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  1. A new landmass has just been discovered by the explorers of the Pokemon world, a landmass that seems to be continuously growing. There haven't been any new species of Pokemon found in this land, though it appears that there is a new race. The gijinka race. Those that are a mix of human and Pokemon have flocked here to create a new society where they will be accepted instead of hated, revered, and studied. Scientists and trainers have come here as well, scientists to find out why the land keeps growing and trainers to explore the new land. Who are you?

    Character Sheet (open)

    (Appearance Picture - ask me if you need help finding a pic)
    Race: Human/Pokemon/Gijinka (include species if you are a pokemon or gijinka)
    Sex: Male/Female
    Age: 16+
    (If human, add likes and a quirk here. If Pokemon, add a moveset and level here. If Gijinka, add a moveset with an extra move and a quirk here.)
    (Feel free to add more if you want. This is just the bare minimum.)


    Mastermind's Character (open)

    Name: Zylas
    Race: Gijinka (Groudon)
    Sex: Female
    Age: 17 (628)
    Quirk: Being the creator of the island, Zylas is very protective of it in a motherly way.
    ~Earth Power
    ~Hammer Arm
    ~Fire Blast

    The island had appeared only weeks ago, yet there were already cities being built up. Gijinkas and Pokemon and humans alike had come to the island for their own reasons, inhabiting the many environments. The most vast of the environments was the desert that led up to the large volcano in the center of the island, and rumors of a beast within the volcano's caves had already begun to spread. And these rumors... they were right.

    Within the volcano's caves, and within the deepest lava pit itself, there was a 'beast' that had been dormant for hundreds of years, sleeping in the lava of an underwater volcano. She had awoken, though, due to reasons that even she didn't know. She used her abilities to make the volcano grow to the surface, and then she created an island. She hadn't expected it to be discovered so quickly, a mere month after she had initially started its growth, though she didn't mind the people and Pokemon that came to inhabit her land.

    Just as long as they didn't taint it.
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  2. (I will add a character later or tomorrow sometime it's a WIP and I have school to deal with)
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Zephyr
    Race: Gijinka- Reshiram
    Sex: Male
    Age: 19 (683)
    Shadow Ball, Blue Flare, Dragon Pulse, Flame Charge, Focus Blast. Quirk: Can tell if you are lying, and tends to get very angry at the slightest lie. (Being the Truth Pokemon)
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  4. Absol.png

    Name: Crescendo
    Race: Gijinka (Absol)
    Sex: Male
    Age: 16
    Quirk: Being able to sense storms before they happen Crescendo tries to warn others of their danger. But Aside from that Crescendo is very protective of his brother and he will die fighting for him.
    Moveset: Shadow Claw, Perish Song, Incinerate, Shadow Ball, Aerial Ace
    Other: He is able to transform into Mega Absol but has yet to figure out how.


    Name: Adagio
    Race: Pokemon (Pichu)
    Sex: Male
    Age: 16
    Quirk: Adagio loves to be with his big brother Crescendo and he follows him around
    Moveset: Volt Tackle, Electro Ball, Quick Attack, Iron Tail
    Level: 32
    Other: Adagio is a shiny Notch ear pichu


    Crescendo and Adagio were walking though the town, admiring the buildings and the the trainers alike. He sighes "You know what's funny, Adagio." Crescendo says in a sleepy drawl.

    The pichu, who was riding on the new breed of Pokémon hybrids head looks down "What is it, big brother?"

    "Look around ya. This town is what several weeks old, and the humans had already gotten this much done, its like Pallet Town (Pokémon Origins version) almost but much bigger. You remember that town dont'cha?"

    The pichu nods and Crescendo laughs.

    "Big brother...I'm hungry." Adagio says quietly, causing the gijinka Absol to nod "Alright little one."

    With that the mismatch brothers head to one of the many stores.
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  5. Mastermind's Secondary Character (open)

    (Since Zylas won't be coming in until later on...)
    Name: Capri
    Race: Gijinka (Scolipede)
    Sex: Female
    Age: 17
    Quirk: Capri is actually a very bashful girl, though she gives herself a punk exterior as a defense.
    ~Rock Climb
    ~Venom Drench
    ~Poison Tail

    Capri glanced around as she walked through a large city, people walking around her due to her appearance. She looked fairly young and childish, though that was simply because the clothing she wore was always a bit too big for her petite frame, hiding her body for the most part. She was heading for the nearby convenience store, some cash in her hand, which was in her pocket, so that she could get herself a snack. She had a tendency to travel, figuring no one would want her to stick around. She walked through the double doors of one of the larger convenience stores, heading straight to the snack isle.
  6. Crescendo sighed "What to get...what to get..." he stares at the various snacks and drinks, their was so many and it was mind blowing that humans could make so many different foods!

    "Big brother!" Adagio cries and runs up clinging to his leg, clearly spooked by something "What is it Ada?" Crescendo said worried.

