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    In 2015,
    A battalion of United States 75th Rangers are flying on a drill over Romania. Suddenly, the helicopters were hit by IGLA anti-aircraft launchers. Fifteen of the men died in the crash, but still quite a large number (considering it's a crash) survived. In a rash effort, the soldiers got a single radio fixed. Command informs them that Russia is making a move on the Crimean peninsula. All out war to save the Ukraine is risky, at best, for the United States. However the use of guerrilla warfare against Russia....It is a testy, timeless war strategy and it usually works. Meanwhile, the Russians are aware of the Americans but refuse to declare war against their long time 'enemy'- instead, Putin personally sends squads of Spetsnaz GRU after the Special Forces rangers.
    Meanwhile, the invasion of the Ukraine is in full swing. As the Ukrainian president happily waits in Russia for his country to be annexed, the Ukrainians are fighting a military with a simple police force. Despite how hard the police force is fighting, the Russians are pushing with all they have. The only people left are citizen militias, armed with out dated weaponry. The militias however, can support Russians or the Crimean countries Tensions between the US and Russia is gaining a lot of friction over the issue, neither side admitting to the existence of the Rangers in the Ukraine to prevent war. But as the Spetsnaz close in, and the rangers begin working inward to the cities, it becomes clear that both sides are hiding something in the Ukraine...something they want neither side to get their hands on.

    Standard character sheet-

    Name: (try and have the name match the nationality)
    Age: (most militaries require special forces to be around 26 or so while police forces can have 18 year olds)
    Gender: (this is a little in the future, so there can be female special forces)
    Role: (Ukrainian Police. Ranger Rifleman, Ranger Scout Sniper, Ranger squad leader, Ranger SAW operator. Spetsnaz Squad leader, Spetsnaz rifleman, Spetsnaz CQB, Spetsnaz sniper. Pro-Russian militia, Pro-Independant Crimea militia)
    Background: (give a good bit of detail, at least two paragraphs, including Primary Weapons and Secondary weapons. A good thing to note is that Americans use STANAG 5.56 NATO guns while the Russians use 7.62 weaponry. The police forces will have very stubby weaponry like bullpups and the militias would have poor equipment/cheap equipment. Be sure to include camouflage if not the kind featured in the character picture. Some good patterns to google would be French Lizard, Woodland, KLmK, TTskO, MARPAT, Canadian CadPat, Multicam, ATACS FG/AU, six tone desert, Ghille Suits and FlekTarn)

    •Roles aren't that important- it's just to help you remember to not have your character having ridiculous gear. Like a rifleman who has an M249 and a M240B or something on those lines. That being said, a sniper won't tote around an RPG and a Police Officer won't have high end military weapons (FN SCAR or M60, for example). Just keep it in the bounds of realism with the gear mold.

    •American soldiers use NATO rounds, specifically 5.56mm (similar to a .223 caliber) most often. Russian soldiers often use Assault Kalishnikovs (like the AKM and AK74....the AK47 hasn't been used since 1950, by the way...it's a common misconception. The AKM is what is used...virtually identical guns) which fire a 7.62mmx54r (like a .3006 or .308 caliber) and are NOT compatible with NATO 7.62mm bullets. Keep this in mind- as your soldier, unless using a weapon the other side has common ammo for, cannot scavenge. However, if you wish to change your weapon beyond the one in your character bio, simply edit the bio and fill out a weapons form. Note that if you have a weapon in your character sheet and do not change it, this form is not required.

    •camouflage is important- the following lists the settings which cause certain camouflage patterns to be effective in SOME areas but not all. Click on the name to access an image that gives a small descriptive look of that setting;

    1) Crash-site
    2)Icy Forest
    3) Spetsnaz training ground

    •note that to avoid spoilers that the settings will be updated after they are encountered.

