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  1. Important links

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    Parrel reference document


    Here's the signup sheet for those who know what this is. PM me any questions!

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Sheet[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: [/BCOLOR]



    Picture (optional):

    Canon background
    [BCOLOR=transparent](wiki link if you’re lazy):[/BCOLOR]



    [BCOLOR=transparent]Flipside Background:


    Example and my own signup

    Name: Ruby Rose

    Age: 16

    canon: RWBY



    [BCOLOR=transparent]Canon background: Born to a pair of grimm hunters, Ruby idolized her mother even from a young age. she was devastated when she passed, but instead of letting that despair consume her, it made her all the more resolved to become a huntress and carry on her mother’s legacy. She got accepted to Beacon two years sooner than most, and has led team RWBY against grimm, the white fang terrorist organization, mysterious criminals, and homework since.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]-Aura: Like all humans and faunus on Remnant Ruby has something called 'aura', and like most hunters has hers unlocked. This gives her highly enhanced reflexes and agility, capable of deflecting machine gun fire, land safely from long falls, and leaping up falling debris. Aura also increases durability and regeneration, and its common in duels between hunters to eat bullets straight to the face or slashes full across the torso with damage to nothing but their aura levels. Finally, it gives her a mild danger sense, and enables her to use a…

    -Semblance: a manifestation of a huntress’ aura, Ruby’s semblance revolves around speed. She’s capable of flash steps, long bursts of increased speed, and even creating a powerful whirlwind effect in her wake.


    [BCOLOR=transparent]-Crescent Rose: A high-velocity-sniper-scythe, Crescent Rose was designed and built by Ruby herself and is her most prized possession. Held in a magnetic holster on her belt, it has a collapsed form, a rifle form, and a gun-scythe form. Its shots have enough recoil to propel through the air when she doesn’t set herself, and she often uses that to her advantage in fights. 4 clips and a whirlwind dust clip carried along with.

    -scroll: basically a super complicated smartphone/id card, it strangely doesn’t have signal here.

    Flipside background: Ruby was born Ruby Xiao Long, the second child of Summer and Taiyang Xiao Long. Taiyang’s parents were first generation immigrants from China and he grew up poor, with both his parents working long hours to try to make ends meet. Alone and in a dangerous part of New York, it wasn’t all that surprising when he fell in with some triad wannabes that ran their neighborhood. What was surprising was how quickly he became disgusted with that life, and it wasn’t long till he actively seeked the authorities to turn his gang over to them. The detective in charge of the investigation and Sting was a Lt. Crow Rose. He saw something in the young man that caused him to encourage him to join the force, and it wasn’t long till Taiyang was working under Crow on the force.

    It was a night after a day of patrol that he met Crow’s sister, enjoying a beer and a game at his superiors house when she dropped by for a visit.

    Summer was the child of an affluent family with long ties to New York. It wasn’t a surprise that a Rose had moved up the police chain as fast as her brother did, and it likewise wasn’t a surprise when she graduated from MIT with top honors in engineering. Despite their incredibly different backgrounds, the attraction was almost instantaneous, and it was only a year later that they were married. Their first child was Yang Xiao Long, and she seemed to inherit both her father’s wild side and her mother’s stubbornness. She had a temper that burned as vibrantly as her blonde hair when provoked, and despite her cheerful demeanor it was a strange year that didnt’ have her suspended for fights at least twice, no matter how much the other side often deserved it. Their second child was Ruby, and while she carried the joy and determination that seemed ingrained into the entire family, her energies were directed elsewhere. She was all but six when she walked in on her dad working on the family car and almost instantly felt enamored with the beast of gears, tubes, and metal hiding under the hood. By ten she could take that engine apart and put it back together herself, and it was clear which parent she was going to take after. It wasn’t any surprise then how much she idolized her mother. Summer specialized in alternative energy, and her biggest work was a plant that turned coastal tides into enough electricty to power a small city. It even helped solve a mild energy crisis in Japan, and when the award was presented and the announcer called her mother a hero, Ruby knew
    [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]exactly what she wanted to do with her life.

    She worked, nay,
    [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]slaved her way through highschool with flying colors despite her occasionally flighty attention span, and wrote a thesis paper on thermonuclear engines that when presented at a regional science convention caught the attention of John Nereci himself.

    She recieved a letter of acceptence to Vincent University Before she even finished her junior year. She joyfully accepted, even to the mild protests of her parents that she wait until she finished highshool, and moved into a dorm in Parrel. Six months into her time here, she’s found university to be far more work than she expected, and whatever time she’s not frazzled trying to keep up with all the homework she spends vegged out on her computer or (occasionally) doing the workout routine Yang practically forced her to adopt. On top of that, she works part time at Ted’s to cover spending money that her scholarship doesn’t, all of which basically adds up to poor Ruby not getting much sleep. She still loves it all though, even with the occasional bout of homesickness.

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  2. Name: Vash


    Canon: Trigun


    Canonverse Abilities: Can read the trajectory of bullets as they're fired and avoid them/has a cannon built into his right arm that can leave a crater on the moon and wipe out an entire city called the Angel Arm. It's disabled for this roleplay. Also has a machine gun built into his left arm.

    Vash habitually carries a custom made .45 caliber silver or nickel-plated revolver, a classic six-shot double-action with a top break reloading mechanism that fires .45 Long Colt ammunition. The engraving on the side of the gun describes it is a ".45 Long Colt AGL Arms Factory" with wings around the "AGL" as in angel. Vash's revolver has the barrel aligned with the 6 o'clock chamber, not the 12 o'clock chamber as is the typical configuration of standard revolvers. Very few weapons follow this form factor, the Mateba Autorevolver, and the Chiappa Rhino being the two most common. In the series, this handgun was created as part of a pair by Knives, of which Vash was given the silver model, and Knives kept the black model.

    Cybernetic Machine-gun Arm: Vash lost his left arm when Knives blew it off using a different revolver, after Vash stole Knives' black Angel Arm pistol years earlier. In the manga, Knives cut it off when they were younger with a blade he formed from his own body. He now has a cybernetic replacement, which also conceals an integrated firearm. In both the series and manga, it is initially a powerful semiautomatic pistol that is later upgraded to a fully automatic submachine gun.

    He also has a knife in his boot and one of his jackets is at least described as being bullet-proof.

    Oh and also the Angel Arm. But doesn't really need to be mentioned on account of Vash being reluctant to use it IC and being disabled in this RP for the sake of fairness lol.

    Flipside background:(I apologize if some this seems rather contrived. I tried to connect it as best as I could to Vash's original past)

    It was the late eighties, Ronnie Reagan was running the country and in Carson City, Nevada there were two six year old blonde haired, blue-eyed orphans that were about to have their lives changed forever. They went by Vash and his younger brother who went by the nickname of 'knives' due to always getting in trouble with the silverware at the orphanage they were raised at. Eventually the two were adopted by a female astronaut named Rem Saverem. She was the only one out of her circle of friends who didn't want to settle down for a simple waitress job or anything menial like that. She wanted to explore the far reaches of space and see what else this universe may have had to offer. But she could never seem to find the right kind of man to settle down with. She had a pet Shih Tzu which kept her company but still, Rem wanted something more than this. That's where Vash and Knives entered into the picture.

    The two brothers lived a happy life with Rem and things seemed fine.They were left with a babysitter whenever Rem had to leave to attend to astronaut duties. Still, when she had time she spoiled Vash and Knives whenever she could. During this time however, there were many dramatic events during this turbulent period such as the Iran-Contra Affair, the Border War between the rebels in Namibia/Cuba and Apartheid South Africa and the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union and the Iron Wall. Fearing that all the negativity in the world that the news kept blaring would effect Vash and Knive's development, she always made sure to try and spread her philosophy onto them as they grew up.

    "Vash? Knives? I want you both to listen very closely okay?"

    "Are you gonna tell us a bedtime story, Mom?" "Yeah, Mom! We love your stories!" Rem smiled but shook her head as she continued. "No, not tonight. I know that what you two may hear on the news lately hasn't always been good. In fact a lot of it is pretty serious. People are fighting all around the world and getting hurt. I love you two so much, you're just my two rays of sunshine. I just don't want all this negativity to hurt you in the long run. Just keep in mind that no one has the right to hurt anyone or take the life of another."

    "Not even if it's a spider trying to eat a butterfly, Mom?" Knives rolled his eyes at Vash's comment,only after making sure that Rem didn't notice it of course. "Even then, Vash. For all you know the spider could have a family. How do you think the spider's family would feel if they didn't come home?" Vash frowned and lowered his head. "Not very good. I promise, Mom! I won't hurt anyone!"

