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  1. "This is Our Home."


    Ghosting through the halls, a large, dark figure wisped past the doorways to various bedrooms, a clawed appendage of smoke tapping lightly on each one. Despite the total lack of force in the tapping, the sounds echoed loudly throughout the rooms in a wake-up call. This was Boo, the friendly boogeyman, making his morning rounds to wake up the daytime children for breakfast. Within moments after each resounding knock, the trail of bed-headed little ones following along behind him grew. while the older children were usually more inclined to sleep in and ignore the tapping, many of the younger ones would often follow Boo around to avoid getting lost. Not that there was ever any worry of a child getting lost. Not in Our Home.
    Boo, in all of his monstrous glory, was only one of the four caretakers in charge of these children. They were special children, most of which had been dealt a very bad hand in life, and as such, they required the very best care. What made them special enough to warrant a Boogeyman caretaker? Why, their origin, of course. Think demons, fairies, myths and spirits, and everything in between and around. These children were everything but human, and they were to be treated and raised as treasures, just as their parents should have.
    The other three caretakers were just as distinct, if not quite as monsterly. Each one played a very important role in keeping everything running smoothly, just as they had for millennia. Perhaps the most important of the four was Rayne. Though he appeared as a human male, Rayne was a Simurgh. A mythical bird that would roost upon the Tree of Knowledge. In one more popular legend, the Simurgh, a very motherly creature, took in an outcast child, and raised it as her own-- The Simurgh was always known to be strictly female. This legend is perhaps why most of the orphans in Our Home are sure Rayne is the founder.
    As the holder of all knowledge, Rayne is somewhat of a history teacher for the children. Despite each of them being as different as night and day, he could share with them knowledge of their species and culture, he could tell them endless legends and tales, he could give the children their place in the world. That accompanied by his god-like healing abilities and kind disposition, he was considered somewhat of a favorite by many of the children.
    Next to Rayne were Esme and Kreskes. Esme is the Orphanage's Daimon. A guardian creature born for the sole purpose of taking care of Our Home and its occupants. For the first millennia or so, she didn't even have a physical form. Technically, she still doesn't. A Daimon's lifespan is equal to that what it is born to protect, so as the orphanage is an eternal establishment, she has grown with it over the countless eras, refining her various skills to further her ability to help.
    On the note of Esme's physical form... She does seem to have one. You can see her. You can touch her. However, it's common knowledge that everyone perceives her differently. She appears however she is most relevant. To a child, she is a child. To a teenager, she is a teenager. To an adult, she is an adult. To Boo, she was a cloud of smoke. This, of course, made it very easy for her to relate to each of the children. As a mother hen sort of character, interaction is very important to her, although she's mostly in charge of cooking, cleaning, and overall nourishment.
    The last caretaker to examine is Kreskes, the Yehl. Though he was known as an incurable trickster, the Trickmaster, in fact, he was very well liked by the children, young and old alike. Though not much is known about his species or abilities, he serves the orphanage as not only a source of entertainment, but as a skills teacher. He is the one in charge of teaching each child about their specific abilities and how to use them. Of course, he always throws in a few suggestions on how to use any ability for a bit of naughty fun... Whenever there was an outbreak of trickery or a good ol' fashion prank war, everyone knew who was to blame. No one minded.
    Pausing as he reached the entrance of the dining hall, the large group of children looking up at him expectantly, Boo slowly turned to face them, a glint of amusement in his barely visibly eyes. This was another morning ritual. Boo couldn't physically speak, but every morning he would sing them this silly song in a sort of telepathy. It was only when he finished that they children would disperse into the dining hall for their respective meals.
    And with a few giggles, off they went.
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  2. Aeo Chalfan

    eo gave a slight smile at the daily song of Boo, his pink tail gently swaying behind him. He wondered if he was too old for this nowadays - being 14 years old and all - but he still found something... relaxing... about the Boogeyman's tune. Some kids, Aeo included, loved the caring caretaker even if he did have a somewhat unsettling outer shell, whilst others were still scared of his appearance. But like all the caretakers in the orphanage, he was a kind and caring being.

    "G-gah! Oh... sorry...!" Aeo yelped, only just being aware of the fact he was standing still and daydreaming in the middle of a pack of hungry kids. But not just any kids - if you thought this was your average orphanage, think again. From Dryads to Cherubs, all sorts of beings most people thought were mere fairy tales lived here at the orphanage. It was a magical place in Aeo's opinion, filled with all sorts of the weird and wonderful.