    Weapons sheet:

    Gun Name:
    Camouflage: (google patterns of camouflage. Some good ones would be French Lizard, Woodland, KLmLK, TTskO, MARPAT, Canadian CadPat, Multicam and ATACS FG/AU)
    How it was found: (give a brief summary)
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  2. image.jpg image.jpg Name: Adam "Ace" walker

    Age: 30

    Gender: male

    Role: Ranger squad sniper

    Nationality: American

    Background: With his L96A1 sniper rifle and M16 assault rifle, there aren't too many things Adam can't do. He graduated amongst the top 5 snipers in his division and has had his share of experience in the battlefield. Adam is a master at stealth and is an ace marksmen. Apart from his skills with a rifle, he is also smart and strategic. He can survey a battlefield and help coordinate air strikes or redirect an infantry unit to a better point of engagement.

    Adam lives by the codes "Rangers lead the way" and "no man left behind" he makes sure he does everything in his power to get his unit home safe while getting the job done right. Adam's sharp hunter instincts and intense training have shaped him into a precision killing machine, capable of adapting to any environment he's put in
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Ford Brody
    Age: 34
    Nationality: American
    Role: Ranger Rifleman
    Background: Born to a family abroad, Brody grew up knowing only the military life. Originally just graduating as a standard Ranger, Brody received an invitation to try out for the 75th division. Much to his delight and dismay of his family, he passed. Being in the ranger program for nearly eight years and refusing promotions that would keep him off the front lines, Brody is tough. Loosing many friends in the Middle East conflicts, Brody is no stranger to death. He uses a SCAR-L and camouflaged in Digital US4CES (the same camouflage he wears) . His side arm is a .45 Desert Eagle as opposed to a .50, and is rarely used. Ford's rifle however, has around 178 confirmed Taliban and Al Qaeda kills under it's belt. Ford maintains himself at 8-9% body fat, allowing him to stay lean and fast. This Brody uses US4CES camouflage which is great for underbrush in forests, foliage, grasslands and occasionally green shrubs.

    Name: Zinetula Datsyuk
    Age: 27
    Nationality: Russian
    Role: Spetsnaz CQB
    Information: Becoming a special forces operator AFTER the fall of the USSR doesn't land you in a good positioning with veterans. None the less, Zinetula showed extreme potential when sparring with a senior officer and humiliating them in hand to hand combat. Zinetula had learned Krav Maga, the Israeli art of disarming an opponent with a gun or knife. He also is also skilled in many martial arts, such as Muay Thai kickboxing, Sambo and Ju-Jitsu. Those skills, combined with his silenced AKM, make Zinetula a lethal machine. Having been just dropped in the Ukraine, his skills are untested beyond training. This training all came from the life that the young Datsyuk lead. The young Russian boy often started fights in school with the other kids...not to bully them, or because they bullied him, but because he felt a lack of respect. Following his dreams of being able to prove his prowess, Zinetula set out to Budapest where he learned the ways of the peaceful monks and their disciplines. Learning Krav Maga from Israeli immigrants was easier than learning Ju-Jitsu from disciplined monks who have to their lives as mixed martial artists. From there, the Datsyuk boy trained in Turkey to learn Sambo. Returning a year later, the twenty five year old at 4% body fat learned his parents had died in a horrific car accident. With nothing to lose and no family to care, Zinetula enlisted and worked to become a Spetsnaz CQB soldier (which also taught him to be stealthy). Zinetula chooses wears Flektarn Camouflage allowing him to blend in to many forest environments with ease as well as overgrown grasses and bushes.
    Name: Pavlo Moroz
    Age: 19
    Role: Ukrainian Police
    Nationality: Ukrainian
    Information: Pavlo comes from a poor family. He quit school early and became a police officer in order to assist his mother in 'making ends meet'. Pavlo has never before disobeyed a law- but when Russia tried to invade his country, a fire burned in Pavlo. Pavlo volunteered to assist in civilian evacuations. Pavlo is 12% body fat and often totes nearly a one hundred pound Kevlar vest. Though trained to use it, Pavlo has not yet fired a single lethal shot from his modded Tarvor-21 Grenadier edition rifle. Pavlo loves his country, and would do anything for the Crimean area and the Ukraine as a whole to remain independent of Russia. Pavlo sports French Lizard camouflage which allows him to blend in well with shrubbery.
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  4. Name: Ponce DiFiori
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    (Slightly more olive skin and tends to have a bit of a 5'oclock shadow look. Also dark brown hair)
    Nationality: Italian-American (2nd Generation Immigrant)
    Role: Ranger Rifleman
    Background: Ponce comes from a line of very wealthy business men in a quickly growing Tech Organization, Ponce originally joimed the military to help fund his schooling when his parents refused to help him pay for it. However he quickly found he had a natural affinity for extreme accuracy with a gun and high ability to remain calm in breaking point stressful situations. His general tech and skilled tech scores were off the charts, as well as knowledge and quick understanding of how advanced tech worked, was known to be very trustworthy and had received much praise from his superiors.

