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  1. Over in the Ouran Academy's High School building, the Ouran High School Host Club Activities were about to start.
    It was report card day for the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools of Ouran Academy. Tamaki had gotten to the club room early to set up for the day's events, this day being a longer one in the club so everyone could have a bit of time to unwind before going home, since they all would have gotten their grades.

    Kyoya, Hikaru, and Kaoru, having gotten their report cards, are heading to the host club room with Honey and Mori who had also gotten there grades.

    Over in the Middle School building, Honey's younger brother Chika is at his locker getting his books that he needs for that night to do his homework, and glances up at the clock behind him to see what time it is, considering he's taking a bit longer that afternoon to leave school than usual, having a slight headache. He had promised Honey though the previous day with Haruhi overhearing that he'd assist them over at the club today since it was going to be one of their longer meetings so he knew he couldn't be too late seeing as how the club activities would start in less than half an hour.

    Over at the Elementary school a young boy named Adara had just gotten his report card. He looks at his grades and starts feeling nervous when he sees them. He had gotten 3 A's and 4 B's on his report card this time. His grades were good, but not as good as his older brother's grades were, his brother getting them and while in all in advanced classes.
    Two of Adara's friends, Carter and Elias came to meet up with him carrying their report cards in their hands. They could see right away how uneasy he looked and the two of them knew why. Whenever Adara wouldn't be able to get as good grades as his older brother, in which he'd rarely ever even match his big brother's grades if anything considering they didn't have advanced classes in the elementary school like they did in the high school, but Adara's father would beat him pretty harshly none the less if Adara's grades didn't at least match his older brother's grades.
  2. Haruhi sighed as she was walking down the halls. She usually was the first one there, she was hanging out with two of her friends. But then soon she looked at the time and rushed to go to the room they were meeting at. Haruhi smiled thinking. She was so scared. She then went to go to tem, she smiled softly. She blinked and stayed quiet, she was worried, she found out some news about her family, she felt so numb and empty. She wanted to cry, but the guys would get suspicious about genders.
  3. Hikaru noticed Haruhi's silence. It makes him wonder a bit with her being so quiet.

    Chika rubs his head a bit and then closes his locker. He then starts heading over to the high school building knowing he's running a little late.

    Carter and Elias suggest going over to the high school to Adara, to which Adara is nervous about this also, the fact that even if his older brother Kyoya is there, Kyoya doesn't know anything about Adara even being born. It would be his and Kyoya's first face to face encounter.
  4. Haruhi went to start putting up the decorations. Haruhi sighed softly. She didn't know what to do. She closed her eyes softly. She didn't know what to do. She frowned as she couldn't put this up. She groaned. She then went to go move away from it, sitting down she was frustrated, she just couldn't handle this. Se frowned and sighed.
  5. Adara Ootori and his friends Carter Suoh and Elias Hitachiin go to their lockers to get their books before heading over to the high school building. And not only Adara encountering his older brother Kyoya face to face for the very first time, but Carter and Elias are both going to be seeing their own older brothers face to face for the first time, Carter's older brother being Tamaki, and Elias' older brothers being Hikaru and Kaoru.

    Elias shares the feeling of nervousness, as Adara does about his very first encounter with Kyoya, about his first encounter with his own older brothers. Elias' main concern isn't Hikaru and Kaoru's reactions to hearing that Elias is their younger sibling, but instead how to even tell them about it being true. Elias knows that Hikaru and Kaoru had grown up together, and that neither of them were told anything of the sort.

    Carter is a little bit nervous himself about meeting Tamaki for the first time, but he knows that Tamaki is going to need to be told sooner or later and if his and Tamaki's parents don't tell him, in which they haven't for some reason unknown to Carter, then Carter feels it's going to be his responsibility to tell Tamaki himself.