    "...What if you just take out both the spider and the butterfly?" Knives asked as he looked between his brother and Rem. "That way both families are equally as sad."

    Rem's eyes widened in concern at her younger son's suggestion and Milly, their Shih Tzu barked at Knives. Shooing the dog out of the room and closing the door behind her, Rem looked back at Knives. "Knives, why would you say something like that? You shouldn't want to make anyone sad."

    "I understand, mom. But if you take the butterfly away then you're making the spider sad. Because they have no food while the butterfly gets some food. So wouldn't the logical thing to do would be to get rid of both of them." Rem shook her head from side to side rapidly. "No!" Knives and Vash were both taken aback as their mother almost never raised her voice. "I-I'm sorry, Knives. I didn't mean to yell at you. But please, no more thoughts like that, okay?" Knives stared blankly at Rem before nodding. "Of course, mother."

    "Good. I love you two. Now, get some sleep okay? I've kept you two up for long enough." Rem gave another warm smile before pecking both boys on the head and then tucked them in. "Goodnight Vash, Knives." "Goodnight Mom!" Vash called out enthusiastically but Knives just rolled over, wrapped up in his blanket. Giving a brief look of worry if she had hurt Knives's feelings, Rem slowly made her way out. She hoped she hadn't been too harsh on her son and that he learned that killing was never the answer.

    Years later as both Vash and Knives reached teenhood, both went through some changes. Vash grew out his hair and combed it into a spikey fashion and even got himself some shades to go along with his hair.He also adopted an immense craving for donuts. He was still pretty shy around new people and often tried to hide behind his comedic nature when confronted with bullies. Knives went down a different path, growing more cold and abrasive, even towards Vash. It probably didn't help that when Knives turned twelve, Milly mysteriously vanished around that same time. The family just assumed she ran away but whether that was the actual truth or not, no one but Knives knew the answer. It was also around this same time that Rem had finally found a boyfriend, someone she felt could be a father figure to the boys. But while he put on the facade of being kind and loving around Rem, in truth he despised Vash and Knives. Seeing them as nothing more than leeches on Rem and him. While Vash tried to stomach it as best as he could and keep on going, Knives had a different idea.

    Upon turning eighteen, Rem and Carlos(I can't actually recall the name of the guy who abused Vash/Knives in the manga so generic name go!)were going to take him out for his birthday. But unknown to the three involved, Knives had sabotaged the car beforehand and it didn't take long before a disastrous crash occurred. Leaving Vash with severe scars/gashes/burns and without a mom but also losing an abusive father. Managing to weasel his way out of being labeled as the perpetrator, Knives took Vash into his custody once he had the proper surgery to tend to his wounds/and enough cash was worked up to replace Vash's left arm which had been too mangled in the crash to mend.

    Upon recovering enough to the point that he could move about on his own/feed himself and the like, Vash clung onto his younger brother who was the only family that Vash still had. Honestly, not having expected Vash to have survived the crash, Knives coldly turned on his brother after he was well enough to take care of himself. He had fulfilled his own twisted form of his mother's philosophy. Rem was the butterfly and Carlos had been the Spider. Taking both of them out of the equation made Knives much happier and after relieving whatever guilt he may have had by paying for Vash's medical bills and the like, Knives was eager to strike out on his own and leave his brother to his own devices without any hesitation. Needless to say Vash was hurt by the abruptness of Knives wanting to push him out the door.

    "Knives, now that Mom's gone, don't you think we should be closer now more than ever?!"

    "Bit morbid don't you think to want to bond over the fact that our mother and step-father died in a car crash?"


    "I'm glad you're capable of doing things on your own again, Vash. But I've taken care of you, paid for all the surgeries you've needed, and do you think the prosthetic arm was cheap? Don't you think I've done enough for you?" Vash's bottom lip trembled and as he made his way reluctantly to the exit, he looked over his shoulder at his younger brother.

    "..Don't you care, Knives?"

    "...Goodbye, Vash."

    It's been four years since the crash and Knives/Vash went their separate ways. Knives works through a pharmaceutical store as a front but has some rather shady affairs outside of it, which is partly why he was able to fund Vash's recovery as well as he did. Vash however wasn't so lucky and scrapes by working at a Starbucks. Just enough to make ends's meat but not enough to mend the hole in his heart that Knives left. He's tried multiple times to contact his brother, each attempt meeting with failure and Knive's voicemail.

    Still, Vash tried to keep his head up as high as he could manage it. After all this world was made on love and peace!
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  3. [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: Azula [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]16[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Canon: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Avatar the Last Airbender[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Picture (optional):[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Canon background [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent](wiki link if you’re lazy): Princess of the Fire Nation, born to Fire Lord Ozai and Princess Ursa and the younger sister of Zuko. A firebending prodigy, to the point only she is able to conjure and use blue flames, which hit harder and burn more intensely than normal orange fire. A skilled strategist and brilliant manipulator, yet underneath it all are deep mental instabilities that come to light along the course of the war.[/BCOLOR]

    Usage of Lightning
    Unarmed and acrobatic skills

    Fire Nation Armor/Robes/Royalty items

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Flipside Background: [/BCOLOR]
    Her family had been one of the premier noble kazoku(families) of Japan once. Only a few generations past, not even a century ago. Her great grandfather Sozin had been a strong supporter of Imperial Japan, one of the most vocal callers for colonial expansionism. There had been many a celebration inside their house as the Japanese military continued to cut a swath through China and other parts of the Pacific Ocean lands and territories around them.

    He, like other Japanese military officials, had laughed at American proposals for their strained economic relations and further, their demands for lessening military pressure. Frustrated and angered, they all decided on a first strike.

    They awakened a sleeping giant. On December 7th, 1941, when the attack began...there was no bigger celebration than the one Sozin held on that night. A crippled Pacific Fleet was a strong blow. In hindsight it was a mistake. Japan was devoted to war, yes...but they had just galvanized America, a far larger country, into open war. Not to mention their allies. War would stretch on for three, almost four years after that. But it was never really a winnable scenario.

    Years on, her great grandfather was on vacation, enjoying it to his fullest. On August 6, 1945. In the coastal city of Hiroshima. Hours after the chaos had settled and they knew what happened, her grandfather for who she was named after made a wise decision. He and his wife, they had to leave. They feared the American offensive to come if that was their first blow. Fleeing the nation was a must. 2 days before Nagasaki suffered a similar fate, they were gone. They emigrated to the most unlikely place for Japanese loyalists.

    America. No matter what else, they would not bomb themselves as they had Hiroshima. After a long trip, they eventually hit the eastern coast and were free to make new lives. They eventually settled in Massachusetts. Soon enough her grandfather and her grandmother had children of their own, both boys. The man who would eventually become her chubby but loving uncle and her more...strict father. Both her grandparents worked menial jobs, neither a really high earning occupation.

    It was ironic. Most Americans dreamt of the American Dream, of rags to riches. They had gotten the opposite, from riches to rags. They still had some of their fortune of course, but when they had renounced their formerly loyalty stance and fled, the loyalists had cut them off from most of their currency.

    Just enough left, coupled with their saved earnings, that when they reached retirement age and their firstborn Iroh came of age, they were able to fund, construct and furnish his simple dream: a coffee and tea shop. He lived for such simple passions.

    Her father Ozai on the other hand...he never could accept the fortune they had lost and the simple lives they led. He was more in temperament like her great grandfather, Sozin. But even he realized that was a time long past. He instead turned to drink. As the years passed, he was able to drag himself out of the bottle and father not one, but two children. Her older brother Zuko and not two years later, herself. Azula.

    She really couldn't remember her mother though. After one of her dad's alcoholic drunk rampages, she had fled, never to return. He had followed eventually, abandoning her. Anon her uncle Iroh took her and Zuko as his own, alongside his own son and her cousin Lu Ten. It was peaceful enough and she loved it. Eventually, when she was of the right age, she began working for the business alongside her brother and cousin. It made a lot more money than her grandparents' had, the tea and coffee shop becoming one of the cornerstones of both native Parrel denizens and tourists, in part due to excellent service but due far more to her uncle's helpful advice and his absolutely wicked recipes.

    She and Zuko both went to Nereci Academy when not working, passing with almost flying colors all around. She did a little better than him in most subjects but the difference was nearly negligible. Her cousin worked full time alongside her uncle, trying to save enough for not only himself to go to Vincent University but also for Azula and Zuko.

