Polarissima Australis

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  1. Welcome aboard The Eternal Revenge!
    It's not the biggest ship floating through the galaxy, yet it's big enough to carry a bunch of psychopathic murderers and looters. Oh, I didn't mention? Yes, The Eternal Revenge is a pirate ship. Or rather, my pirate ship. My pride, which has been attacking ships and space stations for 30 years. She's been shot at, rammed and even crashed onto a moon. Yet every time I and my crew have fixed her up again. Well, after we got out of whatever prison we were in, at the time. Having a Xyrian ship has it's benefits. Sure, it might not be the fastest or prettiest, but it's damn well near indestructible.
    And now, you might be wondering who I am?
    I'm captain Xarn The Pillager.
    And from now on, I'm the who's orders you will follow. It's me you'll put your life on the line for. It's me you'll murder and pillage for.
    And in return, you'll get to be part of one of the most feared pirate bands in the galaxy.

    Signup form:
    Name: (Duh)
    Age: (Please add an average age of char's race as well)
    Race: (Please add a description of the race. Unless you're a human. We all know those.)
    Appearance: (Again, pretty duh)
    Skills and strengths: (Good at using knives, shoots with perfect precision, can make a teleporter of a tin can and a piece of string, etc)
    Flaws and weaknesses: (Can't even hold a knife, cant fire a gun unless he points it at his own face, cant even put together a puzzle game, etc)
    Rank and job: (Captain, first mate [both taken], mechanic, crazy murderer)
    Person: (Personality, history and whatever else you feel is important)

    There is also a option to be part of some navy, though then you have to specify what navy, ship and rank.

    The crew and ships so far:

    The Eternal Revenge:

    Captain: Xarn (Dedtoo)
    First mate: Jaylin (Esthalia)
    Mechanic: Rothen (Indecisive Squirrel)
    Grunt: Ark Araki (I'mmalantern)
    Dwarf Pirate: Griplin Sharksbane (One-Eyed God)

    The Ahkand:
    Captain: Kispen (Indecisive Squirrel)
    Second in Command: Eronze Grzedy (Dedtoo)

    The Illustrious Harbringer:
    Commander: Kitro "Kit" Reiz

    Misc others:

    Colonel of the Navy: Silver Jay (Silverjay)
    Random Human: Roy Jennings (Slyen)

  2. Name: Xarn The Pillager, Terror of the Polarissima Australis Galaxy
    Age: 64 (Average of 500 years)
    Race: Xyrian, a race of large, muscular, grey and hairless race of warriors. Most stay on their home planet, Xyria, where they are in a constant state of civil war. They have a love for war a fighting. And having constantly been at war for as long as any records or verbal story can tell has made them well suited for it. They are big, muscled, with large teeth, retractable claws and thick skin. And not to forget that their limbs grow back if cut off. They aren't known for being intellectual, yet they seem to know enough wage war with advanced weaponry. They tend to make weapons, ships and anything else in a very rough way. They care little for details, yet they make things that are famous for being hard to destroy. They never really stop growing, yet when they reach adulthood, they need to feed of the respect and fear of others. They are, however unaware of this, yet they act in ways meant to bring out fear and/or respect. The tallest known Xyrian was 5 meters (17") tall, and he was in a constant state of battle, never stopping. His spree was ended, however, when he attempted stopping Fortress class tank with his bare hands. The larger of them tend to be leaders, simply due to their size.

    Appearance: 3 meters (9'8") of gray muscle, with a hint of green. A face always in a almost menacing grin, due to large, sharp teeth, hairless and with completely yellow eyes, he is a rather threatening figure. He mostly wears dark clothes with red highlights, as that is what many races view as "evil" colors.

    Xarn, shortly before his last prison-break.

