considered the poor district. Many of the races of the realm resided here because they couldn't afford middle class housing. It was common to see a little elvish boy to be begging, or a very large orcish man gambling his money away. The little line of shops was nicer than the bazaar in the district, which was filled with scoundrels and thieves. In the bazaar was many things, including shops, some inns, and the auction house. Brezeer's Auction House was famous around these parts. He hired people to bring mysterious items back from adventures. The rewards for these adventures depended on how much they brought back. During the months there were competitions held to see who got the most items. Whomever won got double the money they usually would have earned with what they brought. Otherwise the rest of the city is... garbage.

    The man set the loaf on the able and then pulled a red ribbon from his pocket. Swiftly he tied it around the loaf and handed to you. The wood burning stove behind him was soon filled with dough that had an assortments of toppings. From goat cheese, to rose oil for lovers. The big burly and hairy man looked like he had a good life even though all he did for a living was make bread. He was a craftsmen you could tell by the work he put into his job. Was it his life dream to be a baker? Most likely not because he wore a white ribbon on the side of his black belt. That signified that he was once in the royal army, and was possibly discharged for his age. After he handed you the bread he waited for his money.
  4. Kieara pulled out the money and handed it to him. "Thank you." She spoke to im kindly. She liked this part of town to get her bread. He always did a fantastic job. She gently took her bread and headed off down the street. She needed to get back home to work on her own trinkets. If she didn't come out and sell some soon she'd run out of money. She only had four trents left. She sighed at her sad existence and headed to her home. It wasn't long after she made her way to the shady half of town to peddle her forbidden items.
  5. The house that she resided in was in a rather shady side of town but if she was to go to the top of her home she could see the forest. That forest was mystical and had many magical creatures in it, but it was quite a distance away from Hulmiar. Once the king build the kingdom he chopped down a mile of so of trees to help build it. Then he chopped down another mile just to keep the magical creatures at bay. Past that was a Garrison that held a small brigade of the king's men for first line of defense. Then after that was the river, which supposedly had magical properties. Then many many miles past that was the other kingdom of the magic-users. The common folk of Hulimar named it Folnar, which in elven meant enemy. There is where people like Kierara resided. As far as her house size it was decently sized in this district, but in others it was rather small.

