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  1. “Everyone here? Is everyone here? All good? Great.” A scientist said, his overly-happy voice trying its hardest to be heard above the voices of the chattering teenagers. His name was Dr. Gallenblurg, and he was a man in his late forties. His hair seemed like salt and pepper, the roots salt while the pepper was old dye. “Settle down children, settle down.”</SPAN>

    As the chattering teenagers quieted, the man cleared his throat. Currently, the whole group stood before a quite large home, Victorian in style, and light blue in color. Around them, littering the very front of the lawn, was a large collection of bags and suitcases that had just been emptied from three minivans. “Once more, we would like to thank you for volunteering to join Project SINC. You are certainly being very helpful, and are contributing greatly to the unification of humans and other species.” He gave a bright smile, showing his whitened teeth. “I am Dr. Gallenblurg, but please, call me Dr. Gallen or even Dr. G! I am here to help you. Settle in your home, I will sort everything else out.”</SPAN>

    “As you enter, you will notice that there are two staircases. One is for boys only, the other for the girls. There are only three rooms each side, so many of you will have roommates. You’ll find names posted on each door.” He gave another warm smile. “Now, you shan’t have any adults in your home-” A woot! Interrupted him, but he continued. “But you shall be supervised 24-7.” He didn’t bother explaining that many cameras were secretly hidden in the home, knowing they would figure that out themselves. “Please bring your bags to your rooms, and then feel free to socialize. School begins in two days, please wear the human clothing we recently provided for all of you who didn’t previously own any. ”</SPAN>

    Smiling and giving a wave, he re-entered one of the minivans, as all the vehicles drove away.</SPAN>


    As the teenagers entered the house, they would find themselves in a large living room, with two flat-screen televisions, a few game systems, several couches, a dart board and a foosball table. Two doors were on the wall opposite to them, one to a large library which contained several desks for homework and studying. The second door led to a kitchen, which sported one large dining room table. A maid comes daily to cook all three meals, but snacks are available. The living room also had two staircases.</SPAN>

    Up the left stairs were four doors. Three had pieces of paper stuck to them, in this order:
    The fourth door was a washroom.

    Up the stairs on the right, it was the same. One washroom and three doors with pieces of paper, in this order:

    All humans start in their own home. All Supernaturals at their shared home. There is two days for socialization before school begins. </SPAN></SPAN>
    All 9th graders will have all their core classes together.
    All 10th graders will have their core classes together.
    All 11th graders will have their core classes together.
    All 12th graders will have their core classes together.

    I will post the class schedule later, before school starts.
  2. Cyril stood unpleased, what was this? By all that was holy in the grand miles of ocean, what in the name of Kraken was it? A stone, or was it cement? As the land lovers called it, the boy knew nothing of what stood before him as he precociously tip-toed closer to it as if not to instigate a threat towards it. The thing of humongous size stood still, it dared not to move an inch from it's spot as if constrained by roots, or as father called it, hands of seaweed. It did not move, it did not speak, it was just there--as if taunting him. The young boy paused and took a step back, it held to anger towards the being before, he just wanted to calmly walk pass it. A slight hiss crawled through Cyril's throat as a hinge of confusion swept onto his system. Was it just him that felt the need to attack? It most had been so.

    All around him, countless other women and men walked towards it as the creature opened of a slit to it's insides and let them through. The thought of where it led made the boy cringe. With a long sigh to his short name the boy proceeded to slowly creep towards the thing and wish for it's mercy. Cyril had heard the insolent speeches of the instructors, he wished not to speak nor attend their useless chatter of useless excitement--but who could blame him when a being of such size compared to a whale stood before him, eying him with it's shades of different colors and bright lights. Was he the only one who felt such uneasiness? He and his people laughed at the thought of the air breathers living in those internal houses for centuries, who would of guessed his time to do so as well would come so soon?

    With the best of his warrior pride, Cyril, looked at the beast head on. A mere house would not defeat a warrior of the sea. Trudging towards his bags he then, with his head held up high, entered the war zone of the beast and fought viciously as to enter through the wall of skin called 'door'. In all honesty, if it weren't for his pitiful human state, he would shred the so called 'door' to pieces with his shark teeth sharp claws. Cyril entered the house and proceeded to fight and win against two new rising enemies: the weight of his large bags and hauling said bags through a new designated path of 'stairs'.

    Cyril paid no more than a few glances to his other 'companions' as he entered his lair... I mean room.

    If not by her thick framed sun glasses, La'Ciennaga could of sworn that her eyes would gauge out of their sockets by an instant. Excitement that could only be rivaled by the rush of a moonlight run with the pack filled her veins as her blood as the joy of seeing a new--better--environment ran past her eyes. The girl must of wondered if she really looked and acted as if a dog, even in her human state. The thrill of meeting new people, seeing new vibrant colors other than forest green's and shady blues, and lets not forget new scents! Oh, how she loved the smell of different colognes, perfumes and the occasional all natural musk that people excluded. Needless to say, it drove her senses crazy.

