Ordinis Sancti Percute; The True Accounting of World War 2.

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      Most know that World War 2 began with the invasion of Poland in 1939 on September first. The history of World War 2 is in fact fairly well documented. The rise of Nazi aggression and power to their eventual fall. But this isn't the story of that well known tale. No, this is the true story.

      And it didn't begin in 1939, but in 1938, on the 22nd of December, the date of the Winter Solstice. In this time forces known by many names, including the Thule Society engaged forces deep in Poland, in a preliminary strike securing a number of artefacts, at their head the few survivors who hid and avoided detection reported the attack was fronted by werewolves and the dead with a Necromancer wearing Nazi regalia at their head.

      Numerous attacks of the sort happened across the breadth of Europe, strange stormtroopers lead by what had previously been believed were supernatural creatures.


      Within England and many other nations this caused a shift in an ancient covenant older than most nations and peoples. Representatives of the psuedo-government that simply called itself the Covenant of Peace came forth to allied nations. They explained millennium of concealing themselves from the world for fear of discovery and decimation at the hands of religious crusaders and their priests.

      It was something that was not received well and the allied nations, which joined in the entity now known as World War 2. Time forwards to 1940, June and a conference is announced in France between the leaders of the Covenant and the allied nations. A well hidden conference that was nonetheless discovered and, Paris fell. The entire invasion staged simply to conceal the murder of the Covenant's leadership and those leaders who were present.

      A grand deception by the Covenant to conceal the true meeting. Held in London itself.

      In the wake of the Covenant was formed the Ordinis Sancti Percute, the "Holy Strike Order" they were to be a team of specialists. Investigators, Magi, the 'otherkind' and the soldiers. Their purpose?

      To find, hunt and destroy the occultists of the enemy. Their undead, the otherkind who swore to their service, their magi and sorcerors. The secret war for world war 2.

      Little could they know how pivotal they were to it's outcome.

      It is now the 23rd of September 1940, the Autumnal Equinox. And word has reached the Ordinis Sancti Percute that the Nazi's are moving in secret on an artefact concealed in the Sphinx at Giza.

      The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

    • Characters come in four varieties.

      1. Investigators: Investigators are often important parts of the teams, specialised in investigative methods they're basically private investigators with military and basic occultist training. The trackers of the team.
      2. Occultists: Occultists usually come in several varieties, the Magi, the Sorcerers and the Necromancers. The latter of which only exist within the Nazi's camp, the Covenant having forbid the practice of Necromancy more than a millennia beforehand, as such only the Magi and Sorcerers will be found in the Ordinis Sancti Percute, the former study magic and call their power from ancient tomes, devices and raw knowledge, the Sorcerers however do not much care for all the study and are more natural mages, calling on power as they need it, but they suffer from lacking much variety in their abilities, though they tend to be innately more powerful than that of a Magi.
      3. Supernaturals: Vampires, Werewolves and other 'unnatural' beasts all come under this title and they can be as varied as anything, though contrary to popular belief, ghosts and geists are not amongst their number, the 'intangibles' as the Covenant call them are a mystery even to the Covenant helping or hindering at whim, but as such the Order has none of these 'intangibles', nor to anyones knowledge does the Thule Society.
      4. Soldiers: The best trained fighters, while Supernaturals might have some unnatural advantages, the Occultists have some special powers and investigators are the best bookish types you get, when it comes down to killing the soldiers are pretty much the best. Pretty much all of their skills and trainings are in the use of weapons, tactics and related skills.
      Each player gets 7 "traits" to spend on their character. Choosing their type of character consumes one trait point. All the other traits are designed by the character as relevant to their character as shown below.

      Traits include investigative skills, equipment and the like as well as basic weapons training in pistols perhaps.