    Chika meanwhile arrives at the high school building, 15 minutes after the activities have already begun, and knows he's going to be asked what took him. He stops in the door way entrance to the high school lobby blinking his eyes twice and rubs his head again. After a few minutes he walks over to the water fountain and starts to drink from it."
  6. Haruhi was just upset, she didn't know how much longer, she has to come clean.. tomorrow she'll come clean about her being different gender. She had to, she sighed softly and then wondered. She looked over at the doors. She didn't know what to do. She was so tired, and so worn out from stressing about her aunt. She looked up seeing everyone chatting amoungst theirself. She was just somewhere else even though she was in the room.
  7. Chika enters into the host club room at that time while Haruhi is eyeing the doors. He sighs after he enters and says "Hey guys. I'm here. Sorry I'm a bit late."
  8. Haruhi heard speaking. She didnt know what to think. She smiled at him and nodded. She then sighed hiding her face not speaking. She knew that she looked ridiculous
  9. Chika walks over to the couch and sets his school bag on the floor beside it. He then looks at Haruhi and sees her hiding her face and notices her silent manner. He then sits down on the couch for a few minutes.
  10. Haruhi didnt know what to do. She just needed her friends but she didnt want to cry because then her true identity will be shown. She felt chika sit next to her. She frowned and she moved her head away to look at the window. She couldn't handle this. She grabbed her bag and her phone as she ran out of there. She ended up crying into the hall way. She went to call her father. " father please can you pick me up.. I cant handle this.. I cant go on my normal... "
  11. Chika got up and followed Haruhi to the door seeing her run out. He hears her talking to her father on the phone and hears her ask him to come pick her up. He wants to alert her to his presence at the door but seeing Haruhi crying while talking on the phone, he gets the thought that she doesn't want to talk about it to him or to any of the other guys either at the moment. He decides to not say anything until when and if she wants to reveal whatever her secret is to him. Chika then exits the host club room as if he heard nothing, and he goes over to a nearby window in the hallway and opens it to get some air.
  12. Haruhi sighed as she got off the phone with him. She then bit her lower lop thinking. She sighed and then closed her eyes thinking. She frowned wiping her eyes. She hated this. She didnt want her aunt to die. She looked over towards the window and saw her father pull up she then went towards the car. She will see everyone tomorrow
  13. Chika didn't have the knowledge that Haruhi's aunt was dying but he knew something was going on. After a few minutes he closes the window once he sees Haruhi had gotten in her car with her father safely, and then he goes back into the host club room to his brother Honey and his friends.
  14. The next day came and Haruhi was at school because she couldn't miss school. She had been no longer crying, she was so called, numb. She can't feel anything. She was still sad though. She sighed and bit her lower thinking. She had to be positive today. Soon she headed towards the room.
  15. Over at the Elementary School building of Ouran Academy, Adara who had gotten beat up the night before cause his grades weren't good enough for his father, stumbles through the halls, nearly doubling over from time to time, going to each of his classes through the day. The fact that Adara was the 4th boy born in his family, therefore had to surpass his older brother's grades, his brother making great grades even if taking 5 advanced classes out of his 7 classes during the day. But the Ouran Academy Elementary School didn't have nor did they allow any advanced classes in their curriculum so Adara couldn't ever meet the level grades that of his brother Kyoya. Adara's father, non the less, expected the same from Adara as he had from Kyoya and his two older sons.

    Elias and Carter tried to help their injured friend throughout the day as best as they can, only being apart from him when going to classes that the three of them had separate from one another. Elias when in his class he has separate from his friends tries to think of a way that he and Carter can inform Kyoya about Adara being his brother, the fact that Kyoya is still unaware.

    Hikaru goes to his classes, as does Kaoru, over at the high school building. Hikaru had noticed Haruhi seemed happier than the day before, but still noticed the slight silence from her. It was starting to concern him, but Hikaru didn't want to press the matter if Haruhi didn't want to talk about it. He knew Tamaki would though if he ever noticed Haruhi acting that way around him.
  16. Haruhi knew how to fake it. She sighed and smiled lightly. She didn't know what to do. She frowned as she went to her seat. She didn't know what to do. She glanced over at them. She smiled lightly at them.
  17. Hikaru smiles lightly back at her.

    Kaoru follows his brother's actions and smiles at her too. Though acting on his concerns he taps on his brother's shoulder after that and says to Hikaru "Do you have any idea what might be bothering her? She's been like this sense yesterday. Sure she's smiling but.."

    Hikaru "I'm not sure bro. But she hasn't said anything so she may not want to discuss it right now. She knows though that she can come to us anytime for help or support in any situation. So I'm sure she'll ask us when she needs to."

    Kaoru "Alright. But I'm still worried."

    Hikaru "I know."

    Kaoru and Hikaru start on their class assignments after that.

    Over at the elementary school building, Adara is in the class he has separate from Elias and Carter. He sits in his seat doing his assignments for the class and trying his best not to collapse from the pain he's suffering due to his beating the night before.
  18. Haruhi didnt know what to do. She sighed and closed her eyyes and went to continue on her work. Then suddenly a young girl.. haruhis age came in the room with a counselor. " excuse us id like to let you know that this girl is your new student" a counselor spoke to the teacher. The girl smiled sweetly. She had brown long hair and then she had green eyes just like haruhi. The girl smiled sweetly and went to get all the work from the teacher then go to sit down. The girls name is Haruka
  19. Hikaru and Kaoru greet Hakura and introduce themselves to her.

    In the next room over, after finishing their assignments for the class they are currently in, Tamaki and Kyoya start to discuss what theme to do at the host club that afternoon when school classes let out.
  20. Hakura smiled and spoke to the boys, " wait a minute aren't you those boys in that club?" She paused, " What was it called? From where I came, The all girls school a few streets away, they spoke highly of that group... Ahh Ouran High School Host club." She smiled sweetly. She honestly was Haruhi's sister. Her twin sister to be exact. She wanted to tell her. She moved and smiled at them. She thought about it. Wasn't her long lost twin.. a girl? She sighed as she watched Haruhi. She smiled sweetly before she went to sit at her new seat.

    Haruhi was quietly doing her assignment? She was concentrating and soon she was finished. She was hoping that she can go and take her piano lessons, or check up on her aunt.
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