    Aeo himself was a Mutator. Or more commonly known as a shapeshifter. He could change his appearance at will, at the cost of his own energy. Often, Aeo switched into inconspicuous forms - such as a cat - when he was feeling shy or needed to hide. He had a great variety of appearances, although he had a... 'Default' appearance, if you like. At times where he didn't need to change form - like right now - Aeo was a skinny, yet tall boy with white-pale skin, pink eyes, and a nervous face capped with long magenta hair. Protruding from his hair were not normal human ears, but instead a pair of fluffy and pink catlike ears, accompanied with a pink bushy tail. He wasn't sure why he had the two strange features to his body, but his clever mentor, Kreskes, had told Aeo that his race are distant relatives to the Neko and Kitsune. Both of which races had some members here at the orphanage. Aeo never truly knew his parents or his past at all, which is why he lived here. Whilst he loved the orphanage, he was always shy (especially around the older girls) and easily scared.

    Shyly, he entered the dining hall. He wasn't a hungry sort of person; most of the time Aeo usually gave his food to some of the more... ravenous... children. Nonetheless, he gratefully took his morning meal - smoked salmon - and sat, slowly nibbling at the red meat as he watched the other children also get their meals. Aeo was a little wary this morning, because he had a feeling some of the usual tricksters were plotting a prank. Whilst Aeo was a student of the prankster Kreskes, Aeo just didn't have a mischievous spirit - which usually caused him to be a victim of most shenanigans here at the orphanage. Whilst it didn't upset Aeo and he usually got over the pranks, it kept him on edge. You could tell when Aeo was alert, due to his pink fluffy ears warily pointing upright as he nibbled a forkful of salmon.

    Nonetheless, the orphanage was a wonderful place. Everybody seemed to be happy, and many bonds were visible within the little community of the orphanage. Happy to see others happy, this too made Aeo smile.

    Things weren't so bad here at all. Even if some students had tragic pasts... most (if not all) were happy here at the orphanage. Aeo included.
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  3. M
    ati! A morning person! Kinda...

    Mati was fast asleep in his bed which was more of a fluffy mass of blankets than an actual bed. There were an array of scarves bunched underneath him as well as on top of him, which made the child appear to be a slumbering mountain of fluff. Mati wasn't really a deep sleeper but he did have a conflicting wake up ritual. Normally when the centaur awoke, he was drowsy and still trying to gain his bearings, but as soon as he heard Boo tap on his door, a surge of energy would shoot through him--well through his horse half-- and he would be scrambling to his hooves. The only thing about that was that his human half was never quite at the same speed as his horse half, so Mati usually ended up falling out of bed, tripping on any and everything in his path, getting tangled up in his own legs, until he finally fell out the door. He would then proceed to jump to his wobbling legs and prance after the line of children following Boo.

    When Boo ended his song Mati trotted after the other children at a moderate pace. When he had first come to the orphanage, Esme, his mentor had given him the wonderful advice to not over exert himself when it wasn't necessary. So instead of thundering into the dining hall with everyone else, Mati happily clip clopped in and gingerly made his way over to get his meal; Fresh, juicy, mouth watering....Grass. It was the best thing ever. The other kids ate their own special meals, as some could only eat meat and some like Mati could only eat vegetables and fruits.

    Mati scrambled onto one of the benches at the tables and dug in taking huge bites out of his sweet, sweet grass. He glanced up at his table mate ans saw it was Aeo. Mati smiled wide at the other boy, "Good morning, Aeo!" He squealed, but his mouth was full so it sounded like, "Gwoomorning whale!"

    lissful Bloom! So not a morning person...

    Blissful was sleeping in her special flower pot bed that Rayne had helped her make, and Dana had helped her decorate. Her mattress was fresh soil, her blankets were a pile of soft leaves and her pillow was a quarter of a cotton ball. She was having the best dream where she had returned to the flower shop and was kicking the crap out of her piece of shit 'family'. Ah, there screams were delightful--


    Suddenly Blissful was thrust out of her dreams by a resounding noise. The noise that she hated most in the world, more than some of the diva wannabe's of the orphanage horrendous singing. This was definitely the last time that she slept in Dana's room. She should have just slept in the garden with Nairne or better yet in Rayne's hair.

    "Uugh," Blissful groaned burying her head in the soil. Somewhere nearby, Dana had started to get up and was quickly pulling a less embarrassing pair of pajamas on. Blissful was still kinda surprised that the Gorgon was a footie pajama type girl.

    "Blissful, come on let's go eat." Dana called, her voice barely above a whisper. Blissful groaned but dragged herself out of bed. Dana was waiting by the door, with black polka dot pajamas on and her signature sunglasses.

    ana! More of a night person, but she can't not follow Boo.

    With Blissful on her shoulder, Dana trailed after Boo, her eyes shining with mirth and admiration. Dana loved Boo. Not in the way that she loved Aydan, but in a different way a less fluttery way, a more solid and pronounced way. When she saw Boo she wanted to make him proud and remain in his company. When she saw Aydan, Dana wanted to bash her head into the wall and ponder why love was so agonizing.