      Sample Investigator:
      Steve Stevon Stevington the Stevecond.
      Six-Shooter ; Steve has a trusty old smith and wesson that he uses for when the going gets rough.
      Six-Shooter Upgrade; Steve has put in enough practice with Sixy to be considered a fair shot.
      Keen Sight; Steve has an uncanny knack for spotting when something just isn't quite right, allowing him to spot when something is out of place.
      Lockpicks; Steve carries a set of lockpicks on his person at all times.
      Lockpicks +; Steve had a magi enchant his lockpicks once to warn him of magical protections on a lock.
      Lucky Charm; Steve carries a bracelet of lucky charms, now and again this saves his life in a spectacular manner.

      Traits include magical abilities, magical artefacts, innate strengths and depths of power. Be creative, but not too creative or i'll have to smack you :p

      Sample Occultist
      Apprentice Elementalist (Fire); Wing has the basics of fire magic down and can sling small fireballs, create moderate flames, light torches and contribute if a ritual needs a fire element.
      Journeyman Elementalist (Fire); Wing is more adept with fire, able to sling down sheets of flame and hurl more impressive fireballs and so on.
      Elementalist (Fire); Though not yet a master in his art, he is an excellent fire mage, and nobody would choose to challenge him on this twice.​
      Extinguishing Wand; This small arcane device is considered a must-have by any fire elementalist worth a damn, because fire is a bitch. It doesn't like being controlled, and any elementalist of fire who wants to reach their journeyman stage will need one just to live that long.
      Robes of Retarding; A dedicated fire mage usually wants to get a set of these sooner than later. Because burning isn't fun. No not at all.
      Well of Power: A ring on Wing's left index finger serves as a small reserve of power for when he taxes himself beyond his abilities.

      Supernaturals traits generally reflect what they are, what they do and... it generally reflects their 'self.'

      Sample Supernatural
      Marie Sueanne Wolfing
      WEREWOLF!; Under the power of the full moon Marie is compelled to turn into a werewolf, this semi-wolf, semi-human beast.
      Werewolf 2.0; Marie has learned to take control of her power and can change regardless of the condition of the moon or day, though still compelled to turn during a full moon, Marie retains her self control.
      Strength; As a lycanthrope she has significantly more strength than a normal human, however counter to popular belief she has this strength at all times.
      Strength 2.0; Marie is even stronger than usual, though still below Alpha werewolves.
      Canine senses; Maries hearing and sense of smell are extremely strong and can follow where other trails might be lost.
      Full Wolf; Marie can actually transform fully into a wolf, allowing her to move more quickly and scout without being noticed... if she's lucky.

      Traits typically revolve around combat training and equipment.

      Sample Soldier
      George Ignatius Joe
      Basic Combat Training: Trained to use basic rifles, grenades and sidearms with limited body armour to effectiveness.
      Enhanced Combat Training: George is trained above and beyond in the use of basic weaponry.
      Grenadier: George likes his grenades. Pull the pin first, a nice curveball throw and BOOM bits of Nazis everywhere!
      SMG Training: George has been trained to use basic submachineguns, from the Thompson to the German MP-40.
      Body Armour: George has a set of experimental body armour said to be capable of stopping fore from an MP-40 for a time.
      CCW Training: George has trained in close combat and is accomplished at knife-fighting.

      You're relatively free to design your own traits, however all traits are subject to approval and trying to make them too broad will just get you slapped. (Metaphorically.) Note, you don't need to make your character all powerful to begin with, should they survive they will get stronger, learn more, gain more.

      If they don't survive.... well bad luck, feel free to try again :p

      The character sheet follows on the next tab.

    • Name:
      Specialisation: (Investigator, Occultist, Supernatural, Soldier)
      Trait Upgrade;

      Disclaimer: I "Username here" consent to having my character murderised for the needs of the plot, to move things on, because i'm plain unlucky or did something incredibly stupid.

    • Heinrich Himmler


      The man who's authority the Thule Society serves under. Though independent
      it is Himmler that gives the Society direction and, it is thought, directly in charge
      of the laboratories and 'temples' where the blackest practices are found.

      Walter Nauhaus.


      Walter Nauhaus is the leader of the Thule Society and it's believed, a
      necromancer with no equal. He runs the Thule Society with an iron fist
      and there are standing orders for ALL Ordinis Sancti personell that, if seen
      he is to be killed at any cost, up to and including their own lives and failing
      their mission. Though if a mission is of enough consequence, the officers
      in charge may suspend this standing order.