    After attending 4 years at a military college, he was almost immediately invited to the 75th Ranger Regiment. This is when he knew he wouldn't be taking the job in his parents company, at least at first. He decided to leave his family and lover to accept the position he was offered. With his powerful Barrett M82 he always hits his target. In the case of the occasional closer-quarters situation he relies on his skill with a pistol and sports a .45 Cal Desert Eagle. He takes orders well but has the tendency to share his opinion when he feels necessary, however either way he gets the job done. One of his strengths, or weaknesses depending on the situation, is his empathetic abilites; he is a very good people-person and can get a very good read of where someone is in their state of mind with one quick glance.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Alexander "Crisp" Seacatsa
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Russian
    Role: Spetsnaz Sniper
  6. (Finally, another Russian!)
    (Your sheet is good, and I introduced my Russian character in a recent post)
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  7. Name: Michael "Section" Carmine

    Age: 35

    Gender: Male

    Standing height of 6'1 sporting an athletic build from intense training, and scars scattered across his back from countless missions. Short cut hair, dark brown eyes, and a trademark Five O'clock shadow.

    Nationality: American

    Role: Ranger Squad Leader

    Background: Michael is a man that some would say has "been around the block." He graduated top of his class in high school and college, has married three times and been divorced twice, has three kids just getting into grade school and has spent most of his time away from them. He's been a military man since the age of 18 when first enlisting into the National Guard, and served in the reserves. For a minimum of eight years he was a dedicated recruit to the branch before moving on the the U.S.M.C.

    He served as a Devil Dog for four years. The first two as a replacement Captain for a squad in need, the other two getting to know his future wife, and First Lieutenant, Sarah Carmine. After finishing their last years as Marines, Sarah stepped out of duty while Michael remained. Taking shore-leave where he could, he started a family and made it a goal to keep them safe from the front lines. And with recent events on the rise, they are the only thing keeping his will alive.
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  13. (Theme 1)


    Stanislav "Kestrel" Lakeev


    Maxim Lyutyi


    47 (D.O.B. 1 July 1968)




    Mostly wears civilian clothing. However, during special operations wears his OP suit.
    ((Please don't mind those ugly red lenses.))




    Spetsnaz spy (Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Black Ops agent) ((You mentioned roles aren't important!))



    Early life

    Stanislav was born in 1969 to a family of three in the suburbs of Leningrad (Today: Saint Petersburg). At the age of 7 he went to Lenin's 3rd "Beginning" school and then graduated at Leningrad Lyceum 239 after studying math and Computer Science.

    Air-Landing Forces career during the Soviet Union

    Once he hit 18, Stanislav was conscripted into Soviet Army during the "Soviet war in Afghanistan" and was trained in a boot camp at Fergana valley, Uzbek SSR (Today: Uzbekistan) for six months by a brutal drill instructor, whom was a seasoned war veteran that took several tours to Afghanistan himself. Having been trained in Combat Sambo (Russian marital art), Assault weapon handling, operation of plastic explosives and how to conduct himself in Afghanistan, Stanislav was sent to Afghanistan through Bagram Airfield.