    When Boo finished his song, Dana stepped to the side pressing her self against the wall to avoid the stampeded of hungry people. Blissful however wasn't as meek, and flew into the swarm fist first. Dana knew that more than a few children would emerge from the swarm with tiny bruises that they couldn't explain.

    "DANA GET OVER HERE I GOT US A TABLE NEAR THE WINDOW!" Blissful yelled from across the hall. Dana wondered how such a tiny creature had such a loud voice, but went to join her friend after getting her food. Her snakes weren't rowdy today so Dana got her usual powdered french toast and orange juice. When she got to the table Blissful was sipping a honey suckle.
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  4. Momoko watched the boogeyman’s shadow grace the orphanage walls. Already raring to go since 5:00 AM human time, she was more than ready to eat. Climbing down the bunk-like structure where she slept, Momo hung herself like a bat to hover over Kira(her kitsune friend)’s resting place. She grinned, watching the fox girl’s chest rise up and down with every breath she took.
    "Hmmm…" she thought. "Maybe Momo won’t pounce on her today, nya. Kira-nya looks so peaceful this morning~!"

    Yes. Momoko even thinks in third person.
    With a flick of her tail, the swift neko landed silently on the floor, exiting the room where she slept. Marching alongside her fellow orphans, she smiled, knowing that she might be able to coax some extra food out of her peers. For only a moment, she locked gazes with Aeo, her timid companion.
    "Target acquired, nya."

    Arriving in the dining hall, Momo grabbed as much food as possible (and as much food as was allowed--as far as Esme’s rules were concerned). Perching at a table, she began to feast. Looking around, she spotted some older members of the orphanage beginning to awaken and come to fetch their breakfast. She waved to a few and continued to devour the poor morsel of food she had started. When she was all finished, the corners of her mouth curled up to form a devilish smirk, and she let out a quiet, “huhuhu~”.

    “Aaaaaaaaeeeooooo-nyaaaaa~!” she called out to the magenta-haired shapeshifter. Effortlessly leaping onto the table where he sat, Momo curled his hair around her finger--once again revealing her mischievous habit. “Nya,….got any food ya can spare?” Spotting Mati beside Aeo, she nodded happily in his direction. “Goodmornya, Mati-nya!” Momo meowed. She didn’t even bother asking for Mati’s food, because she didn't necessarily have an interest in his…choice of cuisine.
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  5. Aeo couldn't help but let out a giggle as he watched the adorable Mati. It was truly amazing how the young centaur could be so satisfied with a plate of grass every morning. Then again, such a thing was normal in this orphanage.

    "Good morning, Mati! Nice to see you...!" Aeo replied with a warm tone, letting out a quiet "D'aww..." at the sight of the centaur. Compared to some of the other boys around his age, Aeo always was pretty soft-hearted, and just about anything cute put a smile to his face.

    Aeo's tail promptly curled, and his ears shot upright. Was someone calling his name...? It sounded like-

    "Y-Yeeeeeek...!" Aeo squealed at the sudden appearance of the Neko, Momo. Breathing heavily, Aeo blushed from embarrassment at his squeal as he sat upright. He always was one to get scared extremely easily... and he had a somewhat girly squeak that the other kids usually giggled at. Mati across the table, for example, was three times as brave as Aeo was.

    "O-Oh! It's you, Momo...!" Aeo spluttered, his tail uncurling as he sat upright again. His ears twitched alertly as Momo fiddled with Aeo's magenta hair, causing him to let out a quiet, high-pitched: "Eep!" Aeo's hair was tangly and very soft, which usually attracted those who loved to play with hair - such as Momo. He had an idea about what Momo wanted...

    Aeo's prediction about what Momo wanted was correct: Food. Letting out a quiet giggle, Aeo handed Momo the plate of smoked salmon that he'd barely touched. He wasn't hungry anyway.

    "Hehe... all right, you little minx, here you are..." Aeo mumbled with a soft smile as he gave the food to Momo, remaining tolerant to her playing with his hair.

    Slowly, Aeo raised his finger, circling it entrancingly around the Neko's eyes before giving her a gentle boop on the nose.
    "But don't scare me like that...! I might panic-morph next time... again..." Aeo whispered. When Aeo became distressed or in shock, he sometimes jumped to his tiny cat form in panic, which usually caused a crowd of giggles.

    The orphanage was crazy and unpredictable at times... but Aeo still loved it nonetheless.
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  6. Amethyst White
    Amethyst shudder at the tune. She was happily sleeping on her soft fluffy bed, hugging a pillow filled with thistle bursts when she heard Boo's music inside her head. It's not that she hates Boo, it's just that she's afraid of him.

