ParaCom: Adversary Uncertain (OOC and Signups)

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Where would you like the main base to be?

  1. North America

    2 vote(s)
  2. South America

    1 vote(s)
  3. Europe

    9 vote(s)
  4. Africa

    2 vote(s)
  5. Asia

    1 vote(s)
  6. Middle East

    3 vote(s)
  7. Oceania

    2 vote(s)
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  1. Backstory:

    December 31st, Year 2020 was the start of the war between the normal and the paranormal. Just as the western world was celebrating the eve of the new year, they attacked. During Times Square's annual ball drop and while shouts of “Happy New Year” echoed the area, the attacks commenced! The civilians of New York City were absolutely in shock and awe, due to the holiday letting the guard down. Unbeknownst to the supernatural forces, humanity would retaliate after a reeling assault. The armed forces across the world defended their nations from the attacks happening across the globe. However, despite dealing some damage to the enemy forces, they kept coming. Not even nuclear weapons stopped the otherworldly enemies in their tracks.

    After grueling defeats in the name of species preservation, the UN realized that alone the nations cannot stop the threat. On August 1st, 2021, humanity formed a new line of defense. The elite, multinational, paramilitary team known as ParaCom (Paranormal Combat) was formed to act as the specialized line of defense against this threat. Thanks to heavy investments from the UN and all monetary sources, ParaCom has access to the top notch technology, science, engineers, and soldiers. The fate of mankind rests in their hands.

    Here will be our OOC posts. Feel free to post up to three characters per player using the sheet as a template. I'm allowing three characters for now because...anyone can die!

    Country of origin:
    Specialty: Assault (Close Quarters Battle), Sniper, Support (Combat Medic), or Heavy (Large Weapons and Explosives) for now.
    Appearance: (Description or picture, though a picture says a thousand words).
    Bio: (At least a paragraph's worth.)
    Personality: (Like bio, at least a paragraph's worth.)


    *Those who sign up before the official RP posts are automatically promoted to Squaddie until further notice. Any questions? Give me a shout.

    *Those who resign during the RP will have their characters at the mercy of the GM and co-GM(s). Consider yourself warned.

    *As an open RP, you'll have to apply with a CS and be reviewed first before going into the action. Jumpers need not apply.
    Before we start, I'll post official rules so we can all enjoy the RP (other than site regulations):

    1.) No power gaming or "god modding" because we want a modicum of logic.
    2.) Game play and story will be integrated, so let's not try to break either one.
    3.) No auto-hitting or called hits so we can be fair. This describes a fighting action whereby a character is attacking another character and ASSUMES to have hit them without the other characters response being considered.
    4.) Have fun during the RP!

    How the combat system shall work:

    Like in XCOM, it is turn based. Game play mechanics will be lifted from XCOM such as cover, damage, etc.

    An example: If you are aiming at a ghoul in low cover, the low cover reduces your chance to hit by fifteen percent. High cover is double that of low cover, and the accuracy depends on range and weapon. I am considering including skills to make game play unique as well as adding from other sources.

    Heavy amounts of mathematics will justify the outcomes.


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  2. The poll has been assembled. Choose where you want the main base to be. Each location has their perks.
  3. Full list of base perks:

    North America----soldiers do 50% more damage. Name: "Peace through superior firepower"
    South America----autopsies and interrogations are instantly done after the mission. Name: "We have ways"
    Africa----More money for better vehicles and easier missions. Name: "All in"
    Europe----Improved engineering meaning more weapon and armor features. Name: "Ingenious engineers"
    Asia----Faster research. Name: "Expert knowledge"
    Middle East----More capacity for operatives, meaning can have four rather than three operatives. Name: "Ferocious fighters"
    Oceania----Less paranormal attacks/invasions. Name: "Land down under"
  4. Though subject to change, it seems that Europe will officially be our main base after some deliberation and unknown consensus.
  5. pretty interesting. will it include magic?
  6. As a psionics analogue, yes. What XCOM has psionics, ParaCom has magic.
  7. can't wait to see.
  8. Don't worry, I'll deliver!

