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    Name: Kaitlyn Dracon
    Age: Very Very old plus she lost count
    Race: Dragon/demon
    Gender: female
    Bio: Way back when she was a kid her parents was a naughty couple. They were not supose to be together but they did so anyway. After a few months she was born. She was special. Not like any other that were born from a demon and Dragon. Usually they shared half of the demons specialty and half of the dragons. She is kinda her own species at that if you want to call it that. Instead of being half and half her blood mixed together and she was pretty much fully both. No one knows why that happened and Kait didn't care. It was millenniums later when Kait finally got tired of life. She didn't age after she turned 18. She was getting tired of earth. Stuff happened before that but after a few attempts to kill herself a witch stepped in and put a spell on her. She had to do as the person said whoever had the sword. Another thing if the sword was stuck into the ground she would be stuck in whatever form she was in and she couldn't pull the sword out herself.
    Other: her dragon form is next to the girl while her almost human more demon form is next to the dragon. The chain that is connected to her sword and her ankle will disappear if Kait or the person who has the sword wants it too. When the chain appears she is kinda connected to the sword but if one wants it to disappear then she had a freedom of going places without the sword but whoever has the sword can only give Kait orders
  2. (ahh this is the roleplay yes okay also do you mind if there is a bit of romance in it? :O)

    1000 years ago the warlock known as Aiya was sealed into a permenant sleep because of how dangerous he was or rather how dangerous most of the ignorant people thought he was in truth the Warlock had lived a quiet life taking out anything that threatened him or the peace of his land now he would remain asleep until a foolish adventurer would make his way into Aiya's tower thinking he could slay Aiya but he was sadly mistaken as he would soon find out.
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  3. ((Nope I wouldn't mind))

    The person who caught sword was someone of stupidness. No one can break her sword no but he was stupid with everything he did. That was who her supposably master was. She had to fallow every one of his rules and do whatever he said. This master of hers had the courage and thinking since he has a dragon/demon he could beat a wizard. Kaitlyn just didn't believe him but she had to follow him anyways.

    Her master dragged her with as he went into the warlocks land. Kait wasn't a fond of wizards and witches and warlocks since they were the ones the ones that made the sword that controlled her. As the other male walked into the house Kait fall owed behind because she had to and he said he wanted to be the one who killed the warlock. Kait actually didn't mind cause if he died then she can pick up her sword again.
  4. The land shook as they entered meaning stay away or be sent unto the planes of oblivion awakening Aiya is the last thing they wanted to do and their overconfidence would be their destruction the doors to his tower opened up as if he was welcoming them inside.

    (my posts should get bigger and bigger as time goes on :P)
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  5. Kait watched as her master debated for a second as the ground shock but being cocky as he was he chuckled and walked eight up to the doors that opened. "I hope you don't mind if I use your sword to kill the warlock." He said to her. It wasn't like she had much of a choose. He already has it in has hands and she was slightly glad it can't be broken since it would break her soul if it did because the warlocks, wizards, and witches made it so the sword was connected to her soul bounding her forever.

    A smirk came on her face as they walked up the stairs. He was first because well he wanted to kill the wizard but Kait was just walking behind him just in case he dies and she can finally snatch the sword and run away again. She wanted to get out of here and be rid of the master that seemed so cocky.

    As the male reached to the top door Kait followed right behind in case he died she knew the chains will become visible. She didn't like the look of the chains it made her feel like she was more then a prisoner then she already was. The male walked over to the warlock who was sleeping and smirked as he held the sword above his head.
  6. The doors instantly slammed shut behind them and the Warlocks eyes opened piercing red he stood up towering over the man releasing a terrifying roar before raising his hand and forcefully propelling the man into a nearby wall not killing but hurting him very badly

