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    No Fallout knowledge necessary | no min. word count | cutting edge, vibrant RP

    In the year 2077, the nature of humankind finally consumed itself. The apocalypse rose for all reasons that are human, and the world was purged by atomic fire. Continents were swallowed by boiling oceans, air was filled with ash and brimstone, and a dark fog settled over all nations. But humanity survived as it always does, stealing itself away in shelters called ‘vaults’, and when the time came, they emerged into the new world—a land filled with horror and despair, a product of their violence. And they continued as they always do . . .

    Because war—war never changes.

    Explore the Wasteland.

    - - - -

    Explore our dark, dystopian world made even more gritty and frightening by our players.
    Summon Lore Masters, our "Dungeo Masters" to shake your roleplay up
    Use our complex weather and inventory system
    Earn caps, face the dark realities of the wasteland.
    Play differently.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.