    A chuckle drove her lips as she could only imagine how she looked in the eyes of others. Her red-orange hair floated neatly amongst the wind, not a knot to her name--that she could assure. Pale blue eyes glowed with excitement as she picked up her bags and hugged them tight towards her frame. If were in her natural state, she could only imagine the joyousness of her tail wagging and her perked so high up that she might as well seemed rabid with insanity. She had already tried to gather the attention of a few, failing if not all of the time. Mostly everyone was preoccupied with their own thoughts and mindless chatter. Above it all, she decided to keep quiet and be friendly after everyone settled down.

    La'Ciennaga just could help herself; who would she meet? Would they be nice, sweet or just plain mean? Poor, rich? She wanted to know it all. With a pearly white smile, she listened attentively to the instructions assigned to her and proceeded to walk towards the right staircase path.The poor girl seemed to explode once seeing everything that resided inside the house--but with all her might, she tried her very best to contend herself. Nonetheless, La'Ciennaga continued her path with a toothy grin on her face the whole way.
  3. It was as lovely a house as any other, Erin considered as she stared at the pretty sky-colored house. It was big, and just imagining being in a real home again made her content. But the people around her were so different from her that she was unsure of how to act just yet. For the time being, she ignored the others and picked up her two bags. Although petite in stature, Erin seemed to deal with the bags without too much difficulty, even when she climbed up the staircase and shoved her way into her room. When she dropped her bags and collapsed onto one of the beds, Erin gathered her resolve. She would not just sit on this bed and wait for school to begin. She should explore her new home, which she had merely glanced over on her way to her room, and get to know her house-mates. That way they could help each other when times got rough at school. Sighing heavily, Erin stood and made her way downstairs where she proceeded to touch everything in sight in each of the rooms.
  4. Dismas:


    His eyes opened at the very moment. No alarm, no whisper of sound to tell him the time, he just knew. He had been doing this for years and was precise in every movement he made, his feet softly touched the wooden floor as he got up. He could hear the distant hum of the washer, the soft snoring of his father, but the loudest was the hammering of his heart.

    He opened his door fluidly, but when the hinge creaked, his heart skipped a beat. He waited a moment. His father continued to snore. He breathed a sigh of relief and continued his morning routine; undressing and taking a freezing shower with barest trickle of water, dressing and slicking his his hair back with gel, and then finally quietly moving downstairs and opening the door.

    He never made more then the softest of sounds, but he was always afraid. Afraid that one of these days he would make a sound, and then his father would awake and then the world would end. Until the door clicked shut, his heart beat a rapid cadence in his chest and sweat dripped of his nose. He wiped his face and checked his watch: 6:00, exactly what he thought it would be.

    The wind carried a chill with it in the early morning and hugged him with it's icy embrace, he did not like wearing anything more then a white t-shirt to show off his muscles and combined with the chilling shower, he was shivering. A jog might have solved that problem but his pants were too baggy and he would have to hold them up.

    So he resigned to slowly sauntering to the public basket ball court, the concrete was cracked, the net was missing, and the hoop was leaning but it was far away from his father and he loved basketball. He began to shoot a few hoops and for the next couple of hours he would be able to relax without fear.
  5. Standing among the group of prospective students belonging to project SINC was one who appeared to enjoy a higher standard of living. At least from a shallow assumption based solely on attire, hygiene, and grooming. Head to toe the young man was immaculate. Every single inch of him was like an illusion. Not a single speck of earthen soil dirtied his pale skin. . . nowhere had society found a spot to stain expensive looking clothes. Set in well-sculpted features were a pair of forest green gems that darted around to focus on every curiosity around him. Framing such fragile features was hair the color of rich brown soil which wavered in any breeze with such frailness that it bordered on ethereal. But from the neck down he was utterly encased in clothes save for a pair of bare hands. Whiter than his skin, what looked nothing short of a designer turtleneck had a stylish purple trench coat embroidered with flowery designs and from the waist down a pair of tan dress pants complete with freshly polished black dress shoes.

    One of the chattering teens?

    Guilty as charged.

    Until of course, the good Dr. Gallenblurg started to try getting the attention of all those present. Quickly enough the young Fae quieted himself in order to listen closely. Details were important in such a unique situation. From what he had learned during his time observing humans while blending in among them, Vadel could tell that this entire ordeal was classified as a scientific experiment. One of the few things he understood about these 'experiments' was that each one was different. . . but that each one was taken very seriously. Just one wrong move might mean an expulsion which would rob his curiosity of gaining satisfaction. Plus it would leave him with nothing to report back to his village elders.

    Luggage had never been an issue for him. . . since most of his Faery belongings took up so little space that they actually fit into his pockets. Even then, the amount of those miniature belongings were very few. Vadel did not own enough to even fill a suitcase fit for a Faery. Journeying up to his room, as a result, did not turn into a battle against all odds. Enough presence of mind was possessed by him to look at the other name on the door aside from his own. Curiosity would never allow that to pass. Plus when his roommate got to the room he could call the guy by his name! Yet when the delicate looking youth entered his assigned room it appeared that his roommate had already arrived. Only slightly awkward in the sense that he knew absolutely nothing about this stranger. . . including what race they hailed from.

