Pokemon: The Rise of Team Rocket

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"May the best trainer win!" Daniel called out to Verity, his Quilava jumping into the center of the field opposite of Houndour. The two pokemon sized each other up, each growling and trying to intimidate the other. Quilava's flames shot up in aggression but, as Houndour is a fire pokemon, was unfazed by the otherwise impressive show. Since it was apparent that Daniel was going to have to start this showdown, he called out to Quilava with his first attack, "Quilava, let's start things off with Quick Attack!" Quilava immediately responded, body shimmering as it moved rapidly left and right, before making a lunge at Houndour.
An excited Aurelia greeted Shakira and introduced her to Iris. Shakira was now relaxed, but only for a moment. Suddenly, Aurelia asked Shakira to decide Iris and Aurelia's match. Simply nodding, she looked at Fleur, who had calmed down enough to simply nodd at her trainer. Shakira quickly returned Fleur to her Pokeall and followed Aurelia in haste. Oh my, this girl sure is fast! Shakira thought to herself as she was taken up in the excitement of the moment.
If felt strange to be the one suggesting that they forget all obligations and responsibilities, usually it was the other way round. But Salih needed a break, they both did even if come what may we'd still be working come midnight. Still the ocean breeze against their faces and the soft sound of the engine beneath them, was the closest thing either of them had come to a real holiday since they joined team rocket.

"Salih there something I've been wanting to tell you, don't worry its got nothing to do with work."

he stpooed and took both her hands in his, smiling slightly as best he could manage with the breeze blowing hair into both their faces.

"I....." that was as far as he got.

"I KNOW." Salih suddenly shouted. "I passed a restaurant on my was from battling that kid, let eat there."

Without another word she gripped his hand an half sprinted towards the nearest gangway pulling a surprised and still trying to talk Reis with her.
Buzzer managed to leap out of the pool just in time, before Gym Leader Salih's magnet-like Pokémon used an electric attack on the pool. Other swimmers that were too slow to escape writhed and yelped in surprise at the shocking sensation, causing Buzzer to grin a little at their misfortune, despite feeling a little sorry for them afterwards. He looked at the glamorous Gym Leader, sizing her up in his mind, and thought to himself, "Now there's someone who won't hold back to win a fight! I like that." As the battle between Salih and Iggy wrapped up with a loud outburst from Iggy regarding his family, and the blue-haired woman storming off in a huff, Buzzer and his Pokémon companions blinked in confusion at the unexpected turn of events.

A new battle was breaking out on the deck, this time between a young man with a Quilava and a mischievous-seeming bespectacled woman who sent out a Houndour, which caught Buzzer's attention for a while--he could never look away when he saw a Pokémon battle. But he was determined to find out more about the mysterious Goldenrod City gym leader, and finally he silently padded his way down the hallway she entered, the same hallway that his and Iggy's room was on. The boy took note from a distance as Salih's large mop of blue hair disappeared into a certain doorway down the hall, another double room. He waited a few minutes, peeking into his own room where Iggy seemed to be taking a nap. Buzzer's Ledyba was waddling around the room, poking his head into Iggy's travel bags and systematically strewing his cabinmate's clothing all around the room, apparently in search of food.

Buzzer closed the door behind him and paced the hallway restlessly, staring at the enigmatic Salih's closed cabin door and trying to come up with a way to speak with her, to learn about her unconventional battle skills and her background. The St. Anne swayed nauseously from time to time, and he faintly heard crewmen talking as they walked down the hallway, something about checking lifeboats.

BONK! Salih's door sprang open, slamming Buzzer's face squarely on the nose. Buzzer raised his hands to his face, wincing in pain. Though neither of them noticed him, Buzzer saw the gym leader parade out of her room in a dashing black dress, and she quarreled with a suspicious fellow whom she tried to drag along with her, moving towards to the dining area of the ship. Buzzer followed them down the hall, holding his nose, which magically appeared to have a little "X" of bandages on it now. When they had finally settled in at the restaurant, Buzzer walked up to their table nervously, and tapped the woman on the arm with one hand (covering his achey nose with the other). "Hey lady, are you buh Gyb Leader who was fightigg wif buh Magnetob and buh Arcanine outsibe? Canb you teach me how to fighd like bat?"
Chloe smiles mysteriously, gazing at the zubat. "Yes," she hisses out. "Her name is Nosferati. I'm rather pleased to say she's unique. Some say zubats drink blood - her size and color makes on think of that, doesn't it...?" She sighs, holding her hands up to her cheeks, "I spent a few days in a dark cave, with only the skittering of beings moving ust out of my sight, gigantic moving shadows lunging around... hungry for flesh... Finally, I came upon her and a brood of zubat... they battered at me for an hour, their wings cutting into my flesh... suffocating me. Though, eventually, she became mine." The monotone, morbid story completed, she smiles at Ben.