      Lady Von Stronheim


      Also known by the moniker "The Iron Bitch" she is Himmler's long arm.
      An assassin sent to eliminate any of the more persistent problems the
      Thule Society face in their duties. It's unknown if Stronheim is an occultist
      supernatural or simply a soldier without peer. None of the Allies seem too
      keen to discover the details.

      Rudolf Van Heimlein


      Rudolf leads a unit that is pretty much directly built as a counter
      to the Ordinis Sancti Percute, his sole duty and that of his unit is
      to find, counter and destroy and of the Sancti operating against
      Germany, or the Thule Society in specific. Though many suspect
      he harbours a desire to replace Walter as the Societies top
      dog. Regardless, he's an accomplished Necromancer.​

    • General Mark Thompson


      A British man who is in overall command of the Ordinis Sancti Percute, he made his name
      earlier in his life, though most of it remains utterly classified by the intelligence community
      though rumour amongst the unit says that he wrestled a dragon serving the Nazis and
      turned in its hoard to the Queen personally.

      He is also known to backhand anyone who says it in his hearing with 'Don't be a bloody
      daft bugger.'

      Colonel Julia Matrovka


      Julia is on secondment from the Soviet Union after the co-operation began
      her experience and skill are among the unions best and, so to, does it turn
      out her administrative skills are nearly a match. Julia serves as either a
      mission commander, or unit quartermaster.

      Lieutenant Bill Fullerton


      Bill is an overly enthusiastic young man new to the war, a capable man if one
      overly prone towards unwarranted enthusiasm and making exceptionally sexist
      jests. He's now known to avoid Julia at all times after stating that she was "good
      for nothing more than sitting on my hand and washing dishes" and nearly
      being shot for the remark.

      "Morgana Le Fay"


      Though people may argue over whether it is really THE Morgana Le Fay what nobody
      argues about is that she is the representative for the Covenant in the Ordinis Sancti
      Percute and in overall authority of any Occultists and Supernatural within the unit
      including being in overall charge of discipline. It's not known whether she is a super-
      natural or simply a vastly powerful occultist, though she does have some tales about
      Merlin, not many of them nice. She seems popular enough with people and doesn't
      seem to be the evil enchantress the stories claim her to be referring to the stories as
      "a woefully mistold tale of a divorce gone horrifically wrong."

      Thard Meadhands


      Thard is a Dwarf who serves somewhat as the Ordinis' inventor, he is enough
      of an occultist that he can integrate some exceptional ideas and practices into
      his inventions, and so when a historical means to defeat an enemy aren't to
      be found he'll work to invent a new, technological, means to do it instead.

      And then probably volunteer to join the teams on the frontline to test it
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  2. We can work on this post roll20 tutorial session by you tomorrow :)






    Timeshift: Kani can momentarely slow time of her Surroundings for a few seconds and allows her to act freely and think freely, independent of the time around her.
    Advanced Body Armor; Kani wears an armor from within her original Dimension, this armor is especially made to adjust the operator to the basis of melee combat to make them impossible to be harmed against the Rebellion of a species. This Armor is also connected with her physical body and cannot be removed or repaired due to the difference in Technology.
    Advanced Weapon; Her weapon is specially made to fight against the unarmored Units, while it severely wounds her target (if unarmored), it is utterly useless and a waste of space when fighting anything that wears any sort of protection made out of metal. It uses Solar fulled Bullets and can store up to 20 shots for a night. This is not a weapon that can be shot quickly as it cooldowns 5 seconds before it can give off a shot again. This is a measure placed in order to keep the weapon from overheating.
    All shots give off a light, making them very easy to detect during the night for at least a mile.