    Tour 1: May 17, 1987 - January 4, 1988

    Battle of Jaji - The Battle of Jaji occurred from May to June 1987, during the first stage of withdrawal of Soviet forces from their war in Afghanistan.

    Shortly after the paratrooper arrives, he receives his new assignment, with the 9th company of the 345th Guards Airborne Regiment. Stanislav's first taste of blood was when he along with his "comrades in arms" had parachuted into the Pakita Province of Afghanistan to help the Pro-Soviet Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (DRA), hoping to relieve a besieged garrison at Ali Sher, and cut off supply lines to the Mujahideen from Pakistan. The mission was a success as a force of 200 (a combination of Air-Landing Forces, Spetsnaz and DRA forces) soldiers were able to overtake a Mujahideen compound created by Bin Laden, which was protected by at least a force of 450 Mujahideens.

    Operation Magistral - Operation Magistral was a Soviet Army military operation during the Soviet war in Afghanistan that began in late November 1987 and ended in early January 1988. Months after the Battle of Jaji the paratroopers are sent to city of Gardez to clear it from the Mujahideen and then advance throught mountains to the city of Khost which was blocked off by the Mujahideen. During the last push of the fight Stanislav was critically injured in the firefight.

    Tour 2: June 15, 1988 - February 15, 1989

    After the successful recovery Stanislav and the Regiment had took part in mostly protecting the convoys of Soviet troops that were being attacked by Afghan fighters while they withdrew from Afghanistan after the USSR had signed the Geneva Accords.

    Post-Soviet Union life, and VDV SPETSNAZ

    Stanislav stood in front of Kremlin as in 7:32 P.M. (December 26, 1991) the Soviet flag was lowered and replaced by the Russian tricolor flag. USSR had ceased to exist and was replaced by 15 independent countries, one of them being the Russian Federation.

    "Lines at the stores became shorter, the word tovarisch (English: Comrade) was replaced by gaspadin/gospazha (English: Mister/Miss), goverment had stopped brainwashing it's citizens and feeding them propaganda."

    Stanislav still continued serving within the 345th Guards Airborne Regiment of the Air-Landing Forces (Russian: Vozdushno-desantnye voyska or VDV) until he was relocated to the newly formed 45th Guards Spetsnaz Regiment of Russian Airborne Troops in July, 1994 (Stas was 26 by then).

    During that time he received a six month training in advance weapons handling, rappelling, explosives training, marksmanship, counter-terrorism, airborne training, Systema hand-to-hand combat, climbing (alpine rope techniques), diving, underwater combat, emergency medical training, and demolition.

    Original (open)
    Stanislav was born in Leningrad (Today: Saint Petersburg) in 1968. At the age of 7 he went to Lenin's 3rd "Beginning" school and then graduated at Leningrad Lyceum 239 after studying math and physics. In 1986 he was conscripted into Soviet Army and was trained in a boot camp at Fergana valley, Uzbekistan for three months. Stas had taken 3 tours (A tour = 1 year) to Afghanistan in the 345th Guards Airborne Regiment until 1989 when the regiment was sent back.

    He still continued serving within the 345th Guards Airborne Regiment after the fall of the Soviet Union until he was relocated to the newly formed 45th Guards Spetsnaz Regiment of Russian Airborne Troops in July, 1994 (Stas was 26 by then).

    Stas units first OP started on December 2, 1994. When the commandos deployed to Chechnya to participate in the elimination of illegal armed groups. Units of the regiment took part in the fighting until 1995.

    From February to May 1997, a combined detachment of the regiment was in Gudauta for peacekeeping missions in the separation zone between the Georgian and Abkhaz armed forces.

    Disclosed reports say that in 1998 Stas was contacted by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (Russian: Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki or SVR), this can't be confirmed as, two days later, Stanislav was killed in a hit and run accident (Age 30).

