Parasite Game I: Into the Lions Den

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  1. The madman was running as fast as he could, moving from place to place, universe to universe, looking for the one. The one that would save him. His passage caused echoes, ripples in the fabric of existence. More and more, faster and faster he traveled. He wasn't from this place, he didn't know the structure of this reality, and they were gaining on him.
    He saw it then in the field, a shimmering blue light. He stepped out of it and into the terrace of the living ship known as Moya, there it was. His salvation, the antigen. John Crichton took the needle and rammed it into his arm then, in one smooth motion, turned drew and fired Wynona. Blowing his pursuers head off.
    Crichton then pulled the needle out his arm with a grimace.
    He looked back into his wormhole, at the places where his actions had touched. He frowned. They might have gotten them as well. Only one way to be sure.
    Crichton made a grand sweeping sweeping motion with his hand, and all the people that had been close to the point of affection were dropped unceremoniously before him.
    Crichton leaned in close, and with his customary tact yelled. "You're so screwed."


    Crichton leaned back and held his head, doing a slight spin. "Alright. Alright Harvey fricking Dent. I know that isn't helping. Wait, what? You know which one is infected? Tell me or so help me, with Bon Jovi as my witness I will blow this chip, even if its still in my head."

    Crichton then spent several moments seeming to have an internal conversation. Finally he spoke to the group.

    "All right then. One of you is infected with mind controlling virus. And it is going to spread. Fast. My sources say that it is passed through touch. Please keep all hands and other body parts within your designated frelling personal space." Crichton paused for a moment. "If that's all right with you of course."

    "Okay. We have enough anti-gen for three whole doses to the group here. Any more and we can't deliver the extra dose needed to save the person...with my luck persons."

    As you look around there isn't much to see. Only a wide terrace and above you, seemingly not a thing keeping you from space. It's an illusion, but a breathtaking one.


    A pad on Crichton's arm begins to beep. "Not another one." He tapped frantically at it, and manged to shut the incoming wormhole down.

    "Don't care how you do it. Just find the infected. I'll inject them with the cure, everyone gets a happy ending except Bambi's mom."

    Crichton moved into the corner with the anti-gen and started tapping away at the machine on his arm. He kept a close, close hand near his pulse pistol in case anyone came for the cure.

    Round 2 will begin in two days. The infected will silently infect another player at the beginning of round 3.

    Rules, how to play, and the like:

    1: This game will be played with 7-12 characters.

    2: Duos are not allowed in this game, although OC's are, as long as they are Sci-Fi fandom related.

    3: There will be one infected player to start out with. Every round one person will silently infect another player. I will PM that player that they have been infected. NO mention of infection will pass between the infecter and the infected, thus preserving the secret identity of the infecter.
    - If one infected character tries to infect another infected character, the victim will enter a comatose state as if they had been voted off.
    -There is a limited supply of Antigen. Enough for three uses for all players. You can use Antigen once per round. However use of Antigen must be decided by majority vote of the players. Using Antigen will prevent anyone from being infected that round.
    - If an infected is caught the extra attention by players will prevent anyone else from being infected that round.

    4: At least one post per round is required, it doesn't have to be wonderful or fantastic, just something to let me know you're still here. If you need to take an extended leave, that is fine. Just let me know.

    5: As GM, my word is final. This also applies to all co-GMs that may help host this game.

    6: Absolutely no godmodding. I do allow NPCs in the prologue and the epilogue, but that is it.

    7: If you have something to say OOC, say it here and not in the game thread.

    These games are a spin-off of the Traitor Games, and as such all credit goes to a man named the Purple Skull for creating the parent group. Bravo sir.

