Pokemon: The Rise of Team Rocket

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It was turning into a bright and sunny day. The sky was clear, the sun was shining, and people were flocking to the cruise ship sitting at the dock. Yes, Vermillion was a busy town but today was even more busy for it was Champion's Day. A day when trainers and Gym Leaders got together to meet one another, share stories, and even battle Pokemon. As a special treat, the Pokemon League had arranged a get together on the St. Anne, an all expense paid cruise and invitations sent to promising Pokemon Trainers and famous Gym Leaders alike.

The St. Anne was a massive ship, dubbed St. Anne the Third as the other two had met untimely ends. But as the saying goes, "Third time is the charm" and the people who had designed this beauty had thought of including everything! There were shops, restaurants, pools, spas for Pokemon and trainers, the works! It had the largest capacity yet of 500-700 passengers.
Grey looked around the room he had been assigned on the ship - nice enough decoration, a simple white sheeted bed, and a little desk. It wasn't very homey feeling, but then he supposed it wasn't meant to be. Too cold, he decided. He would get back to this issue, though. For now, he exited back onto the hallway. Everything seemed foreign, alien, but it was a nice getaway. It was still hard to get used to the idea that he was the gym leader, not his father. He wasn't just the kid of the gym leader, tugged along because he couldn't find someone to take care of him. He had been the one invited. People would look at him, and his pokemon, with a measure of awe. Was this how all gym leaders felt, that their lifelong buddies were the cause of trepidation and anxiety for others... mind blowing.

For comfort, Grey released Crystal to pad alongside him. Down the hall, searching for something he didn't know what, Grey continued. He couldn't help but glance curiously into each open door, studying his fellows on the boat. Who was a gym leader, who was a trainer he might have to battle? He shook his head. "Just weird, Crys..."
Ben could not believe it, they were invited onto the St.Anne! He couldn't get too excited, he had to remain calm and centered and focused. Inhaling deeply and then exhaling, he brought out Stan. The little guy looked around, sniffing the air, surveying the room critically. Ben whistled to get his attention, and the fuzzball shot a glance at him with a spark of irritation. Ben knelled down to his level "Alright dude, you gotta listen alright? We are on the St.Anne. You know why I put you in the pokeball, I can't have you starting fights when we haven't even set sail yet. Hey man don't you even start, there are gym leaders here and I don't feel like getting dragged into a fight because of your freakin temper and then be embarrassed when we end up being used to mop the deck." Stan grunted and stomped and jumped up and down, irritated. "What?!" More stomping and some screeching. "That's it! I'm gonna kick your ass you psychopathic-fuzz-midget!"

They lunged at each other, punching kicking, biting, scratching, wrestling around the room, banging into walls. Yelling and grunting and screeching. Finally Ben grabbed a hold of the Mankey and held him against the ground as he kicked and struggled against him. "Okay! This is what we're going to do. We're gonna go out, meet some people, get some food. If you start a fight, I'll put you in that pokeball for the rest of the trip.This is the first day, and we have to make a good impression. Got it?!" After a few minutes of heavy breathing, the scruffy Mankey finally grunted it's affirmation. "Alright dude, let's go." Ben picked up his hat and stuck is on his head. Stan climbed up onto his shoulder and they walked out of the room together, roughed up, covered in scratches and bruises.

Aurelia Hikariko

"Pichuu-chan~! Wait for me!"
cried Aurelia as she chased after her Pichu. The little yellow pokemon ran through the hallways and rushed onto the main deck, squealing in delight. It's trainer came skipping onto the scene a few moments later, breathless, her hair flying and her cheeks flushed, "Pichu-chan, you little troublemak--" She started to scold the bouncing little thing, but was interrupted as it jumped at her shoulder and nuzzled it's cheek with her's. Aurelia's eyes softened and she picked Pichu off her shoulders and into her arms, "You silly thing you, behave okay? We're lucky enough to be here as it is," she started to walk around with Pichu in her arms, but the adventurous little thing squeezed out and jumped onto her head, settling down with a cheerful cry. Aurelia rolled her eyes. Pichuu-chan, always with your own agenda. She giggled at the thought, walking over to the railing of the ship, looking over at the ocean water. She took a deep breath and sighed, "Uwaah, this feels like such a dream!" she exclaimed softly to herself. Meanwhile, her pichu surveyed the area, looking at all the trainers and their pokemon. It cried out again and, jumping off her head, took off into the closer entrance to another hallway.