    Rumors say that in 1998 within the Directorate S of the SVR, a new elite Special Operations Group (Spetsnaz) was formed under the name"Zaslon"(English: Screen).


    This group was the continuation of the PGU KGB group Spetsnaz Vympel. However, mere existence of such group within SVR is denied by Russian authorities. Nevertheless, rumors say that this group performs OP's starting from intelligence gathering, Russian embassy protection, counter-terrorism to even... Assassinations, sabotage and even terrorism itself. In other words - Finest from the Best of the Best.

    Maxim Lyutyi was born in Moscow, Russian SSR, USSR in June 24, 1968. When he turned 18 his parents were killed in a robbery (something that was not common at the time). After that he was sent to Afghanistan with the 103rd Guards Airborne Division. His friends remember him having his head blown up 1987, yet this man, "somehow", became a writer and moved to Crimea since 2014.


    Primary: MP-443 "Grach" - Military version of the Yarygin PYa pistol that is designed to shoot Russian over pressured 7N21 and 7N31 rounds (9x19mm +P+).

    Gun Name:

    MP-443 "Grach"


    9x19mm (Any version)


    Steel Black

    How it was found:

    Since 2003 it has been the standard weapon for all branches of Russian military and law enforcement


    Secondary: AK-12 - Formerly known as the AK-200. It is the latest Russian rifle in the Kalashnikov family. Standard in Russian military since 2014. Configured for stealth operations.

    Gun Name:

    Avtomat Kalashnikova 2012 goda




    Steel black

    How it was found:

    Standard Russian military assault rifle since 2014.


    Knife: NRS-2 - A Russian combat knife made for Spetsnaz forces. Has a single-shot shooting mechanism which fires a 7.62x42mm SP-3 round.

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  14. (Accepted! The Spestnaz group would be inside a helicopter on the way to Crimea now, however I do not know if you wish your character to be something of an insurgent planted in Ukraine or a foot soldier who owns a house/land in the Crimean area)
  15. Idea that I have is that since Crimean Status Referendum had been deemed illegal, Russia had already send in a couple of sleeper cells inside Crimea and Ukraine to be awakened in this exact situation. Spetsnaz Zaslon being an SVR shadow unit will help "The" Spetsnaz (Which I believe to be SPETSNAZ GRU), in capturing/neutralizing the U.S.A. hostiles, providing intelligence and taking over the rest of Crimea.

    Edit: I will start posting tommorow.
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  16. This rp takes place in Crimea, the Ukraine and Romania (the entire Crimean Peninula)
    While Romania is safe(r) from Russia, Russia wishes to dominate both the Ukraine and Crimea
  17. Not a decission I would have made, if I recall Crimean federalisation would cost around $5 billion for Russian Federation, imagine Ukraine... Jeez...
    That goes without mentioning the civil war between Pro-Russian militias "колорадский жук" and Pro-Ukraian *Cought* faschist *Cought* groups like "Svoboda" and of course LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: The F*UCKING RIGHT SECTOR!!! (I am so mad at them after what they did in Odessa) "The one of a kind faschist movement that beats the shit out of pepole who crawled out of a building they set on fire."

    A man in the video is wearing a bulletproof vest and is shooting several times in the direction of the burning House of Trade Unions.

    Another video of the same man shows him speaking on the phone passionately arguing that he and his people are unarmed, while having to confront armed anti-government protesters. The man introduces himself as sotnik Mykola (“sotnik” is what Maidan group leaders in Kiev call themselves) He also says he was wounded in the leg by protesters, although he doesn’t look hurt in the footage.

    Plus I have pictures of Pro-Ukrainian thugs on the roof of the trade centre with molotov cocktails, proving same reports.

    And if you still haven't understood, I am Pro-Russian in this one.
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  18. Well, it is made to imply that Russia is going for complete territorial control, however there is a reason for this and it's a very important one at that.

    Not to mention it economically and geographically makes since- giving them the domination to the Sea of Azov and Black Sea.
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  19. All of you guys are awesome, can't stop reading
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