    It was quaint.

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  4. Character Sheet

    Name: Lucifer Anghelscu Tepes

    Age: 28

    Canon: Homebrew Urban Fantasy Setting.


    Canon background: A member of the Burial Agency of the Vatican special forces divisions, dealing primarily with monsters. Of the rank "Executioner", his primary responsibility is the neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen and surrounding neighborhoods, alongside his fellow Executioners. They are sanctioned to act as diplomats and agents of the Churchs Will, as well as assassins if the need arises.

    Lucifer is a special case, tolerated among their number for what he brings to the table, backed by members of the Tribunal who have decided to allow him life and purpose. He received his training in early years by a consultant huntress who is also a Damphir and in later years, among the Swiss Guard and Section XIII training camp. He is well trained in the use of the Burial Agency's signature weapons, but in the end crafted one all of his own. In normal form, it looks merely like a sword handle without a blade which he keeps in his sleeve.

    When he focus his will, like the Black Keys it was designed after, a black blade in the form of a katana-style weapon appears, which he uses in battle when the need arises.

    Abilities: Vatican Swiss Guard training which includes among others, training in the sword and halberd as well as more modern fare such as the Glock 19 and the Heckler & Koch MP5. Earlier formative years include personal discipline and anti-monster techniques and recognition, with an emphasis on vampires at the Stoker Ranch in Texas, at the hands of Rayne.

    Final formative training before taking on the garb of the Executioners include a three year training program under Vatican section Iscariot XIII.

    Personal abilities extend to hypnosis, regeneration, enhanced strength and speed, senses on par with an animals and shapeshifting according to the amount of blood consumed. In exchange, sunlight weakens him without the Shroud of Saint Job and blessed weapons do more damage to him proportionate to how much of his gifts he uses.

    Sanctioned Exorcist and fluent in Latin, Spanish and Italian.

    Equipment: Saint Guillotine: Lucifers personal weapon. A katana molded after the design of the Burial Agency's Black Keys for use as his primary weapon in combat.

    The Shroud of Saint Job: A purple scarf to the uninitiated eye, in reality part of the robe of Saint Job: Patron Saint of long-sufferers. Worn, it protects him from the sunlight.

    Black Keys: Black Keys are a sacrament of the Church, one of their many charms used against demons and vampires. As Keys of Providence, they are able to call forth the original laws of nature vampires were subject to as humans, thus preventing them from healing the wounds made with this weapon. Emphasized on the ability to intervene spiritually against "evil", they focus less on physical attack power, even affecting powerful spirits like Servants to some degree should they be struck. It is not enough to inflict any sort of fatal injury to them no matter how much energy is put into them, but the can be used to distract or pin them for a brief moment under the right circumstances.

    Revolver: A holdover from his days on the Ranch, loaded with blessed silver. More of an emergency weapon or a tool to give to anyone who might need it in a situation.

    Scriptures: No real use beyond reading or for blessing.

    Crucifix: Used for certain situations as well as a source of comfort.

    Flipside Background: Born out of wedlock and a situation he might never know, Lucifer got his name out of spite from the mother that bore him and was subsequently dumped on the steps of an orphanage. Run by a priest, Lucifer grew up learning from his selfless example and religious background, learning what it meant to serve others.

    Deciding he would make this his calling in life, he entered the priesthood and moved to New York City, where he took up a position in Hell's Kitchen. After six months, became deeply disturbed at what he saw and how slow things seemed to be to fix it.

    So he decided to take more drastic steps and enrolled to become an officer of the law.

    Some corruption shenanigans later and he got an assignment as far away as possible, to become part of the PPD.


    ((Will edit this later. Placeholder for now.))
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  5. Name: James Buchanan Barnes

    Age: 98 (biologically 28)

    Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Picture (optional):


    Canon background:

    The childhood best friend of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, and a former member of the Howling Commandos. Sergeant Barnes served faithfully until the he was taken by HYDRA. Despite capture, imprisonment, and experimentation by agents of HYDRA, Sergeant James and other Howling Commandos were rescued by the intrepid Captain America. He once more joined the Allies in the war against Nazi Germany and HYDRA, led by Steve Rogers.

    An operation embarked by the Howling Commandos led to disaster; Bucky Barnes was thought lost. Fortunate that his enhancements at Arnim Zola's hands ensured his survival, despite the loss of his left arm. He was found by HYDRA's proponents and was repurposed as their elite assassin in covert operations. Through the decades that followed, the unwilling, subservient Barnes was christened as the Winter Soldier. His was a name whispered as rumor, a figment, a legend within clandestine circles.

    Fate would have it that Winter Soldier and Captain America crossed paths, this time on opposing sides. The worst had come to pass: SHIELD had been infiltrated by HYDRA throughout the decades and slowly subsumed into the fold. Another conflict had risen and the brave, but few, defenders of humanity shouldered the burden in averting the crisis.

    Despite the Winter Soldier and the compromisation of SHIELD, Captain America and his allies were successful in defeating the forces of HYDRA and Project Insight. Better yet, old friends long since apart were reunited, albeit on shaky terms. Bucky rescued Rogers from the watery depths, though he disappeared without a trace.

    His memories returned upon his encounter with the righteous soldier, in spades, furthered by a visit to a museum exhibit dedicated to the Howling Commandos. Everything he knew, thought he knew, had been a lie. Memories of another life long since gone flooded back, repleting implanted HYDRA memories. It would not be long, relatively, before they would cross one another's paths once more.

    • Enhanced Strength: The Winter Soldier has strength that is equal to that of Captain America. Bucky's strength was greatly boosted by a serum given to him by HYDRA scientists. The Winter Soldier's physical strength is enhanced to superhuman levels. He has used his legs and flesh arm to kick and punch others with a display of strength that far surpasses normal humans and closely resembles Captain America's own abilities.

      • Bionic Arm: HYDRA also removed the remnants of his severed left arm and replaced the missing limb with a cybernetic one. The bionic arm gives him enhanced strength superior to that of Captain America. The Winter Soldier was able to rip open a S.H.I.E.L.D. armor SUV, rip apart Falcon's EXO-7 suit, and smash concrete by punching it.

    • Enhanced Speed: The Winter Soldier's speed is comparable to Captain America's. It should be noted that Captain America can run at 26 miles per hour with relative ease, and still had trouble keeping up with the Winter Soldier in a chase sequence.

    • Enhanced Durability: The Winter Soldier's bones and muscles are denser and harder than normal, to the highest human potential, which makes him very durable compared to a normal human. Zola's experiments fortified his form to the extent that he survived a high fall in the Eastern Alps that would have been fatal to an ordinary man. Also he was able to leap from the bridge to the top of a car and land without any apparent injury. The roof of the car was not as lucky, being cracked by his landing.

    • Enhanced Stamina: The Winter Soldier's musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human.

    • Enhanced Agility: The Winter Soldier's agility is superior of a ordinary human. He is able to perform multiple complicated acrobatics with much better dexterity than normal humans.

    • Regenerative Healing Factor: The Winter Soldier possesses regenerative abilities and an enhanced immune system which are similar to Captain America's own regenerative abilities and immune system. His healing factor is also quickly regenerating his slow-decaying cells, thereby making him semi-immortal in a way. He even survived falling off the Eastern Alps without dying although at the cost of his left arm.
    • Master Martial Artist: The Winter Soldier is a highly trained martial artist and excels at improvisation and weapons handling. Receiving vast training from HYDRA, Barnes became a master assassin that can slaughter dozens of enemies alone, take on highly skilled combatants such as Falcon and Black Widow with relative ease, and go toe to toe with Captain America. The two engaged in a brutal one-on-one fight, both rivaling each other with every move. The Winter Soldier also single-handedly killed up to a dozen well-armed Quinjet pilots in a single encounter and escaped uninjured.

    • Master Marksman: Barnes was a remarkably precise shot, even prior to being turned into the Winter Soldier. During World War II, he shot a HYDRA operative that Captain America did not see until he was down. As the Winter Soldier, he became an even deadlier marksman. He fired a single round through Black Widow's stomach and into a nuclear scientist that she was protecting, killing him. The Winter Soldier is also capable of making long range shots without the use of a rifle, for example, shooting Nick Fury multiple times through the wall of Steve's apartment and from the top of another building.

