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  1. The air ship made a woshing noise as it traveled through the sky at top speed. It was a mercenary air ship full of mercanaries that hunted down wanted criminals and took the "pay day" or the bounty on their heads. This one had a specific place to go and they were far from their destination. A young albino male was in the back and was chained up and had other means of pereventing him from escaping. He noticed that the other prisioner wasn't like he was, she was just chained to the wall, unlike him it seemed they had put him in a make shift cell. The mercanaries had put the ship on auto piolt and had punched in where their destination was, of course they had done this once they had captured both prisoners. They were talking and laughing. And just seeming to have a good time. And obviously some of them were drunk. The male glared at them with a light amber colored eyes, those of a wild animal. And it was a glare of hatred and malace. He had murdered hundreds of people and only stole a little bit of course it was mainly the money and belongings that belonged to people he killed. One of the men got up from the poker table and shambled toward the young man.

    "I dunno why we took so much caution against him...he doesn't look that tough." The man says. The young man's glare just deepend. "You fool don't go near him, he's dangerous and unpredictable." Another says. "Yes, haven't you ever heard of the infamous Dagger Caine." Another says. The man that was walking toward Dagger just laughs. "He doesn't seem that tough at all I bet I can beat him with one hand behind my back." He says as he walks over to Dagger. Who was rolling his eyes at him. As the man came closer to him, he let out a warning hiss and bared his fangs, warning him to stay away from him. When the man got within two feet of him, Dagger lunged at him with a roar and snapped his teeth together had him. The man stops and seemed like he nearly pissed himself as he goes and sits down. "See I told you, ya idiot. If we hadn't taken any precaution against him, then you would be dead." One of them says. The man looks at him, "And what's up with that act?" He asks.

    The other looks at him, "Oh that isn't an act, he's a vampire." He says. The man looks at him, "Are you sure? Vampires are almost extinct, they aren' found in these parts. It's a rare thing to see one." He says. The other nods, "Well that's because Felonician Government ordered them to irraticate the species. Seeing them as a menace and threat. So besides being a vampire what makes him a rare prize is also that he is the only albino one." The other says and the man nods. Dagger just kept glaring at them as he was testing on which of his restraints was the weakest. He didn't like that they were talking about him while he was in the room. The man then turns to the female. "And what about this beautiful thing?" He asks as he points at her. "She is a mage from what her file says and she is a murderer." The other says. The man smirks and walks over to her, he had bad intentions for her. "Well hello beatuiful..." He says as he continues to walk toward her. Even though his comrades where telling him not to.

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  2. Kieara was a bit strange in her tactics. When they'd found her she didn't use any of her magic. They'd chain her up but left her room to sit down. The girl looked up as he approached and didn't speak. Simply rose a brow. She was dangerous but didn't use any more effort than nessecarily.

    She didn't kill because she wanted to. She killed because she had to. And she got blamed with her own family's death. She wasn't a bad person. Only misunderstood. Mage magic was seen as dark magic because it wasn't understood. Often she got a bad rap for something she didn't do.

    She crossed her arms silently and waited to see what he'd do.
  3. Since the men seemed distracted by their comrade, Dagger was in the process of trying to escape. Even if he had to break bones, he would. They would simply snap back into place and heal instantly. Unlike Kieara, he liked to kill and just did it for the hell of it, just for bloodshed. After all he was vampire- but that wasn't the reason he killed. He just liked the thrill of it. He watched as the man walked over and sat next to the young woman. Dagger had seen this happen before when he was caught. But instead of one, it was the entire group of men. And they ganged up on the poor woman and raped her. He hoped that didn't happen to her, but he was glad that they were distracted. Finally he had gotten his hands free, now he could rip out of the rest of his restraints. The man then put his hand on his lap and trailed it up her leg. The next thing that happened, happened very quickly. Dagger had burst out of his restraints and then grabbed him. He didn't even grab his weapon, he didn't need it if he was going to kill him. He glares at the other men, who were reaching for their weapons. "Keep reachin for yer weapons and I'll rip his spine clean out of'em." He says bluntly and coldly. The men put their hands down instantly. "Alright, what do you want then?" The one, who seemed the be the leader asks. "What prison am I going to this time? Not that it matters, I'll just escape anyways." Dagger says. "I just want to know, so I can judge on how long will it take me to break out of it." He adds.