    Advanced Body Armor
    Advanced Weapon

    Disclaimer: I "YouGotMeOnSteamOntopSoWhichUsernameCanIUseIfIDontWantToUseIwakus?" consent to having my character murderised for the needs of the plot, to move things on, because I failed to communicate and am going to avenge this character somewhere else probably....! Who knows? D:< (just kidding of course)

    Character Concept:
    (so I dont need to explain too much tomorrow)
    The thought is that she was ripped from a different, non paralel running dimension into this to earth by occultists.
    The Idea behind her Equipment and Traits lie in the thought of her being theoretically strong, but weaker in the long run. She is meant to be immune to the direct hits of knifes, bites, scratches, blades, axes, etc while being vulnerable to bullets.
    The next thought is that she and the armor are one, connected, removing one will kill the other. Because this seems a bit too much right now I was thinking of giving the armor a certain ammount of Hit/Armor Points. None of it is repairable or restorable and every point of damage is also harming her personality, her intelligence and her ability in a fight.
    Timeshift is thought to be an escape and Tacticaly used Action. One that can be used as a measure to counter exceeding ammounts of damage such as direct hits of tank shells, bombs, grenades, everything that would cause severe damage. But this is not meant to be to overpower, every use of Timeshift will cause her to lose Hit/Armor Points as compensation with the thought of the Equipment not having been meant to endure actions and thoughts of extreme speed and as the armor and her are connected and form one whole entity...
    You get what I thought :D
    I hope it overall balances enough.
    This should follow the idea of "Strong Early" and "Problematic Late"

    She is not exacly Supernatural... Just Supernatural to what is known.​
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  3. Name: Adrian Maelstrom
    Gender: male
    Specialisation: soldier/supernatural

    History: Adrian was born into a family in Mississippi. He was raised alongside two brothers, and they each did their part. He was always the most fit and intelligent, however his brothers had better personalities and people skills.

    One night Adrian's family was attacked by a vampire. His father died first trying to defend his mother and brothers. Next his mother was disabled. The vampire then dispatched his brothers with haste and Adrian awoke to their screams. As he appeared from his room he found the vampire in the middle of having his way with his mother.

    Adrian blinded in rage grabbed the nearest object which was a fire poker and ran at the man. The man snapped his mother's neck and dropped her before kicking the boy across the room. Adrian had lost everything his family, his hopes, and soon his life. He had no choice so he fought. Rising he swung the poker at the man and it was snapped on his arm before Adrian was lifted and choked.

    "You have spirit, I like that. One day you shall seek me out and then we shall see if it has remained. Use your hatred and become strong and one day you may earn the chance to avenge them."

    These were the last words Adrian heard before the world went dark. When he awoke his throat burned as though it was on fire and he felt weak. He wandered for days and would have died if he hadn't stumbled across a young girl walking along the rode. She stopped and seemed to recognize him, he realized it was one of the girls from the farm next to theirs.

    As she approached he fell to his knees and held his hand over his eyes. The sunlight hadn't killed him, but it did make him feel extremely weak. She ran forward to help and put a hand on his back kneeling beside him to try to assist him. Suddenly their eyes locked and she realized the gravity of her mistake when she saw those crimson eyes.

    Before she could escaped his hand closed over her wrist and he drove her to the ground with what little strength he had left. As she fell he threw himself upon her his remaining hand grabbing her neck and turning it to the left. He instinctually drove his teeth into her throat and drank her blood. He sat there for what seemed like hours holding the lifless body of the girl who had tried to help him and sweeping her hair. Finally he stood and carried her to the edge of the trees and placed her sitting with her back to it. The last anyone saw of Adrian in that town was his back going down that road.

    Trait; Vampiric power- He has a heightened sense of smell, perception, and strength than a normal person. On top of this he is at least twice as fast. However He burns in the sunlight.
    Trait Upgrade; Vampiric power 2.0- He does not immediately die in the sunlight, but over time will slowly deteriorate into death.
    Trait; Firearm use- He has been trained in how to use machine guns and small arms. He is not the best, however he can more than hold his own.

    Trait; Close combat- He has been trained in close quarters combat with a sword, and due to his vampiric abilities can often use it in combat.
    Trait Upgrade; Swordsmanship- He has continued his training and is a specialist into the use of a sword and is now extremely proficient in its applications.
    Trait Uprade; Swordsmanship 2.0- He has now become a disciple in the ways of the sword it is a part of his body. He moves with it like water in a river and flows through combat.

