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Paper wings and Leather Dreams (mxm only)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Hyperion, Sep 6, 2016.

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  1. ABOUT ME:
    -19 years old
    -role playing for roughly 7 years
    -decent grammar and spelling
    -MXM ONLY; I am a gay male
    -200-3000+ words, usually at 800-1000
    -thread only; PMs tend to get lost
    -realistic FCs; rarely a drawn one
    -Super Active(posts at least once every other day)
    -likes to talk ooc; friends are nice
    -only limits are bathroom play and incest
    -basic forms; name, age, gender, pic,and other basic need to know stuff
    -Loves smut, angst, fluff, drama, and dark themes
    -doesn't mind doubling up characters

    -active; at least one post a week please
    -tell me your limits so I don't upset you
    -500-1500+ words with decent grammar quality over quantity if you don't mind
    -friendly, willing to communicate, help with plots, add drama, make it fun lol
    -plot twists are fun, you don't always have to tell me about them. Keep me on my toes
    -diversity in characters. Let's not white wash if we have multiple characters
    -do NOT pester me constantly to reply; if I haven't in a few days feel free to pm me but I don't want to have a bump in my inbox every. Five. Minutes...

    Western: 100/10
    -outlaw x sheriff's son (plot)
    -westerner x easterner
    -outlaw x outlaw
    -ranch hand x owner
    -ranch owner x outlaw (plot)
    -bounty hunter x outlaw
    -rebel x cowboy
    -cowboy x Indian
    Assassins: 8/10
    -1600s: Britain
    -1700s: Britain, America
    -1800s: Western America, Britain
    -1900s: Western America
    History based: 100/10
    -1800s: southerner x slave
    -1800s: AWOL southerner x northerner
    -1700s-1800s: Pirate Captain x recruit(plot)
    -1700s-1800s: Pirate x Navy Man(plot)
    -1500s: Colonist x Native American


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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.