"Eh, Pichuu! Not again!" Aurelia twirled around and huffed her cheeks in irritance as her pichu skipped away. It stopped to look back at her and cried out cheerfully, as if it were leading her to something interesting. Aurelia glanced around, hopefully she wasn't make too big of scene. Pichuu could be pretty hyper when she had her freedom, but Aurelia didn't mind it for the most part. She was just annoyed at the moment, because she didn't want to get into trouble on the St. Anne. Dashing after her pichu, she hurried up behind it and caught it in a hug, "That's it! I'm not letting you get away anymore!" Pichuu grinned and tried to squirm of out her grip, but Aurelia giggled, "Nope, no more freedom for you, miss mischief maker. She laughed.

A flash of light from her messenger indicated that another one of her pokemon had released itself. Teddiursa appeared beside them, tapping it's cheek with it's finger. Aurelia looked at it as Pichu settled down in her arms, finally giving in, "Eh, Ringo-chan? You wanted to see the ship, too?" she asked, wondering if her own excitement and curiosity was making her pokemon feel hyper. She blinked as Ringo shook her head and started walking down the hall. Pichu squealed, pointing forward like some kind of ship commander. "All right. All right. Let's go see. I wonder what's making the two of you so excited, anyway." She started down the hallway, passing the room they'd been given and then turning left into another hallway, following Ringo's lead.

Ringo dashed ahead and glomped what looked like a well-kept ninetails. It took Aurelia a couple of seconds to realize what her Teddiursa was doing. "Ah, Ringo-chan! Ah, I'm sorry--" she exclaimed, looking over at the trainer. Pichu lept out of her arms and onto her head, cheerfully making a triumphant sound as Aurelia recognized Cinnabar Island's Gym Leader. She'd seen him a lot when she'd taken Ringo & Pichuu to the gym to watch the battles for fun. No wonder they were going nuts. They must have recognized his pokemon She smiled.

"Wah, you're here, too!" Aurelia exclaimed cheerfully, and then realizing her mistake, slapped herself on the forehead comically, "I mean, of course you are, you're a gym leader." she added sheepishly.

Somewhere near the top of the gigantic cruise ship stood a man dressed in black with his shades covering his eyes. Just below him, invisible to the people below, was his best friend, the poke'mon Eevee aptly named Eve. "And so it is Eve, another set of aspiring trainers entirely unaware of the true bonds they share with each other, wouldn't you say?"
"Eevwee." Came the response from the little poke'mon.
"So you are up for this afternoon's challenge? I don't want to put you in any danger okay?"
"Eevwee." She replied her face taking on eyes of determination and happiness.
"Very well, we'll show these newbies what friendship looks like in its purest form." The Eevee then rested near his leg knowing what was to come next. He began humming a tune, probably recognized by most trainers. In the middle of it he finally sang some of the lyrics he knew. "Oh you're my best friend in a world me must defend."
Finding herself on the St. Anne was unusual, but she had somehow managed to be invited on the large ship. The water seemed to sparkle radiantly as she looked out at it from the deck, the horizon currently varying shades of blue ranging from azure to a deep blue that shimmered white in the sunlit waters. Shakira's hair was also lit in a shiny blue hue by the sunlight spiraling down from the peaceful sky. Her Gloom, Fleur, sat in the young lady's lap, oddly at peace on the ship. Shakira gently nudged Fleur as she got up, the two walking around the main deck.

There were quite a few people on the main deck who were sitting around, walking, or talking to other trainers that didn't really seem to catch Shakira's interest but just put her in a good mood. It's a beautiful day, isn't it? Shakira thought to herself, Fleur staying at her trainer's side. Shakira then approached a door which she promptly opened, Fleur hopping into the hallway before her trainer. Shakira followed, only to notice a little scene between Cinnabar's Gym Leader and a girl that she did not know very well but had rather pretty green eyes and rather cute pokemon in tow. Fleur stayed calm, getting closer to Shakira to avoid getting involved.

