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  1. Primrose Academy for the Magically Gifted is nestled in the forests of Canada. Although broken looking from the outside, its glamour hides a beautiful castle, safe for all its students. [​IMG]
    Primrose's hallways are alight with candles that hang on the walls, and chandeliers that dangle above their heads.The polished stoned floors, show the reflections of every student that walks on them. Dormitories are separated between Boys and Girls. Girls are on the East Wing, and Boys on the West. Classes are together, depending on what magic the child chooses to study. Each child has a specialty, and their compulsory core classes. Most students only have 5 classes a day, but many do take extra classes to master other Magical Skills.

    Primrose Academy welcomes new and old students with open arms. Please make sure you have all the materials and have applied to your proper classes. You can apply to Primrose by going here: Any further questions may be asked on the application paper. Thank You and please make sure you are at the Welcome Feast at the Great Hall before the first day of classes. The feast is compulsory, as it is where you will get your schedules along with the rules of our lovely academy. After you have been accepted please meet with other students and try to make friends, as Primrose completely supports and expects a friendly and non-hostile environment for our students. Once again, Thank You, and welcome to Primrose Academy for the Magically Gifted.
  2. Thea walked down the hall, her footfalls barely making a sound. Today she was wearing a pink tube top and black shorts. Her blue hair was in a ponytail, and her black, mid-shin high boots were laced up. She didn't wear any make-up, except her favorite Coca-Cola flavored lip gloss. She was on her way to the gym. She loved to get her anger out during this time, so she didn't go off on anyone. She smiled, her teeth straight and white. She gave a little nod or wave to everyone that passed her.

    Thea entered the gym, and went into the locker room to change. She quickly put on her pink and black gym shorts and a grey t-shirt. She re-glossed her lips and braided her long hair to hang over her shoulder. She knew she didn't look like she could hurt someone, but even with her baggy t-shirt, it was clear her muscles were toned and strong. Her delicate features and tiny stature, only about 5'4", always gave her the upper-hand in a fight. She grabbed her hot pink bag gloves. She looked at the clock. She had plenty of time before the Welcoming Feast to work on her punches. Since she had being going here for 3 years, she opted out of the tours, as most usually do. But unlike them, most people that opt out go to the library or the lounge to meet up with old friends. She didn't like it there in the lounge. She didn't have any real friends. Only acquaintances made through smiles and waves. She did, however, love the library. It was quiet and she could work on her mental magic. Floating books over to her, turning pages without lifting a finger, y'know, little stuff.
  3. Sakura was in the Library as always, sitting in the near far corner on a bean bag which had been conveniently placed there. There was a lot of time before the Welcoming Feast and she expected it to be twice as big as it was last year. Mainly because of the immense amount of students this year. Some she had seen previously and other's who were new.
    Resting on her lap was an old rundown looking book. Her slender fingers flipping the pages ever so often. She seemed engrossed in it completely and to no avail she was. The cover had read Macbeth by Shakespeare. A play she had read multiple times , suggest to her by her Grandfather~ Only to be reading it again because of her love for the great plot twist and murder allegations. A kind A story you could never find again know-a-days.
    Rarely anyone else was in the Library, something to be expected seeing as how even the Librarian wasn't their. Well, she was previously but she had to make a run to the bathroom and was probably going to stay their for a while. "I told her not to drink that black tea..." Sakura mumbled to herself, before flipping another page.
  4. Aaron walked down a quiet corridor somewhere in the west wing. His 'grand father' had given him an enchanted map detailing the schools layout.
    "Ugh" He said to himself. "The gym should have been there. That's what I get for using a map four decades old." Back in the days Aaron's "grand father" had attended primrose, and had made to map to make sure he didn't get lost. That was just over forty years ago.

    Sounds began echoing off the walls, and soon after a small group of students rounded the corner. Their voices quickly died down as they noticed the large, green, long-eared boy. "Ehh, hey there..." One of them said. "D'you need anything?" Another one followed up, her voice giving away her uncertainty of how to react. "Yeah. It seems my map's a bit outdated, I was looking for the... Never mind, just hurry along." Aaron's deep voice sighed as the group hurried past him. It was obvious that they weren't really happy about talking with him, one of them even looked frightened. This wasn't new to Aaron, he had never fit in anywhere because of how he looked.