    The tiny mouse said nothing only buried his face into his brothers leg.
  7. Zephyr flew around the island admiring all of the Trainers, Pokemon, and Gijinka alike and landed next to his den. Kicking the door open, he closed it and jumped on the stack of Mareep fleece he'd fashioned for a mattress. He glanced at the other mass of fleece and noticed that his fiancee, Vanessa wasn't there. He figured she had just gone somewhere to buy some food.
    Name: Vanessa
    Race: Gijinka-Zekrom
    Sex: Female
    Age: 18
    Cross Thunder, Draco Meteor, Claw Sharpen, Crunch, Thunderbolt. Quirk: Being the Pokemon of Ideals, Vanessa is a HUGE perfectionist.
  8. [​IMG]
    Name shion
    Race gajinka-shiny umbreon
    Sex male
    Age 19
    Move set dark pulse, wish, takedown and crunch
  9. Shion was wandering the streets of the city. People avoided eye contact with him cause of the 2 color eyes. He wandered into a local store to stock up on food.
  10. ''Hm...'', Vanessa wondered what to get. Of course, not pokemon meat, but regular, unevolved livestock. She grabbed a steak, some chicken wings, and some snacks. Zephyr landed next to the shop and found Vanessa to help her with choices.
  11. My Character(s) - Ysol the Skitty and Aiden the Pachirisu
    Name: Ysol and Aiden (Ysol pronounced like Soul)
    Race: Gijinka, Skitty and Pachirisu
    Sex: Male
    Age: 16 and 17 (Ysol is older)

    Ysol -
    Fury Swipes, Sing, Attract, Dig, Copycat
    Aiden -
    Thunder, Charm, Iron Tail, Sleep Talk,

    Quirks: This duo is a pair of childhood friends, they do everything together as if they were brothers and are often seen getting themselves into trouble due to "Curiosity kills the cat" Aiden tries to keep him in line but often more times than not he is convinced into helping him with his ideas.

    Name: Blaize
    Race: Pokémon, Rapidash
    Sex: Female
    Age: 16
    Level: 42
    Moves: Fire Blast, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, Sunny Day

    On the edge of the city were three figures, A young Skitty gijinka chased after his friend who was speeding away on a Rapidash that they had found a few years ago. Her name was Blaize and she was a good racer, the fire type galloped away from the squirrel boy the pink cat on her back Ysol laughed and turned around to grab his friend after messing with him, Blaize was strong so she had no problem carrying them both. especially since they were both actually pretty light. "Hey!, look over there Aiden!" he pointed out to his friend. "Were here!" he announced smiling, they had finally arrived at the gleaming city. Blaize came to a halt slowing herself down as to not run anybody over. They ran into the same convenience store and Aiden drooled over all of the treats there. He loved sweet food! as he did this Ysol was getting a poffin for Blaize. She liked the spicy ones.
  12. Shion felt a strange aura in the store. It was alluring. He followed it until he ran into a girl with food in her hand
  13. Zephyr and Vanessa ran into a Gijinka Umbreon, one of them. ''Hey!'', they both said. They walked past him and continued searching for food.
    After choosing many things, most specific, beef, since being dragon-type Gijinkas, it was part of their diet to eat lots of meat.
  14. Shion shook himself. There were the legendary dragons. No wonder he felt a strange aura. He walked out the store and immediately jumped left as a gajinka hunter fired a net at him. "The Intel was correct. There is a shiny umbreon in the area. Your worth quite a bit of money." Shion began to sprint as he could away from the hunter that was not on his heels
  15. Zephyr heard these sounds, and told Vanessa. They ran to where the trapper was, and Zephyr shot a quick Shadow Ball from his chest. The trapper was blown back to a wall. ''Dude, you really want to do this? You should be aware that legendaries are in the area. And don't think of getting us. We're too powerful for the likes of you.'', Vanessa said.
  16. Shion was caught in a net trying to get out. Every time he used an attack on the net it drained the power and hit him with it.
  17. Capri looked around as she walked through the snack isle, though she stopped whenever she saw an Absol gijinka and a Pichu, the Pichu obviously spooked. She glanced around a bit before turning towards the snacks, picking out a few for herself. She was always able to get money from various odd jobs, so she never really worried about it. She looked over the snacks she got, moving past the Absol and Pichu towards the drinks with all of her snacks held in one arm.
  18. Crescendo noticed the Scolipede gijinka and watched curiously as she walked past him and his brother. He recalled the commotion the store had moments ago but didn't think much of it.

    "Uh, hey." Crescendo said nervously to the newcomer
  19. Show Spoiler

    Name: Leotie
    Race: Gijinka, Vulpix
    Sex: Female
    Age: 21
    will o wisp
    eneryg ball
    fire blast
    She is extremely fussy about whom she consorts with but is often quite laid back.

    The city was bustling as she made her way in, people running left, right and center to get to their destinations. She entered a nearby mart and headed for the snack section, noting the gijinka and pokemon in the area with a keen eyes. There were 3 gijinka in the store, an Absol and a Pichu, who was obviously spooked, nearer to the back and a Scolipede walking near to her. As she reached the drinks aisle and her fellow gijinka stopped as well, she smiled. "Hello, I'm Leotie. Nice to meet you,...?"
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  20. ( @Etoile Coquette : Scolipede. Groudon won't be coming in until the story picks up enough for me to start some conflict.
    @Everyone looking at this : We need villains and humans! )

    Capri blinked a bit when she heard a male's voice and she turned, jumping a bit when she saw the Absol. She looked around to make sure he wasn't talking to anyone else before looking back to him, speaking in a quiet voice. "Um... hi?" It was then that the Vulpix spoke to her, and she looked to her. She lowered her head a bit, taking a step back in a direction that was away from the both of them, not even having gotten herself a drink even though that had been her goal. "U-um..." She gulped and then took another step back, unsure of what to do or say.
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