    You see, Amethyst is a child who likes to prank others, and one thing that came to her mind is to prank Boo. But seeing how he towers over her, she cannot do anything but cower in fear and dismiss the thought in her mind.

    She hurriedly ran towards the dining room to see a bunch of other children seated. "Good morning Aeo, Good Morning guys" she greeted as she passed them, and sat on a table near the corner, away from the rowdy bunch.

    "Oh please be cat tails and lilies" she wished for herself as the meal was placed in front of her.

    Amethyst can eat anything, but her favorites are cat tails and water lilies. She grew up in wetlands, and these plants are part of her everyday meal.

    As soon as she saw it was water lilies, her smile grew and shouted "YAY! Waterlilies!" She thanked the Mons above and began to eat the crispy, sweet waterlilies.
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  7. Nimah
    Nimah rolled in her bed, the moldy teddy bear underneath her scrunching with years of wear. The familiar itch of Boo's song, her mentor, rang through her head like a soft tinkling bell. It was morning already? Nimah was still sleepy... Though the rumble in her tummy made it otherwise. Swinging her small legs out of bed, she grabbed the teddy bear by the arm and ran out the door. Gah! She was late again. She could see the familiar shadow of Boo float effortlessly down the hallways, the gathering of children already near the dining hall. Nimah giggled and ran after them, but stopped a little ways behind the group. She ran her tongue over her teeth and sighed inwardly. Her nature made the other kids like her very much, making her eat alone almost every day. She didnt really mind though, she liked playing tricks on the others. She liked it when they screamed and hid from her. She could see the bad thoughts and fears running through their heads, and it made her laugh. The others kids didnt find it as funny, though...

    Hadlee was already up before Boo even made the wakeup call, but she could still hear his soft drone through her head. She sat at one of the tables in the corner of the hall that nobody really walked over to. It was too far away, so they didnt really pay her any attention. She had one of her favorite books, Catcher In the Rye, open and in front of her, Diem floating lazily by her head. He flew by her ears, making her giggles as she swatted him away. She stopped her laughter when she could hear the other kids. She hoped she wasnt noticed. Most of the others didnt really pay her any attention, not that she minded.

    Hadlee kept her head down as she closed her book and clutched it to her chest. She hoped she could make it through breakfast without being noticed today, and make it to her lesson with Kreskes before she was forced to interact with any of the other kids.
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  8. Momo formed a huge grin as she saw the plate of smoked salmon being pushed her way. Already drooling all over herself, she was shocked to be "booped" on the nose by Aeo.
    "Itai-nya," she spoke softly, "itai" being the Japanese word for "ow" or "that hurts".

    She listened to the shapeshifter's words: "But don't scare me like that...! I might panic-morph next time... again..."
    Momo giggled and closed her eyes in a smile. "Sorry-nya! Momo will think before acting next time!" she said as she swallowed a filet of salmon whole.

    "You knyow, Momo-nya has a lot to do today. Go walking with Atlas-nya, collect flowers for Rayne-nya, carry Rayne-nya's heavy books, hang out with friends..." Momoko let out a squeal, which was the equivalent of an excited sigh. "Gotta stock up on nyutrients!"

    She hummed cheerfully as she snapped up the last piece of fish.
    "Nya, Momo had better go search for the others!" She rose to her feet. "Later, Aeo-nya--Mati-nya! Momo will be seeing you again soon!"

    And with a twitch of her ear and a flick of her tail, she was off.
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  9. Contrary to other's belief sleeping up in a tree branch wasn't uncomfortable in the least. In fact Atlas appeared to have an extra spring in his step as he arrived for breakfast that morning. Thoughts of last nights star gazing adventure mixed with the distinct smell of fresh fruits and vegetables had him in a state of perpetual tranquility. Although he was slightly disappointed to have missed Boo's daily morning song. Making a mental note of visiting the gentle giant later, Atlas converged through the crowded tables, laughing and making small conversation.

    A plate of wild berries and tart encrusted pancakes slid into view, capturing his full attention as he popped the first piece in his mouth. Flavor exploded on his tongue and it wasn't long before the rest of the fluffy bread had disappeared from sight. After eating the last berry, Atlas glanced around the room, looking for his cat eared friend.

    "Must've finished early..." He thought as he couldn't spot her anywhere. Rising from his seat he bid farewell to the near-by children and strolled towards the distinct head of pink hair.

    "Good morning Aeo" Atlas greeted, smiling at the shifter, "You wouldn't happen to know where Mo went do you?"

    He knew that the two were fairly close buds and if anything, Aeo would know where she planned to go. If he didn't then Atlas' next destination would be Rayne. It wouldn't be a surprise if the neko was somewhere hovering over their mentor.