"S-sorry to b-bother you t-two, e-excuse me," Shakira stuttered, a thing that was common for her as she got a bit nervous.

Fleur could sense her trainer's nervousness. Fleur got a bit nervous herself as a somewhat foul smelling odor drifted out of Fleur's bulbous flower. Shakira noticed this sign and gently prodded her pokemon past the two people and went along down the hallway.
Iris Blake exhaled slowly as she closed the door to her room, releasing all the pent up tension and anxiety she had inside. Finally, she had made it on St. Anne, the ship containing any serious trainer in Johto. At only fifteen years of age, this was her first time being away from her parents for this long on her own. This morning, they had left Saffron City, arrived at Vermillion just an hour prior, and had only just said their final goodbyes before Iris Blake boarded St. Anne. It was emotional, but exhilarating and exciting as well. Truly on her own, there was no support system to fall back on. Iris found that she was thriving on the demand of self-reliance and independence.

That, however, did not mean that she would be without companions. She retrieved a pokeball from her bag and released Sid, her treasured psyduck, and her oldest pokemon. Sid was her first pokemon, given to her three years ago by a trainer she had met at Saffron's gym. Sid was a baby then, and had grown to love and form a special bond with Iris.

"Psyduck!" exclaimed the yellow little duck, clutching his head in a clumsy and endearing manner. Iris nuzzled the duck's soft fur, smiling.

"Hey little guy. We've made it... we're here, on St. Anne."

"Psyduck, psyduck!" The little duck was now jumping up and down. Iris scooped him up in her arms, holding him tightly.

"Well, no use in sitting around here. Let's explore." She grabbed her bag, and exited her room.

The St. Anne was truly a sight to behold. In its vast, sprawling space, there were pools, spas, restaurants, a multitude of hallways leading to private rooms, battle rooms, and training rooms. But the most thrilling aspect was the myriad of trainers and pokemon alike, milling around the various establishments.

"Psyduck..." Iris looked down at Sid, who was trembling at the sight of all the people and pokemon. He was bashful by nature, and it took him awhile to get acclimated to others.

"Don't be scared, you're with me," she assured him, giving him a gentle squeeze. She began to walk, gaping at her surroundings with awe. It would surely not be long before she crossed paths with another trainer and their pokemon.

[size=+1]Aboard the St. Anne, Ken was having himself a time. With a beer in hand, and his MP3 player on full blast, he stood at the bow of the boat, bobbing his head to the music as it flowed into his ears. "Hell yeah! Hell yeah! Hell Yeah! Hell Yeah! Heaven's no, Hell's yeah!" He sang out, and took another long pull from his beer, and then leaned against the railing while still bobbing his head to he music.

All this time, Serj, and Roland were standing a few feet away from Ken looking down at the water in amazement. They'd never seen such a large body of water, and both of them seemed nervous to the site. So when Ken saw them looking wide eyed, it was only natural that he gave them some hell for it. "Whoa boys... afraid of a little water are ya?"

Serj looked over his his shoulder at Ken with the same wide fearful eyes, and Roland only muttered "Hitmon..." and turned back to the sea with a terrified gaze.

"Heh, well fellas there's scarier things in life than the ocean." Ken said as he put his beer to his lips again, and took another long drink.[/size]
East Campgrounds, Azalea Nature Preserve, Johto Region.
Friday afternoon

"Hahahaha! Again, again!" The young teen rolled around in the grass, kicking his feet into the air and giggling convulsively. The Ledyba at his side looked a little woozy, with animated curlicues spinning around in his eyes. "Wyndon, Comet Punch!"