    "Foolish heathen, do you really think that sword would have had the power to kill me? how very....human to think that way" He said.
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  7. The minute she saw breathing increase she noticed that he was going to wake up. Oh how she hoped the person who was now having her sword in his hand to die already. She felt extreme happiness when the male was thrown back against the wall close to where she was. He wasn't dead but she wanted him to be. Why did the warlock not kill him. She wanted her sword. The demon/dragon cursed as she noticed that he was only hurt badly.
  8. The warlock had a smirk across his face "You'll be dead soon any way my male friend since i practically crushed every bone in your body a torturous death would be much more satisfying to the lady" He said before looking at inquisitively wondering how she became bound to the sword after he deemed its creation forbidden.
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  9. Kait groaned and pouted. Yes she wanted a torturous death but she can't grab that sword since he was still alive. She still has to follow his rules. At least he doesn't know what kind of powers she holds or that would be bad. He would have told her to heal him and she would have to because he has her sword. "Yes well I can't touch the sword until he's dead so it's frustrating." She said glaring at the sword. If the worlock looked at her fingers and arms closely enough he would see scars. The scares hide with her skin color but they are there on her arms.
  10. The warlock grinned "Not necessarily the moment i hit him i also severed the bond between him and the sword so he can't command anything now, that sword? how did you come upon it?" he asked curiously and surprising in a less menacing tone.
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  11. Kait sighed. Lightly before going over to the sword and picking it up. She was glad he severed the connection she just had to make sure no one else touched it. "A witch came and made me go to sleep until hours later I was bound and the witch and others chanted away. It was agonizing. It wasn't as bad as what happened before that but still then after a few hours I was bound to a sword then disposed of. Then someone was lucked to find me took my sword then I have been given to so many people before I ended up coming to him. He's so stupid." She said shaking her head at the male laying a few feet from her dying.
  12. Aiya sat down pulling his hood down underneath was a man pretty much her age "Do you wish to be rid of that sword?" he asked looking at the sword with disgust as he despised the swords creations and most of all for binding someone to it.
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  13. Kait looked sat him in shock did he just say the thing she wanted so badly. She hasn't been free of this sword for decades since the witches cursed her with it. She bite her lip before she thought for a moment. "What do you get out of it. People always has deals" she said her eyes glowing red slightly as she waited for his answer not trusting or believing him without a price.
  14. Aiya shook his head before standing up and walking over to him "Well just a friend I suppose a Life of solitude is quite boring plus i want to get rid of that sword itself" He said, he thought as to why he awoken now and not years ago when others went inside his tower.
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  15. Kaitlyn thought about what the consequence of each action. She thought and thought of the things that seemed to go on people's minds. "Do you know if it will hurt." She asked wondering if it will hurt if he unbound her to the sword not really wanting to endure something painful again. Her finger rubbing slightly on a faded scar on her hands.
  16. Aiya shook his head "No,not if I dispel it any way which I will any way it'll be painless and in the process the sword will be destroyed" He said before looking at her and awaiting her decision he could respect not wanting to feel pain as he knows what pain the cursed sword causes.
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  17. Kaitlyn was glad when she heard it was painless it made her decision even easier. She thought for a moment before looking at him and feeling a smile. This was the first supernatural creature that was nice to her. But he might not know what she was. She shock her head to clear her thoughts if he didn't know she won't tell him. "That would be amazing if you can take it off and destroy it. I don't want it anymore. I can always make another sword if I liked using swords." She mumbled slightly talkative because she doesn't meet people and actually talk usually.
  18. Aiya still wondered "I'm still wondering how the managed to bind it to a Demon/Dragon don't be surprised i know matter of fact i knew someone of the same descent long ago" He said pondering and began to dispel the sword.
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  19. Kaitlyn looked at the warlock before shrugging. He only could tell the creatures inside of her not that she was fully both creatures not half and half like it was suppose to be. She looked away from him and shrugged slightly. "As I said there was a lot of witches, wizards and warlocks there." She said shrugging at him. "I knew there used to be some demon/dragons but there not like me." She mumbled slightly as she looked around the tower.
  20. Aiya looked at her "You'd be surprised, actually" he said before completely dispelling and destroying the sword he sat back down and looked around wonder how many things may have changed since he's been away although he didn't mind change of course.
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