    • Weapons Master: Barnes has access to high level weaponry and is skilled in the use of knives and specialty weapons. as the Winter Soldier, Barnes has caught and handled Captain America's Shield on two occasions and showed impressive ability in doing so.

    • Expert Pilot: The Winter Soldier was able to hijack a Quinjet after killing the pilot.

    • Multilingual: Barnes speaks both English and Russian fluently.
    • Uniform: HYDRA designed a lightweight tactical suit for Bucky, complete with half-face mask attempting to conceal his true identity from the world. The uniform is constructed from nomex thread and kevlar fiber. The lightweight suit provides resistance to small arms fire, and has advanced flexibility for close quarters combat.

    • Gerber Mark II Combat Knife

    • SIG-Sauer P220: The Winter Soldier's weapon of choice, a semi-automatic pistol heavily used by armed forces and police of many countries.

    • Vz.61 Skorpion: A submachine gun carried on the back of his vest

    • Intratec TEC-38 and COP .357 Derringer: Two small guns carried in the right thigh custom holster.

    • Colt M4A1 with a M203 Grenade Launcher: A fully automatic carbine intended for special operations use, attached with a grenade launcher.
    Flipside Background:

    Barnable James Buchanan comes from a family that greatly expounds pride upon its extensive military service, Barnes being the latest in the Buchanan line to serve. Like his father and grandfather before him, Barnes too was a Sergeant in the armed forces, serving abroad in Syria. He was not alone; his best friend Steve Rogers enlisted alongside him at precisely the same time. The difference had been that Steve was the definition of a poster boy in the military and advanced through the ranks faster than Barnes, earning the rank of Captain. Rogers never heard the end of it from Barnes in regard to his good nature as a righteous boy scout. Nevertheless, Captain Rogers wasn't one to go places and forget his friends; he remained inBarnable's unit, albeit in command.

    Barnes wouldn't have had it any other way. They had a good, long run of ten years since they'd joined the Army.

    Then a single fateful op changed all of that, changed Barnable's life. A covert operation: an incursion into the heart of ISIS terrority, Raqqah. Meticulously planned and executed, everything that could go wrong went wrong; superiors withheld vital intelligence, misplacement of critical combat assets, and erroneous positioning left the commandos in dire straits. Despite their grave situation, their casualties were greatly limited thanks to the daring command of Captain Rogers.

    The casualties included Sergeant Barnable James Buchanan, labeled missing in action. Rogers was stricken with grief but duty overrode the personal needs of the few, in this case the one.

    Barnes was lost in the din of chaos, muzzle flashes screeching and projectiles screaming overhead as he struggled to survive the oncoming ISIS forces. Unfortunately, with his tactical awareness hampered by night's dark and the enemy attempting murder on him every second, he was too deep in enemy territory. The sergeant was captured by ISIS and taken to the city of Idlib in northern Syria.

    Months passed as Buchanan was passed around ISIS units as a valuable hostage, constantly and consistently tortured in brutal fashion. He was a valuable prize, as he had been a member of a covert special forces operation, and that meant he knew aplenty. Captain Rogers made every attempt to keep tabs of his old friend through connections and his authority in the army every time Barnes made an appearance.

    Unbeknownst to the Captain, the higher ups in the corresponding upper echelons deemed Barnes a traitor, a turncoat for the ISIS cause. Their reasoning was he was still alive and well-- this, despite crude images of Barnes's cruel treatment-- and that he provided intel to ISIS forces.

    Investigation showed that there was no evidence, as per subsequent operations, that corroborated the suspicion. Nonetheless, the sergeant's days in the armed forces were marked.

    His release would be at hand-- inadvertently-- when Captain Steve Rogers embarked upon a sortie to take back the Al Qaim outpost at the Iraq-Syria border. Latest intel had nothing on Barnes's whereabouts, his prior location had noted to be the city of Palmyra. The result of the ensuing fighting was that, through the efforts of Rogers and his commandos, the ISIS forces were overwhelmed. They fled, their hold upon Al Qaim was no more, and in the midst of chaos, Sergeant Barnes took the opportunity to break free of his bonds, do away with his captors, and escape ISIS transportation.

    This left Buchanan stranded north of the border, a distance from the ISIS city of Al Mayadin. With nothing but bloodied, soiled rags and inferior firearms from slain ISIS soldiers, Barnes was on his lonesome. He made his way north through sand, greenery, and rivers. Weeks passed, with constant evasion of ISIS forces, on oft an empty stomach no less, before Barnes finally reached safe territory.

    The Kurdish city of Ras al-Ain. Proper authorities immediately seized the haggard soldier and signaled the American authorities, turning the once lost soldier over to the Army.

    Captain Steve Rogers personally collected the sergeant. He was elated upon hearing the news of his old friend's survival but it was with a heavy heart he retrieved him. As the news had spread through the grapevine, from bottom to top, the higher ups immediately ordered the retrieval of the sergeant for due debriefing and processing... and potentially a court martial.

    The Captain informed Barnes that the authorities had already decided he was a traitor despite everything Barnes had said and gone through. It was a heavy, treasonous burden upon his shoulders now, lightened only by the warm promises of Captain Rogers and the commandos' testimonies in his name.

    Legal action was brought against the sergeant, and while it failed, the damage was irrevocable despite the efforts of his compatriots. He was dishonorably discharged from the military. Left with naught but the clothes on his back and his bag of meager possessions, he returned home in shame.

    Home to Parrel. It had been over ten years; both parents were gone and there were no siblings to put him up. Despite Steve's kindhearted gesture in lending him his apartment, the complex's landlord threw him out once he'd realized the soldier's blackened name. Relatives, in way of uncles, aunts, and cousins turned him away much to his chagrin; something about maintaining the family name and honor. The reality of it was the majority were still serving and they could not risk their livelihood. Barnes was now a leper to his own family, to the Buchanan name.

    Now homeless, the former soldier makes his way through Fieldspans, taking whatever menial job he can. On the occasion, Barnes found temporary housing, though he was almost always turned out or left with swift haste in anticipation. Through the few he connected with, he managed a passable, if meager, livelihood within Fieldspans. A shelter for the homeless, sleeping under a bridge or within a lean to against the side, collecting cans and catching whatever critters for food amounted to his new life. He was a nomad, ever on the move to avoid the slander and contempt of fielders in the know. A miserable situation he founded himself in, Barnes decided it was better than the hell he'd gone through with ISIS for months, let alone slogging through Syrian territory for weeks.

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  6. Name: Chell

    Age: Unknown (Looks to be in her mid 20's)

    Canon: Portal Series

    Picture (optional):

    Canon background: (Full details found here)
    Chell was the daughter of one of the Aperture Scientists, present during the events of 200- when the antagonistic AI GLaDOS had been activated, resulting in a lock down of the facility and her storage in cyo-stasis along with many other humans... GLaDOS pitted many "suitable" candidates against various (lethal) testing chambers, in accordance to the Perpetual Testing Initiative, though, she suffered from relatively extreme homicidal tendencies due to an still unresolved error with her uploaded "personality". Chell wasn't initially on the "test subject" roster until an individual known as The Ratman managed to alter the testing order in order for Chell to become a text subject... It soon became obvious that his guess about Chell's extreme tenacity she had displayed prior to GLaDOS's activation became the key to defeating GLaDOS.

    However, despite GLaDOS's inevitable defeat when Chell escaped the testing grounds and engaged GLaDOS herself in a combat scenario, Chell was dragged right back into cryo-stasis by a Party Escort Bot, this resulted in another while in cryo-stasis. Until her eventual re-awakening by Wheatley, an botched escape plan involving GLaDOS getting stuck in a potato-battery, Wheatley going mad with power, and Chell eventually teaming up with GLaDOS to regain GLaDOS's control over the facility. This eventually results in a final "showdown" of sorts which ends with Wheatley floating around in the depths of space and GLaDOS finally ledding Chell run free up on the surface.

    Note: Chell is so far, either willingly, or just born all-together, mute, she has yet to speak as far as anyone knows (canonically)


    - Tenacity; as mentioned before... Chell is extremely tenacious in her work, often refusing to give up despite the odds in most if not any situation she is exposed to. In other words "she never gives up, ever."

    - Athleticism; despite being "heavy" as GLaDOS seems to imply, Chell is quite the athletic person, or at least athletic enough to run the test courses shge had been put through.