    ((Shades pov coming in a bit))

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  10. Hovering in the shadows, a few feet away from the crowd of children, Shade listened attentively to Boo's song. Throughout the night he had once again spent his time floating through the halls until the first ray of sunrise appeared. Shifting forms to and fro had started to become easier but there was still plenty of time until the next form would be reached. Not that time would be of any concern for the being of shadows. Immersed in his own musings, Shade almost didn't notice that the song had ended until the other kids had dispersed into their usual breakfast tables. It wasn't belong before most of the seats were filled to the brim with chattering creatures of all race and sizes. Reverting back to his original form, Shade hovered high above the ceiling just watching and taking it all in.

    This was his daily breakfast routine ever since he had come across the Orphanage. Next would be hovering through the lessons and watching the Caretakers teach. Then it would watching what the younger and older children tend to do in their free time. After that would come lunch and dinner which usually consisted of the same process as his Breakfast routine had. Always watching and just listening.

    But apparently not today. Something caught Shades eye as he wandered over to a small and quite portion of the cafeteria. A girl, he recognized as a Ram horned humanoid, was clutching an unfamiliar book. That came as somewhat of a surprise as he thought that he had memorized and cataloged all the books in the orphanage ages ago. It seemed that he had missed one.

    Quite as a wisp of air, Shade floated down behind the girl and eyed the page of words she was currently reading.

    "Do you mind if I ask what is the name of the book you are reading, miss?" Shade asked telepathically. From his previous observations he knew that the girl, Hadlee, did not speak and considered that perhaps it would be easier for her if they spoke through thoughts.

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  11. Nimah
    Nimah bounced into the dining hall behind all the rest of the children and slid into her seat next to a few other of the kids. They seemed to inch away from her, but she didnt really mind all that much. She would return the favor later on. Her tray was full of things she didnt like, such as vegetables and fruit. Her Mentor, despite his freaky reputation, was always encouraging Nimah to eat better so the other kids would like her. She prefered her rats over the broccoli on her tray. Boo told her that it was unnatural for little girls to eat dead things from the ground, that it would scare the other kids away, but Nimah hardly cared. She sighed and tossed her tray to the side and leaped from her seat. She sauntered off in look of her mentor, Boo.

    Hadlee jumped at the sound, looking around frantically, until she realized that the sound came from inside her head. She closed her book suddenly and watched regretfull as Diem flew away with a buzz. She sighed and thought that the sound came from her imagination. She swung her legs from the bench and came face to face with a shadowed figure. She squeaked, a sound that was barely audible against the roar of the dining hall. She recognized the Shade. She never really saw him, except up top, observing. She wished she could do that.

    She bowed her head, her short pale hair falling over hair red eyes. She blushed and showed the book cover to him. She didnt know how to even communicate telipathically. She held the book out for the Shade to take it. She didnt even know if he would or not, but she didnt know how to react to such a creature.
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  12. U l y s s e s

    His eyes opened.

    The resounding tap against the door was what stirred him so quickly from his slumber. Several years of that same tap echoed through his mind, possibly the best alarm clock that Ulysses could ever have. Around the same time, every day, the tap would be heard, and he couldn't resist pulling out of slumber at it's call.

    He blinked, still in his bed. His sheets were wrapped about him every which way from his incessant squirming in his sleep.

    His jaws opened wide and his eyes closed tight as a deep yawn came from his chest. His head lifted up, feeling heavy with the groggy fog of sleep. After slowly untangling himself from his blankets, he sighed, and placed his hands firmly on the sheets and he pushed up. He got into a less comfortable sitting position and steadied himself on the same mattress as he'd had for a long, long time now. The same room. The familiarity after such strange dreams was certainly a comforting feeling.

    His hand lifted and ran through his soft, thick locks of black hair, mussing it up even more than his bedhead had offered. Lavender eyes blinked slowly, eyelids heavy. He wore a black T-shirt and loose, soft pajama pants, with a plaid pattern of deep colors covering them. Using the balls of his palms to rub his eyes, he stood -

    "Whoa - "

    His hand jerked and slapped against the mattress as he almost fell over, his balance failing him. He tipped and stopped, eyes wide. The shocked expression, after a minute, melted into an amused one. He chuckled, voice scratchy with sleep, shaking his head. "Too fast, Ulysses, too fast."

    Now, after standing himself up properly, the boy ran one of his hands through his hair again, just along the side. Even in the early morning, he managed to pull off the messy look. Thanks to his remarkable kind, the Huldrefolk. They're basically forest spirits, designed to be able to seduce any who pass or entrance them with the Huldre's looks to do the Huldre's commands. Though Ulysses here was the male counterpart, a Huldrekarl. In ways, it was a blessing, and in ways, it was also a terrible curse.