    Skills and strengths: Very strong and thick skinned. Battle hardened and experienced in battle. A menace in any battle, yet mostly does not harm his own. Mostly.
    Flaws and weaknesses: Easy to anger. Extremely arrogant. Not all that fast. Greedy.
    Rank and job: Captain of The Eternal Revenge
    Person: One of few Xyrians that left his home planet, lusting for riches beyond what he could get from the war ravaged planet. He decided easily on piracy, as pirates tended to become rich and infamous.
    Since then, he has been spreading fear and pillaged most of the galaxy. He has been captured multiple times and been put in put in many prisons, yet none has been able to hold him so far. His crew has been varying greatly, yet there has been a few of the crewmen staying loyal and alive for most of his career. Well, more the second than the first, yet some were incredibly loyal as well.
    Xarn has been taking every opportunity to get his claws on anything valuable or useful, both of things and people.​
  3. Name: Jaylin
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    Age: never ask an Aldari’s age ;)

    Race: Aldari- rare beings from a dead planet

    Appearance: Jaylin is about 7ft tall and humanoid. She has long legs with Hooved feet, which makes her an excellent runner and strong jumper. Her skin is a light blue with long White hair that reaches the middle of her back. Her eyes are silver with flecks of blue. Like all Aldari, she had long horns protruting from her head and she has a long row of dark blue dots lining her back that lead to the base of her tail which is thick, long and very useful in battle.

    Skills and strengths: The Aldari have the ability to create a mirrored image of themselves to control like a puppet and confuse enemies, making them very good at trickery. They have been called “Frost goats” to humans because of their frost magic-which is instilled in them at birth. Their magic allows them to create weapons from ice, and project ice from their bodies.

    Flaws and weaknesses: Jaylin isn’t very physically strong, and she isn’t very good with hand held weapons.

    Rank and job: First Mate

    Person: Jaylin is very loyal to Xarn and has been at his side for as long as she can remember. She is ruthless and sometimes horribly mean, but the crew members always come to love her in one way or another. Jaylin has yet to run into another Aldari, but she like it that way. Sometimes she thinks she cares too much for Xarn, and keeps her emotions hidden away.

  4. Accepted :3
  5. I'm in! As for plot, maybe a section of the Navy is being utterly devoted to bringing down (aka killing) the pirates by any means necessary? Of course, they still have to follow their laws, but maybe they eventually start "bending" the laws and then eventually become as bad as the pirates in some ways?! OHMYGOD I'M A GENIUS! /jk But still... It's what I've got. xD I'll get a char up tomorrow, if not today.
  6. Signup form:

    Name: Chir'da D'ukal

    Age: 30 (avg 90-100)

    Race: Lethen Twi'lek -
    badassFemaleTwilek.jpg BadassFemaleTwilek2.jpg
    Appearance: ^

    Skills and strengths: A skilled warrior, was trained on her planet of Ryloth. Red Twi'lek are a rare breed of the main race and so are shunned. Because of this they train to fight better than any other race of Twi'lek on the planet. Blasters are her main source of weapon but she is exceptional with throwing knives and dagger play.

    Flaws and weaknesses: Trusts no one. Enrages easily. Has terrible blance. Easily confused in 0 gravity.

    Rank and job: Rouge assassin looking for work, will do anything for money. Was kicked from her clan on Ryloth for being too aggressive.

    Person: Spends as much time as possible aquiring odd jobs to kill or steal for wealth. Lives amongst the poor and homeless on every planet. Never draws enough attention to herself to be recognized often, but can be difficult with her odd red skin. Her appearance creates a lot of customers whenever she dances in dive bars, keeping the coin in her pocket if there is no dirty work to be done on the outside.

    Chir'da has two mottos that she lives by. The first - "Cinn jumi anu enki ch'esi ash nima" Directly translated said "Live in desired or death she gift" but means - live in the moment you desire or she will grant you the gift of death - if you do not train and pay attention to the world around you, you will die. "She" is the only goddess the Twi'lek believe in, Kika'lekki.