    @BarrenThin as Khem Val, (Star Wars)
    @The Silver Paladin as Codicier Romulus, (Warhammer 40K)
    @Mari as Makinami Mari, (Evangelion)
    @Emperor of Gallifrey as R2-D2, (Star Wars)
    @Wedge Antilles as Obi-Wan Kenobi, (Star Wars)
    @Mighty Roman as Star-Lord, (Guardians of the Galaxy)
    @FireDrake150 as Ace, (Final Fantasy Type-0 HD)​
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  2. Ace looks at the small croup, Standing. Listening to what seemed like a Deranged lunatic to him, he glances at everyone else around him. If this were a Sci-fi convention, hed be the most out of place. Dressed Half like someone going on a date and half like some variety of Fantasy Roman, he casts a few cards straight back into the air, resulting in 4 glowing cards hovering above his head a few feet, though they all turn to follow him whereever hed go. "Well, given our new Circumstances, I'd say we need. to find out quickly. Assuming the mechanical beings can get infected. there are 3 Doses. These odds are not Great." He looks from one to the other, From Chrighton, to the cards above his head. "I suggewt we talk things out. get to know each other and their homeworlds, for in the event of a mind controlling virus, at least for its spreading we'd know who changed. as for thr originally Infected, we must stay alert and cautious." Seeming cool and calculative, the Agito cadet casts a wall in front of him that protects from projectile and magical impacts for a short amount of time, yet it can be walked through. "Sir loony, is there any way to Duplicate the cures? Like a Medlab, orr....." Ace looks to him, immediately trying to think of ways out that would not include Violence or panic.

    "By the way, My Name is Ace, I am the head cadet for Rubrums Class-0." He bows respectfully to the group while not taking one eye off of them.

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  3. "First off. The name is Crichton. John Crichton. Or Galactic president if you prefer. But either way I can't whip up more cure with three tic tacks and a pen."

    Crichton then pulled three tic tacks and a pen out of his pocket.

    "I've got friends whipping up more anti-gen. But that's there, and we are smack dab in the middle of here."

    Crichton pointed a single finger at the floor.

    "And we're not going anywhere until we've got this sorted. Hell I'm breaking half the quarantine procedures right now."
  4. Romulus sighed. He didn't know where he was, just that he was trapped with a bunch of heretics. He knew he couldn't let them live, but he also couldn't Purge them, mainly due to the fact that he couldn't survive without help. Romulus's armor was large, and he had his weapons. He could also channel psychic energy. Romulus looked at the others.
    "Guess you Heretics should introduce ourselves, I am Codicier Romulus of the Blood Angels."
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  5. Ace nods at the fact more cure can't be presently made. "I understand. Thank you for the Explaination, Sir. As for Introductions, My name is Ace, and I am a Member of the Legendary Class-0 Agito Cadets of Rubrum, one of 4 countries in Orience." He looks at the rag-tag bunch and sighs, staying behind his barrier, still having thr cards over his head. "I, as well as the other Agito Cadets, are What the Layman would call Mages." He looks around, intent to keep this short and sweet. "My world's facing total destruction, and I'd like to get back to it soon if possible."

    @The Silver Paladin @Thuro Pendragon
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  6. [​IMG]

    Mari looked around at this place, this platform in space. It fascinated her, even though she had flown to the outer, highest parts of the Earth's atmosphere, it still was a fascinating scene for an illusion. She wondered how an Evangelion unit would fare in outer space, doing battle with the Angels in more neutral territory. She then looked at the others.

    She was not used to this. She always had some idea, some intelligence report, something to advise her on what was next. This was new to her. But, Mari was not one to shy away from new things.

    "Hello, I am Mari Makinami", she said, introducing herself in a raised, but calm voice to everyone else here.
  7. Peter Jason Quill had been listening to his cassette player when his been abducted from his universe. While most people would've been fazed by being abducted from their universe, but Peter Quill wasn't. Perhaps it was because he lived with a Raccoon, a Tree, and a Spacedog, all of which could talk. He drew his laser blaster from his belt and pointed it at Crichton, almost instinctively.
    "Alright, I'll help you out. But make it quick, I have bigger problems to deal with. Where do we start?
    Oh, and one more thing, my name's Peter Quill. People call me Star-Lord."
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  8. [​IMG]

    After hearing what was said, and looking at those around him, Obi-Wan said one thing.

    "I have a bad feeling about this."

    Until he saw a very familiar face. Or droid. "R2?" he asked.

    @Emperor of Gallifrey
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  9. Khem was silently kneeling away from the others. The Daschade made a gutteral grunting sound before standing to his full height, his massive Vibrosword on his back. He spat something at Obi-Wan in Daschade; then Basic. "Silence, little Jedi, before I devour you."