    For everyone else, signups are available and running, so have fun making characters. All you need to do is use the template I provided:

    Country of origin:
    Specialty: Assault (Close Quarters Battle), Sniper, Support (Combat Medic), or Heavy (Large Weapons and Explosives) for now.
    Appearance: (Description or picture, though a picture says a thousand words).
    Bio: (At least a paragraph's worth.)
    Personality: (Like bio, at least a paragraph's worth.)
  9. Name: Zachariah Taylor
    Country of origin: North America
    Specialty: Assault
    Appearance: The guy screams rebel. has black hair with silver high-lights in a spiky mullet. has a rouge-ish face with a scar near his right eye. both are silver. has multiple ear rings and a snake bite. wears a green jacket and white muscle shirt. pretty lean and fit. prefers light but somewhat durable armor for combat so he can hit fast and if his gun and knife have anything to say about it, hard.
    Bio: He grew up in the streets with his sister and did whatever he could to see them through. that includes less than legal professions a favorite being underground fighting. However it caught up to him and got his sister killed in revenge. He grew weary of the world after that until a militar guy picked him up and "dusted him off." (at times very roughly.). as repayment he went military and with exception of some back talk to superior officers was quite good at his job. After quite a few ops he got noticed and brought into the project.
    Personality: He is not your typical military type. Not very fond of authority or bureaucratic types and will frequently back talk to just under the level of him receiving the boot. However he does his best to take care of his fellow comrades and people under him. he is quite the warm type to friends and can be generous. On the battlefield he is very reckless and a risk taker. though he knows when to back off. But when he sees a chance he'll take it.
  10. So far so good! You're in. Also, feel free to add two more characters.
  11. So we're to be part of the ParaCom forces? Are we all cadets straight out of training? And are we supposed to have powers or something making us paranormal?

    Name: Alexi Alkaev

    Gender: Male

    Age: 24

    Country of origin: Russia

    Specialty: Sniper Support




    Alexi was born in Russia but his parents immigrated to Great Britain was he just 10 years of age. From there he learned to speak and write English and German. He briefly attended University and after only a few years of college Alexi dropped out indefinitely to join the British Navy. Alexi demonstrated high enough intelligence and focal endurance to be transferred to a special ops unit for sniper training.


    Upon first meeting Alexi most people could understand his chosen profession; he has a stern but quiet air about him. In that, Alexi doesn't usually have much to say, he prefers action over reaction. The focus is pretty obvious in the way he tends to very rudely stare at people. This staring is him studying character and making which often makes others uneasy if they don't know him very well. Those who do experience less of his gaze and more of his sense of humor, which with him being a stereotypical crazy Russian, is rather dark and frequently morbid. Alexi is surprisingly fairly laid back...until it's time to kill people.
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  12. Also choose South America people! INSTANT INTERROGATIONS!? DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW USEFUL THAT WOULD BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????
  13. @DacksonFlux: We are all ParaCom operatives. Cadets from recalibration, and normal humans for now. It is like XCOM, so the good stuff comes later on.

    Character is accepted but remember to choose between sniper and support unless you mean designated marksman. South America is quite useful, I agree. But majority demands Europe for base.
  14. NAME: Big Sir SA-9
    SPECIALTY: Heavy
    APPEARANCE: An iron humanoid, the Big Sir unit is hairless, wearing an eyepatch and tattered clothing. Thin limbs end in chunky extremities, with a cannon like weapon and a hook in place of hands. The angular chin is intended to invoke heroism.
    BIO: The Big Sir line was an experiment to encase a human brain into a metal shell, in order to combat the paranormal threats. The experiment was deemed a failure, though one unit was missing from the final roll call. Now roaming the halls of the ParaCom base, the SA-9 is the last of its kind.
    PERSONALITY: Years without maintenance have affected the SA-9 in many ways, most of them negative. The SA-9 is presently emulating a Caribbean pirate, due to extreme mental damage, with its motivation being the thrills of combat and possible maintenance.
  15. I know Europe is winning but that can change! O_O
    Anyway when I put down "support" I was thinking I would combative sniping. Where I'll hide and watch the backs of the guys doing the footwork. Supportive, but not in a medical way...
    I don't know if that's what you mean by designated marksman.

    P.S. I have no idea what XCOM is.
  16. My review after a hefty dinner: Though we will have robots later on, I will recommend to you to make a human character. Humans are investments while robots are expendable.

    The robot can be a prototype though. Prototype for paranormal combat that is. Will accept for now though.
  17. Noted, my good man, I'm going to begin work on a human character when I get the chance!
  18. Designated marksman means squad support sniping. XCOM is the main inspiration and a franchise of games. I recommend it for practice or rehearsal as it is strategy fighting aliens.
  19. *Chryssalid attack flashbacks*

    The horror... The HORROR!
  20. {sticks thumb in mouth and curls into mouth}
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