    He pushed the door to his room open gently - very gently. He had to be gentle with basically everything, so as to not accidentally hurt something or someone with his strength. Even then, yes, he did make mistakes and sometimes even forgot about how strong he actually was. Closing the door, he glanced down his hallway. The quiet whispers of students, and the ghostly voice of Boo singing his morning song, sent a chill of comfort through him. Yes, a chill. The tone of Boo's voice was a bit unsettling, but so familiar. It was a beautiful thing to hear, a privilege, really.

    The teenage boy shuffled along after the other children, hearing other stragglers - mostly teens who loved sleep way too much to be bothered - slowly emerging from their own rooms. He felt accomplished, almost proud, of being among the first to get up. It was, of course, due to so long of being a part of the routine, but it still made him feel good.

    The attention seeker was already starting to bud again.

    After a short walk, he came to the doors of the dining hall. And, with a huff, he pushed through them into the wide, wide room of many scurrying children. Many were small kiddies, ones that he practically towered over, excluding a couple of teens his age. He was among one of the oldest.

    The young man traveled over to retrieve his food - a rather tall pile of various berries, sweet plants, and a nice serving of bacon. Everything in one, he'd always say. The kid loved fruit, oddly, and loved the freshness of the fruit each and every morning. The Caretakers knew how to do absolutely everything right.

    His eyes searched the crowd as he walked through the hall, some children inching out of his way when he passed. He was pretty tall, especially when you compared him to some of the species there - some who were barely half his size. Some of the older girls, near to his age, giggled as they glanced at him, before looking away. The corners of his lips pulled up on instinct, into a soft smirk. It was flattering, and being .. him, he loved that kind of stuff.

    His eyes flickered up and landed almost immediately onto a table near one of the wide windows, where a familiar gorgon and her tiny friend sat together. The gorgon was Dana, whilst the little one with her was Blissful. They were familiar to him, along with the rest of the orphanage. Dana especially made him feel very at-home. She was a few years younger than he, but he considered her a good friend and he was quite comfortable in her company.

    He knew that Momoko was on the prowl somewhere. She usually managed to find him before he could find her. He'd have to check up on Nimah soon after he ate, as well as Lazuli. Those two were interesting, and he adored them.

    The young man's lips made a warmer smile as he approached Bliss and Dana's table, saying to them in a voice deepened from sleep, "G'morning, Dana n' Bliss." Casually, he set his tray next to Dana and asked both of them, "How're ya doing?"

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  13. A greenish-blue crystal egg stood and slumbered in a singular spot, before the slightest bit of light hit its gem-crusted shell. It was time to rise and possibly shine. Hatch? Nah, far from that.

    This little egg was known as Lazuli, named so due to its crystal crust. No one knows what's underneath. Maybe only Lazuli knows, but Lazuli speaks words in no language. In other words, it could only squeal, squeak and bounce while in its unhatched state.

    The egg bounced off its bed, ready to begin its day...
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  14. Soona awoke quite late, in comparison to the rest of the bunch. Yawning and covering her mouth with a sleeve, she lowered herself to the ground, because--of course--she sleeps in mid-air. Hovering her way over to the dining hall, she grabbed a mug of hot chocolate to soothe her cravings. Scanning the room, she decided that the most lively table was the one by the window, where she saw Dana, Bliss, and Ulysses.

    Soona crept her way over and placed her mug on the table. "I hope you don't mind if I join you guys," she said softly, with a dainty smile, "your happy aura enticed me. Oh--and I'd love to hang out with you guys more, but sometimes I forget, and I really like you guys, so I don't really know why this is one of the few times we've talked, and--"
    Soona tripped over her words in a nervous sweat. Panicking, she brought her long sleeves up to cover her mouth.

    "Sorry..!" came her muffled response.
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  15. A small fox, the color of freshly fallen snow, laid on a bed that was clearly too large for such her. This fluffy white fox was curled up into a ball, using her twin tails as a pillow instead of using the one right next to her, finding its softness to be more comfortable than anything the bed may offer her. Some might wonder what a fox would be doing in an orphanage. Surely a wild animal isn't safe to place around children, right? Well, this fox was no ordinary one. She was actually one of the children that the orphanage was kind enough to take in.

    Soft but multiple taps on the door caused the slumbering fox to stir ever so slightly. The sound seemed to resonate throughout the entire room, a waking call that she knew all too well. Although instead of immediately getting up, she merely changed positions, placing her paws on her ears in hopes of lessening the sound the knock had made. As usual, it didn't work. It took a few more moments before she gave up. She gradually opened her eyes until her honey colored hues met with her tail and the blue blanket of her bed. She was often a cheery child but she always found it difficult to get up in the morning. Sleep plus warm fur and a soft bed, who would want to get up?