    Her neighbor Tom Brondil, who was a lonely man who was obviously in love with her walked out onto his porch and sat down. "Evenin' Kieara."
  6. Kieara was oblivious to such emotions. She was kind and sweet and friendly to her friend though. He seemed to be the only one she had. "Evening Tom." She said with a kind smile. She hadn't let anyone know what she was, not even him. She feared if she did, he'd want nothing more to do with her. She adjusted her bag of trinkets on her shoulder and set out to town. She wasn't trying to be rude, but she'd waited late enough as it was.
  7. "So are you gonna go on that date with me yet?" Tom got up and slicked back his hair with his spit and walked to her door and stood in front of it. "I've been good as of recent, I've even cleaned all of my fis' and gullet out. So all of me work is done." He slipped his hands in his pockets and acted smooth as he laid against her door. "I've even got my good pants on."
  8. Kieara giggled softly at his actions finding them a bit funny in an amusing sort of way. "I would Tom, but I can't today. I have to head to the market. I'm so sorry." She said to him and looked up at him allowing her face to be seen a bit in the dim light under her hood. "I hope the rest of your day has been well though friend." She said to him.
  9. "Oh come on, jus' this once." He pulled a small dandelion from his pocket. "I've gotten all nice and did just for you." He gave a smiled, which was full of yellow,missing, and cracked teeth. You could tell he was trying hard, but it probably wasn't going to work. "You sure, Kieara?"
  10. Kieara's heart hurt for people who tried their best but got rejected. and it hurt her feelings for him that she had to say no. It made her feel horrible. She smiled and gently took the dandelion. She put her hood down long enough to slip it into her auburn hair behind her ear on the side of her face with the star markings, then she brought her hood back up. "Today I can't Tom...I'm so sorry...." she said and gently patted his arm. "But I will soon as I promised you I would." She said to him.
  11. Tom smiled a bit then headed into his house. It was around noon, so she had to get to work. The king's men would usually march around here for an hour or so you needed to watch yourself around them. You walked until you got to the bazaar. Business was quiet today. Some people perused the shops and no one was at the auction house. Something was off.
  12. Kieara couldn't place what was going on around here. It gave her the creeps. but alas, she needed money, and to get it, sometimes one had to be a bit open. She moved further into the depths of the streets into a more dangerous part in search of people with her bag of magical goodies. "Where on earth is everyone?" She asked herself in a soft whisper. She couldn't figure it out. "I don't even see any soldiers."
  13. There was not much going on in the bazaar. The only place that really had anything going on was the gambling tables. A couple of large burly men sat at the tables playing a common game known as Justred, which is basically Go-Fish in a sense. They sat around and looked bored. You knew one of them as John Ulmar, one of the heads of the gambling house. "Hey Kieara, not much business today.' He looked back to his cards and laid them on the table.
  14. Kieara spoke. "No....none at all....I'm down to my last five trents and I can't find a single person to sell anything to." She said with a sigh. "Know where I might be able to find some customers?" She asked him. She would've usually sat down to gamble with him and used her magic to win a hand or two just to get some money to survive on in her pocket, but she wouldn't stoop so low as to cheat at gambling.
  15. "Everyone is at the Arena today. I heard there was some big fight. It's between an Elf and one of the king's finest. Apparently this Elf wants to be in the king's army but he wants to be a general in the king's army." A couple of the other guys at his table began to laugh a little until John hit the table. "Yeah, I heard there was some betting going on there. I want to go but I have to man the house. So, I'm gonna make you a deal. I'll give you 90 trents to be able to gamble there. You get half of whatever you win and whatever you sell." John was always nice to you, probably because he had to keep his cool around his friends or else he would loose them because he is a dick to everyone else. "Also, I heard Granny Bukurt was looking for you. She said she had something for you." Bukurt was a nice old lady who was a scavenger. She was rather old but she could do whatever she wanted. "She is somewhere by the auction house, and if you don't mind tell her that her husband owes me lunch."
  16. Kieara smiled a bit. He was nice to her. "Alright, deal." She said holding her hand out and recieving the money to go bet for the two of them. He may be a crook when it came to gambling, but when he said he'd split what was one, he was a man of his word. She then moved towards the auction house in search of the old woman. When she located her she came up. "I heard you were looking for me Mrs. Bukurt? Oh, and John says your husband owes him lunch." she giggled softly at that thinking of John getting ill if he didn't get his lunch.
  17. Mrs Bukurt sat on a wooden stool and looked up at her. She had a rather cliche old lady voice and was maybe five feet tall. "Oh yes, I had something for you." She pulled out a small parchment from her pocket and handed to her. The note told Kieara that at the arena that she needed to get a spyglass to a man named Olivard, who had been a customer of hers before. He was a cartographer who bought many of her trinkets because it helped make maps. Which required some time. "Also if John wanted lunch he should go to the pub, Helena still serves that delicious chicken pot pie." Mrs Bukurt licked her lips then got up. "I have to head home and wake up the dogs, we are going to go searching again." She got up and walked away leaving you alone.

    The Arena was very far away and she needed to go home to get her permits. Otherwise she wouldn't be able through the two gates.
  18. Kieara didn't feel like going all the way home, and by the time she would be able to get them, the arena would be closed off. She looked around, and then she slipped into an alley. She used her magic and brought her permitts to her. She didn't like using her magic so openly, but it was either do that, or end up with an empty pocket and an unsatisfied customer.
  19. She walked until she got to the first gate. Two guards stood their asked for permits, she gave them to her and she continued on. Now she was in the middle class district, she knew some people there but they always had things going on. On her way she noticed that there really wasn't much going on there either. Everyone must have wanted to watch this battle. As she came to the second gate four guards stood watch. They asked for permits and she gave it to her. "You are missing something, where is the higher class seal?" She had them on there, was he lying about her not having them?
  20. Kieara frowned. "They're on there." She said to them and pointed to the seals. She rose a brow and wondered what was going on here. Something was fishy and it wasn't settling well with her.