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  1. Well, as the title suggests I would like to start up a Power Ranger RP. but I am only going to so many applicants. And before you you choose to take part here are a few things to consider...

    First off the theme of This iteration of Power Rangers is Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs is what started the saga in the first place, and it also the theme of the most recent generation of power rangers (to my knowledge) and also is what made Dino Thunder popular. That's a total of THREE Dinosaur themed power ranger shows! In addition you may have noticed that I kind of have a thing for Dinosaurs, So all of that is reason enough for me to choose Dinosaurs as the Theme.

    Secondly as GM I will be taking control of The Red Ranger (the leader of the team) and the Tyrannosaurus Zord.... For obvious reasons ;). Also there are two Set roles for two rangers that I NEED to be filled out ASAP, three if you include the mentor. and their Zords are also preset. as well as their colors.... but all Colors and zords for other rangers are up to who ever wants them. More on this later though.

    I have a bit of a Pre-story in mind before the actual one. just for a bit of back story of how my Character became a ranger and joined the team. After that the focus will shift more to all of us. Not to mention I'll try not to make it TOO long compared to the rest of the story. this relates to why Two of the characters are pre-set. as they are also primar characters in the pre-story.

    Finally there is some limit to what zords can be... you may only pick creatures from the MESOZOIC era. ie Biginning of the Early Triassic (245 MYA) - End of the Late Cretaceous (65 MYA). I don't want to see any Dimetrodons or mastodons. although they were cool in previous versions they do not meet this rule, do not let this denture you from making your Zord be a pterasaur or a marine reptile witch will meet the rule.

    That said. Here are all the rangers that are in the RP

    Mentor- TyranntX - Cyra - N/A
    Red- TyranntX - Kevin - Tyrannosaurus
    Yellow - Open
    Green - Fixed - John - Triceratops
    Blue- Open
    Teal - Open
    Black - Clyde - Jesse - Ankylosaurus
    White - Open
    Purple - CynderTheDragoness - Alianne - Parasaurolophus
    Pink -CynderTheDragoness- Lucy - Maiasaura
    Gold - Open
    Silver - Open
    Orange - Open


    Leader- Tyrannt X - Lord Krun
    Squire- Open
    General- Open
    Scientist- Open

    Like I said, for selection. those that have the word"Open" can be given one to any one who picks it. but needless to say its first come first serve. also the Mentor dose not get a zord. Those that have the word "Fixed are open but can not be given a dinosaur zord other than the one given already. and those that have a name by them can not be taken as they already have.

    and now for the sign up sheet. I know that this is suppose to be an interest check but this is already ambitious so I say F*ck it. also you may have up to Three characters.

    Name: What is Your Character's name?
    Age: How old is your character? (yes rangers CAN be older than one another, some are over 10,000 for crying out loud!)
    Gender: Are you male or female?
    Appearance: what do you look like out of costume? (description or imagoes will do)
    Occupation: what is your Ranger, when they are not a ranger? or what WERE they
    Power: all rangers have a particular power that can only be activated X number of times per fight, what's yours?(keep it balanced)
    Color: what ranger are you? (Villains must put N/A)
    Zord: what is your Zord? (villains and mentor don get one)
    Weapon: what is your primary weapon? (must relate to your Zord)
    Bio: What is your character like before and after they became a ranger?

    Now for the Fixed Roles.

    Name: John Maxle
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: short black hair and brown brown eyes, Chiseled facial features. Lots of stubble Incredibly fit.
    Occupation: Former Policeman
    Power: Force Field Generation, creates a force field to protect himself and other rangers (activates 4 times per battle, Duration of five minutes)
    Color : Green
    Zord: Triceratops
    Weapon: Tricera Shield

    John Maxle was once a simple man who had a wife and two kids. As the Chief of police everything was going fine, His Son Kevin was off to collage and his daughter was just accepted to a private high school. Things took a jot down south how ever when strange monsters started to attack his home town. All this started when he and several police officers were hired to escort a rare fossil find to the museum, a perfectly preserved Triceratops that was 75% complete. during the exchange how ever monsters attacked him and everyone else in sight and John fled for cover to plan a counter attack. During the ruckus He stumbled upon the green Dino jem, that transformed him into the Green Ranger. Since then he has been a proud member of the team but sadly it was not everything he had wanted... He sought The Tyranno zord of the Red Ranger, to declare him self the leader of the team. But Master (mentor name) would not allow it, as the Red gem not only was not found at the time but would not accept him as it's master.