The Ledyba took a moment before responding, finally raising itself up on its six little feet and waddling over to a nearby apricorn tree. A few campers were having a picnic in the tree's shade. Wyndon the Ledyba snuck up to the tree, and with a mischievous buzz, began pounding on the tree at lightning speed with his little round front fists. He stopped, and a few seconds later, an ominous rumbling sound started to emanate from the treetop. The picnickers looked up in confusion, as the rumbling noise grew louder and louder. Suddenly, Weedles and Caterpies started dropping from the tree and crawling around--it was raining insects! A couple of confused Beedrills flew out from the canopy and buzzed around menacingly, too! "Aaaaaaaaah!" The campers screamed and ran for the hills, leaving all of their food behind them.

"Great job, Wyndon!" Buzzer, the boy responsible for the chaos, laughed raucously and skipped into the bug-infested picnic area without a care in the world. He lay down on his back among the crawly creatures and grabbed a chunk of frosted vanilla cake with his bare hands. His eyes glazed over as he dropped the huge piece of cake into his mouth in one giant gulp. He patted his stomach contentedly and folded his arms behind his head, basking in the sun and letting bug Pokémon crawl over him as they tried to find the way back to their homes up the apricorn tree. He observed the Caterpies and Weedles slowly climbing up the tree trunk and wondered what it would be like to be a bug living in a park like this, and not have to worry about school, parents, food, money...

When Buzzer opened his eyes again, the sky was crimson red and two Poké Rangers looked down at him disapprovingly. Buzzer shot up and started to try to explain his way out of trouble: "I-I was just playing with my Pokémon and I saw this picnic here and a bunch of Beedrills attacked them and I was trying to help but they ran away and I... fell asleep and I didn't mean to eat their food I was just so hungry, and..."

The female Ranger cut him off, shaking her head. "No need to worry, kid. Your mom just left this at our office, it's a letter for you. She said she knew you would be here. ...Don't you ever go home?"

Buzzer ignored the question and stared at the envelope that was handed to him. It had an official seal of the National Event League, and postage was paid for delivery of the letter from Kanto to Johto. The postman must have had quite a hard time making it to the tiny forest town of Azalea, since the envelope was bent up, dirty and half-open. Buzzer finished tearing it open, tossing the envelope aside as he slowly read the contents of the letter. An invitation to Champion's Day... in Vermilion City. A cruise ship. All expenses paid. Impossible... it had to be a mistake. Or... maybe someone had seen him and finally recognized the Pokémon training talent he knew he had?

The boy stood up and gathered his things, trying to pack as much of the leftover picnic food that he could find into his knapsack-on-a-stick. In the meantime, a curious-looking Venonat tottered over and read the letter that Buzzer had left tossed on the ground. "Come on, Sprinkle. You can tell me what you think about this on the way there... I'm going, no matter what you say." He tied up his knapsack, scooped up his Ledyba, Venonat and a lethargic-looking Weedle as well, and headed off into the sunset.
"Kyaa~!" Verity stretched out in her room and flopped backards onto the clean sheets of her bed. "This is just wonderful! Right Venus?" Her loyal Ninetails was currently curled up on the end of the bed, and Verity could tell she was pleased. Sure, they were here for work, but it also like a little vacation until she received actual orders.

"Well~!" She kicked her legs out to help her sit up faster. "What do ya say we go find one of those nice restaurants and get a bite to eat? Oh, and then maybe the spa! Oooo, its all so exciting~." She looked to the mirror to fix her pink hair and smooth out any wrinkles in her outfit, normal clothes of course. Can't exactly blend in when wearing a Team Rocket uniform. Not that she wanted to blend entirely~. She currently wore a tank top that showed off a little of her stomach, and a skirt that reached a bit above her knees, with some cute strapped sandals.

She left her room then, her Ninetails following close behind as she started down the hallway. Farther down she saw a frustrating sight, and couple of trainers talking, one of them with a Ninetails as well. Verity didn't even like seeing anyone with the same accessary as her, this was even more true with pokemon. She smiled casually as she passed though.
View attachment 1412A dark cloud in the form of a person stalked the deck, slowly walking forward, book clenched tightly to her chest. Her school uniform looked... unique, altered to a black color, scarf swirling around her ankles as she moved, looking out to sea. On her shoulder perched... a zubat, blood-red in color, about one-and-a-third bigger than a zubat should be at all. Her glasses shone in the light of the sun, hiding her eyes as she looked out to sea.

