Project Heretic: Fallen Angels

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  1. The Thousand Year War has finally come to an end, after almost 2 centuries of fighting. It's start was inevitable, and for just the reason you might expect - resources. They ran out, to put it simply, before anyone had figured out how to make their power sustainable. And what do people do when they run out of resources? They attack other people to try and claim theirs. However, this was no ordinary world war. It was every country for themselves, with alliances near impossible without consuming another territory completely. Furthermore, 10 years into the battle, when a clear winner looked to be possible, Russia developed a new weapon - known as Project Heretic.

    The idea behind this was simple. "Lets make biologically and psychologically perfect warriors to fight for us." However, this is one of those things where the expression 'easier said than done' applies. The results, while present, were a little different to what they had expected. These warriors, named Angels, have a peculiar ability - the ability to force their own delusions upon the real world, even if it would defy logic. Each Angel's ability only works for one recurring delusion that they possess. They cannot choose what form this delusion takes. One Angel's delusion may be that they are able to summon electricity. Another may be able to teleport. They cannot use another delusion though.

    As one can imagine, this made Russia become the dominant force in an instant, utilising their Angels alongside their ground forces to claim victory on every battlefront. But, as with all technologies, new, improved Angels have been developed called Guardians, which dwarf the Angels in every way. Nobody is sure what a Guardian actually is, except that each is powerful enough to level a typical army in just over a day. They can take many forms, but are always mechanical and have much stronger manifestation powers than Angels.

    But, what happened to the Angels? Well, usually you'd just thrown an outdated item in the waste, but you can't do that with humans. Instead, they built a huge city in the wastes of Siberia and shipped off every recorded Angel to live within it's fences. 3 Guardians watch over this city and prevent the Angels from escaping. They are colossal machines capable of hovering in the air indefinitely, and who can incinerate singular entities with pinpoint accuracy even from the other side of the city. Other than the Guardians, the city functions just like any other city would, except abilities play a much larger part. There is a phenomenal number of unemployed people whose powers are useless, and who instead join one of the 3 major gangs that rule over the town. Fights between Angels are a daily occurrence, since they're modified to be more aggressive than normal humans. Though the city has no official name, the residents tend to call it "Haven". Probably for ironic reasons.

    One of the Guardians that guards the city. (open)


    The city is split into 3 gangs, each controlling a different area. The "Metal Boys" as they call themselves inhabit the industrial district to the north of the city. They mediate the craftsmen and factories. Typically, they have weaker but more daily practical abilities that may not be so useful in combat against another Angel but that make them some of the richest merchants in the city. The second, the "Golds", also rudely referred to as the "bees" by most people, reside in the cental business district. They are the elite warriors, usually, with the powerful and entirely destructive abilities. They see themselves as superior to everyone else, and try to moderate inter-gang violence. They tend to forget they're a gang themselves though and prefer to call themselves a government. They're called the bees due to their hierarchical structure that splits them neatly into 3 groups - the "queen", the Workers and the Drones. The final Gang controls the southern side. They don't have an official name, but are called the Yellow Spiders by the others due to their leader's name and ability. While there are people who don't associate themselves with a gang, these are few and far between.

    The city itself is your typical dystopia. Buildings built of materials 200 years out of date, vehicles almost non-existent since no one figured out how to make them, most street lights permanently broken. And of course, foot-deep snow drifts permanently line the streets. The surface has compacted to permafrost, making it not too bad to walk on, but doors are still at ground level and it's a nightmare getting to them. Plus, it's always so bloody cold. It was only natural that at some point they'd get pissed off. Today, at 12AM in the most iconic inn in the city, a meeting is being held to try and find some way of escaping.


    Name: (The only way Angels have names is as nicknames given by their squad members during the war or through names they chose themselves.)

    Gender: (Angels were originally intended to be infertile, but certain healing delusions can correct this. Offspring do not necessarily have abilities, only the potential to develop them through psychological 'training'.*)

    Age: (New batches were made every 2 years to replace those destroyed, so every Angel will have an even numbered age. The last batch was made 16 years ago. Psychological training lasts for 12 years, when they can then be released into the military. The war ended 2 years ago, so the youngest Angels are 16 and have been in war for 2 years.)