    The second - "Freykaa nabrina aj ch'sei chee jehsa koa sekura." Directly translated means - beloved beast of burden is death for warrior of no skill. In this she is referring to her weapons, if she is using them and fighting an unskilled opponent, she is positive she will kill them.
  7. I actually like that idea! Then we just need some navy people to sign up for this! :D
  8. Accepted :3
  9. aieeeeeee thats 'balance' not whatever blance is :P

    I also kinda want a pirate char, so I might end up making two chars if that's okay. xD
  11. That's completely okay! :D
    Then I'll get my nemesis, and I'll get a matey! :3
  12. Esthalia: I feel like a nerd for knowing this, but your char's a Draenei! From WoW! xD

    Mah pirate:

    Name: Rothen
    Age: 47 (average 150-200)
    Race: H'lethra; H'ethra have four to six long arms (depending on the region of Jurinn, their home planet, they come from). They are tall (usually around 7-10 feet) and spindly. Because of this, they look weak and can be underestimated easily, but quite the opposite is true. They're a pretty peaceful race, usually more focused on strength of the mind than strength of the body. Their arms have many joints that can bend in multiple directions. Their skin is monotone; they're all varying shades of black, gray, and white (not tan, like humans, but white). They often get tattoos that contrast with the color of their skin of varying styles. Their hair is naturally jet black, but H'lethra always dye their hair in some way, but never completely. They have no iris, but just a pupil.
    Appearance: Rothen is almost 9 feet tall and has six arms. His skin is almost jet black with white tattoos tha
    t frame his face, goes down his neck, twists around to his back and travels down his spine. It then branches off to trail down the tops of each arm where it splits again at the beginning of the top of his hands to go down each finger. Almost at the end of his back, slightly above where his hips start, it splits and goes around to the front of his body on top of each hip and down the fronts of his legs to his feet, where it splits like on his hands. The design has shapes that are reminiscent of mechanical-related things, but it's very subtle. His hair is shoulder-length and kept tied back in a low ponytail at the base of his neck. He only has one streak of color in his hair on his left side; it's dyed not as one uniform color, but like a dull fire.
    Skills and strengths: He is strong and flexible, and knows a little about many things, including weapons.
    Flaws and weaknesses: He is arrogant and prideful, and bad with using short-range guns like pistols (but he can throw things with great accuracy, as if to make up for that).
    Rank and job: Mechanic
    Person: He is very even-tempered and laid-back. Not many things bother him, but if you're in the way while he's trying to get something done, then he might get a little annoyed with you. He's a joker, and he's relatively calm, a kind of odd type of person to be a pirate. But he finds that he likes the excitement and adventure of pirating, so he stays. He is loyal only to himself and those that earn his respect, like Xarn has.

    I'll put my Navy Cap-i-tan up when I get home from work. Leaving soon. XP
  13. Well, the pirate one is accepted at least :3
    Now we'll see about the navy cap then! >:3
  14. Name: Kispen
    Age: 63 (average 120)
    Race: Sinit; The Sinit are around human height. They have short, thick horns on top of their head that go almost straight back with a slight upward curve. Their scales can be almost any color, but the most common colors are dark red, blue, purple, and grays/blacks. They are hairless. Whereas most races have white sclera (the part surrounding the iris), Sinits have black sclera. Their irises are usually yellow, but other colors aren't unheard of, and their pupils change shape to best adjust to the amount of light around them. They are very muscular, quick, and flexible. They have a long, thick tail and sharp teeth. They cannot physically speak, but they are able to communicate telepathically. Instead of ears, they have holes where their ears would be. Their nails are long, sharp, and dangerous, even on their feet.
    Appearance: Kispen is a dark gold color that gets darker along his spine and lightens on his chest and stomach. He stands at 6 feet tall.
    Skills and strengths: Quick and agile. Weapons master. Daring.
    Flaws and weaknesses: Hot-headed. Too persistent on tracking down the Eternal Revenge.
    Rank and job: Captain of the Ahkand
    Person: Kispen is ruthless when it comes down to finding the Eternal Revenge, and it shows. With his crew, he is stern, but "one of them". He jokes as much as the rest of them and is friendly with most.

    My brain kinda died at the end, but whatever. .__.
  15. Accepted! :3
    Now I have my nemesis! >:3
  16. Bwahaha, let the chase begin! >:3
  17. lol yeah the pic is from WoW but they are a bit different. The Aldari can shape shift and pull their reflection out of the mirror :D Also, they are amazing "frost witches" ;)
  18. Pfh! The chase has been going on for a long time! And it's just because I have allowed it! >:3
  19. Or is it because I​ have allowed it?!
  20. or maybe you're both wrong and I'm the one who instigated the whole thing?