    - High IQ; Chell's IQ is well above average, making her highly resourcefull, able to think quickly, very intelligent, and possessing a strong will as well as being able to stay calm in most situations... She is also exceptionally skilled at creative problem solving in general

    - Portal manipulation; through some experimental genetic splicing, Chell is able to generate blue and yellow portals, much like the portal gun, with the same limitations, except that she is able to create such portals by "shooting" then from her hands.

    - Modified skeletal frame; her skeletal frame had been modified at some point to make her resilient to falls from virtually any height... Incase her long fall boots were to ever be misplaced.


    - Portal Gun; a unique device that creatures a yellow and blue "portal" which automatically link together allowing for travel to otherwise unreachable areas... However, such portals can be de-activated through emancipation grills, and can only have one instance of each colored portal active at the same time.

    - Long Fall Boots; equipment that essentially negates the danger of fall damage, allowing the user to survive falls from incredible heights and ensuring that they always land feet-first.

    Flipside Background:

    Chell is a born mute, but, a highly skilled caucasian parkour master that duals this dangerous career with a part-time job as a sort of "test subject" for various obstacle courses throughout the city of London. She has a habbit of performing stunts as a hobby, usually when she has alot of free time, this is thanks to her father's enthusiasm for such things, being a stuntman himself. Her mother in the meantime worked in the department of science, to be precise, she was an astro-physicist studying the behaviors and hypothetical usages of Worm-holes in "new age" technology. All in all, Chell lives a chaotic, but, somehow happy life... That was, until her parents were both captured by a deranged business owner under the name of "Caroline" with a great obsession for forcing her captives to run various obstacle courses that require incredible amounts of thought and creative puzzle solving, otherwise, such courses result in death. During the time she was held captive there, her mothers "wormhole technology" research had paved way to Caroline's newest scheme of sorts; portal manipulation.

    It was like a game to her, and, Chell was Caroline's newest "subject", though, this time around, Chell managed to escape the untimely execution Caroline had set up for each subject that had completed her course and even managed to defeat Caroline herself. However, she was quickly found guilty of various counts of first degree murder as, being a mute, Chell was unable to explain the vast network of deranged criminal activity she had discovered, but, her name was soon cleared when the "Aperture Science" corporation was raided not too long after this incident. Ever since then, Chell had settled down in a small apartment in London, making sure to get a good distance between what remains of the Aperture Science corporation. To this day, Chell has been a freerunner these days, and, despite taking a few odd jobs from some science organizations, she had never gone near many obstacle courses ever since that incident...
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  7. “Blow it out your ass, bitch! It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than you to stop me!”


    Ryūko Matoi


    Kill la Kill

    Canon background:ūko_Matoi


    + Remarkable strength - Ryuko is able to take on multiple One-Star students or tough, regular jocks by herself, without the need to wear Senketsu.

    + Life Fibers Infusion - She also has incredible potential in the natural ability to synchronize with Life Fibers, demonstrating resilience and superhuman healing. This is due to the infusion of Life Fibers with her body as an infant.
    + Scissor Blade - This one half of a giant pair of scissors was what Ryuko used before obtaining Senketsu, wielding it as a one-handed, single-edged longsword. It is capable of cutting Life Fibers; however, it could also be used as a regular sword. The Scissor Blade can also mechanically extend while using Life Fiber Synchronize in which the blade's length is doubled as well as its strength increases exponentially. This process is called "Decapitation Mode."

    + Kamui Senketsu - A talking navy blue sailor uniform that eventually replaces Ryuko's clothing provides the ability for her to "synchronize" with him in order to destroy the Star student's uniforms, absorbing the Life Fibers that they contain. As he absorbs the Life Fibers, this gives both Ryuko and him greater strength.

    + Seki Tekko - In order for the synchronization to be activated, a Seki Tekko, or a "red gauntlet," was needed. This red gauntlet is a red, finger-less, left-handed glove with a built-in syringe designed for Ryuko to conveniently draw blood and feed it to Senketsu.

    Flipside Background:

    Ryuko Matoi as an orphan was raised within a local Catholic church as she was taught to be more lady like and respect her elders. She became so influenced with her religion that Ryuko swore to be modest no matter what situation she was in. One day, many of the nuns in the church agreed to allow Ryuko to go to a public school in order to expose her to more people of her age. They knew that she would continue her pledge within the school, trusting her to act decent. As Ryuko was in school, she met many people including an older male named Sen in which she began to hang out with him and others; however, Sen is part of the gang that runs Downtown Parrel.

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  8. Name: Train Heartnet

    Age: 22

    Canon: Black Cat


    "I've come to deliver some bad luck."

    Canon Background: Train Heartnet's parents were murdered in front of him when he was a small child by a mysterious and skilled gunner. After killing his parents, this man took Train in and raised him, forcing him to learn everything he knew about being a gunner and killer. Train hated this mentor, vowing to one day kill him when he was skilled enough. Before he could accomplish his goal, however, he one day found his mentor bleeding and dying in an alley way. After his mentor died, Train was recruited by an assassin organization known as Chronos.

    Within Chronos, Train was so skilled that he was promoted to be one of the Chronos Numbers, an elite team of 13 assassins who were required to murder any targets they were given. Train was tattooed with the number XIII on his chest and given a special gun made of orichalcum. As a heartless, cold killing machine Train, nicknamed Black Cat, flawlessly carried out every execution he was required to handle until he one day met a carefree sweeper (bounty hunter) named Saya.

    Saya taught Train that he didn't have to use his gun to kill if he didn't want to, the importance of being free, and showed him that Chronos was controlling his life. Feeling a change of heart after meeting her, Train left Chronos and became a sweeper himself, deciding that he didn't want to kill bad people, but instead collect a bounty for capturing them alive.


    Train has shown remarkable speed and agility when running, as well as being able to run through an entire crowd to get to his target without their notice. Train has also shown that he can wield his gun like a melee weapon and hitting people to avoid shooting them after becoming a Sweeper.

    + Marksmanship: Train wields Hades, an ornate 6 shot black revolver made out of Orichalcum with an XIII engraved into its side and a lanyard (which could be from Saya's gun). It weighs 2.5 kg. He is an extremely skilled marksman, able to accurately shoot down bullets from other guns, and make a number of bullets hit at exactly the same time as well as ricochet bullets off of multiple surfaces and effictivley hit a target. He is also ambidextrous.

    + Black Claw: A physical attack where Train slashes with his gun in three different spots at his target in one shot.

    + Black Cross: An evolved/alternate version of Black Claw, where Train instead slashes twice in the same spot for critical damage. The style in that he slashes resembles a cross in the form of an X.

    + Railgun: When his body became infected with nanomachines he manages to manipulate them to create static electricity. The orichalcum in his gun Hades can act as a catalyst for the nanomachines.This allows him to focus the electricity into the barrel of Hades, turning it into a railgun. He is able to fire three of these daily, due to the energy consumption it takes to create the electricity. Train loses this ability after using it against Creed in their final battle.

    + Burst Railgun: This is Train's strongest attack. Train is also able to use Sven's specially made bullets with the Railgun, as shown when he uses the Railgun to fire a Burst Bullet. He uses this to defeat Creed. However, the combination of the cells in Train's body as well as the raw strength of the bullet is able to destroy the orichalcum barrel of Hades. Due to Train's condition at the time of finishing Creed off with this technique, the energy put into the attack also deprives him of his nanomachines, thus, he loses the usage of his Railgun ability at the end of the manga series.



    Hades is an ornate handgun issued to Train Heartnet as the 13th member of the Chronos Numbers. It is entirely made of Orichalcum, the strongest metal on earth. It weighs 2.5g

    Flipside Background: Train comes from the Fieldspans area of Parrel where he was raised by a poor family. Train's father was a drunkard and his mother was often abused by him. Uncomfortable with his family life, he spend most of his time outside of home going to school and playing with other kids in the neighborhood. He was often bullied in school, however, because of his ragged clothes and low class status. With this rough childhood dragging him down, Train became a trouble maker who often got into fights in school, started hanging out with a rough crowd, and eventually skipping school.

    Eventually, Train found himself talked into joining a gang in town. He quit school and began closely living and working with the gang, learning a thing or two about street fighting, shooting, thievery, drug dealing, and how to be an all around decent common criminal. Fairly skilled in what he does, he was nicknamed Black Cat because of the bad luck those who crossed paths with him faced. Presently, Train is still living on the streets working with this gang all throughout Downtown Parrel.​
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. [​IMG]

    If you fall down seven times, stand up eight. That's the cry of the undead.