Her monotone voice could be heard, barely a whisper. "...Tentacruel attacking the ship... sinks... everyone dies..." The zubat screeches something. "Ahh... yes... Gyrados... their rage... overpowering..." The zubat whispers something else. "Yes... the ghosts of the sunken S.S.Anne... and the sunken S.S.Anne II... rising from the sea in vengeance... against their living sister..." She smiles softly, sighing to herself. "...Romantic..."

The aura of... dark joy... in contemplating all this assured that she had an area all to herself. A hand rose to fix her glasses, the other held tightly onto her book. Of modest appearance, the young woman's long, crinkled brown hair was let free. The zubat flapped it's wings suddenly, letting out a slightly louder screech. "Hmmm? Oh... yes. It is... odd... being among... people... but..." She turned. "...Look... they're all... with Pokemon... very few... in... their Pokeballs... it's... ideal..." Her monotone voice continued, and she nodded.

She turned, long scarf swishing - she did so love that sound - and began to walk slowly down the deck again. It had been a surprised when she had been invited upon the S. S. Anne III... she was very much an unknown - never really talked to people. For the most part, she would converse with Pokemon... all over. Once or twice 'righting' an abusive Pokemon-"Master" relationship, but she just did what she thought was right. She stopped to look at a few trainers as she passed - the muscular man and his fighting pokemon. The young woman and her Ninetails. She actually managed a smile at the young trainer chasing her Pichu around on the deck, finally stopping to talk to another nearby.

Looking at each in turn in silence, she continued walking, thinking up wonderful misfortunes to befall the ship they were on... the whole idea of the sea, it's terrors... Pokemon never before documented... drove her steps with excitement. Her... and her four companions.
Iggy nervously walked down the dock heading towards the prestigious St. Anne, Tsunku happily gazed about as he nestled into his arms. There were a lot of people around and it wasn't a good feeling for Iggy. How he had been found to get the invitation to the ship out to him Iggy didn't even know. Just before the ramp he froze and stared up at the large ship. Two of these had already met untimely ends and Iggy didn't trust this one any more then he would've the last two but he would grin and bear it.

My sources said that she was here so I have to at least try to see if she's here. Tsunku must've felt his trepidation and looked up at Iggy "Tooor? Torchic?" He asked, bringing a smile to Iggy's face. "Don't worry Tsun, we won't do anything besides look around and relax, you know I don't like making you battle." He smiled, giving the torchic in his arms a light squeeze.


On board the St. Anne Iggy quickly found his way into his room easily and let all of his pokemon go in the safety of the cabin. Tsunku took to wandering about the room, Kago perched upon his shoulder, and Ai and Tsuji stood on the desk looking out the window. After rooting about the cabin he sat down on the bed wand waiting for the ship to start moving. There would be no point in looking for his sister right now if not everyone was on board. He at least left the cabin door open so he could at least see the people walking past could see him or he could see them. It's been so long since I've seen her, I wouldn't even know if I'd recognize her or if she'd even recognize me! The best thing I can hope for is the will recognize Tsunku. I just hope that the roommate that I get is good. I don't know why they double booked my room but they did...odd
Daniel couldn't believe it. His eyes slowly climbed the seen in front of him, finally reaching the smoke stacks at the very top of the ship, the girth of the new S.S. Anne massive. Or at least it was massive for a ship. Most of the skyscrapers from his hometown city of Celadon were larger in size than the ship, however none of them could float onto the sea, nor were they filled to the brim with trainers. He looked at his ticket, remembering how he had won it. It had been a trivia contest on the radio, and he had been lucky caller 6, aptly because of the 6 pokemon trainers at max were allowed to have. Since winning them a couple weeks ago, he hadn't gotten much sleep in anticipation for this day.

Walking up the ramp onto the ship, his ticket was hole-punched, indicating that it had already been used once to get on the ship and was therefore invalid. While he couldn't leave the ship anymore without getting back on, he felt no desire to leave at the sight before him. The place was abuzz with trainers and pokemon alike, talking amongst themselves as to others. Friends were being made, as well as reminiscing with the ones they already had. Daniel could feel his competitive spirit rise as he surveyed the other trainers, many having pokemon in tow.

