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  1. Its modern day, the world is fairly peaceful, world crime rates are low, but, there are few problems...

    Welcome to the town of Treestump, yea the name sounds a little silly, but well given. This town, which is the size of a very small city, is located in the middle of a thick forest on the far outskirts of a much larger city, Brookside, which about twice the size of Manhattan, its name comes from the Brook river, which runs through the middle of the city, on one side, the upper middle and upper class tend to take hold of because of the nicer, more fertile land. However, the other side, lower middle and lower class take refuge. Our story takes place in Treestump, where the 'Priority Target' (my character) lives. The reason he is being hunted is not for major crimes against humanity or threatening to take over the world, but simply, he isn't like everybody else, and the government has created an organization to hire bounty hunters, assassins, guns for hire, and anyone who's got enough screws loose to go and kill him before the general public gets wind of him and any who partner with him. You are not the first group to be hired, but will you be the last?

    The reward set for anyone who can capture Drake dead or alive is currently 10 million dollars U.S.

    What I'm looking for are characters who are willing to be either the hunters or partners with Drake, the first to come to me with a hunter character and gets accepted, will be the leader of the hunters, Drake will be the leader of the 'Targets' If no one comes to play as another target, i am willing to continue as the only target.

    Below will be the basic info I would like you to provide if you want to play, if you can, please just copy/paste and answer the categories in the way I have them listed, I posted one of Drake, and I will also be providing a link to Drake's full profile if anyone would like to read on it for any reason.

    This roleplay probably wont contain any serious sexual content considering it will be a group roleplay, but if there is someone who would like to do this rp but with more mature tendencies,or even if you'd simply just rather not do a group rp, I am willing to do a 1x1 of this. But swearing, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sexual jokes, and if you are comfortable, sex, are all allowed, so this rp will be rated high.

    The date is currently Wednesday April 30th, and this thread is completely open

    Here is the link to the rp:

    Character Sheet Info:

    Name: Drake Vampiron

    Age: 500+ but appears to be 19 or 20

    Type: Supernatural, Vampire

    Target/Hunter: Target

    Weapons/ability: Drake has a very heavy, straight blade sword that he has strapped to his back underneath his shirt, his abilities are as follows: He has claws, fangs, increased agility, strength and sense of smell, he can see in the dark and he has regenerative capabilities

    Personality: Drake likes to have fun; mind you that fun may be mischievous and harmful to others, but it can also just be relaxing in the shade listening to a good song on his Ipod. He is rather dangerous, but on the inside, Drake is good hearted and will go out of his way to help a small child or defend an innocent person in a fight. But don't be fooled, Drake has no problem fighting if he is confronted.

    History/Bio: Drake wasn't born a vampire, he was actually bitten in his late teens which is why he appears 19 or 20. He doesn't remember anything of his parents and really doesn't have many friends. So he tends to be seen alone, which he doesn't mind, it makes it easier for him to keep his secret.

    Extra information: Everybody has weaknesses both physically and personality wise, one of Drake's personal flaws that tends to get him in more trouble than most people think is worth, he has a tendency to get distracted by heavy chests, which, if your an anti hero or a hunter character, can help in battle situations, and it makes for good comedic relief.

    Looks: Drake stands at 6ft tall, 125lbs, he has a gothic/emo appearance and red eyes, there a pictures of the character I use to personify him on the webpage I created for him, which is the link below.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Character Sheet Info:

    Name:Names, Nicknames or Alias that your character goes by, you can include any combination of the three
    Age: Any age
    Type: Supernatural, Enhanced Human, Regular Human, what is your character?
    Target/Hunter: Which side are you playing for?
    Weapons/ability: Does your character have any weapons or speacial abilities
    Personality: Behavior, Mood triggers, etc
    History/Bio:Backstory and basic bio
    Extra information: and sidenotes or extras that you think should be known
    Looks: Picture or description of your character

