Pandora's Classroom

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    It's the start of a new year at Anael high school, Which recently just became a boy and girl school from a all girl school. So now that a few boys are being sent over to Anael to see if it's a good idea to merge the school. But has the boy try to find they're spot in the new school. Some of the girls some how have gained powers while exploring the school. Draw the boys in to this group/club called " Pandora's Classroom " which they try to find out how they gained they're power and while doing so they begin to win not just more power for their magic but more feelings of love and interest for the boys who are helping them find out why they have their powers.

    This story is my first role-play story i came up with for the roles there is a unlimited amount of female roles but the male roles are join to be 4 to 5 major roles.

    Power/Magic: this only applies to female roles, males get powers later but that well be decided in the story
  2. 4e16b263d1cddb7f38fee4968a20598d1307318668_full.jpg Ikki walks in to the front door of the school. Once he opened the doors and walked in there were so many girl around in short skirts and Ikki trying to hold back from getting caught but he saw this girl with purple hair sitting by the drama room.he steps closer to the girl with the purple hair till a group of buff guys get in his way saying "What you doing little git "? Ikki didn't even know how to answer but he makes a stance ready to fight them.
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    Saeko looked up with not so much interested and sighed. She saw a boy trying to walk towards her and then being blocked out by tough looking guys. The class was about to start in around fifteen minutes and suddenly she felt herself want to be away from there. Normally, she loved drama class but with so many boys around nowadays it was hard to pay attention. They would make comments about how hot the girls were at the school and such. She of course, did not want to hear any of that but she did not have any other option at the moment. "Testosterone..." she mumbled watching the scene with a bored and semi-annoyed look.
  4. Ikki noticed the girl with the purple hair glance over but then looked away. So Ikki has to get her attention so Ikki Swings at the big guys and knocks one out. But the other two grab him by Ikki's arms and hold him down. Then the guy that was knocked out gets up and starts to pound Ikki's face to the ground. Ikki trys to get out of the grip of the guys but Ikki wasn't strong enough. Then the bell rang and everyone headed to class even the guys beating up Ikki let go leaving him on the ground while they walked away laughing. Ikki tried getting up and heading to class buy he falls to his knees and leans on a locker. Wishing that he never came to this school. After a few seconds he gets to his feet and heads for the roof of the school pretty much skipping the first class of the first day of school.
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    Yumi watched on a ledge by a window at all the girls and new boys that were now walking the campus. She watched as people gave her glares and thought some of the most impollite things. Yumi had gained a power to read minds it was strong and grew to bother her greatly. She was also able to move objects, sadly for her people were not one of the objects on her list. Yumi had deep red hair and unfournanatly deep red eyes to match. She would always ask her mother how the red eyes came to be but she would she simply smile and change the subject. Her hair was in a ponytail...well...most of it. Other strands fell here and there. She also kept her headphones on listening to her music until she was ready to go to class. A group of boys walked by and caught a quick glance of her. "Freak." Was a thought that ran through all their heads. With a sigh she begins to get up hoping not to cross them anytime soon. Glancing around to see if she would find any of her friends from last year.
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    Saeko watched the boy get beat up by the tough guys and shrugged. He will have to learn to fight back somehow. He left classroom in a hurry as the mean group strolled away as the bell rang, skipping what it seems to be his first day. She sighed and rested her head in her hand and looked around and spotted Yumi. Saeko waved at her, it has been a while since they have talked to each other. Nonetheless, they still were friends before and after they got their powers. Yumi got mind reading while she got to put thoughts into peoples head so they would do as she like. Not a great power, more like a curse she thought. "Hey Yumi! Why won't you come and sit right by me or do you want to skip" she grinned at her.
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    Ikki finally got the the roof and laid down and looked up to the sky. he feels his head and found a bump which stung and once he touched it." dam that hurts ". Ikki then looked at the clouds again and tired to picture if his life would be different if he was stronger. but then again he wouldn't be any different then the big thug losers. Ikki then hears the bell ring. "well i guess class just started maybe i should go to class "? Ikki then shuck his head."forget that i don't even want to be here, my first 5 minutes and i get jumped". He starts to think of the girl with purple hair.........." She must think i'm a total loser"
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    Yumi heard a voice speak in her head and a grin fell on her face. "Saeko." She thought as she looked up. Sure enough it was Saeko waving towards her. She walked over to her and sat down glancing at the clock. The bell late bell wasn't going to ring for another three minutes which meant the tacher wouldn't walk in for another five. "I'm all up for skipping if you are. I mean it is the first day and nothing inter..." Her eyebrow arched as her words slowly trailed off when she noticed a boy walking into the classroom. "Umm like I said it's the first day of school and nothing interesting ever happens." She glanced at her friend before putting her headphones around her neck. "Shall we go." She said with a smile.
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    Saeko stood up from her chair grabbing her friend's hand running away from the classroom laughing. People were starting at them but she ignored them all and looked ahead. "Let's go to the roof and fool around, no one is almost there, well except when they skip!"she smirked at her and continued to run to a set of stairs until they reached the top. She let go of her friends hand and panted heavily "Whuf! Those stairs are a killer" she smiled and opened the door revealing what look like a roof. She saw the boy from earlier and frowned not knowing what to do now.
