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  1. Currently no longer accepting new player applications. Any other interest in similar dice roleplay can be sent to me in a PM because I may start another after this has finished or is further along.

    The land of Kalyria has seen better days, though there are still a few elves who still live and remember those days. The king has fallen ill and his ostracized sister's son has been doing most of the kingly duties. Rumor has it that the king will be passing on soon and that the nephew will be taking his throne, much to the people's despair.

    The roads have gotten far more dangerous since the king became ill. Animals and the occasional bandits aren't the only things that will attack travelers anymore, and some of these things are far more dangerous. Merchants are having to increase prices on goods as they travel in order to make up for the price of bodyguards for their caravans. Families in different areas have started to become alienated by each other because of the dangers and the inability to travel by caravan due to increased cost. Adventurers are going out to either see the world or to help decrease the dangers and never being heard from again by loved ones.

    It's obvious something has changed since the king fell ill, but no one knows what to do and so the people in this world have become acclimated to the changes that have came to pass.

    But then...

    You had a dream about a girl, though you don't know how you knew the person was a woman. She told you to rescue her, and that you were being contacted along with a few others that she failed to name. Then she disappeared and you found yourself in a forest, and each step you took seemed to make the forest move faster under your feet. When you came to a cave opening, you were compelled to stop. Something told you that you couldn't go inside, and the loud roar that quickly followed that thought only made it more apparently that you should listen to that something.

    As soon as the roar was done, you were transported to the courtyard of your hometown. There were shadows of people in the courtyard with you, and as they slowly gained color you had a feeling these were the others that woman had contacted.

    Before you saw their faces, though, you were woken and weren't able to identify any of them.

    You start in a small town with the basics - a blacksmith, small general store, church, a tavern, an inn, and a town hall with a jail in its basement. Everyone knows everyone within a few degrees of each other (meaning you know this person who knows this person that doesn't know you who knows this person who's heard of you who knows this person who knows you kind of thing). It's mostly a farming community, but there are some craftsmen and such that make a little money from merchants that pass through annually. There are no major water ways, only a small river a mile off that doesn't seem much traffic. There is only one road that circles around one side town, which has mostly large walkways through that are two horses wide.

    Okay. So here's what I'll need for this to work.

    1. I'm really a beginner DM and I don't know a whole heck of a lot because I've only DM'ed games in real life for a local group, and they were pretty much all beginners. If you need to tell me something I did wrong, PM me so I'm likely to get it faster. If it's something I need to address to the group, I'll put it in this thread after.

    2. This world is not complete yet. For the most part, you guys are my guinea pigs! I want to play this with my local group, but I don't have all the details. I don't know what levels my baddies should be to be hard but not too hard, and all of that. Don't get upset if you are facing too many easy things and then BAM! you find something hard. I'm trying to figure things out by playing this once.

    3. If you are someone who had DM'ed a lot and want to help me out, feel free to send me a PM. I will then send you what I am planning in small details so you can determine if you want to help or if you want to just watch me crash and burn. I am new to this so I won't blame anyone for the latter!

    4. My players need to be willing to give me a review at the end of this. Even if you don't know a lot about the game and this was your first time playing, tell me the stuff you liked or didn't like. Please PM me with the review if you can.

    And now for the final bit of information. Your character sheets and all that jazz.

    This is going to be a point buy system for your ability scores. If you don't know about the point buy system, it's basically that you start with 10 in each ability and you spend your points to increase that to what you want, or you buy points by decreasing them. You can't go under 7 points and you can't purchase over 18.

    My favorite ability score calculator is Jody White's Pathfinder Ability Score Calculator. I use it constantly and it works really well if you hate having to keep track of the numbers using that chart in the Core Rulebook or via Paizo. I think that d20pfsrd also has it's own ability score calculator too, but I haven't looked at it too closely.

    Your character sheets can be posted using Myth Weavers or by filling out a sheet and having it scanned into a document sharing site of your choice and linked to the forum. I need to be able to access it though so make sure nothing is private!

    Make sure you also include your typical name, appearance, background, and other roleplay details as well in your post with your character sheet link, even if that stuff is in the character sheet. Your character sheet is for me, the details are for your fellow players! They will want to know what your character looks like so that in their posts they can describe you or name you in their posts if they are referring to you in it!