    Equipment: Katana: A katana with white wrappings.
    Disclaimer: I "drallinix" consent to having my character murderised for the needs of the plot, to move things on, because i'm plain unlucky or did something incredibly stupid
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  4. @Desire: Accepted.

    "Trait Uprade; Swordsmanship 2.0- He has almost mastered the sword it is a part of his body. He moves with it like water in a river and flows through combat."

    Denied, mastery is attained much higher up the metaphorical chain. 2.0 would have him be adept with the weapon, but not near mastery no. I'd also say that ...

    Vampire Power 1: Reduce it to 2x human speed, and Vampire Power 2, a limited time in sunlight only, an hour or so.

    Characters don't start off strong, but should they survive can become much more powerful. ;) Tweak those traits as I mentioned and it'd be accepted.
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    • [​IMG]

      Name: Seeker Yggdri
      Gender: Female
      Appearance: A pretty young woman, Yggdri hails from Ireland and bears a lot of the very typical Irish traits: She is tall, at 6 foot flat; has smooth skin; rose petal lips; wavy locks of brown hair, barely maintained and yet wonderously lush; and strange-yet-enticing emerald coloured eyes. She wears simple clothing, normally brown and made of a natural material, such as furs, leather or hide. She smells of jasmine.
      Specialisation: Occultist - (Sorcerer)
      History: Born in Ireland a long time ago, Yggdri was the child of the druidic sect's leader and an outsider from Scandinavia. Her mother kept her inside the cult, and the man who sired her left to return back to his native land a few years after Yggdri was born. Unlike modern cultures, who might see Yggdri as a burden, or a bastard, Yggdri was celebrated as a gift of the earth: a sign of fertility and love and all the beliefs that the cult embodied.
      This translated into Yggdri being a much loved member of the cult, and a sort of communal icon who was showered with love, praise and all of the teachings that the cult could muster. Yggdri grew up a much beloved woman, and was trained by the many shamans, druids and loremasters of the sect, which created one of the more potent members of the clan. Some began to whisper that Yggdri was more than just a gift from the earth, but that she was touched by the great Mother herself. They asked that the young girl take the trials of the Seeker: an ancient and very important ritual that would allow Yggdri to take on the role of Seeker. To Yggdri, this opportunity was a fantastic one, as the young woman had begun to develop an interest in the outside world.
      So Yggdri undertook the trial of the Seeker, and she received a vision of some sorts. It was a horrifying one, that showed scenes of carnage and of death, and of a world ravaged by the undead and their sordid masters. The sight of it terrified Yggdri, and she asked for her mother's council. Upon hearing of the vision, the woman told Yggdri of a secret she had long kept about her father: That he was a member of the Covenant, and he had asked that a member of the cult come represent Ireland in the Ordinis-Sancti-Percute: an organisation that was designed to deal with threats just like those Yggdri had seen in her visions. To Yggdri and the entire cult, it was clear that the vision had chosen her to be the representative, and she left for the Ordinis-Sancti-Percute the next day.

    • Geomancer [Level 1] – Yggdri has begun the long and difficult path of learning geomancy. The path is essential to her trials as a Geomancer, and allows her the basics of manipulating rock and soil. It should be noted that this level is the novice’s level: She cannot change the properties of anything she can manipulate at level 1 mastery.
      Geomancer Focus – [Level 2] – Yggdri has begun to grow better at manipulating the natural world around her. Now, the rocks and soil are able to be bent more dramatically by the woman, and she can manipulate plants as well. The basics of form manipulation have also begun to reveal themselves to the Seeker, and she can slowly break down rock into sand, or turn soil into rock.
      Geomancer Adept- [Level 3] – Yggdri has reached the level of an adept at Geomancy. This means she has access to the third school of geomancy: plants. While this might seem like a small step, this is the final part of the geomantic trifecta, and allows her to manipulate the world around her further. She is now much quicker at manipulating form, although it still drains a lot of mana.