    What if they put me in with a Wrath demon? Or some other type of Sin Demon? Would they do that? On purpose? It couldn't happen on accident could it? I mean they should know who they're putting us into rooms with, right? Not. . . not like it matters or anything. Everyone gets a chance to make a good first impression in my book! Maybe they could be a NICE Wrath Demon. . . or a super cool flame elemental!


    No no no, it's okay. It will be alllllllllright. I can make friends with anyone here! Yeah! I can do this! As easy as watching the grass grow. That's exactly how it will be! Peaceful too! Just as peaceful as a wide open meadow SET ON FIRE BECAUSE OF THE FLAME ELEMENTAL DEMON!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

    Planting his right foot forward and wearing a confident expression, Vadel extended his hand and a greeting toward Cyril. Perhaps this had all come from the strange way the Siren had been acting toward the house. In a way it reminded him of the way humans marched into battle for some reason. Focusing on optimistic thoughts helped give birth and nurture courage to interact with his roommate. Nervousness could be overcome with enough willpower! Once he started thinking positively again the passive of his personality started to take hold again. Luckily it really came through in his voice. . . kind-hearted, peaceful, and composed.

    "Hello. My name is Vadel. Pretty sure since you're in this room that you are my roommate. Which would make you Cyril."
  6. The lecture? tch. Long and boring, whatever. He got it. Experiment. Who cared. Clothing. Sorted. Luggage - taken care of. Pointless. With a sigh Bane outstretched his arms, leaning his head on his arms as he reluctantly waited for the speech to finish. Quite frankly he didn't like sitting around listening to old farts go on about school rules trying as hard as the could to make every idiot who decided to become their audience fall into a slumber. It was that or make some other idiots go flying off the walls with excitement once it was over.

    As the lecture finally came to an end. Bane waited for the other students to go ahead first. He didn't care for crowds. Women always flocked to him like whores wanting to talk to him. Some who were eyeing him earlier even stay behind just to get a chance to talk. Arising from his seat as the room began to clear, Bane put his hands in his pockets. He was wearing a red and white checkered shirt with black lines that he had left open.

    Cold wasn't something that affected Bane so he didn't have to 'Wrap up warm' but his hot temperature seemed attractive to girls in the winter as it was always warm. Not that he really liked the attention that much. He'd rather sit and play a card game with some mates for kicks. Knowing he was alone in his dorm he didn't care to go back and try to meet his room mate. In fact. He probably preferred it that way. At least it meant nobody snored and if he had a date...well. The thought brought a grin across his features. To pass time, Bane figured he'd get his basketball and mess around on the court for a bit.
  7. She yawned, being quite sleepy. Having contracted some sort of sickness as she had travelled in the minivan, the driver, who had called it ‘motion sickness’ (Which had Maleah puzzled, for she had never gotten sick by being in motion before!) had told her to sleep during the ride in the odd metal contraption. So sleep she had, like a rock. She was dead the entire ride, which disappointed her for she had planned on staring outside the glass window and observing what human settlements looked like. As she exited, she was quite unlike herself, the sleepiness affecting her usual awareness, and she didn’t look around like she usually would. No, she had all the focus she could muster on the Dr. Galderwhatever. As he left, that had been when she had yawned, stretching sleepily before turning around to face her new home, wondering if it was a tree or something of the likes.</SPAN>

    What she saw made her scream. One long, high-pitched note of horror, before she muffled herself with the hand that flew to her mouth. Biting down on it hard to keep silent, tears sprung to her eyes. It was a tree alright, a whole lot of them. Each one killed, shaped and coloured to make this monstrous home. Looking up and down the street, she saw all the homes were built the same, a massacre of trees and nature. The salty sweet tang of blood reached her tongue, but she didn’t relent her biting. She wanted to run after the minivans, say how she couldn’t do it. Her whole life had been spent living with one with nature, not living at the cost of it. </SPAN>

    Finally loosening her jaw to free her hand, she took a few shuddering breaths, before bravely walking towards the door; the wooden, dead door; and walking inside. More horrors awaited her, but she forced a calmness as she walked up the stairs. She went straight inside the room marked with her name, along with another’s, and instantly flopped onto the murderous bed. She shrunk her body, now only about an inch in height, and dropped her appearance as a human. Wrapping her wings around her, she was glad her roommate had not arrived, so she could sit there for a moment and cry without the fear of someone seeing her display the emotion.</SPAN>
  8. Cyril flinched at the sound of his name, his thoughts had been driven else where from reality and back towards his home-sea. Oh, how he missed his bright and warm Caribbean waters, the countless numbers of cargo and cruise ships that passed through them daily. Most of all, he would miss it's friend--and very tasty--locals that dared to swim in the open waters. The misinformed fools thought only of sharks as major predators, little did they know that not all of those said 'shark' attacks were actually done by the creature. Oh, how easy it was to lure the beautiful woman out to sea, and how foolish the men were to drink themselves over-board. How he missed those days.