    A few more moments passed by and finally, finally, she stood on her four legs and hoped off the bed, knowing she would only be tempted to sleep once more if she stayed. Her gaze flickered to the door, she knew it would be impossible to open in her form. She's tried, it didn't work out too well for her making her nearly skip breakfast. She closed her eyes and pictured her human form, concentrating as much as her five year old mind could. Shifting between one form to another has always been difficult for her, made less so thanks to the efforts of her mentor, Esme who told her what she needed to do. 'Okay Kira, concentrate, concentrate, concentrate.' It took maybe a minute or two before a small child with light blond hair took the space where the fox had been occupying earlier. Although despite her humanoid appearance, she still held fox like features such as her ears and fluffy tail.

    Happy with her success, Kira's expression was no longer a sleepy one. Her eyes held a cheery look and her lips had a bright smile as if she had just received a large number of sweets. She was excited for the day, 'I can't wait to play with everyone and-' The sound of her stomach interrupted her thoughts, signifying that she was hungry and delayed breakfast for far too long, 'And to eat!' Quickly picking up the flower pin on her bed and fixing her hair, she ran to the door and turned the handle with one skinny hand.

    Leaving the room and closing the door behind her, she proceeded to walk to where she knew the dining area was. All of the other children were already gone, well, almost all. As she walked, she saw a familiar figure not too far ahead from where she was. Quickly, she ran to the egg and greeted it cheerfully once she was beside the unhatched being, "Good morning eggie!"
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  16. There it was. That ghost-like knock at the door. It had been the same for years and Francis knew it would never change. Sighing, they sat up, the small blanket that covered them falling to the floor. They blinked once, looking down at the blanket with distaste before picking it up and flinging out of the broken window. Broken... Perhaps they had another fitful dream that previous night. Though, it wasn't as if Francis cared. They didn't share a room with anyone and the window would be fixed soon enough. Besides, they wouldn't care if a child was injured, either. What was surprising was that the caretakers had allowed them to stay at the orphanage despite their threatening personality.


    "Maaaaaaaannnnnnnuuuuuuuu!" Eggie cried, jumping off of her bed and looking around her room. Her cousin was nowhere to be seen. "Maybe she's on another morning walk?" the girl mumbled, shaking her head. How her cousin was able to get up so early in the morning was beyond the five-year-old's understanding. The girl huffed, almost jumping out of her skin when Boo had knocked on her door. Smiling, she ran out, feeling a little starved. After all, she loved food. Giggling, she rushed ahead into the dinning room once Boo had finished his song, and claimed her usual seat by the window, food in hand.


    Out by the boundaries of the orphanage, under a large tree was where Manu could be found. She never dared to go past the boundary, though she had often dreamt of going. Alas, she could never leave Eggie alone. Not when the poor girl had no one else. Sighing, the wolven girl curled up under the tree, closing her eyes as the sun rose higher. But how long should she wait? She wanted to avenge her family, as any other honourable demon would. Manu just couldn't leave! She sighed again, uncurling and pulling out her notebook and pen. Opening to a new page, she began writing furiously in the demon's language. It wasn't a diary, no, though she certainly wasn't planning on showing anyone. In fact, the book contained everything. Her thoughts, ideas and plans. As well as musical notations and scientific reports.​
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  17. Aeo Chalfan
    Currently: Walking to Kreskes' Class

    Aeo blushed a little as he heard Amethyst's voice, shyly waving. Aeo had always been shy around the girls of the orphanage that were the same age or older than him. Especially Amethyst or Lin.
    "U-u-um... mor... morning... Ame..thyst!" He spluttered awkwardly, before turning back to the Neko wish a reddish flush on his cheeks. When Aeo blushed, it lit up his white-pale face, making it obvious when he was shy or embarrassed. His face soon returned to normal as he watched the Neko hungrily devour the salmon, and a soft giggle escaped Aeo's lips. He wondered if the hungry Neko ever got indigestion. By the speed she ate - probably not. When Momo announced her deperature, Aeo nodded with a light smile.
    "Okay. Stay out of trouble, little minx..." Aeo mumbled, watching the Neko shoot out of the dining room in almost the blink of an eye. So fast...

    Aeo then watched as the forest spirit, Atlas, approached him. Aeo was somewhat shy around the older boys, and his catlike ears became droopy, as if intimidated somewhat. Aeo knew perfectly well that Atlas was one of the nicer boys, yet Aeo couldn't help but feel a little shy somewhat.
    "Good morning Aeo. You wouldn't happen to know where Mo went do you?"
    Aeo looked to the doorway where Momo jumped out, and smiled softly.
    "Oh... she literally just left. She said she was going to go walking with you... and... ah... a bunch of other stuff." Aeo ended embarrassedly, showing his forgetful side. "You should be able to catch up with her... But be careful... she's particular playful today...!" Aeo ended with a light-hearted chuckle.

