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  1. Over at Ouran Academy in the high school building there's a music room. The music room in particular is the third music room. It is no longer used to teach classes in however but is used for the Ouran High School Host Club. Here 7 individuals, Tamaki, Kyoya, Hikaru, Kaoru, Honey, Mori, and Haruhi, put on their best efforts to make their clients happy and show them a good time.

    Over at the middle school building Honey has a younger brother named Chika.

    Then over at the elementary school building there are two boys Carter Suoh(one oc of mine) of Tamaki's family, and Adara Ootori(the second oc of mine) of Kyoya's family. Along with their friends the two boys Carter and Adara do whatever they can to make their other friends and other students feel happy and they also help to defend the other students from bullies the best they can, Carter getting into more and more trouble with the bullies himself, always rubbing them the wrong way when he tries to stand up to them defending the ones whom the bullies are harming, while Adara tries to handle things more calmly rather than rashly. Adara however faces the harm at home considering his grades, to which even if he gets very high level grades, in otherwords all A letter grades, it doesn't please his father very well, cause his brother Kyoya gets the same grading scale and is in advanced classes.
  2. Haruhi was sitting there, she felt like a maid. Since she was always cleaning up everyone, especially Honey's sweet kick. As she was standing on a chair, she could hear them talking. She felt like she was going to slip on how she was standing she lifted a leg up as she dusted up on a top shelf. Kyoya was at his computer, but all of them realized all the decorations were missing. Honestly, she was being a clutz.. and dropping them accidentally. She closed her eyes softly. slowly putting down the duster. She thought, what if being a girl wasn't a bad thing.. especially for Tamaki, she felt her cheeks redden, which caused her to lean back a little she went falling from the chair.
  3. Tamaki sees it, drops what he's doing at the time, and rushes over and catches her.
  4. haruhi gasped as she felt arms. She opened her eyes softly. She looked down and said, " Tamaki.." She said softly.She smiled softly, " Thanks..." She bit her lower lip. She wondered, what would they say, knowing the decorations for this week isn't up, it was her job. She accidentally broke them. She looked at him and smiled, hugging him, " you can let me go now.. Tamaki."
  5. Tamaki "No problem Haruhi. And okay" He lets her go standing her up straight and he smiles at her.
  6. Haruhi smiled softly, as he stood her up straight she glanced around the room, no decorations, seeing the puzzled face, she was about to speak but some people opened the door.
    It was the three girls from the Lolita academy down a few blocks from here... She glanced at them, before the leader came to Haruhi, " your so beautiful, why don't you come and join us?"
    Haruhi was confused, " Um, why? I don't want to follow my mothers footsteps, sincethat was how... " She stopped and she looked up at the girls. She wondered. " Anyways, I can't just drop everything and go. "
    The two girls smiled and went over to the two, the leader and Haruhi. The leader had spoke, " What would your name be."
    Haruhi smiled and said, " Haruhi... but why should you be here..."
  7. Kyoya looks to Haruhi and having noticed her expression, the decorations not being up and seeing how everyone was looking puzzled at her, and then hearing how she made her excuse to the lolita academy girls he stands and says to Haruhi. "Look, you're just starting to get the hang of the responsibility of a host Haruhi. It'll get easier as you get more experienced at it. I promise so don't get discouraged. Take it from someone who had just as much trouble with it when he was a beginner, namely me."
  8. Haruhi blinked softly, she looked at him, she turned and blinked confused. She was confused about what was going on. " Right, but how does that fit in with me joining them, I don't want to join them, The Lolita's are horrible people, they are the people who killed my mother. " She remembered of how she died, she had tears beginning to form and she ran out of the room, she whimpered, she was all alone, she hated the Lolita girl's academy.
  9. Tamaki looks to Kyoya with a mixture of a glare and a lost look in his eyes, not sure what Kyoya said that upset Haruhi or if it was something else.

    Hikaru goes out of the Host Club room as well and follows after Haruhi.
  10. Haruhi frowned, she was mad at her father for telling her how her mother died, now she hated the Lolita girls academy. She frowned she finally stopped and leaned against the wall, and covered her eyes. She shook her head, she peeked her eyes and saw this. She saw Hikaru. She frowned, " What.... " She gulped. She slid onto the ground, she was just really sad. From how her mother died.
  11. Hikaru walks up to her and says "I just came to see what was wrong. The guys are worried. What happened back there Haruhi? Why'd you run off?"
  12. Haruhi sighed, " it's because.... Lolita Girls Academy is where my mother went and she was in that club and she.. .fell from a platform and broke her neck instantly on stage and I blame them, the Lolita's. " She frowned. She looked up at Hikaru. " I am so sorry it's just my mother and I were so close and now she is dead.. it's just... still sad. "
  13. Hikaru walks to Haruhi's side and places his hand on Haruhi's shoulder and says "It's okay Haruhi. I completely understand. Listen. The guys and I won't let those lolita academy girls take you if you don't want to go with them. So don't worry." He smiles at her.
  14. Haruhi looked up at him, with hope. She sighed some, she felt like the Host club is her family. She hugged him, and said, " thank you Hikaru."
  15. Hikaru hugs her back and says "Anytime. We're your friends Haruhi. We'll always be here for you." He then walks back with Haruhi to the club room and enters with her and then walks in front of Haruhi in a protective manner, facing the Lolita Academy's leader and says "Haruhi is our friend Ms. And she explained to me just a little while ago that she doesn't want to go to the Lolita Girl's Academy. And the guys and I, as her friends, aren't going to let someone force her into going, if that's what you came here to do. And if you aren't here to force her, then Haruhi's answer to joining your school was No. So out of respect you should accept her decision Ms."
  16. Haruhi smiled softly, as she heard Hikaru. She raised an eyebrow as she heard the leader,
    " She has her mothers blood and if she does, she is suppose to be on stage."
    Haruhi was shocked. She just wanted them to go away. She gulped.
    The Lolita girls glared and all went away.
    Haruhi brought a sigh of relief.
  17. Kyoya smiles slightly for a few seconds and then continues about his business at his laptop.

    Hikaru walks over to where Kaoru is seeing him smiling and looking outside the window at the nice day.

    Honey is helping Mori with some things.

    Tamaki in the meantime is looking over the next day's theme preparations and activities.
  18. Haruhi walks over to Kyoya, " Um, Kyoya, are we going to be able to get the decorations... for this week.. I think the business is messing up."
  19. Kyoya "Hmm.." He checks his records on his laptop. "That's odd. They should be here. Maybe that new guy of theirs at the delivery service we use is still having trouble delivering the decorations and supplies to the right school here on the academy grounds. Though considering Tamaki has put his and my last names and Ouran Academy: Ouran School Host Club sense the day I instructed him to on the list when we place our orders so as not to confuse the new guy, it shouldn't still be this hard for him. Maybe I need to start having Tamaki mention the club's at the high school building on the list." Kyoya rubs his head after that feeling a bit tense.
  20. Haruhi sighed, she shrugged. She then noddded. " Sounds like a good idea I suppose. " She crossed her legs as she sat down, wait no.. crossing the legs. She put her leg down and blinked softly, She was surprised they haven't asked about her.. comment about that. She looked at the people.
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