    After a while, he arrived at the library. "At least the map was right about this place." He mumbled, and began looking for a book about enchanting.
    It took a few minutes for him to get something that seemed just about right. 'The Art of Making Paper Fart - Enchanting for Beginners' The bold lettering and colorful cover of the book, not to mention the title, suggested that he was about 7 years above it's target audience, but it would have to do.
    Aaron found a quiet place to sit down and study the book, hoping nobody would see it's cover. "This is hopeless." He muttered "It's all practical jokes and color changing night lights." Aaron sighed and closed the book. -might as well give it a shot- He thought and placed the map on the table. According to the book, it was possible to add things to pictures if you had what you wanted to add on a similar material. A moment later Aaron had a block of paper on the table and a pencil in his hand.

    "Well, that didn't work." After having followed the step-by-step guide to giving pictures mustaches, though switching the mustache out with a circle, Aaron now had a neat circle on every 'layer' of the map instead of just one. "I guess I should just give up on this map." He sighed, put the book back where he got it, and sat down in the chair again.
  5. His first day, and already Arrow was hopelessly lost.

    As he rounded another corner, clutching at the straps of the brown leather knapsack on his back for some level of protection, he let out the third frustrated groan of the day. He swore he'd seen that exact chip in the wall ten times by now. He was going to miss the welcoming feast for sure at this rate. Everything looked the same here; how was anyone supposed to find anything? At least at his old school, there were plenty of signs...

    Just as he was beginning to lose hope, something different caught his eye. It was a wooden sign on the wall, claiming that the library was just around the bend. Relief swelled in Arrow's chest. He could get his bearings there, and hopefully find someone to follow to the Great Hall. Adjusting his knapsack yet again, he followed the immensely comforting sign to the impressive doors of the library.

    The first thing that caught his eye was the green-skinned student sitting at one of the tables. Arrow had never seen anything like him, but he'd heard stories. He wasn't afraid; Shiro was much scarier when he was angry. Curious, he approached the frustrated-looking young man.

    "Hey," he said, probably more relaxed than anyone who'd ever approached Aaron. "Are you an orc?"
  6. Aaron almost jumped in his chair. "Uhm, not exactly an orc, but yes." He had been too focused on his failed studies, and what might have gone wrong, to notice someone approach him. "I'm half orc, the rest is a mix of elf and human." Aaron rolled up his map and gave the boy his full focus. "So, you're lost too?" he asked, not really sure how to respond. This boy was the first to greet him casually at the school, not even the senior greeting his batch of students seemed to know how to react
    Aaron leaned back in his chair, barely tipping it, and moved his right hand to his chin. his shirt fell down slightly and revealed part of his musculus lower arm. "Please tell me, are you distressed enough to approach an 'intimidating' character such as myself, or is this just the setup for an elaborate practical joke? Perhaps you just don't care about my... Different appearance?" He had been scratching his chin while talking, but now leaned forwards over the table. "I wonder which it is."
  7. Arrow wasn't really sure how to react to confusion like that. Most people that he approached so casually at his old school just told him to buzz off. If they didn't just respond like normal people, of course. Arrow hoped he hadn't offended the man. "I don't care," he said with a shrug. "Is, uh, is that okay?" He completely forgot about the feast he was supposed to be looking for, his thoughts buried under sudden nerves. This guy looked really strong; what if he got angry and lashed out?
  8. Thea wiped the sweat from her brow and jogged back to the lockers. he quickly showered and got dressed again. Thea grabbed her white leather satchel, glossed her lips with her Coca-Cola flavored gloss. She left the gym and checked her watch, only an hour until the feast. She skipped up the stairs towards the library, smiling and waving at anyone that passed her by. She introduced herself to one of the tour groups that passed her and told all of them if they had any questions they could ask her.

    Thea pushed open the library door and saw an orc looking boy leaning over the table at a smaller kid. Thea shrugged and walked past them, waving slightly at the two, heading towards the Junior Advanced spell book section. She disappeared between the shelves. Jumping up and almost grabbing the book. She hopped again and knocked it into her hands. She smiled and sat down in the aisle between the shelves and started reading, turning the pages without lifting a finger. She played with her braid, focusing intently on her book.
  9. Aaron reassured the boy. "it's all right," he smiled, but but his wide face made it look more like a smirk than a smile. "I'm just not used to people talking to me without first knowing me." He looked thoughtful for a moment. "Which would explain why I barely ever get to know new people, I guess." Aaron spoke casually, hardly even caring about the new person talking to him. He was used to new students having to find some way of bullying him as an initiation rite. Even though Aaron didn't attend school, he and his family was well known in the area where they lived.
    "Anyway, do you have any questions besides me being an orc?" The large boy was careful not to act intimidating, even though his instincts told him to chase the boy away. "Or did you just want to ask a question with an obvious answer?"
    Aaron had learned himself to be skeptic towards anyone who approached him, not even his craving for making friends could change that attitude.
    As the half-orc finished talking, a girl walked by and waved at them. She didn't seem to care about his irregular looks which made Aaron calm down a bit.
    "I'm sorry if I seemed a little... Intimidating. Or if I was acting rude. I'm not really used to people treating me with respect."