    World Map (open)

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  2. My goal is to start this early in January, possibly before that.

    This will need a minimum of 4 players, and I can only handle a maximum of 6 players.

    Creation Rules:
    - No Evil alignments
    - Starting at level 1
    - Average starting gold
    - 25 point buy
    - 2 Traits, unless you can convince me with a really good drawback (not limited to list) to earn a third
    - (optional) If you have a job within the starting town, list that as well. You don't have to have ranks in it if you don't want to. Just if you have a profession, make sure to note it for me.

    I'm going to list players and their characters here.

    Silver - Orina Sylvirleaf, Elf Hunter, Asha Tsukiko, Kitsune Oracle
    Bismarck - Bjorn, Human Barbarian
    Requiem - Deos, Suli Warlord

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  3. What's your feelings towards paladins as I want to try one out for once?
  4. Currently there are no restrictions for classes so if you want to try out a Paladin then please do so! I forgot to add in some of my "rules" per se for player character creations, so I'll be adding those to my second post up there.
  5. Yay, let's see how long I can remain Lawful Good and not lose my powers. *inner self begins to cry as he realizes he's going to be put through hell*
  6. One thing I'll point out with paladins is to be careful who your deity is. That determines what is really considered "lawful" and "good" for your character. You may even consider glancing at the specifics of deities if you can find them. I happen to have companion books on deities but it's not easy to show those off online.

    For instance, a common paladin deity is Iomedae. Iomedae requires paladins to constantly be lawful according to Iomedae's teachings, not necessarily the local laws. A town may have laws saying kill people who have deadly and incurable diseases, but maybe Iomedae's teachings say you much help all who are in need regardless of circumstances. You'd have to go against the law in that town to save those people, possibly having you arrested.

    I'm using that as an example, and I won't be THAT pushy about playing it EXACTLY as the deity would require. If you want to go with your version of lawful good being that you just don't do things that are against common law and that you help everyone, then I'll go with it. Just make sure you follow your character's beliefs and convictions. I'm just giving you the information above in case you play a paladin with another group and want to be really into your role under your deity.
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  7. Someone needs to start a Good Guy DM meme using stuff like what you just said. Every time I've tried to play paladin before, the DM either flat out said no or made it clear he/she was going to break my character somehow.
  8. That's a little too much. Paladins are hard enough as it is, don't need a DM telling you you're gonna have a problem. I mean, if someone in the group tries to play a thieving rogue there may be issues, but it's up to you and them how you handle it. XD

    I'm all for player's arguing their points too! This is a game meant for roleplaying, and sometimes there needs to be interparty conflict too. I also don't mind having a paladin in the group because, depending on how you build it, it can be an amazing asset for the group.
  9. Oh mighty dm. I have a problem with stealing from players. By the way clerics with Prestidigitation are amazing thief when they want to be. Would that be a problem if I at some point took a gem or two from my friends?
  10. I would prefer not, because if you got caught they could decide to toss you to the fishes. Then we'd have to roll you a new character and all that, because that one is fish food at that point. I don't like to restrict characters for personalities and stuff, but that I think I'll have to say no.
  11. Wait a tick, I could also finally play gunslinger. *begins to drool at the possibility*
  12. There is definitely time to figure out what you want. I have nothing against gunslingers for sure, but I'll be nice and warn you that guns and ammunition outside of your beginning amount will be a little hard to come by so plan accordingly. I'll have to look up more about the class and such as well if that's your choice.
  13. That's why I'm going to try and be a self-sufficient gunslinger. Hopefully that idea works well with the Mysterious Stranger archetype, but we shall see, won't we?
  14. Also, is the hometown a trade town as I kind of want the Cosmopolitan feat as my Mysterious Stranger gunslinger will probably be the Face of the group.
  15. It's not a trade town. Didn't think I'd need to talk about the starting town until we started, so I left that bit out. My mistake, huh? I'll add a little bit to the first post for later readers just finding this, but I'll include it here too.