    Everything before him was rendered bland in comparison, not even the finest cuts of beef or pork could amount to the taste of a fresh mortal. He cursed the counted days of his oath of kinship towards the land-lovers. No more savoring livers... skin pelts or even bone placks. Indeed, maybe the fool was him after all. Was he ready for such a abrupt change? Cyril had heard of the sea's and ocean's of the new terrain could reach under seventy degrees, this foul thought made him shudder with disgust. Why, seventy degrees was freezing back in his home! How could the mortals stand for anything under his warm eighty five degrees? Stupid was what thy were.

    Curling and uncurling his shoulder long wavy hair with his finger, Cyril, turned to the man that dared to call his name. Such of act discourtesy could serve very well high punished with his people. The man knew nothing of the ways of a Siren. He couldn't blame him, no one ever knew. And that was the way it was kept, that was the way they wanted it. Cyril stared at his new companion for a good minute, analyzing him with the utmost patience. The boy raised a brow, there was something that just wasn't right. The man seemed alright, he looked alright, he acted alright--but why did he seem off? Another minute passed before Cyril stopped his obsessive staring and looked away.

    "Vladel" repeated Cyril calmly, "did I pronounce that right? I am sure, you are sure, that our tongues are quite...different. For one, my name is not pronounced Cyril, it is actually pronounced..."Cyril trailed off as he placed a reassuring hand to his neck and applied a slight pressure. The outcome of this was quite interesting, no words, letters or anything of human sort came out of his mouth--but instead, a sharp--almost screeching-- distinct hiss erupted. "That is how my people...say it. But I'll accept Cyril" he mused as he spoke his name in human tongue.

    Cyril shook the man's hand and continued, "Which bed do you wish for? Your call, hence I want neither"
  9. Under the intense stare of the Siren, Vadel felt his confidence flicker ever so slightly. When the other's brow raised he wondered if some strange power of theirs would activate. Could hey be trying to read his mind? It didn't feel like anything was wrong in his head. . . but he was not sure if anything would even be felt. So many things he should have asked his elders before leaving the safety of home. Too late for that now though. For a moment he almost lost concentration on the illusion which made him appear human. Only thoughts of staying decent kept him focused. After all he had no clothes on underneath the illusion. Revealing himself entirely to a complete stranger on the first day of meeting them felt as though it would fall into territory of rudeness. Time with the humans had introduced his mind to the concept of self-consciousness related to clothing.

    Rather funny story behind how he had first learned that lesson.

    One for another day.

    Good thing he's lenient about his name. . . I don't think I can make that noise. So maybe I should be the same? Yeah. Seems fair.

    "Heh, seems like you're better with names than me."

    Silence came between them when Vadel looked over at the beds in the room, trying to decide which one he wanted Cyril to use. Passive choices were in his nature. To give others what they wanted over his own desires to create peace. So when the decision unfortunately fell to him. . . he tried to guess which one his roommate wanted more. Plus, showing a decisive nature might make a good impression on someone so intense in nature!

    "I'll take the one off to the side from the window. I like my privacy. So I hope you don't mind the sun waking you up in the morning. It's better if no one gets a peek at me on accident."

    Since once my illusion is down. . . I'm rather eye-catching. Hey! Maybe that's why he was looking at me so harshly just a minute ago! All these guys are inhuman, right? Maybe whatever this guy his, by the sound of his native tongue. . . maybe he can sense the illusion. Guess I could take a risk. . . and try earning his trust.

    Vadel had made his mind up. Stepping off to where his newly claimed bed was, the Faery relinquished a portion of his illusion. More specifically, the one which concealed his face under the guise of a mortal. Purple skin replaced pale white just as a vibrant golden-yellow replaced the brown of his hair and the green of his eyes. All the clothes still remained to keep him modest though. Just long enough to give the Siren a good look, his illusion remained down. Now Cyril knew his little secret as long as he knew what a Faery looked like without a disguise. Otherwise it meant he just knew how 'unique' looked underneath the illusion. Vadel Less than a minute had gone by before it went right back up again though. As much as he wanted to have his faith in others rewarded. . . the rest of those in Project SINC would have to earn his trust to get a glimpse of what he really was in case any of them had as poor an opinion of the Faery has the Humans did for such a long time.

    Except for maybe the female Faery that he did not yet know about.

    "Oh hey! They left us clothes in these dresser drawers. That was nice of them."
  10. Silvia didn't rightly care about the house or anyone in it. She stared blankly at the front door. She couldn't believe she was actually free. She downed her head and grinned. Freedom? Yeah just an illusion, this house? Just another prison cell.

    Keeping her head down she took her first step towards the house then another, before turning around and grabbing one small suitcase and going inside.

    Walking up the stairs she found her room and paused to look at the other name on the door. "Great..." She mumbled as she opened the door and threw her suitcase into the dark room landing with a small thud. Silvia then left the door open and headed into the girl's bathroom to take a shower, locking the door behind her.
  11. "Nice choice" commented Cyril as his eyes flickered onto left bed that fortunately had the window; after a moment of hesitation he then continued to remove layers of fabric that he body oh so loathed. He did not get why humans wore clothing, what was it for? As far as he knew, mortals shared a huge resemblance, in well, everything... Look at one, and you have seen it all. Although these were his true thoughts e could not help but contemplate on the fair skin tones that most human women had. So light, do delicate... Tender, smooth and downright delicious. The last time he had eaten his well share of carnage was more than two months ago, anyone but him would have gone mental by this time today--patience, he must retain his patience. Soon he shall feed. Soon.

