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  1. Cast into wilderness, a group of youths awaken together and alone. Banished for failure of the rites that would see them made citizens, they must survive, fight and die. Whoever returns to the city gates is welcomed with bloody hands into the Enclave, where harnessing the power of life and death are the simplest things one might learn.

    More information.
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  2. what's this about exactly? and what is meant about "welcomed with bloody hands into the Enclave"?
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  3. This is the least amount of information I've seen in an interest check to date.
    Kinda need more to go on...
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  4. Interesting start. But yes, need more information about this before I decide to join.
  5. Pardon the delay in replying, I've moved to a new apartment.
    All the information you need is in that link I've provided.
    Essentially, near-future Earth, post-post apocalypse, new age of humanity after being uplifted from the ashes, Enclave is the new society.
    The details are all there, but keep in mind that the world I've dubbed Logos is still a work in progress, it has simply come recently to the point where playing with it is possible.
    Read it over when you have the time, any other questions feel free to ask.
  6. Good sir that is an assload of reading to do for an interest check.
  7. Just the timeline, since if you don't care for it then reading the rest would be rather moot.
    Personally, I feel a greater understanding is necessary and thus recommend it all but I'm also quite mad.
  8. mad as in pissed off or mad as in mad as a hatter
  9. Depends on the day, but I'd say the latter is by far the more constant.
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  10. very funny, i'll read up and maybe join
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  11. You, sir have made my day.
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  12. I will simply say that the banner for this is what sparked my curiosity. While I'll not say that I am or am not currently interested, and I will also agree that it's an assload of reading to be done, I will say that for the sake of being here I will go ahead and read it when I have the time, as not doing so after coming here would be quite rude of me.

    And unlike my sister counterpart(thank goodness she doesn't rp), who would cuss you out to the end of the world for even having it a single word longer than she likes, I am much more forgiving, and I would actually encourage longer posts, more information, loads of action, and tons of gore, in every situation that each applies to.
  13. All things in their time.
    As above, so below.
    What will be, will be.
    If it is of interest, I shall be pleased.
  14. You are a very interesting entity. Maybe one day I'll have the chance to dissect you.
  15. I practice in front of a mirror every night.
  16. Gave it a read, as annoying as it was to do so in that font.
    Not my schtick.
  17. Both Renegade Proxy and Kelsi Kitsune sound as though you enjoy the madness that Mother Void brings I would enjoy a deeper conversation with you two at some point
  18. I prefer mine with sauce.
  19. I love your "sauciness" Renegade Proxy
  20. I make it myself~
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