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  1. Welcome to OHS, a school for demons and humans. This is a place for these two species to get along, a place for them to learn together. OHS takes pride in being the best school of its kind, as well as being the only one of its kind in the area. there are seven classes a day, and there are dorms on campus for demon males, demon females, human males, and human females. Please make yourself at home, and take a look around for your first day of school.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]There are two libraries, plenty of classrooms for all subjects, a pool in the back of the gym, and a huge cafeteria.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Anyone can be a student, or teacher, demon or human, but please make sure to keep it more or less balanced. Please visit the OOC/Discussion first, if you’d like to explain a little of your character. It isn’t necessary, but it’ll nonetheless be there for that purpose. Otherwise, please join in if you’re interested.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]If you are caught fighting three times, you are expelled from OHS.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Don’t get caught in opposite species/sex dorms, as that will lead to one warning then expell if you are caught again.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Be in class on time, three warnings as per a regular schools warning, then a ticket to the principal.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]No cutting out of class anytime you feel like, you must raise your hand. We understand that you’re a rebel, but leaving without a word isn’t being nice to your fellow rpers, who are trying to get somewhere with their education here at OHS. one warning, then off to the principal.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]I will take care of the Principal, as well as my own character, so no need to ask.[/BCOLOR]


    At least 2-5 posts a day, to keep things going. Any more than that is fine as well, but leave room for others to get their say-so in.
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  2. Callie Ronova (open)
    Callie lay lazily in her bed, nestled comfortably beneath the fuzzy black sheets of her bed, thick and warm and patterned in red and silver. Her head lay on a black pillow that matched, with red patterning and silver embroidery. Her side of the room was particularly dark and elegant - she had a black floor mat with silver trim covering the light hardwood floor. The plain walls were covered with her stuff - posters of her favourite musicians, photos of herself and her family and friends back home, and a few pictures that she had drawn herself. Everything was dark, with red-eyed demons and dark-haired musicians and eerie drawings. Her dresser was filled with black outfits - black jeans, black tops, black dresses and skirts. At the foot of her bed were a few pairs of black shoes and a single pair of red stilettos. On top of her dresser was a rack of lipsticks, a box of nail polish bottles, a small basket of hair accessories, and a handful of other hair, makeup and accessory pieces.

    Her red eyes fluttered open slowly and she stared up at the ceiling for a moment, blinking her thick black lashes shut over her eyes a few times before slowly pulling herself into a sitting position. She was quiet for a moment, looking bedraggled and exhausted, her black hair a wild mess from laying on the pillow all night. The blanket fell off her upper body, the top of it piling into her lap and revealing her slender torso clad in a black silk tank top with ribbony spaghetti straps and lace around the low neckline. She let out a light sigh, turning her head slowly and letting her red-eyed gaze come to rest on the bright red numbers on her clock.

    "Oh no," Callie breathed, her eyes widening as she realized the time. She would be late for class if she didn't hurry up and get ready. Her roommate's bed across the room was already empty, obviously already off, but Callie hadn't even heard her leave. She all but leapt from the bed, debating whether or not she'd have time to take a shower. She grabbed her soft, dark red robe from its hook, along with a fluffy black towel, and she dashed out of the room, down the hallway to the closest washroom. She stepped into the private enclosure in front of the shower, taking off her pyjamas quickly and hanging up her towel and robe on the hooks before stepping into the shower enclosure itself, turning on the hot water and closing her eyes as it ran down over her pale skin. She didn't bother with extensive scrubbing or anything of the sort, just wetting her hair and running some body wash over her figure before hopping back out.

    She hurried back to her room once she was done drying herself off, wrapped in the soft red robe, and shut the door behind her. She dropped her robe and went quickly to the drawers, tossing out an assortment of clothing before settling herself into a pair of tight-fitting black jeans and a red blouse with short, poufy sleeves, a scoop neckline and a black tie around the waist. She ran a brush quickly through her loose black hair before twisting it up into a simple ponytail. She dabbed some lipstick on her lips, ran the mascara brush over her lashes, and paused for a moment to examine herself. She looked good enough, all things considered. A glance at the clock had her eyes widening and the young demoness cursing under her breath as she snatched up her bag and stepped into a pair of black flats with little bows on them, quickly rushing out of her room and beginning towards her first class of the day, praying to the devil she wouldn't be late.
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  3. "Callie, you, little miss, are," Sirian paused, getting up from her desk, "..on time. Just barely. Please take your seat. Your copy of today's work is on your desk. It's simple, just a little quiz on what you remember from yesterdays test." She said. Her red eyes looked towards Callies' seat, and she motioned for Callie to scurry along to it. Sirian sat back down at her desk, folding her wings back and pushing her bangs back in place where they belong.