    Aeo gave a soft smile to the forest sprite, before checking his watch. Like everything he wore, the simple wrist watch was also pink.
    "I should hurry... Kreskes said he wanted me early today." Aeo mumbled to himself, putting his hands back in his pockets. After saying his goodbyes to his tablemates and Atlas, Aeo began walking to Kreskes' class, wondering what the playful caretaker had in store for him today. Aeo always wondered why Kreskes was chosen to be Aeo's mentor; Aeo was just too laid-back and kind to prank other people, yet this made him a very easy target for pranks. One of the worst was when Kreskes hid a bucket of freezing water above the door - a classic trick that Aeo fell right into. The freezing water caused him to panic-morph, which sent the whole class screaming with laughter.

    Aeo was hoping that some of the other tricksters in Kreskes class - such as Amethyst and Francis - wouldn't try and prank him today. Aeo knew he had to be alert every second whilst walking into Kreskes' class - he was determined not to get pranked by the caretaker again today.
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  18. Amethyst White
    After she finished eating the succulent waterlilies, Amethyst headed out of the dining room and went to Kreskes' class. She can't wait what's in store for her today. She just loved how fun Kreskes is and how funny seeing the faces of the kids she prank.

    Being a will-o'-the-wisp, its in her nature to be mischievous, but that doesn't mean that she wanted to be the stereotype will-o'-the wisp, always tricking people into their doom. Oh no, she just wanted to trick people for fun, that's all.

    Walking along the hallway, she spotted the shapeshifter Aeo, heading to class. Suddenly, a brilliant idea popped into her mind and can't help but grin like a Cheshire cat.

    With silent footsteps, she walked behind Aeo and then jumped at him "Aeo-kun!" she exclaimed, riding him on his back, giggling. "Did I scare you?" she asked innocently, still riding him "Aww~ Aeo-kun is so cute!" she teased "Are heading to Kreskes' class? I'm heading to his class too! How about you carry me there? Come on, mush!" she ordered, giggling even more.
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  19. Aeo Chalfan
    Currently: Walking to Kreskes' Class

    Aeo was quiet and in a daydreaming sort of walk, yet alert at the same time. The corridor seemed clear, and it didn't look like Kreskes or anybody had laid any traps for him so far. Maybe he had nothing to worry abo-

    "YEEEEEEEEK...!" Aeo screeched, almost panic-shifting from the sudden surprise attack, and barely managing to stay on his feet after Amethyst jumped onto his back. Slowing his breathing, Aeo's face became extremely red as he weakly shook his body, but Amethyst was firmly attached to his back.
    "Aww~ Aeo-kun is so cute!"
    "Bu-b-b-b... w-w-wh...?!" Aeo spluttered with confusion, his face becoming even redder than before. He was easy to tease, and even easier to make blush. His tail swishing behind him and his ears droopy, Aeo's back began to ache. Amethyst didn't seem to want to get off his back, either... a-at this rate...
    "C-carry you...?! Hnnng... I'm not very... strong..." Aeo choked. It was true - Aeo wasn't strong whatsoever, and found it hard to carry someone even as light as Amethyst. He was going to fall over at this rate... and he couldn't let that happen!
    E-eep... I have to... change... form...! He thought with a flustered expression. Wincing at the probable laughter to come, he clicked his fingers.

    Almost instantly, Aeo's body shifted into an entirely new form. Instead of being in his usual human form, Aeo had shifted into a light pink donkey. Embarrassed beyond belief, Aeo tried to say something, but let out a weak 'neigh' instead.
    "F-fine, you got me... b-but please don't tell anyone about this...!" Aeo whimpered in his donkey form, his equine ears drooping downwards. Dutifully, his hooves clopped against the floor as he trotted towards Kreskes' class, with Amethyst on his back.
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  20. Amethyst White
    Amethyst watched Aeo become flustered, giggling at the process. "Aww~ you're so cute!" she cooed, unable to contain her squeals.

    She didn't really mean to let Aeo carry her to class. He wasn't strong at all and she knew that, she was about to let go of him when she felt that Aeo's losing balance but surprised her when he changed into a pink donkey. She sat on his back baffled and then squealed out of excitement "Oh my Mons, a donkey! and a pink one!" she squealed, hugging him and nuzzling her cheeks on his neck. He then started to carry her to class, his hooves clopping against the floor.

    Amethyst was happy beyond belief but quickly frowned after seeing Aeo's drooping ears. Knowing what to do, she quickly jumped off of his back and bowed her head, unable to look at him in the eyes "Uhm... I'm sorry, Aeo-kun. I... I didn't mean to get you embarrassed... I'm sorry" she apologized and bowed her head even lower "D-don't worry... I won't tell anyone what happened so...please don't hate me..." she said and began to trail off, her eyes started to shed some tears.
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