Figuring he should do the same, he released his Quilava. With a flash of red, Quilava soon stood at his feet, the fire on his back flaring up in surprise at all the commotion all around him. "Isn't it great Quilava?" Daniel asked, looking down fondly upon his pokemon, smiling as Quilava chirped in return. Looking around, he saw a woman with a ninetales coming out of the hallway that led to the rooms. Daniel blushed at her beauty, quickly shaking his head before running up to her. "Hello, your ninetales is beautiful." Daniel said to Verity, smiling as his Quilava bounded up to join them, standing at his side.
Verity continued out to the decks, stretching in the sunlight. Venus did the same, enjoying the warmth from the sun. Verity heard someone speaking then and turned to face him. Some kid, well, not exactly a kid, he could't be much younger than her. He had complimented Venus, which made her smile proudly. "Well, I carefully brush her fur myself, with the utmost love and care~," normally she'd brush off someone like this, but the clever thing to do was get to know people, and thus, get to know their pokemon and find out which were swipe-worthy. And this guy was a good place to start.

"You know, we where about to grab something to eat, wanna join?" She asked with a grin, glancing to the quilava at his feet. Even she had a weakness for cuteness, and it was adorable~.
Grey ruffled his own hair with one hand, attempting to act nonchalant, even though he was fighting a blush creeping up. "Yeeeeah, hey Aurie. I see you've still got the rambunctious little tykes here..." but there was no malice in his words as he stooped to scoop her Pichu up into his arms. Crystal nudged the teddiursa around with her nose, scooting it gently across the floor. Absently, Grey pet the pichu, his thoughts far off. The little girl wandering in to the gym to watch, thinking it was a match for the battle, as Blaine easily defeat Crystal using his arcanine. The most embarrassing time of his life, realizing that he had not only lost miserably but in front of a starry-eyed little girl.

"You must be getting good, you had an invitation here too? That's really cool for you. You'll have to beat me someday, you know. If you want to be the ultimate master. You'll have to evolve these little guys if that time comes, I'm not sure I could reconcile myself with setting Crystal at them the way they are now. Of course, they're strong. But just too cute for battling" he tilted his head, watching Crystal nudge the teddiursa around in circles. "Of course. That will be just to battle me. You may be getting good, but you won't beat me".

Grey set the pichu on Aurelia's shoulder so that he could lean down and run one hand down the length of Crystal's sleek fur. Her coat was beautiful, perhaps not a unique color, but one of the healthiest, glossiest he had ever seen in the most comforting shade of soft cream with rosy tips. With a small, but happy, sound, Crystal arched her neck towards his face to nuzzles his neck with her muzzle.

"Where are you headed?"
S.S. Saint Anne the Third, Vermilion City, Kanto Region.
Saturday morning.

Buzzer, with his knapsack on his back and his insect companions perched on his shoulders, crossed the gangplank to board the magnificent ship. He'd never seen anything like it... the floorboards were so shiny, the people were so glamorous. Trainers of various ages and types milled about with their Pokémon, and Buzzer tried to pick out which ones were gym leaders, and which ones were just trainers like him. No bug Pokémon in sight, though. Either way, the people all appeared quite mature and impressive--at which point, Buzzer looked down at himself self-consciously. Having trudged his way across the regional border on foot, taking shortcuts through the woods and hitchhiking the rest of the way, the boy did not look (or smell) appropriately for the occasion. He tried his best to brush the dust off his arms and legs, and stomped his feet noisily to get the clods of dirt out of his shoes. Satisfied with his "bath," he walked away proudly, leaving a small pile of mud and sludge on the gleaming floor where he had shaken himself down, to the horror of the refined-looking Socialites and Gentlemen conversing nearby.