    Her pink hair was more annoying than usual today, and she wasn't much in to what she had for wearing today. She much preferred her purple and red dress that the last year students bought her as a present for her birthday. Sirian looked at the students, watching ever so observant.

    "Kiba," She started with a firm tone, "Please come up here." Kiba Terin was a great kid, who was in love with her daughter, Aki Atogata, that usually got in trouble for talking to people, especially Aki, in class. He slowly got up and made his way to the front of the room. "Please, let us all know what you were saying to my lovely daughter. You know it's impolite to not share things with the rest of us." Sirian asked.

    "W-Well... I-I.. I was j-just telling Aki, t-that I love her dearly... A-And I always w-will." He said, embarrassed.

    Sirian patted him on the back, "That's a good boy, cause you know what will happen if you don't. Take your seat," She said, chuckling a little, "Anyone else have something they'd like to get out to the rest of us while we're at it?"
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  4. (4-5 hours before school even started)
    a demon student sat on the roof with his short blood red hair spiked and only wearing black loose fit jeans due to the fact his leathery bat like wings(black were bone structure was and faded to red between the bones of his wings) wouldn't let him wear a shirt or any top comfortable. he also didn't wear shoes because they made his feet itch and get blisters for unknown reasons. skin was bone white and he had a average build 5 ft 10 weighing 150 lbs (200 if include the wings) and his eye color is blood red. he was relaxing on top of the east building against one the vents on the roof facing east watching the slow sunrise. "what a beautiful morning, hopeful the day will be just as nice" Zack said to himself with small smile on his face, and continued to watch the sunrise as the morning began for his first day at this school.
    (fast forward till when first class is about to begin)
    zack swoops in from the open widow of his first class right before the bell rings and takes seat at the back of the class noticing girl came in also just in time by the name of callie according to what he herd the teacher say.
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  5. Callie Ronova (open)

    Callie grumbled a bit to herself, plopping her body down in the seat and dropping her back on the floor beside her. She absent-mindedly traced the design of the tattoo on her cheek, its familiar twists and swirls running down from the corner of her eye to the middle of her cheek, on her jawbone. It had hurt like hell to get, but it looked cool and that was what mattered to her. She looked down at the paper on her desk, reading quickly over it and sighing to herself.

    She reached down, pulling out a pen, and began to scribble down some answers on the paper in front of her. She sighed to herself yet again, generally annoyed with the immaturity surrounding her - the students chattering and talking amongst themselves, the kid professing his love for the teacher's daughter at the front of the room, it was really quite sickening to Callie. Love was stupid. Saying that you would always love someone was stupid, because what were the odds of that? Relationships didn't last forever, and Callie had half a mind to cut in and tell the other kid that. She didn't bother, though - it would be a waste of her time. School was also a waste of her time, but she was told she had to go. Which was stupid.

    She was quick to finish the paper in front of her, and almost certain that all the answers were right. School was stupidly simple. Too simple. They gave you questions they had already told you the answers to, or questions they'd already told you how to find the answers to, and then they expected you to have trouble remembering how to answer the questions. What was the point?
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  6. zack was quietly in the back waiting for the teacher to talk to him about his lessons because he transferred in the middle of the year. while he waited the girl by the name of callie caught his interest, seemed to have struck him in way he never felt before. 'who is this majestic girl and why does she attract my attention so much?' he thinks to himself as he tries not to stare at her. he decides to raise his hand in hopes to get his lesson plan from the teacher a bit faster and to distract his mind from this callie.
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  7. ((OOC: Please remember that this is the beginning of the new year everyone. We'll go with second week. Make sure you all read the first post all the way through if you didn't.))

    Sirian sifted through her papers, not looking for anything particular. She looked around the room, then looked back to her desk to find her phone. As she picked it up, she turned her attention to the boy with his hand up, not looking away from her phone, "Yes, Zack?" She asked, sorting through her phones contacts.
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  8. "i just transferred here so i would like to know how i can catch up on work and assignments?" he responds to the teacher with a raised voice so to be herd over the noisy classroom. still occasionally glancing at callie wondering about what stories lay between her covers (referring to the quote 'judging a book by its cover') but pushes his thoughts of her aside to pay attention to what the teacher has to say.
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  9. Sirian pointed to the back of the room, where the computers were, "You can get on the computer, and all the assignments are on the desktop," She said. "Every class president updates their homerooms' assignments each week, so everything thus far is on there." Sirian finished, walking toward the door.