    The leader looks at him and seems to gulp in fear. "Well, that's just it, you're not going to a prison." He says. Dagger glares at him, he thought he was messing with him. "Stop fuckin with me. I know yer lyin." He says to him. "No...no...really you aren't. You are going to see the King. The king of Felonicia." He says. Dagger stood there glaring at him as if he didn't belive him. "And why the hell would I want to see that bastard?" He snaps. The man shrugs, "I really don't know...he just ordered us to capture you and her." He says as he points at Kieara. Dagger still didn't believe them. "What ever...ya know...you guys should have made sure I fed..." He says with a smirk flashing one fang at them. "Why?" The man that he had a hold of asks. "Because yer gonna fuckin die anyways..." He snaps and rips the beating heart from his chest. Of course it was only to feed upon it.
  4. She was rather used to seeing bloodshed. She hadn't become hardened, she just took out her emotions away from others. She too had wondered those questions and was glad that they had been answered. She let the vampire eat his fill and simply moved her hands to touch her restraints where they began to frost over. After they froze and were cold she banged them hard off the concrete causing them to break.
  5. The men were going to apprehend her, but decided not to. Only because Dagger was still standing there. Once he had gotten his fill, he just threw the man's body on the floor of the ship. He heard her shackles break, but didn't turn to face her. He goes into the cockpit of the ship to see how far they still had to go. And when he came back, he didn't look very happy at all. They still had a long way to go. "Damn it! We still have a long way to go." He mutters. He didn't like being cooped up in a flying metal tube. Especially not with people who hunted him, he thought about killing them all. But he changed his mind, only because they would be the ones that were able to bring him to the king. Which wasn't something he was looking forward too. Why should he? The bastard had killed off almost all of his kind- not that he cared about that. His own kind hated him anyways, he just felt threatened that's all. He felt threatened because maybe the King was going to try to kill him too. But why would he want a mage? He sat down next to her, glaring at the men. Who were keeping an eye on him, since he was unpredictable. Dagger smirks when he senses their fear, he liked making people fear him.
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  6. Kieara knew these men looked rather dirty. Dirty blood could be extremely hazardous for a vampire. She was bored and wanted to play with her magic so she conjoured up a waterskin. This was a special waterskin. It always drew blood from a clean source and it never ran dry. All he had to do was think of the blood type. "Excuse me...dagger was it?" She offered it to him.
  7. Dagger cared only for himself and only relied on himself. He glances over to her. "If yer tryin to help me, no thanks." He says. "Those men's blood won't effect me at all, my body can handle it and let's just say purify it." He says. Then he turns and glares at the men, who were watching his every move. He in return was doing the same thing to them. "Let's just say I ain't no ordinary vamp." He says to her. He was getting bored rather easily, so he decided to mess with the men. He liked making them afraid. He makes a slight movement with his hand and all the men jump and put a hand on their weapons. Dagger scoffs and rolls his eyes. "Ya think yer weapons are gointo do somethin against me?" He says and scoffs again. "They'll do jackshit." He snaps. The one man looks at him and tries to stiffle back laughter. "What the fuck is so funny?" Dagger snaps. "I've seen many a vamp wasted by my gun." He says. Dagger gets a smirk on his face and walks up to the man, he was only a few inches away from him. "Well...if you think I'm bluffin, then why don't you prove me wrong? Or are you too afraid?" He snaps. The man looks at him, "A-and what if I am right?" The man asks. "Then I'll be dead." Dagger says bluntly. "A-and what if I am wrong?" The man asks. "You'll find out." Dagger says with a smirk and watches as the man raises his gun and aims it at him...
  8. Kieara wanted in on the fun mainly because she was bored. Scaring these men wasn't so bad. She slowly faded into nothing. Her eyes reappeared just behind the man where dagger could see and suddenly she reappeared and a bunch of tiny explosions went off in her hand right at the mans ear.
  9. The man screamed as his ear drums bursted from the explosions. He put his hands over his ears and then he pulled one back to see blood. "B-blood!" He says sounding very shocked. Dagger scoffs, "Ya act like ya never seen yer own blood before. How pathetic." He says bluntly. He was glad that someone else found it fun to torment the men. The man that was in front of Dagger had his hand on his gun and was still pointing it at him. "Go ahead I dare ya!" He snaps. The one man was mad because Kieara injured one of his men and halled off and hit her. Sending her crumpling to the ground. Dagger lets out a growl, that was one thing he couldn't stand and that was a man hitting a woman. He then punches that man in the face, knocking him out cold. Then all the rest of the men grab their guns and aim them at Dagger. For he had knocked out their leader. Dagger glares at them and lets out a hiss as a warning, baring his very long fangs, which at full length were 4 1/2 inches. "Do it! I dare ya!" He snaps.
  10. Kieara was on the ground next thing se knew. Her jaw hurt as well. She rubbed it as she got up to see dagger protecting her. Why would he do that? She didn't understand.
  11. The man that was second in command looks at Dagger. "Your files say that your a selfish bastard that only cares and relies on yourself. So why did you help the female mage for?" He asks, he too wondered why. He had spend years studying and hunting down Dagger. Dagger looks at him, "Ya wanna know why? Not because I care fer her or anythin, yer files are right. I just can't stand woman beaters. They are belly crawlin scum that don't deserve to live." He snaps. And that is the only reason he did it, just because he didn't think it was right. The men still had their guns aimed at Dagger, who didn't look afraid. "So why are ya hesitatin on shootin me? If ya don't, then yer all dead." He snaps. The second in comand then looks at his men, "Guns down, we're getting good money for these two." He says. The men put their guns down, but they were still wary of Dagger.
  12. She saw this and then picked up her waterskin again and went to him. "Thank you." She handed it to him. She wanted him to have it. She then returned to the cot in her cell and lay back. She was bored but grew tired of tormenting the men.
  13. Dagger wondered why she gave him the waterskin, but didn't ask why. Since he didn't have a cell and was basically chained to the wall, he just sat there looking a the men. Who in return were doing the same thing, they were more afraid of him than they were of the mage. And Dagger knew it, he could sense their fear. He couldn't help but smirk. Then he looks at the second in command. "So what else do yer so called files say 'bout me?" He asks. The second in command went extremely pale in the face from fear and gulped loudly. "And don't worry I ain't gonna kill ya for what they say, ya know I would actually take them as compliments." Dagger says. The man gulps loudly again. "They say that you're a cold blooded bastard that kills for the hell of it- just for blood shed. You'll kill a man without hesitation and in fact you'll kill a man if he looks at you funny." He says. "Do I need to go on?" He asks. Dagger shakes his head no with a smirk on his face. All he said was true. "Well it looks like you get to keep yer lives." He says with a smirk. It had seemed that all the men were holding their breaths for they all exhaled at once.
  14. Kieara gave him the waterskin as a thank you. It would change to whatever blood type he wanted and was never ending. She listened to the things the file said and couldn't help but wonder how cruel someone could be. She also wondered if he'd ask of hers.
  15. Dagger wasn't going to ask about her file, for he thought it was none of his business. He was just egotistical and wanted to hear how the humans feared him. He was still smirking evily at them, if they weren't taking him to see the king, he would have killed them all and gotten away. He was planning on killing them any way, once they were inside the castle walls. What use would they be anyways? They would just hunt him down again if he decide to escape, which was another plan of his. And the only reason he was so crule was because the way he had been treated- he had much hatred and anger within himself and that is how he got rid of it, by killing and being crule. It was as if it was something that he thrived on. He looks at the men, watching as the leader finally awoke from being unconscious. "Oh an another thing, while we're travelin...since we got a long way to go...if anyone thinks about botherin her or layin a hand on her..." He says and trails off with an evil smirk on his face. "You'll have to deal with me. She is a woman and you'll treat her with respect." He snaps. The men nod, except for the leader.
    "Why are you listening to this scum?" He snaps demanding an answer. Dagger glares him. "Ya wanna know why?" He snaps as he seemed to disappear and then reappear behind him. "Because I'm a killin machine..." He says as he thrusts his hand through his back and out the front of the guy's chest and the pulls back, ripping out his heart.
  16. Kieara was a bit of a tease. She couldn't help it though. She didn't try intentionally. She just was. However this time it was intentional because she was bored. She walked over and leaned on the wall close to him in her skimpy outfit and spoke. "Thank you for the help"