    Turning around to face Vladel, his composure was rattled at the sight. Something indeed was off with the lad, I mean, how could... Cyril shook it off and proceeded to state the obvious question that had been bothering his mind.

    Vladel..." Cyril trailed off as he leisurely scratched the back of his neck. Taking in a sharp breath, he wondered if his thoughts would get him in trouble with the fellow. Would he take it as a complement or an offense? Rest assure, that he was just as confused as the words that would spur out of his mouth. "Vladel, by all my years out at sea... Dear Kraken, you're one"

    In an instant, Cyril growled as he wildly shook his had. "
    Dammit, I'm starving" he muttered lowly to himself as he fumbled with his pockets and took out a shiny red pill. Speak of desiring a woman and one shall come the words of his ancestors ran through his head. For more than hours Cyril had been desiring a woman's skin treat and now his room-mates shows him beauty compared to those of a woman? Why was he tormenting him!?

    Without a second thought, Cyril plunged the red pill down his throat as he closed his eyes--savoring the taste of a mortal of Blood Type O. Cyril had come against such a drug by mere chance, he was not sure if it was used by mortals or vampires. Anemia was quite popular in the human lands, so maybe it was for that? Nonetheless, he cared not for it's 'right' use. All that matter is that his thirst was kept sedated.

    No need to worry, I'm sane again." he laughed as he sat down onto his bed. Hell, the contraption was as uncomfortable as a bed of coral. "How in the name of Megalodon do the humans sleep in these?" Cyril asked with disgust.
  12. Glancing through the dresser drawers as he searched them for something suiting his tastes, another side effect gained from blending in with the humans for so long. After two years he had actually managed to become picky about what clothes he wore in public. Most of it came from past incidents which had gained him odd stares. Not everyone thought wearing a tangerine colored sweater with vibrant neon green swimming trunks and a pair of combat boots was a good fashion statement. Weeks were spent dealing with the fact that humans wanted him to not only wear clothes, but wear the right clothes. Otherwise he might have shown up at the house today with the illusion of scuba gear or even nothing at all. Poor Vadel never stumbled upon a nudist colony during his travels through human society. Then again it might have made things easier at first. . . but more confusing later on.

    Speaking of confusing. . .

    Did he just call me beautiful? What should I say? Am I supposed to tell him that he's pretty now too or something? I don't have a problem with that. Maybe among his people men call one another beautiful openly. Not everyone has to be as uptight as the humans after all. Besides! At least he doesn't hate and despise me.

    Back facing toward Cyril, Vadel still felt a slight blush form on his cheeks in response to what he felt was a compliment. Even on the face of the illusion, it was there for a few moments since after using the power so much over the past two years, showing emotions on the false face had evolved into a reflex action by this point. Soon enough the feelings of embarrassment passed from his features and his mind as well. Turning to face Cyril with a cheerful smile and a tone in his voice to match it appeared nothing had phased him at all. Unfortunately the wuick switch to talking about hunger undercut Vadel's determination to speak. Hopefully the smile on his face had said enough for him that words were not necessary.

    Now he's taking pills for hunger? Maybe he's on one of those human diets.

    "Well these beds are not as comfy as one I slept in around seven moons ago. There are better ones out there. I once saw a huge place full of beds where humns that make them sell them to humans who use them. Every bed I laid down on in that place felt different from the last. Humans even have these things called water beds. It's like one of these but filled with water. It was like floating on the ocean I'd imagine."

    After hearing the comment about beds though, the Faery decided that his roommate might not have enough of a connection to human culture to go on one of their so called diets. Which made the red pill Cyril had taken mysterious all over again. Curiosity started to eat away at him to an unbearable degree as several questions all demanded to be asked at once. Finally the dam burst at last and let loose just a few of the questions. Luckily he had composed himself mid thought as his rear plopped down onto the bed claimed as his own.

    "So where did you live before today? I have a feeling you come from near the ocean. Mostly cause I recognized the word Megalodon from an aquarium I visited once. I've never actually been to a beach before. I prefer the wilderness actually. Hey! If you are from around the ocean. . . maybe you should ask someone on the Project SINC staff to get you a water bed! Maybe that would remind you of home just a little, eh? If that is your home I mean. I guess I should wait until you answer my question about where you're actually from."

    Vadel waited for a response then, patiently and in polite silence. But as he did so a strange feeling that had been gnawing at him for several minutes started to get worse. Ever since arriving he had the distinct feeling another Faery was close to the house. Maybe even inside of it! Had his family sent someone to watch him? Or had another of his kind entered the ptoject by chance? Suddenly the thought of not being the only one of his kind in the house brought a feeling of warmth to him. Until he focused on the presence of the Faery and sensed they were in great pain. What could put them in great pain? A deep, thoughtful expression suddenly entered the face of his illusion as though to match his state of mind. Consequently his illusion flickered some all over his body as the concentration on something other than blending in grew worse.