    "Everyone, I have to make a call, so please stay seated, and be quiet while I'm out there. You are allowed to take a break from your writing." She said, stepping out of the room, and closing the door behind her.
  10. gets on 1 of the computers and quickly starts making up work. working at abnormal speed ,he picked up from his last school which was ran by the military of the area he lived in, he caught on his work with in minutes and started working on the current assignment with the same pace and completed it early and double checked his answers to make sure their right. then waiting till the teacher gets back from the phone call for further instructions. he relaxed back in chair and spread his wings a little to stretch them careful not to bump into other people or objects. while waiting his mind came across his thoughts of callie and why she struck him the way she did 'i don't even know her yet just by looking at her she seems draw my attention, is this what they call love at first site or do i just simply find her attractive' he thinks to himself while looking at the ceiling with the occasional glance in callie's direction still pondering whats going on and why the site of her makes his heart flutter some
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  11. Callie Ronova (open)

    Callie quietly set down her pen, twiddling her thumbs absent-mindedly for a moment. She let out a sigh, not bothering to look around the room for fear that she might make eye contact with one of the inferior minds that surrounded her. There was nothing worse than being surrounded by those inferior and lesser to you, but Callie found herself surrounded with them every day. She knew that she was better in every way - she was smarter, she was more talented, she was prettier, and she was more powerful. Nobody in this room would ever amount to half of what she already was, she was sure of that, but until she was free to leave this place and move on to bigger and better things, she was stuck with them.

    She reached one pale hand down and began to shuffle through the contents of her bag, pulling out a black compact mirror and a tube of glossy red lipstick, snapping open the mirror and beginning to carefully apply the lipstick. She had been in a rush, so it was natural that her makeup wasn't as perfect and flawless as normal - of course, it was an error easily corrected with free time, so once she had finished with the lipstick, she shut the tube, dropping it back in her bag and pulling out an eyeliner pencil. It was black, of course, but she didn't apply it heavily like most of the demon girls did - they all thought it made them look evil, but really it just made them look like idiots incapable of figuring out how to put on makeup properly. She delicately traced around the shape of her eyes and then used her pinky finger to add the slightest bit of smudge for a soft, shadowy effect. She took a moment to admire herself before giving the mirror a devilish smirk and snapping it shut.
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  12. zack kept thinking of callie for bit now stared of in a day dream like state in her direction. then a thought came into his mind. 'i wonder if this may get her attention' he thinks to him self.
    then he sends a controlled heat wave through his feat into the floor and has it controllable snake its way to her chair (without giving any sign he was up to something other than the small grin on his face). when the heat touches the chair, he made the chair heat up just a bit for callie to notice right after she finishes doing her makeup.
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  13. Sirian came back in, shutting the door quietly, and walking back to her desk. She sat down at her desk and began working on her own assignment of the day, which was to signature all of the field trip forms, before handing them out. The place they would be heading to, was the Ovan mountains. These mountains were known for their overwhelming beauty, and that fact that rarely, some could see the mountain foxes that dwelled there.

    These foxes were adored for their loving and calm nature, and would often follow someone, if they felt an attachment. Sirian handed out the field trip papers, "Minna, We will be going on a field trip in two days. As the form in front of you states, We are heading to he Ovan Mountains," She paused, heading back to her desk quickly, "There, you will all be set the single goal, of essentially catching a fox. It won't be easy, and those who do not go, get a zero." She said, looking at each individual person.

    "Those of you who fail to bring a fox back, by the time we leave from there, will receive a half grade, and those who manage this feat, will receive a one hundred. Writing a paper about what you find the most lovely, and soothing, about the foxes and their mountains, is extra credit. If you're planning on going, have your parents sign it, and bring it back tomorrow." Sirian finished, taking her seat.

    [Ovan Mountains]
  14. zack ask the teacher "may we keep the fox we catch as a pet?"
    'i've always wanted a pet fox they look so fluffy and make a cool pet to have around' he thought to himself excitedly and in his excitement he accidentally heated up callie's chair to the point it caught fire without him noticing and he stopped sending heat waves fully fixated on the idea on having a pet fox.
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  15. Callie Ronova (open)

    Callie raised an eyebrow slightly as she put her compact away, feeling a strange rush of heat as if her chair itself suddenly became hot. The teacher then began talking about some hardass field trip where they had to catch a fox for a mark - it would be easy for her, but not likely for the rest of the class. She raised a hand.