    ((sorry about the cluttered post, kinda tipsy atm))
  10. Arrow turned to see what caught Aaron's attention, but by then, the girl was gone. Aaron seemed a little more relaxed, though; Arrow filed him under "possibly unstable, use caution." He was still somewhat nervous, just less so than before. Still, though, it was enough to make him feel antsy. He decided to get what he needed and move on for now. "Oh, uh, yeah. I was just wondering if you knew where the Great Hall was," he said, fidgeting with one of his sashes. The two strips of cloth had several small pockets sewn in, but for now, all they carried were school supplies and a certain sentimental trinket. Arrow's fingers passed over the metal of the pendant stashed away in one of the upper pockets.
  11. Thea stuffed the book in her bag, standing from where she was sitting. She checked her watch, 20 minutes. She better start walking that way. The Great Hall was all the way on the other side of the school. She quickly grabbed a couple more books and shoved them into her satchel. She spun in a circle, looking for any other books that peaked her interest. Upon finding no more, she did a quick sweep of the other aisles before walking back out into the main part of the library. Where all the tables and the librarian's desk is. Thea walked over to the librarian, and gave the woman a quick smile, placing the books on the table. Once she was done, she shoved them into her bag. The woman looked up at Thea, "What do you want with those spell book my dear?" The librarian was a sweet woman with a small voice. Thea gave a large smile, spreading cheek to cheek, "I'm not learning them in class, so I decided to do a little on my own!" Thea replied putting the books into her bag, "Are you going to be at the feast Ms. Lily? I was just about to head over to the Great Hall, so I'll see you there then?" Thea asked holding polite conversation. The librarian smiled and nodded. Thea spun around, and concentrated hard on the door, slowly but surely the door swung open on it own. Thea did a small fist pump, then hurried out the doors.
  12. Amelia's cool blue eyes watched her surroundings carefully. Having already dropped off most of her stuff (including her skateboard) in her dorm room, she was left to wander the large school with her messenger bag, blue jeans, a white blonde ponytail and a black T-shirt that said 'Do I look like I care?'

    She was lost, but she walked confidently so she wouldn't look it. Apparently there was to be this Great Feast or whatever to introduce the students to the school. If it weren't mandatory because her schedule awaits her, she wouldn't go. They actually encourage social interaction here. Ew.
    Somehow, Amelia happened to find the large library of Primrose. So she headed towards it with a bit of curiosity. People don't know her here. And they won't. So no harm in checking out the collection of books here now.

    Before she could get to it though, the entrance door swung open on its own. Uh...sensors? No apparently not, because a pretty blue-haired girl hurried out and having been mulling over her ability to move objects without touching them, she didn't pay enough attention to move out of the girl's way. So they collided and Amelia stumbled backwards, fists at the ready even though they weren't needed. "Sorry." Amelia's ratty sneakers stepped farther away as she put her hands behind her back and hid her black leather bracelet from the taller girl's view in the process. It was probably one of the only things as valuable to her as her skateboard. Because it was a gift from her best friend. She hardly ever removes it.
  13. Alyss was already at the Great Feast, she was early. But she didn't want to be late, it was always better to be early, not late. Her father had taught her that. He would always say as they walked to the soup kitchen for breakfast, "It's always great to be early. You get the good stuff first." In her situation, the best spot to sit at.

    The neko sat quietly as she waited for the others to arrive, her tail flicking around impatiently. She had already dropped her things off at the dorm. Alyss wore a black skirt that fell down to mid-thigh, a white dress shirt with a black tie, and black dress shoes.

    Alyss' ears twitched ever few minutes or so, now she was getting quite agitated. No one was here, but she could sense a flurry of emotions coming from the hallway, panic, confusion, and upset.They must be all trying to hurry for the feast. They better hurry.

