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Colab with Ehb~

Seia was not given much time to process this massive outside force that seemed to have taken out the monster in a single blast.

The resulting explosive destruction of the gargantuan foe created much debris and strong turbulence. This same offshoots were sent careening about dangerously to anyone nearby. Even Seia, whom was in the air, was only saved by her instinct to dive and take cover on the ground - the moment whatever projectile impacted the monster was when the felt the urge to disengage herself from being airborne, and taking cover.

But even on instinct Seia wasn't quite fast enough to defeat the 'shock' of the attack. Halfway down, Seia was thrown off of the sheath she rode - she began to fall to the ground...

Roll: [6, 6, 2] - Seia Tries to Recover from Shockwave (Grace) [ Success ]

However, again. Seia wasn't a stranger to being airborne thanks to training. Even when struck by this shock-wave and thrown off her 'broom', she was able to regain orientation and land safely on the ground. With good form, she absorbed the force of the fall and landed with her two feet.

As she rose from her crouch, she spun around and caught her sheathe and blade falling from the sky afterward. Catching them, sheathing them, and mounting it back onto her side. She stopped, seeming to have swirled herself into a stance of attention with her hand resting on her sheathed blade.

All this done, seemingly with little effort. Indeed, Seia Flavia Augustus was quite well drilled. That discipline has aided her quite well today, and just as it was intended to.

She surveyed her surroundings in the aftermath of all of this. Mostly scanning for any additional cultists or targets. Or maybe signs of whomever cast that final massive blow that defeated it. No immediate answer was to be found. Though, it seemed like the rest of the squad had managed to get through this ordeal relatively unscathed.

But most importantly there was no longer any other immediate threat.

Still, Seia waited for the final order to gather or withdraw from Parou. Still, many questions about what had just happened were weighing down on her mind. Somehow, this second mission had left her with more questions about the world outside of the tower than the first mission had. Who exactly were these cultists worshiping? And what of the mysterious ship?


After a couple of moments in deep thought Seia realized Aurora's Golem was nonchalantly standing nearby. Hmm, maybe-?

"Hey." Seia began, speaking towards the automaton. "Were you the one who shot that killing blow that blew it up just now?"

Rune stared at the wreckage dumbfounded. Did the beastie just explode on its own, or did something attack it?! What an awful time to blink...


She turned to stare at the paladin witch and, after a moment to think about it, put on a smug, prideful grin, hands on her hips. But before she could nod her head...

"Ahaha... I wish I could afford stuff like that," Aurora butt in, brushing some rocky rubble off her shoulders as she wandered up. "Nope. Rune is a budget golem through and through."

Rune pouted.

"Maybe we have a stalker," Aurora guessed a little too casually. "Though I’m not sure why anyone would want to follow us around. Very suspicious... You’re not secretly famous or something are you? Wait... how would that even work...?"

"You're absolutely right. How would that even work."

Seia confirmed Aurora's own answer for her.

(Referencing Erode's post)
Orders eventually did come. Parou ordered Celestia to accompany her to check out the mysterious object that the dark witch had scouted out earlier on.

As for the rest of them, they were to confirm that this area was clear of any threats. That essentially meant a very deep sweep.

Seia turned away from Aurora and Rune to follow Parou's orders to do an additional sweep. So abruptly that there was a feeling like she was being deflected by Aurora's presence somehow.

However, what kept both Rune and Aurora's attention on her was the fact that she didn't move. Instead, the Praetorian's back and shoulders seemed to be indicating that she was having some sort of internal conflict.

An internal conflict it most certainly was.

The appearance of the massive monster was enough to set her mind aside from it. But at this point with it defeated it was sticking to Seia like a rigid thorn in her side.

'The only way to relieve that feeling was to confront Aurora about it' - she concluded.

"Hey, Aurora. Earlier when I was knocked out from the Cultists, I think. What exactly did you think you were doing?"

Her voice was rising a little as she went on. It definitely sounded like she was not pleased?

"Oh, that...? Errm..." Aurora stammered, clearly wanting to put that moment behind her just as much as Seia.