    "How exactly are we supposed to get our parents to sign this? Mail it home and hope they get it back to us in time? I happen to live in a dorm, my parents are miles away," she said to the teacher, but she doubted the teacher heard her as another kid in the class piped up at the same time Callie started speaking, asking something about keeping the foxes. Ugh. Foxes were stupid little animals - but before she could complain that she'd been interrupted, her chair burst into flames. Her eyes went wide and she jumped up, giving a quick wave of her hand to extinguish the flames with magic. Her head turned immediately towards the brat on the computer in the back of the room.

    "Were you doing that?" she snapped, utterly disgusted that someone would play such childish games with someone of her greatness. "You're so damn lucky I'm a demon, one of those little human girls would be on her way to the hospital by now!"
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  16. zack turned to callie because she started shouting about something but not exactly sure what. then see's the smoldering chair and thought to himself 'oh shit'. but kept a calm look about his face and in response to callie i put on a puzzled look on my face and ask "what you do to that poor chair? i know some find scool boring but don't mean damage school property and then make a scene of it."
    "plus if you got problems i'm sure they have a complaint box somewhere"
    zack said to her in a calm but mocking manner to slightly embarrass her with small smile on his lips that are pressed tightly to keep from out right laughing at her.
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  17. "Everyone, stop talking!" Sirian said, in a very stern voice, standing up and snapping her ruler down on the table, making the class jump a little, "Callie, you are the top of the class, and there is no excuse to act like that. You also know good and well that this school has mail slots in the front office that immediately transport mail. By 'have them sign it', I mean put it in the slot, and they'll receive it in no time."

    She said, then turning her attention to Zack, "As for you, if that fire was your doing, I'd advise you to knock it off, or you'll be seeing the principal. I will not tolerate such antics." Sirian snapped. "Everyone, get your things ready, as class is almost up. Do not line up at the door. Please remain in your seats until the bell rings." Sirian said, sitting back down.
  18. "how could start the fire when i was talking to you when it happened?" he asked the teacher in a apologetic and hurt voice, "and may we keep the fox we catch? cause i always wanted a pet fox." he said excitedly and appearing to forget he girl and her smoldered chair.
    thinking to himself 'she a spicy 1 that callie, i think i might ask he to lunch later'
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  19. Callie Ronova (open)

    Callie rolled her eyes as she heard his words. What an idiot, setting her chair on fire and then trying to act all innocent and accuse her. She knew exactly what he was trying to do, trying to get the rest of the class to giggle and side with him. He thought it would embarrass her, obviously, but she couldn't possibly care less what these buffoons thought of her. They were all just jealous because they knew that she was better than them. She knew that they just wanted to bring her down to their level, and she wouldn't fall for it. She folded her arms over her chest as the teacher spoke, and then quirked one eyebrow.

    "If I did know that, then I must have forgotten, because that's definitely news to me," she muttered, more to herself than to the teacher. This whole boarding school thing was stupid, forcing the great and brilliant Callie to cohabitate with much lesser beings as well as going to school with them. She'd be much happier if she could go home to her family every night, where at least she was surrounded by demons powerful enough to be worthy of her presence, but they seemed to think that she would be better off here. They didn't seem to understand that she was better off in the presence of her superiors so that she could ascend to their ranks. Being around lesser beings did nothing for her. She sighed frustratedly, just waiting quietly for the bell to ring so she could get out.
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  20. as closed out the computer a red hawk swooped in through the window and landed on his desk with special marked waxed seal on a envelope attached to its collar. i remove the envelope and kept it hidden in my hand and sent the hawk on its way. whatever it was it was important. the commander seldomly send his private messenger unless mission was some sort extreme importance, but what exactly.
    the bell for the end of class rung. i jumped out the window and flew to the roof to read the letter.

    sir Melvor.

    in the envelope is a security permit allowing you move freely with to where ever your objective goes to ensure their safety (including but not limited to seprated dorms, bathrooms, sex orientated areas, ect.) but only may enter bathroom, private sec orientated area,ect in case of a emergency only. your target to protect is a young girl name callie. last name is kept secret for security purposes. she normally wears all black with the occasion of red and acts like she above every one there.
    she quite the attitude and shouldn't be hard to find. your mission is to protect her with your life. you are required to use lethal force against all hostiles that come.

    its been arranged you have all the same classes as her so following her shouldn't be a problem. you are to notify her in private about your mission as security. you are not to stray from this mission for any reason till mission is complete. mission completion will be confirmed when she goes home at the end of the school year, but only when you receive the message for the all clear.

    success of this mission grants you a raise in pay and promotion kernel.

    he reads the letter over and checks the security paper work and nods to himself. removing all emotion and self wants. he folds the papers neatly and places them in his wallet which secures in his back pocket. then sets off to his next class where he will start his mission. 'so much for having a date' he thinks to himself
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