    John is Suborn, hot headed, arrogant, and seldom listens to reason. However he is also a keeper of justice and would put his life on the line to save the world from evil. He occasionally puts him self in charge even though he isn't (but he was in a way before the Red Ranger was revealed), he was our right furious when it was revealed that his own son was chosen to be the red ranger and even refuses to take orders from him most of the time... in fact he still is angry about it to this day. John will sometimes endanger the mission on account of his recklessness... how the green dino gem accepted him, no one knows.

    Name: Lucy Benads
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Long blonde hair and green eyes, D-cup, Slim mody.
    Occupation: Collage Student
    Power: Healing, heals a target when it is wounded (unlimited activation, but drains power from user. can not heal self)
    Color: Pink
    Zord: Maiasaura
    Weapon: Maia Rang

    Lucy Found her gem on a tour of Canada with her family, Before she was a student. She got separated from her group and fell into a hole in the ground where she found the remains of a fossilized dinosaur, a Maiasaura. The moment she picked up the Pink dino gem she was attacked by monsters, but she managed to fight them off with out a problem. Lucy loves being a ranger, and never once has she ever regretted becoming one. She is very thankful for her powers that she had been given from the Dino Gem and tries her hardest every day.

    Lucy is out going, friendly, and incredibly nice. As a power ranger she always dose what she can to do the right thing, and follow orders. She is smart about her actions also careful about how she dose things. Lucy has a lot of admiration towards Kevin Maxle, infarct it seems more like a crush... or maybe even love. She even flirts with him once in a while.

    and now for my characters.


    Name: Kevin Maxle
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: short Blonde/brown Hair and blue eyes, Fit body, looks much like his father, clean shave.
    Occupation: Collage Student/Avid Gamer
    Power: Invincibility, takes no damage for a short time (only once per fight, 3 minute duration)
    Color: Red
    Weapon: Tyranno Arm Claw

    Kevin has always been a bit of a trouble maker, causing all sorts of problems growing up. even as a student he is still causing problems and getting into trouble. He use to be a bit of a prankster and even on some rare occasions... a thief. One day His younger sister got into an accident and he and is family were having issues getting a hold of the money needed for an operation. Kevin was desperate to save his sister, so he looked around for work... but with no luck. One afternoon though he ran into a shady character who said he would give him a job if he stole a red gem on display in the local museum. Kevin took the job in a hear beat and sneaked in in the dead of night. but he did not expect that the object he would be stealing would be a Dino gem that would make him the red ranger. The person who was stealing it for turned out to be a monster who he defeated, and needless to say he kept the gem for himself.

    Kevin despite being a former delinquent, is a carefree spirit who is always up for making friends and saving the world. He strives for action and leads the rangers with pride and respect. He cares for all members on his team, even his father who doesn't always see eye to eye with him. when Kevin isn't out to save the world he is hanging out with others having a good time. He is known for throwing parties from time to time.


    Name: Cyra Kendo
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Presumably Female
    Occupation: Space Explorer
    Power: N/A
    Color: N/A
    Weapon: Galaca Staff (not a weapon)

    Cyra and her people came to earth during the Triassic period to catalog all life on the planet and all that would come forth. It was a peaceful time for several million years, but it wouldn't last for long. One day a horrible space tyrant named Krun descended from orbit and declared the planet his in the name of the Malcorian Empire. But Cyra and her people were not going to let him take the prehistoric world without a fight. So they sought out 12 of the most powerful life forms they could find and bonded awesome power to their souls to fight off Krun and his army. Sadly though, the Malcorians decided to fight a bit dirty and used a tractor beam to hurl a massive asteroid to earth and wiped out all the dinosaurs into extinction.