"What about you... Stan, was it?" She addresses the mankey. "How did you befriend this one?" She indicates Ben, still looming nearby instead of sitting.
Ben waved to the Zubat now that he new her name. "I've only ever seen one other differently colored pokemon like that before." He drank some of his berry beverage, giving Stan a drink as well. He gave a moment of thought about the blood drinking bit. "...yeah she does look kinda on the blood sucking side." Ben listened to Chloe talk about her time in the cave with raised eyebrows, returning her smile with a nervous one. Ben was about to tell her the story of how he met Stan when both Stan and Ben realized she was talking to Stan. The pokemon and his trainer looked at each other for a moment. Ben propped himself against the bar, amused, and gestured for Stan to tell their story.

Stan huffed at Ben, intrigued because Ben had always told the story. Stan hopped down onto the deck of the ship before the bar. He began to animatedly act out the scene of when they first met each other, how Ben and he had fought and how Stan had scoffed at Ben's human inferiority and how he bested him. Stan started acting out the second part of the story telling about how Ben had found him again and they fought for a second time and things were very different this time around and battle lasted far longer. Stan ended the story by depicting himself knocked off his feet by Ben's strike and being captured in the pokeball, and of Stan's respect for Ben.

Ben smiled at Stan as he climbed up onto the bar and drank his drink. Looking back at Chloe he said "And that's our story. We've gotten a lot stronger since then. Been about a year and a half since then, he still has a temper. I don't like putting him in the pokeball but sometimes he just flies off the handle like mankey's are known to do." Stan was studying Nosferati and was pretending he wasn't listening. "I'm hoping we both can learn to find some inner balance." Ben retrieved himself from his pensive state of mind and redirected his attention back to Chloe. "How is your Nosferati there, she behave pretty good?"
The quick attack was too fast for Houndour to dodge, it was a direct hit, but he quickly recovered from the attack, landing on his feet not far from Quilava. "Houndour, use bite!" Verity called, and Houndour jumped at the other pokemon, biting down on a leg. "Good job!" She called after Houndour jumped back, "Now follow up with a tackle attack!"
[BG="#330000"]The field behind their house waved in the wind as young Iggy ran to his sister, a brand new pokemon in his hands, just hatched and given to him by his parents. He wanted to show her his first ever pokemon! He arrived upon her and she turned to look at him with a smile on her lips. As he got nearer she exploded in a shower of black and purple flower petals and the gym leader, Salih appeared in the petals. As she opened her mouth the only sound came out was a buzzing noise.

Iggy snapped awake to find Buzzer's ledyba staring at him. The two sat there for a moment before Iggy let out a loud scream and flopped off the bed, the ledyba flying off to safety. Iggy noticed his clothing strewn about the room.

"W-what is this!?" Iggy cried out, picking up his clothing as the ledyba skittered off to root around for something else. With a sigh, he stepped out of the room after cleaning up.[/bg]
Salih was just beginning to talk about wanting to head to the Safari Zone. She was very excited about it. She'd mentioned it to Ries a few times but never with so much detail. She practically had every minute of their stay already planned, from the moment they took a step inside, to the moment they left. She even had a strategy down on how to capture the many Pokemon (she told him they were going to capture at least 42--of each species!) and where she would store them all.

The smile on her face melted away when a boy tapped her on her arm. She sighed and leaned away from Buzzer, propping one elbow on the table and leaning her cheek against her hand. "Another fanboy ..." she muttered under her breath. "Yeah, Kid, that was my Magneton and my Arcanine outside. And I would love to help you out but I'm having dinner here and my Pokemon need the rest." With any luck the kid would stammer an apology for bothering her, skitter off, and she would never see him again for the rest of the cruise.
Ries had been leaning forward listening to every word Salih was saying. When it came to brainstorming it was usually Salih who came up with the ideas and Ries who put them all together, the rest was profit.

He was about to reply when someone else came up and brought with him the world Ries was trying to get Salih away from for a little time together. He had been about to snap at the kid when Salih replied calmly disarming him so instead he pored them a little wine each giving buzzer a psudo-warm look.