    P.S. : Shadicmaster is the Co-GM of this rp, so if I'm not around to answer a question, just ask her. And if she doesn't know the answer, she will ask you to wait and she will ask me once I return online, so please be nice and if needed, please also be patient. Thank you very much and Shadic and I look forward to the roleplay with all of you!
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  2. Name: Mottle and Leam Secruse
    Age: 12
    Type: Enhanced Human
    Weapons/ability: Five thin longswords, psychokenisis, pyrokenisis, empathy, telepathy
    Personality: Leam is a very mild and kind boy, despite being easily provoked by harming anyone defensless, or any thing of beauty in his eyes. Mottle, however, is the exact opposite, rash, violent, and not hesitating to kill if needed.
    History/Bio: A very weak child from birth, this abnormally kind child was often quiet for long stretches of time, and never cried. As he grew older, however, he started to display more and more homosidal tendancies, having no regard for any other form of life besides his own. Upon diagnosis, it was found that he had multiple personalities, and was effectively two kids trapped in one mind and body. Upon this realisation, he was abandoned by his parents and taken in by a very abusive household who later sold him to science. Later becoming the header in a human enhancement experiement, he was given his abilities, though Leam could only access his empathy and telepathy, whereas Mottle could only reach the psycokenisis and pyrokenisis, reinforcing the pair's dependance upon eachother.
    Extra information: It is currently unknown as to what the exact triggar is that allows Leam to perfectly switch between his own mental state and that of Mottle.
    Show Spoiler


    The only physical difference between Leam and Mottle, is the eye color, Leam having pale green eyes whereas Mottle has dark brown, almost black eyes
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  3. Oh! Can I make a target?
  4. Of course you may. The thread is completely open. We need all the role players we can get!
  5. Awesome!~ I should have it up today~
  6. I'm looking foward to seeing your character c:
  7. Once I decide on a species she will be up. ^^
  8. lol ok
  9. Lookie here love~ (open)

    Name: Namine Smith
    Age: She appears 19 but she is really 500 years old.
    Type: Supernatural, Shadow Demon
    Target/Hunter: Target
    She has the ability to basically manipulate shadows. Whether to form a pair of shadow claws on her hands, or to hide within them to keep from being seen. At times it can be a mode of transport. Though if the sun is out, it takes too much energy to use.
    Otherwise she has to standard guns strapped to her hips by two crossing belts that rest on her hips.
    Namine is a flirty individual who enjoys toying with people for the fun of it. Yet, even she has her limits and knows when to stop. Otherwise she keeps a very laid-back attitude to things. Rarely do people get to see her be serious about something, or live to tell the tale depending on the situation. If she is not flirting with someone, or staking a nap under a tree, people could find her drinking tea with a piece of cake in a cafe or restaurant. Surprisingly without a date.
    Namine was born a demon, in the middle of the woods within a cabin. Her parents were hiding from the hunters in those woods. It was a peaceful existence as her parents taught her basic skills, including a few demonic ones, things to help her survive. Then everything changed when the hunters found them, all she can remember from that day was fire, blood, and how the forest blazed as she ran away under her parents orders. Though, not before she caught the glimpse of the man who had ruined her blissful days.
    As the years began to pass, she became aware that the man was looking for her. With his sons. He continued to look for her until he died of old age, something she had went to see to believe. At his funeral she met his son. Who she fell in love with, but the son wanted nothing but her head on a spike. And he wouldn't stop until he had that.
    Yet, just like his father she always alluded them and he died through an accident while admist hunting her. But with his passing, her aging stopped. Stopped at the age that he had died. For two hundred years she has kept a low profile. Staying within a cabin in the forest as she had when she was a child. Though, recently she has come back out into civilization. Adapting to the new times and becoming who she was now.
    Extra information:
    She has seen just about every distraction or trapping technique used by hunters, yet she humors them by allowing herself to get trapped. Then leaving with the darkness since most people mistake her for a vampire.
    The reason most people mistake her for a vampire is that she tends to drink a lot of red liquids. Like wine. She loves wine.
    Romance is a touchy subject for her, so if she gets bitter about it. Or cynical, it's normal.
    Namine has a British accent.
    Looks: She is 5'8 with long black hair and red eyes.

