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Magical girl, action, science fiction

  • Hello and welcome to my search! I'm looking for a partner or two who shares my interest in stories that include all of the following:

    • Romance between two deadly and alluring female characters
    • Action-adventure plots with crazy fight scenes
    • Character and relationship development
    • Colorful and cool-looking technology
    • Redstar content

    If all of that sounds appealing, read on!
  • F/F pairings only. That said, I will RP with any gender of writer.

    I write one to three paragraphs per reply, and prefer short and sweet posts (though generally not one-liners) over novels.

    Due to my schedule, I reply two to four nights a week, multiple posts per night if you reply too.

    Illustrated face claims, photographs, or descriptions? We can discuss it in PMs.

    I like chatting OOC - where the plot's going, what the world is like, maybe even becoming friends.
  • SILK AND CHAIN // heiress x criminal
    setting seeds [spoili]A floating city. Prosthetics that exceed the abilities of their real-life counterparts. Fully legal implants that can enhance the brain. Black market implants that can create magic-like effects. Holographic screens broadcasting pro-unity propaganda. Organized crime. Corporate abuses. Anti-power terrorism.[/spoili]
    In a bid to increase productivity, influence, and power, the owner of the Silk Prosthetics Company forces his heiress to partner with a skilled operator from Glass Chain, an anti-government group that shares many enemies with Silk. Working together, they are to solve the problem of the psionic gangs around their city, which will be the first good deed of many that brings glory to the two factions.

    The girls know that they're pawns to their respective organizations, which are playing a dangerous game. Can they find a way out before Silk and Glass Chain eventually clash with each other or larger forces?

    HALO SHARD // android x human
    setting seeds [spoili]A landscape of steel, tech, and glow. Monstrous angels that slither into homes to feast on disowned thoughts. Techno cults that worship them. People trying to make their way. Advanced laser weaponry that can't save you if your mind is being fed on and your body is being burned. Androids assigned to particular humans to protect or assist them.[/spoili]
    An android's master is killed by an angel, before she can save him. She is reassigned to a human designated as "lowest priority" - a fighter who keeps throwing herself into danger to study the angels. Both being outcasts in society, they forge a bond despite their differences, but run into trouble when old connections surface.

    The details of this plot depend heavily on the individual characters involved. I would like to play the android; a character sheet for her is available upon request.

    MOBIUS VEIL // bad girl x bookworm
    setting seeds [spoili]50 years after the chimera apocalypse. Shark-toothed chimera attracted to technological sophistication. Bubbles of advancement surrounded by carefully-constructed mediocrity. Pet-sized robots and other small-scale technologies. A vast desert separating chimera country from the unknown.[/spoili]
    A caravan is crossing post-apocalyptic desert sands, purportedly in search of better places, when it's wiped out by a chimera attack. The survivors include the caravan's bookish robotist, and a "guard" who was looking to steal what the caravan was truly transporting. The pair finds it in the wreckage: it's blueprints for the Mobius Veil, an anti-chimera cloaking device. They find a settlement and decide to travel together to complete the device, although for different reasons.
  • This is the tab about kinks, sexual proclivities, or whatever you want to call it. I'm fairly vanilla, but my likes are listed below.

    • Switches (as opposed to subs or doms)
    • Spanking
    • Light bondage
    • Dubious consent (as long as everyone involved enjoys it in the end)
    • Penetration with toys
    • Futanari
    • Lingerie

    means I really love playing it!

    If there's something not listed on here that you'd like to play, run it past me in a PM. I just might be up for something new.
  • If you've read all this and you're interested, drop me a PM! Please include the name of the plot you want to play, and do not comment on this thread.

    There are no passwords you have to mention to me or anything of the sort. That said, I am trusting that you have read everything within these tabs. Thank you for reading my search, and I look forward to hearing from you!
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