    (Mind you that ones a bit skimpier than I'd like I still liked the pic lol)

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  17. Dagger doesn't look at her and simply nods, he was by now covered from head to toe in blood. But he didn't care, many a night/day had he been covered in blood. Now the men were really scared, since their leader had been killed. The second in command looks at Dagger, "Are you going to kill any more of the men?" He asks. Dagger shrugs with an evil smirk, "Who knows...maybe I will...maybe I won't..." He says to them still with the evil smirk. And he hoped Kieara didn't think this was an act he was putting on either, this is how he normally acted. One of the lesser men looked really scared. "Why...are you so evil and monstrous?" He asks in a quivering voice. The other men look at him as if he was crazy for asking such a thing. Dagger looks directly at him, "You wanna know why...because of people like you...people who were assholes who fucked up my life...people who treated me the same way, that's why." He snaps. The men gulp loudly in fear. The same man looks at him. "Because of the experiments?" He asks, again he gets the same reaction from the other men. Dagger gives him a look. "What do you think?" He asks in a cold tone.
  18. She felt for him. Her heart went out to him. She knew what it was like to be experimented on. They'd done it to her too. She listened to the exchange between the men and spoke. "I know what you have went through. They experimented on me too. I'm sure it can't hold a light to what they did to you though..."
  19. That was one thing- no make it two things that Dagger hated. Some one trying to sympathize with him and another trying to say that they knew what he was going through. She was going to find out that he can be very rude- even if she is a lady. He scoffs and looks at her. And then rolls his eyes, "Like you would know...lady you may have been experimented on...but you weren't put through the hell I went through. So don't even get me started with that 'I know what it's like' shit." He snaps. And he didn't give a shit what she thought of him, even if she was a mage...she was still just a human being to him. He then turns to the men, "Can't you get this hunk of junk goin any faster?" He snaps. He was very impatient and wanted to get off and out of this flying metal tube. The one man stood up, "I'll see what I can do." He says and runs to the cockpit.
  20. Kieara sighed and made the decision to just stay out of his way. She was a rather sensitive being even if she didn't let on. She didn't like fighting or harsh words or conflict in general. She went back and sat in the cell proofing up a book to read.
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