    Aren't I lovely~ (open)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  10. Name:
    Akane Yukimura
    (What she goes by)

    (Original name)

    (Five tails)



    -Fox Fire/Magic.
    (Creation of blue flames that can be breathed out, summoned to create light of ignited from her tails or limbs. Fox magic is rarely used and even then it is mostly for minor reasons.)

    (Change was people see, hear and feel but unable to effect the last two senses)

    (Able to copy forms she has seen an memorized, animals a lot easier than humanoid forms other than her own.)

    Akane is generally quite reserved and continues to keep to herself if she is able to do so. Due to her current status as a target, Akane is constantly keeping herself alert and so is rarely seen acting relaxed or even laid back, her serious side being present a lot more. Despite the fact she normally adorns a stoic expression and strict posture, Akane herself is not highly confident or even stubborn. She is not completely willing to fight if she can find a way to avoid it. She is remains well mannered. However, if one is to trust her she has high morals that will lead her into placing trust into that person. Due to her kitsune nature she has quite the mischievous side which allows her some small enjoyment in her free time, be if pranks or elaborate plans.

    Born over five hundred years ago within Japan Mari took form within this plane. With only one tail, Mari was stuck during the first one hundred years of her life as a white fox, scurrying around the dark woods near an old shrine. These were boring years, hunting and living in her attempt to survive long enough to allow her to gain a humanoid form. When she did, Mari was over joyed as the one tailed fox finally was able to walk with the mortals she watched since her creation. As her power grew, the more she began to be at risk. However she willingly remained ignorant to this as she continued to act and talk as a mortal would, be it to teach the young children or protect them from what they were ignorant too. During the century of her fourth tail, Mari was taken from the woods by the shrine and dragged off from her territory. Taken further into the south of Japan she was kept prisoner by a 'collector' who had gained many of her kind by this point. With feelings of regret, the kitsune remained here until the fifth anniversary of the date she finally was strong enough to take a humanoid form. So, with this she gained her fifth tail and this led to her desire to escape. Which she did later one evening during the cold winter. Deciding she had to leave her home land for a while she escape over seas. Of course, it took her a while to adapt to the changes and the language, something that caused her to remain hidden for the next sixty two years as she changed her name to avoid the power that came with someone knowing her true name, 'Mari'.

    Extra information:
    *Kitsune Ball - A sphere that is the embodiment of Akane's power, also one of her largest weaknesses. If she were to loose it she would be defenseless and would have to try and reclaim it. Due to this it is often hidden as a small sphere pearl upon a black pearl bracelet upon her left wrist.

    *Fox Form - Depending on which tail she releases, her size varies. Having a maximum of five tails currently, her largest form would be in this stage. In this form she has red markings upon her snow white fur, similar to the one's present upon her skin in her humanoid form.

    Imagine these with the red marking under right eye similar to markings on humanoid form in picture.

    *True name - Akane is careful around this subject as her true name can be used to bind her, similar to if her Kitsune ball was taken.

    *Mask - Akane adorns this when trying to avoid revealing her identity. She only does this when she knows that she is being followed or one knows who she is. Few have seen her face either due to this mask, shape shifting or her using her fox form.

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  11. Nice! First time I've actually seen someone use the traditional kitsune oni of Japanese tradition ^^
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  12. ^_^ I like researching stuff like this.
  13. i agree, thats quite a character you have there c:
  14. and you have a fairly interesting character as well miss Angel of Castiel i apologize if it seems like i left you out, twas not my intention
  15. Phew~ I thought there was something wrong with my character for a second there.
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  18. I might make a hunter as well if that's okay. I mean there is three targets at the moment..
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