      Focusing Font [Level 1] – A unique artefact of her cult, the Focusing Font allows Yggdri to store mana and energy for use at a later date. It seems that the capacity and speed or storage is heavily dependent on the user: The stronger the spell caster, the more they can pour into the font more quickly. Once stored, the mana and energy is usable in two ways: either to recharge an Occultist's reserves of magic or to heal the wounded through direct consumption of the liquid-like contents.

      Beast Speaker [Level 1] – A basic talent for druids, Yggdri is able to commune with animals at a very basic level. At the moment, she is only able to talk to animals and convince them of her agenda. This lets her calm down normal beasts, and talk to wild animals in hope of assistance.

      Animal Familiar [Level 1] – The other basic talent for druids is the ability to maintain and summon a familiar. The creature is not a real animal, but a creature bound to the druid’s own spirit. It exists as long as she does, and can be summoned as long as she lives. The shape of the familiar is malleable, but it is only a small creature at the moment: generally either a Ferret, or a small owl. If the familiar is ‘killed’ it dissolves, and can be re- summoned an hour later.

    • Equipment: Focusing Font (See above), Oak Staff, Satchel of soil from her 'family land' (Readily useable soil), Browning 9mm Hi-Power (With several clips).

      Miscellaneous: She is a relative novice with her pistol, and has only been taught how to use it since joining the Sancti Percute. She has a notable lack of understanding of social conventions.

      Disclaimer: I LimeyPanda consent to having my character murderised for the needs of the plot, to move things on, because i'm plain unlucky or did something incredibly stupid.

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  5. ok edited.
  6. Name: Arthur 'Dutch' 'Ze Cowboy' Crowe
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Specialisation: Soldier
    History: Born in Dallas, Texas. His daddy beat him and his momma didnt bother to stop him. He learned that life was hard and lives his life as a hard man would. He joined the army at 16 and has been a fighter since the first World War. He started killing Nazi's when the war began and is still killing them in any way that'll keep em in the ground.
    Trait: Level 2 Enhanced combat prowess due to years of rigorous training under some of America's greatest soldiers.
    Trait: Level 1 Good with shotguns, handguns, and machine guns.
    Trait: Level 2 Close quarters combat is a specialty of his, he can tell when someone is sneaking up on him and can himself be rather sneaky.

    Winchester Model 12, Also known as the trench gun. He is proficient with this gun and often likes to get up close and personal to his enemies.
    Knuckle Knife, also known as the Knuckle Dusting Throat Cutter, he keeps it incredibly sharp and uses it for when he needs to be quite and stealthy.
    Experimental Body Armor to keep him kicking against some of the stronger supernatural attacks out there.

    Disclaimer: I HellHoundWoof consent to having my character murderised for the needs of the plot, to move things on, because I'm plain unlucky or did something incredibly stupid.
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  7. @Drallinix : Accepted
    @HellHoundWoof : Can you specify how many points you spent on which traits. Once that's done i'll review it again, but likely accepted.
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  9. This looks fun. I'm planning on joining, but posts might be a little slow due to Real Life and two other Rps I'm currently in.

    Hmm, I guess I could be a Russian vampire necromancer?
  10. Necromancers are prohibited.
  11. What? I'll have to ask the GM about that then.
  13. Just because the Covenant have forbidden it does not mean there's a few rouges around. :D
  14. Fair enough.

    Just, keep thinking of alternative ideas. :P
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  15. I won't go crazy with the nero. He will just be some lone wander who has just begun his sinister practice and only a few zoms at his command.
  16. if he gets approved better hope Adrian doesn't find him, Adrian hates vampires.
  17. He might not be a vampire. He might be a werewolf. Or something else.
  18. Did I do it correctly?
  19. Picking a class costs 1 trait point ;)

    The Winchester and Knuckle-Knife don't need to spend a trait point for, it's "normal" equipment, the traits are generally for special gear. And i'd say your enhanced combat prowess is a 2 pointer. So once those adjustments are done, accepted.

    The only Necromancers are found in Hitlers camp. The Covenant has Necromancers put to death on discovery.