" was just this one technique I learned for reviving people," she explained. "One of the covens I joined had people falling unconscious a lot, so that class was sorta mandatory. You kinda just push their chest really hard and then mash your faces together I think. Uhm... well it was something like that anyway. But I mean, you’re here! So it must’ve worked, right?"

Rune let out an inaudible sigh, proceeding to wander around, double-checking the area for any dangers that could’ve been missed.

Seia turned to Aurora with a face that did not hide a single ounce of disappointment.

"I am continually impressed by you in the most unimpressive ways Aurora."

The mental image that Seia came up with from Aurora's explanation was something akin to a blacksmith hammering away at a hot iron on an anvil. Everything about it was terrible.

Additionally, no mention of having troll blood poured down one's nostrils. The faintest smell of which was still there for Seia. That part was likely Parou's doing.

However, there was something a bit more pressing that Seia wanted to address, but from the answer this Disaster Witch had just given her, it seemed like Aurora was either unaware of it or choosing to be blissful.

Seia would just have to spell it out.

"Didn't I tell you that I'd leave you to die if it came down to it. Why bother helping me after I said that to you?"

What Seia had said to Melora earlier about Aurora was horrible. She'd mostly said it in order to drive a final nail into the disaster witch from going off on another dangerous journey again.

Aurora's gesture was making Seia feel guilty, and she greatly disliked it.

"I am continually impressed by you in the most unimpressive ways Aurora."

"Oh, um... thanks," Aurora said sheepishly, not so sure it was the right thing to say, but sticking it with it nonetheless.

She waited there awkwardly, bouncing on the heels of her shoes as Seia pondered... whatever she was pondering. Finally, Seia spoke up, prompting Aurora to return a confused glance.

"Leave me to die... Wait... you meant that...?! Like... for real...? I thought you were just saying that to get rid of me..." Aurora mentioned, forcing an incredibly awkward smile.

"That’s kind of awful... I mean... I hope you’ll rethink that if it ever really happened. Squad members are supposed to stick by each other, right? Maybe it’s a little naive of me, but I still believe all those stories I heard as a little girl."

Aurora wandered around as she continued, "Do you remember Ceres the Manaheart? She was about to die, and then her whole squad surrounded her and each gave up something important to save her from the blight curse? Oh! Or Florine’s Misfits? The way they ended up really caring about each other by the end, and you can really tell, even though they’re so awkward in showing it... that’s why I always wanted to be in a squad. I think that’s what everyone’s secretly hoping for when they sign up. Even if they won’t admit it, or just don’t know it themselves."

Aurora stopped pacing for a moment to look into Seia’s eyes. "I think we can learn to be that if we try hard enough! I know I will. It’s just... the harder I try, the more I always seem to mess it all up."

She grew solemn for a moment, but quickly shook it off. "Sorry to get all serious on you like that. Anyway, I think we stared at enough rocks, let’s go make sure the weird stuff Celestia mentioned isn’t too dangerous."

With that, Aurora (and Rune) wandered off after Parou and Celestia.


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As the remaining Witches made themselves over to Section 4, killing off whatever struggling Undead survived, their attention was first drawn towards the sky. Maybe the one or other particularly clumsy Witch would not have noticed, but overall, each and every single one could see it. Further ahead, somewhat still-far from the Singing Rocks, was... what was it even?

A bird? A plane? A dragon? A monster? An enemy?

From this distance, it was hard to make out too many details, but they could see that the flying object was more like a flying building held together by plates of metal in all colors grey and black, with various lines of green, blue, and red lights decorating it. Aside that, wads of smoke also ascended further into the sky. Clearly produced by that thing.

If anything, Celestia was the one who would recognize that the design of the flying object that was clearly coming closer and closer was of the same as the wreck of the savages from before.

As for the others, whatever pieces of 'ship' had existed before, were now torn to shreds even further. There was debris all over the place. Some more mechanical than others, but mostly just strange and alien.

At first glance, there seemed to be no survivors. The 'shielded base' that Celestia had scouted out before was no-more. Yet, on closer look, the group could see how humanoid shadows were hushing between the rocks. Here and there, a handful, always staying out of sight from the flying explorers. Always 'something' between them and the witches.

Clearly hiding.