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Two centuries ago monsters crept through portals that littered the world. The alien creatures wrecked havoc across the world leaving destruction in their wake. So much so the end of the world seemed near. Nothing could harm them and most of the world was wiped out.

Nations across the globe came together to find an answer to this onslaught and to create a Sanctuary called Olympus to protect what was left of the populace. As the hell on earth proceeded so did the people of Olympus's work. Before all was lost, a breakthrough came through in the form of new weapon called a Module. This new power was enough to stave off the monsters advances. But ultimately it wasn't enough, only slowing things down to a stalemate.

Now students attend the Olympus Academy to learn to deal with these monsters in hopes of fighting for a new future. And since Olympus is one of the few sanctuaries left, people tend to make the pilgrimage through the Wilderness for a chance of salvation.

Our characters will be teenage students of Olympus from varying grades from freshman to senior tasked to learn and fight against the present day monsters that still lurk with the might of their Modules. Each Module is unique to their Envokers and not only does a Module grant a weapon but also grants different abilities and powers. But prolong usage of a Module can be tasking and in extreme circumstances lead to death. Our characters will have to balance power, duty, and school life to strive for a bright future.

Some students come from noble families who see being an Envoker as climbing the social ladder to greatness and one day being granted a seat on the governing body of Olympus called the Council. There are students who were recruited by scouts who saw potential in them. There are also an unfortunate lot who are poor and see being an Envoker their only way out of a life of poverty. But a Module chooses their Envoker. Not all may become an Envoker. But in the shadows, something sinister lurks.

Character sheet:
Module Name:
Weapon: What weapon your module manifests as
Ability: What abilities your module gives you, two abilities max.
Bio: At least two paragraphs
Appearance: anime pic preferred

Name: Ami Rhodes
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Module Name: Shadow Dancer
Weapon: Scythe
Ability: Can manipulate shadows and use shadows to teleport through but only up to a certain distance.
At a young age, Ami's family was killed by Monsters as they were making their way through the wilderness towards Olympus. She would have been killed as well if it wasn't for a group of Envokers that were on patrol. One of the of the Envokers by the name of Mark Rhodes took in the young girl as his own and raised her. Ami was determined to become an Envoker like her saviors in order to protect others from the Monsters and to repay her foster father for saving her. With such determination, Mark Rhodes helped trained the young girl to become a future Envoker.

Once she became of age, she requested to join the Olympus Academy and undertook the Module Trials. The trials were tough but at the end of the test, she was able to bond with her Module and become a part of the Olympus Academy. She was granted the Shadow Dancer Module, a weapon that was able to manipulate shadows and allow her to teleport through them as long as her shadow touched another shadow. Even as a new recruit, she has shown much promise and continues to impress. With the recruits' first mission coming up, the young girl is both excited and nervous about her first real assignment.