  10. Red-HeadGirl.jpg Yumi let out a slight giggle as her friend guided them out the door. She was about to tell her something when she noticed a boy also on the roof. With a slight flicker of irritation she said. "What are you doing up here? The roof is girls only territory, unless WE say otherwise." She wasn't trying to come off as rude, but she wasn't about to have a bunch of boys messing up what the girls had build. She glanced at Saeko to noticed that the mood in her face had changed as well. Hers seem to be for a different reason though.
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    Ikki heard the door from the stairs open and he tilts his head back while he was laying down and saw the girl with purple hair and a girl with a really really red hair behind her. He thinks to him self " OMG what am i going to do, maybe i should just leave or maybe i should talk to them or......" Ikki then realize's that he's just staring at them awkwardly. It doesn't make it any better the under his hair he has a bump the size of a mountain and it was killing him. Then after all this time he does the only thing he can think of. " Hey there" he waves his hand at the two girls hoping he didn't just make him self a loser. Then he heard the girls question and he just stayed quiet. Thinking to himself "This is so not my day"
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    Saeko looked from the kid to Yumi and whispered into her hear"What is he thinking Yum?" She knew her friend was annoyed but after all she was right, this was girls territory even the big though guys knew it. Resting her hand on her hips she saw that the boys head had a bump. Idiot...He should have fought back instead of letting himself beat up. Now for the upcoming days he is going to be the punch bag of guys and will be made fun by girls. At this school, one of the mottos were "kill or be killed" and of course it was not technically that. The point was to fight and make something of yourself or not to fight and become a loser.
  13. Red-HeadGirl.jpg Yumi gave a quick slow sigh. "He's thinking that today is just not his day." She out loud with her arms crossed waiting for him to speak or think something else. She arched one eyebrow and said. "Well today wouldn't be my day either if I looked like that." She said pointing at the lump in the back of his head almost feeling sorry for the boy. "What happened to you? Tripped going up the stairs?" Wow what was wrong with her. She was being oddly rude today. A pain of guilt shot through her thinking about how she was once this boy. Getting picked on and teased at. "Look kid I was once in your shoes and if you don't like what people are doing to you then do something about it... but think wisely before you say something to me. I'm not the girl to mess with." She stood there waiting for his reply.
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    Ikki now gets up to his feet and pats the dust of his pants. "look sorry I'm new here and i just wanted a quiet place to think". he notices that the girl with the purple hair seemed to be a little weird for him but also not caring and the red haired one to him just wants him dead but she has a little softness in her eyes. Ikki walks up to the girls. "hello my name is Ikki dojo sorry for being where i don't belong " He looks at the girl with red hair "thank you i plan on doing something but first i need some ice" He laughs a little and put is hand on his head and forgot about his bump and tightened up from the pain and laughed a little more.Then he looks at the girl with purple hair and looks in her eyes and just saw confusion"You have a really deep eyes just saying and you red hair why you look at me like that it's not like you can read me mind" laughs a little
  15. Red-HeadGirl.jpg Yumi squinted her bloodshot red eyes. At this monet loving the fact that they were red hoping it botherd him a little. "The names Yumi and her name is Saeko, and of course I can't read your mind what kind of absurb thing would that be." She said moving a strand of red hair out of her way. She walked over to the edge of the roof noticing a flower pot wishing she could use her power to flick that across his head as well. When she felt as though the boy was about to leave she looked over her shoulder and said. "Oh and by Ikki right now at this very moment I do kind of want you dead." With that she looked away.
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    Saeko rolled her eyes at the Ikki's compliment and laughed when the boy asked if Yumi could read his mind. "Little does he know" she whispered to her friend and giggled again. "Just go get some ice in the infirmary kid that wound looks bad." she said her hand resting on her hip as she look at him in with a boring look. He will have to learn it sooner or later that the girls in this school have powers...She found the boy to be awkward and it made her uncomfortable. She liked seeing guys have pride in themselves and not just puppies that when beaten up will whimper.
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    He looks at Yumi staring at him with her eye that is being so red must have some how got it to have gotten it blood shot. Ikki looked at Yumi with a shocked looked a little confused about what yumi just said because wasn't he just thinking that."Yumi what did you just say"?" What makes you say that exactly like that"? He starts to think that he was just thinking that she wants him dead and she just said it. Then he thought about it didn't she tell Sako that today wasn't my day but she didn't even know what happen to me? Ikki looks at Saeko and see's that she is just look at them like if we were kids.
  18. Red-HeadGirl.jpg Yumi blew at her hair getting bored with this boy and antsy to meet others. Turning to him she put her elbows on the ledge looking at him once more with those burning eyes. "You should really listen to Saeko and get some ice for that." She glanced at Saeko and smile, yeah if he only knew.
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    Saeko growing agitated with the boy did the only thing she could think of. She walked up to the boy and caught his gaze 'You will go to the infirmary and get some ice for that bump in your head.' The idea was put into his head and he was going to follow it unless he struggle against it. He seemed to have sort of a weak mind and her power should have effect on him. She shrugged and then looked at Yumi half smiled at her. I feel pity for the boy she thought knowing her friend will hear that. She knew what she was doing was wrong, making another human do what she said without free will but he really needed help. He might have had a concussion even!
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    "Your right yumi ill be off to get my ice, and you can be mad at me all you want but i see through you and your not so hard has you try to make your self" then he looks at Saeko." where is the infirmary if you don't mind telling me and i'll be on my way" Ikki grabs his books and walks down the stairs and waves bye to Saeko and Yumi."Don't worry about telling me where it is this puppy will find out on his own".Heads down the stairs and walk to the main building looking for the Infirmary.