    Should I look for them? Try to find the other Faery here?
  13. What seemed almost like the jingle of a single bell, repeating itself over and over, filled the otherwise silent room, the sound reflecting and echoing from the pale blue walls only to reach the maker’s ears once more. “Stupid. Idiotic. Pathetic. Coward. Stupid. Idiotic. Pathetic. Coward.” Like only the chorus, always repeating the same words in the musical and tiny voice. Maleah kept saying these words over and over to herself, before finally breaking the pattern. “You see a dead house-" A small choke at the word, as if she was forcing her vocal cords to call this assortment of dead trees a house. “And you cry? Honestly Maleah, since when have you ever been the crying emotional type?” She told herself, half of it pep-talk while the other half scolding. “Pull yourself together you stupid little girl! Deal with it! You signed up for this piece of honeysuckle, so you’re stuck with it. When have you ever backed down before, just because of a few little dead trees?” Well, there were several dead trees, but she wouldn’t let herself think of them.</SPAN>

    The little green girl stood up, holding the whole five inches of her tall and fierce against the white backdrop of the sheets. She wiped up her tears and flickered her wings in determination. “You can’t cry! When have you ever let anyone see you cry! Now smarten up before this Paige girl comes to see you as a weakling.”</SPAN>

    Determined, she stood there for several moments, ready to introduce herself to her new roommate as a small green ball of fierceness. She stood, and waited, but this Paige girl didn’t seem to be coming. Growing bored, she flew up and grew, deciding to explore the other doors in the room. One had her name stuck on it, so she opened it. Inside were all the human clothes the scientists had helped her pick out, along with a few miniature ones. Apparently they did not want her flying around nude as a fae, which she found odd. Why weren’t they all nude? It was more natural than these itchy garments. Still, she picked up one of the miniature dresses and shrunk back to her comfortable size to put it on. All ready, she flew out under the crack in the door, squeezing through, and headed down the stairs. Maybe the others, including this ‘Paige’, all were conversing downstairs?</SPAN>
  14. "A new home...and with company.....shit.." said Damien, as he picked up his booksack and single guitar case to make himself comfortable. He'd never been around other demons, let alone other humans, so this would be a first. He wasn't focussed on how many he was going to be living with, was it six, seve, eight or nine? Either way, he'd lost count and didn't really care, he just wanted to get this "project" over with. The house's interior was quiet impressive, a little bright for his taste, but good none the less. He saw two of them as he passed by going towards the stairs for the boy's rooms. A girl and boy were down stairs but they didn't seem to interact from his perspective. Up the stairs he saw no activity, but could hear plenty from the girl's hall.

    The first door on the left stair case was apparently his and another's. A Blaine was it? Whoever he was might have been on the way now or probably was there, he probably didn't see him come in. He opened the door to his room and saw how it's interior was just like the house hold. WHite paint, two beds, dressers, and a closet. Damien soon thought that this might not be so bad, maybe it'd be better. One of the beds where a shadow-ish black with matching gray sheets, while the dresser a few feet away was also pitch black. He took a hint and figured it was for him. Whatever clothes he packed with him he started loading into the dresser while he unpacked his guitar. He layed on his new bed and sighed in a relaxed tone. As he stated playing the instrumental to Gunslinger by avenged sevenfold, whispering the lyrics as he sat in silence. ( )
  15. Having stripped down, Silvia took a look at her naked self in the mirror. She hadn't been allowed a mirror in either prison. Not in the Asylum nor the place she was taken to after being captured by SINC.

    Her pale body reflected back at her. Those silver eyes glinting ever so slightly. Her lips only a shade or two darker than her skin. Silvia tilted her head to the side. Her lips were full and protruded out almost as far as her nose, which was slender and tilted upwards.

    She looked almost nothing like the little innocent girl she once was. The little girl who died one rainy night. A small needle seemed to stab clean through her heart as the memory replayed in the dark corners of her mind. The mirror cracked in two, it was subtle, a single flare, an uncontrollable burst of telekinesis, reacting to the emotion of remembering that horrible night.

    "Damn it," Silvia clenched her teeth in disgust. She tore her glaze away from the mirror and stepped into the shower turning it on. Silvia then sat down in the shower, wrapping her arms around her knees and hugging them close to her.

    After a few minutes Silvia had an unbearable desire to sing. The sensation of warm water hitting her body. The fact that she was free and currently all alone was too much to bare.

    She knew that things would begin to occur, just like the mirror but she wasn't angry. She was happy, so whatever happened could be to bad right? Her eyes were closed as she began to sing.

    "I'm alone, all alone.

    I'm lost in my head, finally lost in myself again.

    I think of you, you hear me.
    I'm no longer suffering.

    I don't care, I don't mind.
    You'll see my heart,
    But I'm not yours to bind.

    Cause I'm lost again, in my mind.
    Not suffering here, is what you'll find.
    You see me, but be so blind.
    To the power that lies behind,
    my silver eyes, in my mind!"