    You start in a small town with the basics - a blacksmith, small general store, church, a tavern, an inn, and a town hall with a jail in its basement. Everyone knows everyone within a few degrees of each other (meaning you know this person who knows this person that doesn't know you who knows this person who's heard of you who knows this person who knows you kind of thing). It's mostly a farming community, but there are some craftsmen and such that make a little money from merchants that pass through annually. There are no major water ways, only a small river a mile off that doesn't seem much traffic. There is only one road that circles around one side town, which has mostly large walkways through that are two horses wide.

    Does that give you what you need to know?
  16. One last thing, how many traits are we allowed?
  17. Only 2 Traits, unless you can convince me with a pretty good drawback

    Whelp, there's the sheet itself. Hopefully this guy is okay. Now then, time for the stuff my fellow players need.

    Zanros Neidim (open)

    Name: Zanros Neidim
    Class: Gunslinger Level 1
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Change the hair to a light brown and the eyes to a shade of violet
    Age: 23
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Body Type: Tall and thin
    Background (open)
    Son of a elven woman and an adventuring human, Zanros was seen by his father as a child of ill omens due to his mother's death during childbirth. Indeed, Zanros's birth did seem to bring ever greater misfortunes as his father's life fell apart with his old group of fellow adventurers being slaughtered on a quest and his business investments falling apart. By the time Zanros had turned four, his father had passed on as a drunken fool, having insulted a nobleman in public one too many times to be ignored.

    With both of his birth parents dead, Zanros fell into the custody of the local church's orphanage for a short time. While there, a traveling cleric of Veiloaria left an impression on the young half-elf, causing a cultivation of a dream to one day roam the world in search of adventure. However, many years before he would be able to do such a thing, he was adopted and made an apprentice by a local blacksmith whose family felt pity for him. As such, from the time Zanros was six, the human man raised him as a second son, seeing him as no different from his other fully human children.

    In this environment, Zanros was raised to believe that though he was a half-elf in appearance and blood, he was a human at heart and deserved to be treated as such. He was led to believe that all could better their situations if they raised their own hands to action. Along with this and his training as a blacksmith apprentice, Zanros's faith led him to spend a great deal of time at the local inn, listening to the tales told by the adventurers he looked up to and sung by the bards whose charisma inspired the half-elf to become a persona as an easy-going smooth talker.

    One man in particular, a half-orc gunslinger named Ugabash, left an even greater mark in his firing demonstration of his pistol. Zanros was impressed by the weapon, seeing it as the physically weaker man's answer to the terrifying barbarian's ax and the aged wizard's magics. After much begging, the boy managed to convince the gunslinger to teach him the ways of the gun along with the language of the orcs. As they spent the days between the older man's quests practicing, Zanros came to see Ugabash as an adopted uncle with the half-orc returning the sentiment. Eventually, the two hybrids were near inseparable when work didn't intervene, Zanros bringing Ugabash home for dinner with his family while Ugabash introduced Zanros to many adventurers who passed on stories, languages, and lessons to him.

    Now at the age of 23, Zanros has finally found his chance to leave his home. The woman from his dream has called him, his adopted father Tedmund has given him leave from work to go, and Ugabash has gifted him with a spare pistol as a parting gift before the half-orc himself left on a seperate quest. The man who still seems like a naive boy must find his destiny in the world, be it in glory or in death.

    Personality: Generally warm and optimistic in person, Zanros presents himself as the face of any party. He'll treat all as equal men, aiding those in need of goodwill or of good adventures. The half-elf holds himself to a standard of great loyalty to his friends and loved ones, willing to accept their punishment for them if they are caught breaking a law. He will try to understand both sides' cases in a debate along with being fair and just in the most of his dealings.

    However, this does not mean Zanros is a saint as he will also break the laws of the land if it means he will aid the downtrodden. Along with his occasional law-breaking, he is also not afraid of threatening others with his gun and with carrying through with such threats if necessary.
  19. From first glance it looks fine. I'll know more when I get a chance to really look at it tomorrow. I am curious, you have a cutlass - why no weapon finesse since your Dex is so high? Or did you have more important things for your character?
  20. One, the cutlass is meant to be a fall back weapon only. Gunslinger are like archers, preferring to stay back from the front lines. Two, I really wanted Human Spirit for the extra skill ranks at first level and when ever a HD is added to him, plus it works with his story. However, now that I think about it, weapons finesse may be a better idea since he's already getting roughly seven ranks per level in Gunslinger.
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