    "The Chosen Undead" /// Torin


    Dark Souls Trilogy


    ~Canon Background~
    Long ago, four Lords rose against the dragons that ruled a world of nothingness with the embers of the First Flame. Yet when the time came, only three fought the dragons onto the fields, eradicating them once and for all. One of them was Lord Gwyn, God of Fire, and thus he began his Age of Fire. Yet, unexpectedly, the fourth Lord revealed his presence through the countering of fire with darkness. From the darkness, humanity emerged, beings of the dark that craved the light. As with all flames, the fires are fading, and Gwyn's Age of Fire is dying. Soon, the Abyss will rise, gods will abandon their shrines, and humanity will be left to squabble underneath the very dark they were born in only to be ravaged by it.

    The Age of Fire is dying.

    The world is on the brink of literal and metaphorical darkness. Gods that once destroyed the dragons now flee from the impending abyss, unable to contain the flow of the darkness that corrupts the lands. In the midst of it all, humanity has been plagued underneath this curse of the undead., the first sign of the Age of Dark. Once branded, an undead must seek humanity and venture at all cost, lest their mind and bodies grow hollow and sanity lives them once more. This is the price of immortality, and humanity, as such, was not ready for said price. Countless adventurers have flocked to Lordran, the once lush capital of the Lord Gwyn''s empire of fire and cinder, a beacon of hope for all.

    Once branded, there is no turning back. Titles, lands, family, love, power; it matters naught. There is only one chance left, to be corralled north and cling to whatever humanity remains.

    Now, it is hollowed and destroyed. Now, hundreds upon hundreds of undeads seek their glory inside the ruins of Lordran, to fulfill a prophecy. Many have fallen, all but one...the Chosen Undead. He carries no name, no banner, and is it hard to say he is even a he from the beginning. What is known is this, the Chosen undead has one purpose, and one purpose alone.

    To find answers, to fulfill the enigma's destiny.

    Curse of the Undead
    All undead are branded with the Darksign, a ritualistic circle etched onto their backs. Once branded, an undead will have a twisted sense of immortality, able to die over and over only to be ressurected. However, with each death, an undead hollows with each incarnation, their sanity and well-being of their physical flesh rotting away. Eventually, if an undead does not seek fragments of humanity, they will eventually turn Hollow. Once Hollow, an undead will suffer a fate worse than death, trapped inside a prison of insanity and eternal existence, not life, forever.

    The Souls of the Fallen
    All undead have access to gather souls that further their combat expertise and efficiency. In short, with enough souls and enough time, an undead can be proficient with nearly any weapon, even those not designed for humans to begin with. This aspect also applies to physical traits, as undead have been reported to exhibit almost superhuman feats of endurance and willpower. However, do not be mistaken, they are still human physically speaking, and the human form is still fragile.

    The Fading Embers.
    Every undead is different, and this Chosen Undead is no exception. Whilst the knight seems to prefer standard sword and shield, the soldier has access to a variety of basic pryomancy spells. Most of these include simple, small fireballs or the snapping of fingers to create a flame. One of the Chosen Undead's strongest spells, however, is "Warmth", which creates a hovering ball of light that ushers into restoration properties to those within it's aura.

    Elite Knight Armor
    -See Picture-

    Standard Broadsword
    -See Picture-

    Dragon-Crest Shield
    -See Picture-

    Estus Flask
    A special flask containing an orange glow that only appeals to the taste of the Undead. This precious drink restores an Undead's health drastically and is vital for venturing into dangerous territories.

    x5 Humanity Sprites
    -Tiny black sprites that almost look like rifts, these are fragments of actual humanity. Strange are there properties, but to an Undead, they are vital for existence outside of unorthodox methods of avoiding hollowing.

    ~Flipside Background~

    Torin, from the very moments of the individual''s birth, was masked in mystery and confusion. Raised as a girl, despite rumors afloat she is not exactly of her gender, Torin was born to an unsteady family within the slums of Parrel. Living in a miasma of crimes and drugs, the ambiguous "girl" eventually overcame her situation through years of devote education through sacrificing her social life and other passions. Able to help afford her small apartment complex, her father a drunkard and her mother working overtime, Torin attends Vincent University as a professor's aid, having graduated from the University with a degree of Creative Writing three years ago.

    Still, little is known about Torin as a whole, as if the connection to the Chosen Undead stretches even beyond worlds.

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  11. [BCOLOR=transparent][​IMG][/BCOLOR]

    Julius Kresnik

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Canon [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tales of Xillia 2[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Canon background[/BCOLOR]

    Julius was born as the son of Bisley Bakur and Cornelia Kresnik. As Bisley's son, Julius was encouraged at a young age to awaken his chromatus transformation and was tasked with the job of destroying fractured dimensions as a Spirius agent. His mother was eventually targeted and killed by the Great Spirit Chronos, leaving Julius distraught. He left his family for a long period of time, losing contact with his father. A year later, Bisley slept with Cornelia's sister, Claudia, who eventually gave birth to Julius' half-brother, Ludger. Bisley then eventually became the president of Spirius, hoping to create a world where spirits were nothing but obedient tools for humans to use in revenge for the death of his late wife.

    Fearing that Bisley would use Ludger for his own gain as a member of the Kresnik family, Claudia had gone into hiding. When Julius was thirteen, he ran into Claudia, who mistook Julius as Bisley's subordinate and attacked him in an attempt to protect her son, but she was killed instead. Ludger, shocked after witnessing his mother's death, lost this part of his memory. After learning of Bisley's possible intentions to use Ludger, Julius took his brother with him to Marvin Kresnik, Claudia's father, who adopted the two and altered the family registry to hide Ludger's existence from Bisley.

    Out of a desire to put himself in harm's way over Ludger, Julius became an agent for Spirius Corporation at fifteen, and began steadily destroying fractured dimensions. Bisley's plan required the eventual sacrifice of a member of the Kresnik family to build a "soul bridge" to the Land of Canaan, where the Great Spirits resided, and Julius could not afford Ludger to ever be in a position where he would potentially be that sacrifice. To further ensure this, Julius sabotaged Ludger's entry exam into Spirius when he desired to follow his brother in his line of work. Over time, however, Julius's chromatus advanced to the point where he was becoming a divergence catalyst, which caused him pain periodically and forced him to wear a glove on his left arm to cover the discoloration indicative of the process.

    A year later, when Ludger managed to get a position at the Trigleph Station's cafeteria, Julius discovered that the family registry had been corrected by Vera and attempted to buy her silence by boarding the Stribog Line train she was on. Unfortunately, Exodus attacked the train, and in the confusion, Bisley became aware of Ludger's parentage. Julius then tried to assassinate Bisley but failed. He was then branded a terrorist for the Stribog Line attack by Bisley and forced to go into hiding. In Julius' absence, Ludger was made an agent of Spirius after Bisley and Rideaux forced an exorbitant debt on him.

    Julius was eventually captured and taken back to Spirius, but quickly made his escape once more while stealing one of the Waymarkers, one of the items needed to reach the Land of Caanan. Julius realized early on that Elle, a girl under Ludger's protection, was the Key of Kresnik, and was planning to take her away from Ludger so that he could complete the Trial himself and make sure Ludger stayed out of it. However, he realized that Ludger wanted to protect Elle as much as he wanted to protect him, so he left them alone and decided to become the soul bridge for Ludger. Once Ludger had gathered the remaining waymarkers, Julius met with his brother revealed that, to reach Canaan, they needed to use a soul bridge formed from the life of a Kresnik family member. Julius then offered his own life after one final duel with Ludger.

    During the duel, Julius became a divergence catalyst, forming a fractured dimension of his own. In this dimension, life progressed as normal, with all of Ludger's friends steadily advancing in their respective fields, and the fractured Ludger being a very popular and well-known chef. When the prime Ludger confronted him, Julius knew what came next and handed Ludger his watch. Ludger then was forced to kill Julius, who hummed the Hymn of Proof, the lullaby that the two shared, as he died.



    Dual Blades Fighting Style
    Julius trained in this style of fighting at a very young age, becoming proficient enough to teach others in this style, including his younger brother, Ludger. In this form of fighting, Julius wields twin blades, specializing in quick slashes and counters. Julius, like many others from his world, make use of specific techniques called "artes" when fighting. These range from specialized slashes to energy fueled attacks.


    The Kresnik family was chosen to represent humanity in Origin’s Trial and were granted the power of chromatus by Chronos. While most of the family was fighting amongst each other for the right to make a wish to Origin, Milla Kresnik established Spirius, an organization whose aim was to complete Origin’s trial. Over time, the Kresnik clan split up in to different branches. In the current time, some of the main families are the Kresniks, the Bakurs and the Martas.