    She repeats the tune. As slight harmless disturbances occur in the house.
  16. Blaine startled to being awake, having dozed off in the short time that they spent standing there while Dr. Gallen gave his short speech about their new home. He never meant to be rude, but the time of day was throwing his sleep schedule out of whack, he was nocturnal by nature, he wasn't accustomed to being awake at this hour and it was beginning to show. As the scientists drove away, the rest of them slowly scattered and grabbed their bags, heading inside, apparently waiting until they were within the confines of the new home to greet one another.

    Finding his bags, Blained trudged up into the large house. It had been a while since he had lived in an actual house, let alone one this size. Once inside, he took off his sunglasses, finally out of that accursed sun, the florescent lighting easier on him than the natural light outside. He set his bags down briefly to survey the room, well furnished with large televisions and couches, with other assorted entertainments. Blaine was glad to see that this was much better than his previous home, which consisted of, well, a tree with enough of a covering to keep out most of the rain.

    But those days were behind him, he thought as he made a soft smile. Today was the start of a new day and hopefully a better life. As he was about to head up the stairs for the men's rooms, he noticed movement in the air. He was forced to go cross-eyed before realizing that it was actually something outside of a fly, but instead a faerie zooming through the air. While Blaine had been informed that there would be other supernatural creatures here, the sight still caught him off guard. He was unaccustomed to seeing creatures outside of other vampires for the most part, so even with forewarning he was unprepared.

    "Um, hello, I don't suppose you can understand me?" He asked the small lithe creature, feeling a bit awkward as it most surely looked as if he was talking amongst himself. He tried to focus on the faerie, but found it hard given that the creature kept flitting about the room like a dragonfly of sorts. Blaine bit his lip, showing his fangs by pure mischance; it was a habit he picked up, though he was unsure of when.
  17. She had been flitting around, exploring each of the foreign objects, and forcing herself to touch it’s dead material. “Best way to overcome fear is to take it head on!” She chimed to herself, landing on the doorknob and forcibly pressing her hand against the door to the kitchen. She bit her lip slightly, but she had managed it without flinching this time, a first. An accomplishment and an improvement.</SPAN>

    At one point, she heard the soft lullaby of a woman’s voice, and objects seemed to almost rattle with the tune, and she was tempted to go see the source of the noise. She was already up and fluttering back towards the stairs when the door opened, and one more of the inhabitants entered. This one was lanky and thin, and she fluttered close to observe her new dorm room member. She found it odd that when she approached quite closely, she could see underneath his blue eyes a twinge of pink, or some color of similar shade. That, combined with his paleness, made her think he was a vampire. When he spoke, she looked for the slight point of fangs, and nodded to herself as a sort of confirmation of this person’s species. They stood out especially as he bit his lip, and she wondered if it was some sort of nervous quirk.</SPAN>

    Flickering her wings in a sign of annoyance, she fluttered before him, just out of arm’s reach, her own small green arms crossed. A look of distain seemed to show in her firmly pressed lips, and the look of her green eyes. “Can I understand you?” Her bell voice chimed with sarcasm. “Do you really think that because I’m small, I don’t understand human speech? Do you really think, because I’m a faery, that I somehow do not hold the capacity to learn this foreign tongue? Do you really think the scientists would put someone who cannot speak English in an English human high school when unity is the purpose sought after?” A small ‘hmmph!’ followed her words.</SPAN>

    She eyed him down, glaring through tiny green eyes, her arms now upon her waist. “I hold no love for those who underestimate my species, for those whose wit cannot piece together a simple puzzle, for those whom are rude, and nor for those who cannot pass a proper judgement.” Her eyes travelled once, up and down his body, estimating him. “You made a novice mistake, but a second try will be granted. You may begin with introducing yourself this time; instead of questioning me like you had before. I am Maleah.” She flew close, closer than she had ever flew towards a non-Fae or non-animal before, and she held out her tiny hand as a sign of friendly introduction, as she had been taught humans did. </SPAN>
  18. Blaine was taken aback as the small creature began to chide at him about pleasantries, apparently annoyed by the fact that he had underestimated her due to her lack of size. Despite her lack of stature, he felt a bit intimidated as her voice berated him on what she loved and did not love. At the same time he was fascinated by her, her nimbleness in the air and the way she was not at all afraid of his nature, though he supposed that it was just a matter of her not realizing what he was.

    Blaine supposed he was indeed a bit silly for not expecting her to know english, he just had so little experience with other species, especially with one as outwardly different than vampires and humans, that he really had not known of a way to react. He made a mental note to assume that everyone he met not only understood english but in fact spoke it fluently, as was evidenced by the irritated faery before him. He even flinched when it moved close, though upon further inspection it turned out she was merely extending her tiny thin arm and hand in greeting.