    ((I'm half asleep so excuse any mistakes I've made. Thank you~))
  14. Iyella ran her fingers along the rough stone walls as she walked, as she had been doing for quite some time. It was just two hours ago she arrived, and about half that time it took for her to find her way to her dorm and drop her things off there. Since then, she'd been exploring, familiarizing herself with her surroundings, her small footsteps hardly making any noise. She loved adventure and exploring. It was something fun to do and anyone who knew her knew she loved to have fun.
    She wore her usual, casual outfit, a white tank top and black skinny jeans, long black boots that come up to her knees. Her gray jacket was wrapped around her waist and her rainbow belt was left unseen behind it. Her hair was in it's usual style, pulled into loose pigtails that fell down the front of her shoulders and ended around the end of her rib cage.
    But it wasn't until she passed by the library and peered inside at the clock that she realized the feast held in the Great Hall would be starting very soon and if she didn't hurry now, she'd be late. Oh, who was she kidding, she'd probably be late anyway! She had passed the Great Hall before and if she remembered correctly, it's location is all the way across the castle.
    She made an upset noise as she took off into a sprint towards the hall, her heavy footsteps echoing throughout the halls. She was never late, and she wasn't going to start now.
  15. The words "Great Hall" drew Arrow's attention away from the conversation at hand. He looked up towards the source of the voice and saw another student, a blue-haired girl, running back out into the hall. "Oh, sorry," Arrow said awkwardly to the half-orc, "I gotta go." He raced after the girl he'd spotted, having to backpedal heavily when he remembered to keep a polite distance between the two of them. He was so busy focusing on how he could go unnoticed while following the girl that he didn't realize there was someone else trying to enter the library.

    Arrow stepped back even further as the two girls collided. Immediately, he stepped over to a nearby bookshelf and did his best to look busy with it. He didn't want to involve himself in a fight. And hey, maybe he could pick up on a few useful things from the resulting conversation. He just hoped they wouldn't notice him eavesdropping.
  16. "Oh gosh." Thea said as she collided with the girl, "I'm so sorry. I'm not really good with paying attention." Thea smiled and gave a quick wave before heading off again. She dug through her bag as she walked, searching for her necklace. She could've easily forgotten it in her dorm room, but she was sure she was wearing it when she went to the gym. Thea quickly checked the front pockets pulling out a small silver necklace with a single pearl tied with intricate wire work on the middle.

    A smile once again found her pale pink lips, as the put on her necklace. After walking for about 5 minutes Thea reached the doors of the Great Hall. She pushed one open with her right hand and smiled at the decorations. The hall was lined with strings of flowers interlaced with ribbons hanging and curling from the chandeliers. The hall was always so beautiful on welcoming day. The six long tables were covered with pastel colored cloths and set with plates that had gold encrusted designs. Each spot on the bench had little blue and white, silk pillows on them for where each person sat.

    Thea's smile widened when she saw her spot was not yet filled. She skirted around one table to go the the fourth table. She sat on the inside, at the very end. It was her favorite spot. It was in the back row, so she could see the whole room. It must've been her defense tactics kicking in when she first came to Primrose. She was the first person to sit at that table, as everyone else had grouped with friends and possible family, at tables that were close to the front or directly in the middle. While waiting for the ceremony to start, Thea pulled a book from her bag and began reading silently. Brushing her blue bangs from her eyes.
  17. Iyella picked up the pace and when she finally reached the main hall, she opened the door wide, surprised and relived she wasn't late. She took a moment to catch her breath before taking a few steps into the room and looking around, the sight breath taking. The decorations were stunning. She lowered her gaze closer to the floor where she looked among the many students and potential friends that had already gathered in the room and couldn't help but let a huge smile rise on her face. Her gaze then turned to the many long tables that ran across the length of the room, wondering which one she should sit at. She soon decided to sit at the sixth table on the right, somewhere in the middle and made herself comfy atop of the nice comfy pillow. She them waited for the feast to begin, continuing to look around at the brilliant design.
  18. Alyss' ears twitched as two other students came into the the main hall. She sensed from the first person whom had walked in that she had been in a state of panic. But had calmed down and was now in a cheerful mood. A smile formed against her pale lips. The second person had a feeling of awe. The room was indeed beautiful, she couldn't blame the second girl for being in a state of awe. She sat at the third table, her table was covered in a bright yellow cloths. Her chair had a little silk pillow to comfort her as she sat, and the table had gold encrusted plates and silverware. Everything was beautiful.