    Appearance: (Please don't put 18 gifs and images throughout the app like some people do)

    Ability: (As I said in the Interest check - please make them feel more logical than magical, and don't make them directly OP or multipurpose.**)

    *: This psychological training involves a lot of immoral procedures, so is locked in a corner of the Angel's mind as instinct rather than memory. It is this locked away frustration that fuels the ability to bring their delusions into reality. If this frustration were to be released, they would lose a lot of their ability's strength. The healing abilities are not perfect, so miscarriage rate is very high, as is infant mortality rate due to the psychological training, which starts from the age of 3 months and continues until they are 12 years old.
    **: For example, the ability to instantly compress nitrogen isn't on it's own OP and is also more scientific than magical, so it would get accepted. Any OP-ness to nitrogen compression comes from the user. They could use it to generate plasma or to superheat the air inside someone's lungs if they wanted, or use it to form an impenetrable barrier around them.
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  2. Arelli
    Name: Arelli

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Full body (open)

    Ability: Ophthalmitis
    Arelli's ability drastically changes the biological structure of his eyes. His whole eye is formatted to a hybrid of a compound eye and layers of membranous screens. At its most basic form, it gives him access to color receptors beyond the human limit of three (red, green, and blue). Akin to the photoreceptors found in various animals an insects, the more receptors he is able to activate, more additions can be made to the natural spectrum of primary colors and all their derogatives. Depending on certain "color" combinations activated, Arelli can sharpen, or weaken his vision immensely. At a more advanced level (which he himself has far yet to fully master) different membranes can be formatted like prisms with receptors to make specialized vision. Some examples are motion sensitivity, infrared or other forms of advanced spectrum vision, a widened scope of vision, and a "zoom in/out" effect. However, he is limited to only one mode of advanced vision at a time, as he can't double a combination. In addition, when Arelli overuses his eyes, he can face great eye strain. This mainly derives from the more complex nervous connections he has on his eyes, in order to decipher information.
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  3. Exception
    Name: Calls herself Arue. Most people know her as Exception since she seems to possess multiple abilities, which is otherwise unheard of.

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16, but was never deployed.


    Ability: Recode
    Recode is probably the most powerful ability recorded among Angels. It still isn't anywhere near the level of a Guardian though. Arue is the only recorded user of this.
    Essentially, Recode lets one alter the fabric of the universe. In order to understand how recode functions, it's best to view the universe as a giant computer, where every item within it is a program. A user of Recode can rewrite the programming of these items so that they take a different form or interact with other items differently. This is a very power intensive ability and is also a very slow one. With the exception of a certain pre-programmed set of alterations (IE, if you were to create a .exe file that edited certain values within another .exe file upon being run instead of opening up the target .exe and manually altering them each time), causing even a negligible change in something requires at least an hour. This ability is incredibly prone to overloading, meaning she can actually do very little at her current power level. Additionally, her own mind isn't able to process the information fast enough, so she outsources a lot of it to a small computer she carries in her pocket. This feeds her the information she requires in the form of meaningless noises through her headphones. Anyone who listened to this "music" would find it nonsense, but while listening to it would have many seemingly random numbers and letters appear in their mind. This means that while her computer is out of battery or her headphones are somehow removed or disabled, her abilities will not work, except for a single one of her pre-programmed functions. As a side effect of possessing this ability, she constantly sees faint matrix-style columns of numbers and letters floating within every object.
  4. Name: He refers to himself as Leo, but he is most widely know as Frost Fire due to his strange ability to manipulate heat.

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20


    Ability: Entropy

    Entropy was basically the ability to control the thermodynamic laws and apply them directly to a substance, person, or another angel. He could have virtually been the ideal harbinger of death if it weren't for the repercussions that came with the use of such an ability. Essentially he could raise and lower the amount of heat any substance or being held within it's system to the point that it could be melted or frozen entirely, but this could only be done through direct contact with the substance or being. In accordance to the requirement that direct contact had to be made his ability was entirely centered within his own body, and therefore entailed that whatever action was made to a foreign substance or being an equally opposite reaction took place within his own body. This meant in order for him to kill another being through direct contact his own life would be forfeited as well, but with the limitation that had been placed upon him creativity arose as he used the natural elements and manmade resources at his disposal.
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  5. Interesting ability indeed. Accepted.
  6. Actually i got the idea for it from a character in needless heh if you've ever seen the anime, but then modified it to go along more with the scientific aspect
  7. Are you still looking for people dear?
  8. Yep.
  9. Uh hmm, I guess a good idea would be to tag the remaining people from the interest check and see if theyre still wanting to participate or not
  10. True. I may make a new one actually, since it's been almost a month.
  11. That's an idea too I suppose, but I am still interested
  12. It might be a couple of days till I make the new one, since I pretty much have no spare time to devote to doing things other than making odd comments for now. I'm going on holiday and I won't have internet good enough to watch videos so I'm downloading huge amounts of them in advance and sorting out my 80+ long backlog of series. It's surprisingly tough work.
  13. Enjoy your vaction then
  14. I am still going to join the rp I will upload my character sheet tomorrow.
  15. RedName: Red