    Cyra was the only one on the planet to survive the devastation, and has remained dormant for millions of years. when she awoke she had learned that the Power from the 12 dinosaurs lived on in the form of 12 gems all over the world. Three of witch had already been uncovered. After seeking them out she taught them how to become power rangers, and they had been seeking the other 9 gems ever since.

    Cyra is calm and collected, and is never angry about anything. She cares for all life on earth abd wants to see that it is protected from evil.


    Name: Krun Dyvastar
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Presumably Male
    Occupation: Space Tyrant and Warlord
    Power: Unkown
    Weapon: Darkra Sword

    Krun is feared through out the galaxy, and is know as "The World Killer". He is known for hunting and enslaving the most powerful life forms in the universe for his army. His next target, the dinosaurs of earth. Little do they know that a group of space monks had already made earth their home, s the chose to attempt to wipe them out and take the dinosaurs by force. But when Krun found out that 12 dinosaurs had been given awesome powers he deemed it wise to destroy all life on earth and take their souls to empower his own army. So he and his army hurled the largest asteroid their tractor beam can carry and launched it at the planet.

    The manages to successfully send the dinosaurs into extinction, but they used so much power with their tractor beam that the ship had to recharge for several million years before they could send any more soldiers down to earth. BY the time the could do so, the several gems were already found. Now Krun grows impatient and is taking any measurements possible to obtain all 12 gems.

    Krun is heartless, and only cares for one thing.... Conquest.


    And that's it for now. Auxiliary Zords (NPCs) and Mega Zord information will be out once all roles have been filled. (may even let people take more than one ranger since there are a total of 12 and the mentor) if you have questions ask them and I'll get to them when I can. Again I know I labeled this as an interest check but since availability is limited I am also making this a sign up page so you can reserve your spot now rather than fight over them later.

    So show me what you got!
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  2. Consider me interested. I'll start researching dinosaurs in the approved era.
  3. Well.....the famed red ranger is taken?

    Will they be OCs or are we forced with the other characters from the show? If not, I'd like the Black Ranger.
  4. OCs are going to be use, why else would there be an opening for an ORANGE Ranger :bsmile:, I'll reserve Black for you while you get to work on a character sheet.
    What ranger do you want? I'll reserve its color.
  5. Fantastic. :)
  6. Umm... purple. I'm between Baryonyx and Acrocanthasaurus. Is Pink up for grabs too?
  7. Pink IS open, but she is a fixed role... Ie is preset. If you chose to have her then you will need to follow her lore. I am also thinking about letting players have two characters instead of just one to fill out roles faster.
  8. I think I can follow the Pink Ranger's preset role. I'm fine with doubling up.
  9. I will get the Black Ranger up tonight
  10. Alright I just updated the Role call. you now have the Pink and Purple rangers. just be sure to get the CS for purple up soon.
    Great, Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  11. (WIP)
    (Getting a form up so I remember to fill it out whileI do a bit of Dino research.)

    Name: Alianne Lavery
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Color: Purple
    Zord: Parasaurolophus
    Weapon: ParaSword
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  12. Looking forward to when it is done. that still leaves us with a few roles open though.
  13. so where's the appearance for out of costume?
  14. I mean this is what I was working on,

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: Jesse Scott Fulton[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: 25[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Gender: Male[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Occupation: Shift Manager at [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Color: Black[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Appearance: ??[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Zord: Ankylosaurus a.k.a Anky [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Powers: [/BCOLOR]
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  15. I haven't added the appearance yet But I'll get to work on that now. I need to update the Role call anyway
  16. Actually my sword is going to be the dinosaur with the clubby tail
  17. Ankylosaurus.
  18. Yes an Ankylosaurus Zord, not sword. Sorry I am still half asleep apparently
  19. That would be Ankylosaurus, unless you mean something else because there are a few different ankylosaurids. Anky is just the most well known so I'll assume you mean it. anyway the role call is updated and I look forward in seeing the completed character sheet. :bsmile:
  20. Yes the Ankylosausrus.

    Actually originally I wanted Jesse to be on house arrest, lol......but Idk how that would work. So I just made him the shift lead at a smoothie shop instead

    "Why weren't you home Jesse"

    "Like I said I am a Power Ranger and was saving your ass from getting annihilated"
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