    Alyss thought it would only be nice to spark up a conversation and so she did, she turned to look at the girl, Thea, the neko realized as she saw whom it was. The other girl was completely engulfed in her book, it would be terrible to interrupt her. She could make conversation with the other girl. Start talking about how beautiful the hall was.

    So, with a small graceful move, she was out if her seat and striding over to where Iyella sat. The sixth table. The table was covered in a soft blue pastel colored cloth, and every seat was covered with the little silk pillows. Alyss took a seat across from the other girl. Her tail curled around her leg as she sat. "The Hall is beautiful, isn't it?" She asked, sparking a conversation hopefully.
  19. "It's okay." Aaron said and looked at his map. "But you really should get going to the great hall." As the boy left, Aaron began studying the map. There seemed to be shortcuts running almost all the way over to the great hall from where he was now. "So if I turn left instead of right there, go down the stairs there and up over there..."

    A few minutes later Aaron turned into the hallway where the great hall's entrance was. By his estimation he had saved at least two minutes, and even saw the girl with the blue hair from the library enter the hall when he turned the corner. As the half-orc came close to the door, an older boy with a long face hurried out of it and bumped into him. Aaron quickly apologized, but the boy began yelling at him. "John, calm down!" Another boy had joined the scene, and quickly calmed 'John' down. "Sorry, he's been easily agitated lately."

    When Aaron entered the great hall, he was amazed at the beauty. He was used to living a humble life in a small town. The brightly colored flowers reminded him of the park in his home town, and the pastel table cloths seemed just like more expensive versions of their party cloths.
    After a few seconds of taking in the scene, Aaron looked around for a moment before spotting the blue haired girl.

    Aaron sat down opposite the girl, unsure if he should introduce himself or not. After all, she was reading. "Is it always this pretty?" he asked a few seconds later.
  20. The blue-haired girl apologized for the collision much more politely than Amelia had. She seemed very friendly. Overly-friendly maybe. But best not to make assumptions. It didn't matter.
    She was about to step into the library as she intended before the stranger's display of telekinesis, but she had looked to be in a hurry to get to the Great Hall like everyone else. Amelia sighed. The library could wait. She wanted to be in a and out of the Great Hall as quick as possible, hopefully succeeding in her attempt to skip the social hour after schedules and announcements concluded. She she vaguely followed the girl she bumped into but she didn't immediately head to the Great Hall.
    Amelia frowned disgruntled about her inaccuracy, but the assembly would start soon, so after wandering the grounds a little bit, she decided she didn't like the weather here in Canada. It was too cold. Amelia had previously lived in California and Canada was too far from home to be comfortable. Then again, it was nice to be away from all the reminders of what she had done there. Good thing California is near a fault line. Otherwise the earthquake she caused would have been under too much speculation for her liking.
    Shaking away the horrible flashbacks that would ensue with the memories of California, Amelia followed a different group of students, some of which looked looked more than human. They did, in fact, head to the Great Hall and upon entering 10 steps away from them, she huffed. The large entry hall was way over decorated for her taste. It seemed very ostentatious and fancy. Two things Amelia had never enjoyed. It seemed like something fit for a King and Queen's throne room, with all its gold encrusted silverware and plates, the colorful tablecloths and beautiful architecture. Was the whole castle-school like this? It's all just...too much. No wonder her mother liked it here so much. She had studied here and when Amelia was little, would always try to get her to want to be a princess wearing dresses and loving materialistic things. In short, she wanted Amelia to be just like she had been. A spoiled brat.
    She had always rejected the idea, finding mud and action movies more appealing than disney and fashion and makeup.
    So she tightened her grip on her messenger bag's strap and headed for one of the back tables, away from most everyone except the blue haired girl reading a good 15 feet away from her and a boy sitting across from her, interrupting her. She doubted the friendly girl would mind, but if it had been Amelia, she would have shooed him away.
    She had been the only other one to first choose to sit in the back of the room in the fourth table. The seat Amelia took had a pillow to sit on like everyone else's. If her old friends had been there, they would have laughed at her for taking the seat that looked perfect for a princess. Amelia sighed and rested her chin on her hand, staring without really watching the front of the room as many other students filed in. She looked utterly bored, perfectly representing the phrase on her t-shirt.
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