    Chromatus is the only known power used to destroy fractured dimensions; however, those who abuse the chromatus and give in to their desires become divergence catalysts, the cores of the fractured dimensions.

    The chromatus encases the Kresnik's body in armor and boosts their capabilities, even granting them access to new artes and abilities. The user of chromatus may even send an enemy to an alternate dimensional space. However, the chromatus is not a power that can be used carelessly, as if one overuses the chromatus, he or she will eventually become a divergence catalyst, thus creating a new fractured dimension. There are ways to avoid this, such as using a medium to suffer the effects instead of the user. Another unique characteristic about the chromatus is that it is possible to increase its power by using multiple pocket watches, as it is the means to access it. A Kresnik can also form a direct pact with the watch, allowing him or her to wield even greater power; however, the risk of this person becoming a divergence catalyst becomes much higher than normal in doing so.

    Chromatus users can access different stages of the power, this being represented by the armor that envelops the user upon activation. The first level covers only the limbs of the user, with the second level enveloping the torso, the third level covering the entire body, save the head, and the fourth level covering the body completely.



    Pocket Watch
    A precious family heirloom that Julius is never without. It is said that every chromatus user is born with this style of watch, as it is the means for them to one day access their power.

    Twin Blades
    The blades Julius uses are known as the "Castor Twins".

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Flipside Background [/BCOLOR]

    Julius is the son of Bisley Bakur, and the Bakurs are at the head of a pharmaceutical company situated in Parrel. While nowhere near as influential or powerful as NESS or RKCD, the company has gained a decent reputation in the medical world. Marvin Kresnik, Julius' eventual grandfather, was a butler employed by the Bakur family. His daughters, Cornelia and Claudia, were employed by the family as well - Cornelia as a private tutor and Claudia as a maid.

    When Bisley was 20, his father died and he succeeded him at the head of the Bakur family and the company. He had come to fall in love with Cornelia and married her a year later. Julius was born soon after under the name Julius Bakur.

    When Julius was still a child, his mother Cornelia fell deathly ill. Despite all of the Bakur's power and wealth, there wasn't anything that could be done for the woman. Her final days were spent in agonizing pain, unable to even speak in coherent sentences with her loved ones. Her death was swift and sudden, despite it being seen as inevitable by her family. Marvin left the family's service soon after, though Claudia still stayed.

    Bisley grew irritable and cruel after his wife's death. As the sole heir of the family, Julius was suddenly pushed harder than ever before in learning the ways of running a company. Still distraught over the passing of his mother, Julius began to reject these teachings, desiring not to follow in his father's footsteps. His rebellious thoughts were mostly kept to himself, however, as Julius did not wish to bring the wrath of his father upon himself.

    At 13 years old, Julius' father remarried, taking Julius' aunt as his second bride. This only saw to increasing Julius' frustration with his father, even if a part of him felt he was being irrational. That feeling only grew when Claudia grew pregnant, and Julius' grandfather contacted him about the details of why he had left the Bakur's service. As it turned out, Bisley had ended his first wife's life to put a stop to her suffering. Marvin had known the truth, and whether or not Bisley had been justified in his actions, the man had felt it wouldn't right for him to continue working for Bisley.

    Following this, Julius left the Bakur family to live with his grandfather. Bisley was understandably angry, but with a second son on the way, he was willing to write Julius off as a lost cause. Even though he was forced to attend a public school from then on, Julius was still able to attend the prestigious Vincent University. Legally changing his name to Julius Kresnik at 18, Julius went on to study for a career in teaching, and has been doing so since he was 23.

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  12. [​IMG]


    Yang Xiao Long




    R W B Y

    Canon Background

    Yang was the firstborn child of Taiyang Xiao Long and Summer Rose, a huntsman and huntress who mutually made a career out of killing evil things in droves; or so she believed. In actuality, her mother was another woman-- Taiyang's first love, who disappeared mysteriously without a trace shortly after her birth. Summer, a fellow huntress, stepped in to console Taiyang following this apparent abandonment, and it wasn't long before comfort flourished into romance between the two. Summer became Yang's surrogate mom, and provided the girl with a happy childhood: she was raised thinking Summer was her mother, unaware of the truth about her parentage.

    Two years later, along came the unquestionable high point of Yang's short life: the day she met her little sister.

    Ruby was tiny and meek where Yang was tall and brash, timid where she was bold, and dorky where she was cool. Yang loved her so much it hurt. She was everything she ever could've asked for and more. The first time she held her baby sister in her arms, and those innocent little silver eyes flickered open to look up at her... Yang knew she was special. Perfect. And she was never, ever gonna let anything happen to her.

    But alas; for as protective and good a big sister as she tried to be, she couldn't stop the train that was life. Ruby was hardly even old enough to count when Summer suddenly died, a casualty of a mission that went horribly south. The two were left motherless, and their father, understandably grief-stricken, fell into a slump. It was from him that Yang learned this was the second, not the first, time she had lost a parent, and for a while that knowledge consumed her with burning curiosity. She couldn't fathom it. If not Summer, who was her mother? And why did she leave her? She had to find out. For a while, it was all she could think of. It took a near-fatal incident for her to rejig her priorities, and after that her outlook changed. Ruby was the most important thing now, not finding answers; and though she was still determined to find out the truth behind her mom's abandonment, she likewise understood that someone was gonna have to tuck Ruby into bed at night. Someone was gonna have to read her bedtime stories, and teach her how to do her hair, and deal with bullies and give her advice and, well... be a mom.

    And in the absence of an actual mom, that someone had to be Yang.

    As it turned out, it was. She managed to strike an impressive balance between fun and responsibility growing up, and while she wasn't always perfect, she tried to be there for Ruby whenever and however she could; as a sister, a friend, a guardian, whatever she needed. She watched her little sis grow up into a rad young lady, knowing someday she was gonna make Yang proud.

    And she did. :')


    Aura - The physical manifestation of one's soul, aura is an ability employed by the majority of Remnant's huntsmen and huntresses. Yang is no exception, possessing a powerful aura of her own; this grants her vast superhuman strength, durability, speed, reflexes, and etcetera, as well as an innate ability to sense danger if it's nearby. Aura affects attributes differently for different people, and where Yang's excels is her strength and durability; this, along with her semblance (see below), makes her an effective tank and a fearsome berserker, with both a high pain threshold and immense direct damage output.

    Semblance - The unique abilities tied to individual auras. Yang's is something of an oddity in that it hinges on her getting hit; the more damage she takes, the more powerful she becomes, with her strength increasing exponentially with every blow she's subjected to. Her upper limits are as yet unknown, but one punch had her shattering an Atlesian Paladin in two hits, so take that how you will. Side effects may include spontaneous, volatile combustion.

    Hand-to-hand skills - As her weapon takes the form of a pair of gauntlets, Yang's fighting style is naturally heavily reliant on hand-to-hand combat. Her technique blends boxing and kickboxing, with a preference towards the latter.


    Ember Celica

    Flipside Background

    As a child, Yang Xiao Long zigged a lot of the ways Ruby zagged. Growing up as the eldest sibling of the household, Yang was considerably more likely than her baby sister to ditch study and homework for the more important things in life, like actually living. Though her confidence, sense of humor and good looks made making friends easy peasy, it didn't take long for her to build up a reputation as someone not to be messed with, either-- and that went double for her little sister. Underneath the stunning blonde hair and vibrant grin there lay a ferocity and anger very nearly unmatched, and once it became clear at a young age that Yang was determined to brawl with just about anyone who ticked her off-- including boys who, come puberty, were inevitably going to start getting bigger and stronger than her-- Taiyang, ever the loving father, took it upon himself to teach her how to handle herself properly, drawing from the wealth of experience he had, both his days at the police academy and time spent running with a gang. It wasn't like he wanted her getting into fights so often, but since his little spitfire seemed dead-set on it he figured he might as well make sure she knew how to win.

