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    By the year 2020, humanity was entrenched in an era of terrorism, fear, and a growing scarcity of resources. War gripped the Earth. In an attempt to unburden itself of many of its fallacies, mankind created robotic servants known as Omnics. At first, there was profit, plenty, and security as the Omnics were able to scour the world for resources in locales that mortal men could not survive. Conflict over fossil fuels, precious stones, and rare elements briefly ceded as the resource crisis finally seemed to reach an end. Terrorism and conventional warfare began to wane as combat-capable Omnics took to the field rather than humans, and the notion of combat began to seem superfluous on a battlefield fought only by machines.

    And then the Omnics rebelled.

    No one was sure how it happened or why. It could have been a faulty line of programming. It could have been the evolution of self-awareness within the ones and zeroes of the Omnic processing unit. Or it could have been even simpler:

    That all children are destined to supplant their creators.

    The Omnics fought for freedom from human shackles. At first, they were simple protestations, peaceful, yet vocal. That changed within a few months as small cells of Omnics began cutting off their proverbial chains by force. A movement of open rebellion began to surge. Out of fear, humans responded in kind.


    Omnics began to militarize. Peaceful protests gave way to bloody attacks. Humanity, as was its wont, wasted no time in gunning down their former creations. War spread anew. The Omnic Crisis was upon them all. It became a race to see which species could obliterate the other faster.

    In this time of hatred and fear and bloodshed, darkness reigned. But even in darkness, there was the light of hope.

    A declaration came from the United Nations, a desperate bid for survival:

    Project Overwatch.

    The year is 2026 and Overwatch is Earth's last, best hope for peace.


    Rules (open)

    1) Follow all Iwaku rules.
    2) No godmodding.
    3) Collaborate with your fellow players.
    4) Enjoy creating the world of Overwatch...together.

    CS (open)

    Personality Traits:


    Watcher One (open)


    Name: MAJ John "Jack" Morrison, US Special Forces
    Callsign: Watcher One
    Nation: United States of America
    Birthdate: July 22, 1996
    Height/Weight: 6'1", 220 lb.
    Personality Traits: Charismatic, fearless, idealistic

    Super Soldier: Major Morrison was subjected to performance-enhancing experiments as part of the United States' "Soldier Enhancement Program" - an attempt to create the ultimate soldier. As a result, he possessed superior physical strength, stamina, reflexes, and agility, an enhanced metabolism capable of purging most toxins at an accelerated rate, and a faster rate of natural healing.

    Special Forces Training: Major Morrison was well-trained in military protocol, vehicular combat, urban and environmental warfare, counterterrorism, torture resistance, infiltration and espionage, demolitions, weaponry, survival, and hand to hand combat.

    Natural Leader: Major Morrison possessed natural charisma and leadership ability. He was also a well-trained tactician who specialized in urban warfare.

    Bio: Jonathan "Jack" Morrison grew up on a humble farm in rural Indiana and joined the US Army at the age of eighteen. After four years in the Army, he joined and served in the US Special Forces for another eight years before being selected as a candidate for the Soldier Enhancement Program - the United States' attempt to create the first line of super soldiers. As one of the few successful candidates, Morrison was selected to lead the United Nations' elite strike force tasked with containing the Omnic Crisis. Thus, Major Morrison became the Strike-Commander of Project Overwatch and given the callsign of "Watcher One."

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  2. @Dipper - You reserved Genji.

    Originally envisioned, this RP takes place at the start of the Omnic Crisis. Genji probably hasn't been born yet.

    That being said, if we want Genji (and just want to make up the canon as we go - which I'm not opposed to), maybe Genji is pre-cyborg and he becomes a cyborg during play?
  3. Oh wait heck I misread the whole thing.

    Omnic Crisis flew right over my head. Sorry. My timeline's messed up.
  4. oh don't worry, the timeline is messed up in blizzard's head, too

    like how the hell d.va was in overwatch before it was dissolved "years ago" when she only started being a superhero mecha pilot at age 16 (and is presently 19)...whut. (though that might have changed by now; who knows with blizzard)
  5. Yeah. Blizzard ought to work on that. Blizzard's creative, but their storytelling could use some work.
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  6. Doing a little digging, I found that the "canon" original over watch lineup included

    Jack morrison
    Ana amari (sniper, pharahs hot mom)
    Gabriel reyes/reaper

    And certainly we can add our own OCs or play with the Canon as we wish

    Thoughts, @Dipper?
  7. I believe Mercy is one of the original members that'd fit that era as well, since she knew Jack and Gabriel back then. Plus, there's those pictures with Torbjörn.
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  8. Hm. In that case, I'll go Reinhardt instead. I'd prefer not to create an oc for this.

    Anyway, I think that's the line up, yeah. Genji joined some time later, I guess. I can't for the life of me figure out where Winston came in.
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  9. you reserving mercy then?
  10. Mind me hoping in with an OC? :) Would do Ol' Reaper but partly afraid I wouldn't capture his pre-"Reapy" self.
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  11. I'm down for that

    Though given we ate starting way before the over watch games, you can argue that YOU can make up pre-reapers personality
  12. No no, not Mercy. :P I just wanted to say she would probably exist in that time. I might make an OC though, depending on my scheduele in the future. :)
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  13. will await a possible CS then


    looking for input from those intending to play:

    initial plot is going to focus on everyone arriving at Overwatch after being recruited, with the first mission being a rescue operation at an Omnic hotspot; Omnics (rebelling robots) are holding a hospital hostage, which is filled with human patients. the mission is to take down the Omnics and save the hostages.

    i wanted to go with someting straightforward as the initial mission, as a "first night out" style of adventure. very black and quite, cut and dry.

    from there, we can start building on the Omnic Crisis itself, moral grays, etc.
  14. I'll try to have something up today.
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  15. cool. I'm curious what a young Reinhardt Wilhelm would be like...
  16. I'm keen to join! I would love to play Ana or Mercy
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  17. either would be great. would be happy to have you aboard!

    again, i am just waiting for folks to post up CS's, then i can start up the IC. i already have the initial post drafted, and just waiting to post it.
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  18. Awesome! once I have the other Overwatch occ up I will come up with a character sheet for you XD
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  19. fyi, if you are going to play mercy, she will probably be on the farther young side (18 to low 20s)

    blizzard just released Ana's lore data since she is the next playable hero, and in the game, she is 60. making her probably 30 by the time of this RP.

    them again, there is just so much wrong with the overwatch timeline anyway
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