Pokémon: The Lost World!!!

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~Imagine~ the Pokemon world but in the future. and I ain't talking a few measly years... I'm talking millennium! to the point where Pokemon are now extinct. the Pokemon world has developed so far that it's turned into our own world, but even past that! due to Scientific discovery we have once again found our Pokemon heritage and have re-created these strange creatures in a robot-like form known as Pokemecha's their built of far advanced technology and can use all moves of their predecessors's but not as powerful.

These creatures have come to populate our world far more than we do. and every child over the age of Ten has the right to go out into the world and capture them, against the thought of our ancestors the world has almost de-evolved it's self in a form of self-preservation and vast forrest's, lakes, mountains spread across our world, climates have changed and human population has decreased severely to the point where we all live in spread out towns, almost reverting ourselves back to the times of Pokemon trainers and their Pokemon.

With recent development though scientists have discovered that the original Pokemon are coming back! for creatures to survive they are transforming back to what they once were! Is this the start of an all new war of Animal Vs. Machine? will trainers go the old fashion way or with the new? will these creatures get along with their robot counterparts? Is there a dark shadow causing the ruckus in this new Utopia as Team Rocket continues to gain power once more? Who are the chosen Trainers that will become Pokemon Masters in this unsettling time! Stay tuned to find out.

Pokemon! Gotta' Catch Em' All!!!


-No Godmodding!! (It just ruins it for others...)
- Swearing is allowed (But don't abuse it!)
- AT LEAST 1 sentence per post (not 3 words...)
- If you get into a situation that you think is not appropriate/too dirty FADE TOO BLACK!
- Follow the sites Rules!
- If you want to kill another player or think it would be a good feature to the plot PLEASE ask/discuss this with the owner of the character for permission.
- A max of 2 characters per person!
- Don't clog/overload the IC up with OCC posts... use (( to talk in OCC if it's needed.
- Don't drag personal matters into the RP such as arguments, it'll just ruin the experience for the rest of us.
-Have Fun!! (sorry for long rules... (:3))
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