    Needless to say, anyone who picked on her or her little sis learned to regret it. Fast. This trend of scrapping pervaded all throughout her youth, from her first week in Kindergarten (when some stupid alpha male in the making named Cardin pulled one of her pigtails) all the way to the final stretch of senior year, when she very nearly found herself expelled before graduation for going the distance with this snobby heiress from the nearby private school, who made the mistake of talking down to her one too many times. She had to hand it to the little drama queen, though; she was way tougher than she looked. The two of them went back and forth for so long people from their respective schools got involved, and they kinda sorta maybe ended up inciting a full scale rumble between the rival academies. It was pretty awesome, but her school and a buncha parents made a huuuuuuuuge deal out of it, and Yang probably would've been expelled had the aforementioned heiress's family and their PR team not kept the whole thing under wraps. She half expected to get slapped with a lawsuit after that, but weirdly enough it seemed like her name never really came up in proceedings; maybe she hit the chick so hard she forgot about her. Or maybe they just shared a mutual respect now after beating the heck out of each other for a solid 20 minutes, but that was ridiculous.

    Given all the fighting and suspensions, Yang's permanent record wasn't exactly the cleanest-- the only reason she made it all the way through high school was that everyone knew she was a good person despite it all, and because she actually was a bright young lady (if not the most studious). Plus one of her teachers totally had the hots for her, and good ole' Mister Port was always quick to put in a good word whenever she got in trouble. He still creeped her out though. Nevertheless, a spotty record and report card full of bee-grades (ehhh?) didn't exactly scream "scholarship", so she wasn't made any offers along those lines once she graduated; her SATs and ACTs were pretty good, though, so she wasn't worried about college.

    In fact, she was so not-worried about college she decided not to go. At least, not right away. She wanted to travel first, get a little mileage and cultural experience under her belt before she tied herself down; which meant only one thing... road trip. Just her, the highway, and her motorcycle. She had her parents' blessing, both Taiyang and Summer assured of her ability to be self-sufficient and sensible, and having friends out of state meant she had places to stay while she got temp jobs and earned a little money. She wasn't gonna be living in luxury or anything, but she could be resourceful. Some might've seen the sudden departure immediately after graduating high school as a little random, but nobody really questioned it. She was a free-spirit, after all.

    That was only part of the reason why she went, though. The other was that the evening following her graduation ceremony, her, Taiyang and Summer had a little talk after Ruby went to bed. Yang wasn't sure what she was expecting when they told her they had to tell her something important, that she was old enough to know the truth now; but it definitely wasn't something as melodramatic as what they ended up saying. As it turned out, Summer wasn't her real mom-- at least, not biologically. Yang was the product of an old flame of Taiyang's, fathered during his days running with those Triad wannabes in New York, before he even met Summer Rose; the woman who birthed her was the one who got him into the thug life in the first place.

    And her disappearance was what prompted him to get out of it.

    Yang was, perhaps understandably, a little taken aback. It had been kept secret from her to avoid complicating things, and now that it was being sprung on her like this it made things exactly that. Complicated. It was then that she resolved to embark on her little road trip-- she didn't feel hurt, or angry, just... curious. Curious who her mother really was, and why she disappeared. She didn't tell anyone this, but she did have a destination in mind when she left; New York. If her mother skipped out on her willingly, she wanted to know why. If her disappearance was about something else, well... she wanted to find who did it. This was way more important than college.

    What it wasn't more important than was Ruby.

    When she got word her baby sister had been accepted into uni at the tender age of 16, Yang was over the moon... but she was also worried. Parrel was a long way from Nantucket, and part of her was afraid something bad might happen, what with Ruby moving out of their parents' house for the first time and all. Sure, uncle Crow lived there, but there was still the chance of Rubbles being in for some serious homesickness. So what did she do?

    She hit pause on her whole search for answers thing, drove to Parrel, and tried to play her being around off as coincidence when she showed up at Ruby's dorm and embarrassed her in front of all the freshmen. Now she could watch out for her little sis personally! She crashed in a cheap motel room using the money she saved up for a couple nights, but after a few days she was lucky enough to put her sparkling charisma to good use and acquire a job working in some quaint little tea shop with a spare room upstairs she could stay in. It just so happened the joint needed a friendly, easy-on-the-eyes waitress to pull in a little more of the male demographic, and she fit the bill to a T. ;D

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  13. Excellent! I think thats all the players except for one or two maybes that may come in just before we start if schedules allow. due to my classes starting this week and a somewhat hectic next week, I probably won't have time to start this game till about Thursday next week, the third of september. Thats not set in stone so if I finish everything on my end quicker than expected and everyone else is set up we can start a bit earlier or if we're still fixing some things we can start a bit later, but thats the day I'm aiming for.

    One last thing I need everyone to do background wise to smooth out the progression of the first chapter: choose at least one other character apart from your own and connect them with your character in the flipside. It can be as intimite as best friends or someone you work with or it can be as distant as 'we take the same bus on occasion enough that I'd know I'd seen you at least once before'. Obviously this'll be easier once everyone solidifies their flipside backgrounds, so if you want to wait for everyone to finish those thats fine I just wanted to post this before I forgot. This is just to help move the plot a little bit faster along.

    One last thing, Parrel's a really big city, so if you want me to add a locale, business, or the like for your background or character don't hesitate to request it and as long as its nothing too ridiculous I'll probably add it!

    oh and here's the link to the doc in case you lost it

    @Atomyk @OrlandoBloomers @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @C.T. @TheSpringwoodSlasher @Doctor Smartass @york @Krieg @CCC Kouhai @El Tigre!
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  14. @Doctor Smartass - I can already see a connection with our characters considering yours is a cop and mine is a criminal. So that could already work as one thing if you want. ^^

    @Anybody else - So my character is in a gang. If anybody here wants to be a friend of his in the gang, that could work out too? If anyone is interested. ^_^
  15. Vash works at a Starbucks so if anyone wants to have their character go their often that'd be cool and could work out something that way. Vash is easily approachable so could make friends!

    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty: I'd love too but Vash isn't about that thug life lol.


  16. Flipside Iroh's Tea/Coffee Shop, the Jasmine Dragon. Heh, would make for a welcome addition locale.
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  17. That's okay, Mark. ^_^

    Anyone else interested in the thug life? >:D

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  18. I'm game. But his attitude is more rehabilitation. So if he did arrest him in the past, depending on the crime it'd be like.

    "Again? Really? You're smart, you can do better then this."

    "Drugs?" Really? There are kids in this neighborhood."


    Also if you're game Evan, the tea shop sounds like a place he'd cruise in.

    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @C.T.
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  19. [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: Luviagelita Edelfelt [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: 17[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Canon: Fate/Stay Night[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Picture: [​IMG][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Canon background[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]: [/BCOLOR]Daughter of a distinguished lineage of magi, the Edelfelt, Luviagelita is their young and talented family head. As a student in the Clock Tower, the Mage's Association academy, she is one of the candidates for the position of student president for the current academic term.

    She became acquainted with Rin Tohsaka after she began to study in the Clock Tower after the Fifth Holy Grail War. She finds in Rin a worthy rival due to their similarities; their encounters always result in fierce clashes. After a year together, a silent agreement was forged within the Department of Mineralogy of Clock Tower that "Tohsaka and Edelfelt must not attend classes together". The facade that she built for herself was withering away after a decade of use and her bad temper was already starting to appear, but after Rin showed up her daily life improved.

    On a certain occasion, Luvia tried to reserve all 28 rooms in the top floor of the Norwich Students Dormitory entirely for herself, but that became impossible when Rin also asked for a room in the same floor. After a series of events that resulted in the recommendation letter that Rin got from a Lord being torn apart, a big fight broke out and a reception desk was destroyed in the process. Afterwards, both were forbidden from ever entering the dormitory again. So because boarding houses are too small, she bought a European-style mansion for herself to live in.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Abilities: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Luvia specializes in [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Jewel Magecraft just like Rin, and is a Finn who is an expert in the use of the Gandr shooting curse. She is also trained in the England-original Lancashire-style of martial combat (which is quite similar to pro-wrestling) and received the nicknames of "Hunting Dog of the Ring" and the "Forklift Lady" for it. Usually wears a blue dress, the sleeves of said dress are optional attachments that can be easily and quickly removed in times of battle. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Equipment: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Jewels to channel her magic.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Flipside Background: Hailing from the stormy thundras of southern Finland. This young lily is the heiress of the well known Edelfelt family, but instead of following in her families footsteps in high society and academics Luviagelita (Luvia to her friends) cast aside her lot in life to travel to the United States to make it big in the pro wrestling circuit. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]While she has been a common sight among the independent circle for a while now the big time jobs have eluded her. Hopefully however her dream of main event at the Madison Square Garden will be a reality.[/BCOLOR]
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  20. Just FYI I am still interested in this. Got about half of my CS done and saved. Might get it finished in a few days.
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