He approached the nearest butler to find out his room was. The man pointed him down a couple flight of stairs, to Joy Deck - Room 55A/B, a double room. The door was open. "A double? Eh, they'd better have a TV... and cold juice... and food," he muttered. Buzzer walked into the room and dumped himself on the empty bed, shoes and all, with a sigh of relief. He didn't take any notice of the young black-haired Pokémon trainer sitting in the bed across the room, at first. However, his Venonat, Sprinkle, immediately jumped off of his shoulders and curiously approached the Torchic that was chirpily wandering around the room, tentatively sniffing his flame-like feathers with her antennae. Buzzer's Ledyba and Weedle simply lay next to Buzzer on his bed--they were exhausted from the journey across the continent, too. Finally, Buzzer perched himself up, and eyed the other trainer in his room curiously. He untied his knapsack and pulled out a chunk of day-old vanilla cake, offering it to the other trainer in what he thought would be a gesture of kindness. A few ants crawled on it. "So who are you? Do you like bugs?"
Ben walked around the deck for a while, Stan on his shoulder. Occasionally Ben had to prod the crazy thing to remind him to relax and not fly off the handle. He looked around the deck, checking everything out. Great big ocean, great big sky, lots of fresh air, it was great out here. There was some thing that stood out to him though, a Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan looking at the ocean, and their trainer sitting and listening to an MP3 player. Ben's eyes got wide. Stan followed his gaze, and grunted.

Ben made his way over to the former MMA champion Ken Hochalter! Leaning into Ken's field of vision he gave a little wave "Hey man, I know you know who you are but..You're Ken Hochalter!" Stan jabbed Ben in the face to keep it down. Ben shot Stan a dirty look but knew he was right "Sorry about all the excitement, I just didn't think to expect to actually ever meet you, you're a hell of a fighter man. Oh, my name is Ben and this is Stan." The Mankey grunted a greeting. "Uh, well, sorry to disturb you, just wanted to say 'Ken Hochalter!?' and it was a pleasure meeting you and I hope you enjoy the cruise and stuff. See ya around." Ben turned to go, while Stan sat irritated from Ben's excitement on his shoulder.
Meanwhile in Goldenrod City Gym ...


A woman was pounding on a door with her fist mercilessly! "Reis, come on! Get your butt up and let's get going! The St. Anne is going to leave us and then it's going to be your fault when I have to explain these things to that stupid Pokemon League!" She waited. No reply. She turned to see that Mr. Mime wearing an apron and sweeping the kitchen with a broom. "Aren't you supposed to be in there, waking him up?"


Salih's eyes narrowed. Then she was turning to bang on the door again. "REIS! Don't make me use my Pokemon to break this blasted thing down! I paid to install it the last time but this time, it's going to come solely from your pocket!" She tapped her foot and turned. Her suitcases were all packed up and ready to go. All she had to do was gather her Pokemon who were down in the Gym below and she could leave. Her partner, however ...
The ship was still docked but things were almost ready for take off. Before it did get going Alex decided to get some food with Eve. They both ventured into the very social food plaza aboard the ship. It was sort of the main room with a nice fine red carpet, wide open area, and a glass dome overhead looking up into the sky. There was also a stage in this room for various poke'mon based actors to perform later. There was some shrimp set up on one of the tables and instantly Alex headed for it. His eyes locked on with the delicious sea food and Eve was quite a fan of it as well. They both enjoyed their snack as they now made their way through some gossiping guests. He could hear from the crowd feint echoes of 'Look it's Alex.' and 'Hey it's the Viridian Leader' His reputation, he hoped, was a good one. Eve now skipped ahead and stopped when it came into contact with an equally adorable looking Tediursa. "Made a friend Eve?"

"Five for minuets..."





The sound of a pokeball came from behind the door.

"How many times do I have to tell you Salih..."

Reis sat up slowly as the room came int better focus.

"I don't lock my door."

He looked to the desk where he had sat most of the night and into the small hours, green text flashed in the middle of a black screen.



He groaned and got up and the hammering on the door stopped and was replaced my Salih complaining one of her pokemon and ordering it to break down the door.

Thats when Ries opened it. before turning back into his room and shutting down the computer and placing it on top of a large pile of thigs inside a large suitcase before closing it up and fastening it.

"So am I allowed to at least change?" he asked without looking at Salih. Why had it failed, everything had been perfect.