    "I'm Blaine... Nice to meet you Maleah, it's a very nice name," Blaine managed to say, slowly extending his and shaking her hand with the tips of his thumb and forefinger, trying to be as delicate as possible, still unsure of how strong she was; whether it was based off of her size or her personality.
  19. They almost hadn't let her in. Devi couldn't believe how crappy her day was turning out to be. She'd missed the bus or minivan or whatever the hell it was and had had to walk. The good thing is the house where she was supposed to stay was a bit close to where she was currently residing. She wondered how she had never noticed it before. However when she reached the entrance, two burly security guards blocked her way and no amount of pleading could sway them to let her enter the place. She had finally had to resort to her snakes and when her short, pink tinged hair morphed into long golden snakes, they had finally caved.

    She tried to make herself look as unlate as possible by trying to blend in with the rest of the small crowd. Still she only caught the last few words of the scientist and soon everyone was making their way inside. It was a huge place and she wondered if she'd ever get used to it. She'd probably get lost half a dozen times before she found her room. She surreptitiously eyed everyone she was passing and marveled at how everyone seemed so different. She had never been among such a large group of supernaturals. It was nice to know she wasn't the only freak in the world. Devi was still marveling over her surroundings with her duffel bag slung over one shoulder when she was startled by a piercing scream.

    'Okay, I'll just pretend I didn't hear that and mosey on to my room..
    .' This place was turning out to be a little bit scary. Too new, too everything. When she reached her room, she discovered that there were signs that someone had already been there judging by the suitcases but she was nowhere to be found. Devi flopped onto the bed, boots and all. She closed her eyes and thought.
  20. View attachment 7948

    "Hello? Anyone home? ....Hellooo?"

    Paige wrinkled her nose and stood on her hip when she entered her room that had her name beautifully written next to another name that read 'Maleah.' Paige bent backwards, her blonde and pale blue hair following her as she looked to the door again. It was Maleah, wasn't? Paige chewed on the name a couple of times in her head.
    Muh-Lay-Uh? Ma-Lee-Uh? Muh-Lee-Uh? Paige was downright horrible at introductions and pronunciations. Especially when it came to names! Take her name for example. Paige is pronounced just like the pages from a book but it's spelled completely different. Why was that? And why did her human mother even name her Paige in the first place. In her childhood she had no memories of any books of any sort. That's another reason she went with SINC: to figure out why the humans were so weird.

    A wrinkle formed on the bridge of her pale nose as she looked around the room at everything in it as she pondered over the entire project. How much different was she from these humans? Besides the fact that her mind was 10 times stronger than there own (maybe even more so), she was just like them in a way, right? Paige looked to the left at the mirror that looked back at her. There stood a girl in an bright orange shirt, white sweater, and blue jeans that sported blotches of bleach here and there. Her hair was so pale of a blonde that it almost appeared white. At the very ends, there were tinges of blue that formed from her fathers own cerulean hair color. Paige tapped the glass of the mirror thinking that her reflection would tap back. This was getting infuriating, she needed some sort of company.

    It didn't come to her mind that everyone must have been downstairs. After that guy with the weird voice explained everything to them, she immediately took off to the bathroom. As entertaining as he was, she had to pee, bad. If it were another time, Paige would have taken off down the halls shouting,
    "SORRY, I'LL BE BACK IN A SEC!" Now there she was, staring at herself in the mirror in hopes of a conversation.

    "Hey, Paige. What's up?"she said. She waved into the mirror and broke out into a smile. Was she really a demon or merely a girl that needed to be hospitalized. The two were very similar in comparison, but even she knew she couldn't hide from who she was. None of the demons could. They were all there to form a pact with the humans, but it got her thinking all the while: who will it be harder on. The demons to accept them or vice versa? Paige turned around and walked out of the room to the kitchen, and that's when she saw a fae and 2 more demons in the kitchen. Paige slapped a hand to her mouth to shroud the shout "BUG!!" that was just about to come forth when she had noticed that it was just another demon.

    "Oh, whoops! I didn't know anyone was in here!"she giggled and walked toward the group of them. Paige looked over the faces of each particular person. There was a girl with beautiful silver-dipped eyes, almost like two moons! Her hair was short...shorter than the normal length of girl hair. Paige found this interesting but didn't want to stare. Besides, Paige could sense something off about her and her emotions. They played at the edges of Paige's mind as all emotions and thoughts of others did. Paige didn't want to budge into anything so she smiled over at the fae and a boy eyes!

    "Wow! Your eyes are gorgeous!"she exclaimed, her own blue ones widening. Demons were such strange and interesting things. Paige didn't want to creep the boy out so she swiveled her eyes back to the fae.

    "And you're just so adorable!"she said, tilting her head with a small smile. It was apparent that the green girl with the wings. Paige had probably just annoyed everyone in the room (that was always the first reaction to her presence) but seeing as though she was going to be going to school with all of them, why not get familiar? With that, Paige smiled brighter and waved at all three of them.

    "Hi, guys! I'm Paige and who are you all?"she asked, trying to get the names of all three of them so she could associate their face with their names, That wouldn't be so hard with the mind Paige had. Hopefully they would answer and not turn away like most people did when she greeted herself. In 2 seconds flat, Paige had successfully depressed herself, looking down at the marble tiled floor of the kitchen, still awaiting an answer from the others.