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18


    Ninjas, masters of stealth and close-quarters combat. Red was created to go on impossible black ops mission and report everything he saw. So, his ability? It couldn't affect the world around him or himself. Red just reaches superhuman levels of physicality and posses a photographic memory. Before his deployment they crammed every bit of tactical and martial information they could into his brain. In addition to formal teaching he received combat training and is skilled in numerous weapons and can link similar styles and calibers to quickly learn new styles of combat. He has mastered stealth and the weapon of fear, known as Red by his allies and enemies when the flash of red activated from his multi-purpose goggles it would strike fear in his targets. The obvious drawback of his above and beyond physicality and mental capabilities is that they do not affect others and are dependent on Red's choices on the battlefield and his equipment to prove useful at all. Red is infamous for his use with the following weapons:
    • Short Blades
    • Snipers
    • MP50
    • Silenced Firearms
    Red's skill set acquired by in battle experience and training:
    • Art of War
    • Battle Tactics used in every age by famous generals and in famous wars
    • Stealth
    • Decryption of files and Encryption of them
    • Piloting aerial and ground vehicles
    Red's Physical Limits:
    • Red can run a mile in one minute and twenty seconds. [30 seconds a lap]
    • He does not produce the chemicals that cause fatigue and tiredness at a normal rate. He could run a marathon and keep going or last in a fight without tiring for longer than his opponent.
    • Red is able to bench one thousand pounds [roughly two hundred above the current world record]
    • His reaction time is also fast enough to dodge/deflect semi-automatic fire if he is ready and not at point blank range.
    Red's Mental Limits:
    • Unlike humans where multitasking is simply dropping one task and continuing another and switching back and forth between tasks, Red can truly process multiple tasks at once without his brain being overloaded, confused or otherwise.
    • Red can memorize anything he sees and can process images a normal human could not, such as a bullet's path.
    • Red is extremely intelligent.

    Red's Combat Knowledge: Even though he can create new styles based off of what he knows and sees, that depends on him actually seeing something new. The average soldier only knows Taekwondo and/or Boxing/Kickboxing.
    • Kung Fu [Yes it is broad. He knows all versions of it]
    • Kickboxing
    • Karate [Again Broad because he knows all versions.]
    • Knife Fighting
    • Kendo
    • Egyptian Sword Fighting
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  16. Name: She calls herself Aria but due to her ability others have given her the name Crash.

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: images.jpeg

    Ability: Corruption

    The ability Corruption acts like a virus attacking a computer because it attacks and alters the neural transmitters in the brain. Corruption acts on levels of intensity based on Aria's intent. The ability corruption enters the host, attacking the hosts health (sickness) or mind (specifically memories). The first levels requiring no personal contact and can be used at a distance and is only minimally effective and temporary. This level can cause temporary illness, and the loss of a few recent memories. The next levels require a shorter distance between Aria and the target and or minimal contact( Brief contact). This level can cause sickness that is or can be potentially life threatening, and or loss of older or more significant "files" ( memories). The last levels are fatal and require skin to skin contact. The last levels of Corruption can result in a lethal virus that progressively and aggressively ails the target until quick death, or a complete wipe of the targets memories, earning her the nickname Crash. This ability mostly used for cleanup jobs focused on her getting in wiping someone's "hard drive" For dangerous information and getting out, which structured her for stealth missions that required speed, secrecy, and cunning. Which in turn left little time for acquiring much physical strength. When used in constant succession without the appropriately allotted rest period Corruption will begin to attack the users own body resulting in sickness or memory blackouts, that get worse with each time.

    Aria is trained in a fighting style that highlights her elusiveness, for quick escapes, or minimal insignificant blows of damage that add up over time and slowly weaken her target.

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  17. She might still be on vacation, also angels are only aloud to have even numbered ages
  18. And if all else fails just pm karakui
  19. Yep, I'm around. For some reason, I stopped getting notifications for it though. I guess something screwed up considering I'm using 2 different devices to control my current access to iwaku. Red and Aria are both accepted, and the IC thread shall be made shortly.
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