    @Wedge Antilles
  10. Obi-Wan looked at the large one who spoke to him. So he knows of the Jedi Order, he thought to himself.


    "So much anger in you", he said.

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  11. [​IMG]

    As a Daschade, he was immune to the Force. "Do not pretend to read me, Jedi."

    @Wedge Antilles

  12. Obi-Wan didn't answer to the statement. He simply smiled curtly and nodded. He knew of Daschades both on the good and bad side of the Republic, and this one seemed to lean towards the darker side of things. He kept his distance, respectfully, and simply looked around at the others, observing if he knew of any of the others besides R2-D2.
  13. Khem simply glowered at this man.

    @Mighty Roman
  14. Star-Lord lowered his guns, but still held them in his hand. "Guess that I need to get to know you guys better. Who are you? Some kind of Monk? One of those guys from the Church of Universal Truth?"
    He slowly looked around the room, analysing each of his potential allies. Droid. Maniac. Monk. Knight. He looked at Mari for a moment. Damn. He focused back on Crichton. "So, when do we get started. You show the way, I'll grab the bug spray."

    @Wedge Antilles @Thuro Pendragon
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  15. "I am Obi-Wan Kenobi. I'm a Jedi knight in service of the Republic of the Galaxy." Obi-Wan nodded at the stranger. "Who are you, if I may ask?"

    @Mighty Roman
  16. Obi-Wan didn't look like the type to accept a friendly handshake, but Star-Lord offered one anyway. " Jedi? Never heard of them. Peter Quill, Star-Lord. Butt-kicker of the fantastic, and Guardian of the Galaxy. Who are the Jedi Knights?

    @Wedge Antilles
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  17. Obi-Wan shook Peter Quill's hand. He didn't always tell the full story of the Jedi order, he had a simplified version for those he would introduce to without engaging in a long winded lecture. "The Jedi Knights are an organized group who seek to protect and enforce law and order throughout the galaxy."

    He looked at Quill, and noted he seemed like the type who would go against what he stood for. But, respectful as always, he would be professional and not assume his initial impression was right.

    @Mighty Roman
  18. Obi-Wan didn't seem to share his sense of humour, so Star-Lord adopted a more serious tone. For now.
    "Same here, Partner. Guardians of the Galaxy. We ah... guard the galaxy. From interdimensional rifts, Thanos, Cancerverse, Vulcan. Some pretty major stuff.
    He approached Khem. "What about you, big guy? D'you protect the galaxy? Or do you eat those who try dusting your cave?"
    Although he knew that antagonising the giant was probably a terrible idea, Peter Quill had never been one for resisting even the smallest piece of excitement. He was eager to see the giant's reaction-wondering if he understood teasing and sarcasm.

    He casually saluted Mari as he waited for the giant's answer. Ladies love the smart guys, he thought to himself. And the ladies love confidence.

    @Wedge Antilles @BarrenThin @Mari @Everybody
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  19. Crichton pulled his own gun, a pulse pistol called Winona, and aimed it at Quill in response. "You DO NOT point a gun at me. You hear? Now put it away, and Winona won't have to make you a head shorter."

    Crichton turned his head and said to the empty air. "He's crazy. Absolutely nuts. What is wrong with people these days Harv?"

    @Mighty Roman
  20. The pad on Crichton's arm began to beep. He tried tapped frantically, trying to shut down the incoming wormhole, but the beeping only grew faster and faster until it was a steady scream. "Frell." Crichton said, then aimed Winona at where he sensed the wormhole would open.

    Obscured by the light of the wormhole a tall gangly figure stepped out. Force those of you sensitive to the force he would be like a shining beacon, a radiant swell of power.

    He stepped forward out of the light and into the sights of those in the room.

    Show Spoiler

    "Mesa have searched long and hard for you my massa. I didn expect to find yous here of all places. Why yousa with all dese funny peoples?"

    Crichton aimed the pulse pistol at his own head. "Make the nightmare stop." He groaned.

    @Wedge Antilles @Everyone​
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