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  1. @RaggingEskimo

    There are a lot of beliefs out there... Some magical, spiritual, and so on. There are creatures out there that still hide in today's society. Then there are the creatures that had long ago died off. All the way back when the world was still young and fresh.

    Then there's reincarnation.

    Two souls that lived as one so long ago now face a new fight within new lives. Can they survive this one?
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  2. Today was going to be perfect. A warm, late-summer evening at the museum in New York City. The woman had always been so busy, between work and relationship and other day to day activities. She never set any time to just simply go out and do what she enjoyed. With this atmosphere, she'll finally get to enjoy art and history and so on.

    Dressed in her finest, the dishwater blonde paced into the building and her green-brown orbs scanned the crowd in front of her for the familiar face of hers. Eventually she caught sight of the dark brown locks of a gentleman standing aside and waiting, glancing at his watch every now and then. She walked over with a big smile.

    "Hi there!" she greeted, the man returning her smile as she reached out and took his hand. "I don't want to wait anymore. Let's go."
  3. "I'm going to be late for the unveiling dammit" Spoke a young man as he was running towards the museum as he reached the front of it he took deep breaths. "This be easier if I worked out" he chuckles softly still taking deep breaths as he looked up see stairs. "Dammit" he sighed as he started walking up them.

    He was wearing wore out jeans and a red plain T-shirt with black shaggy hair as the man made it inside the building he sighed. "Aw cool air" he chuckles as he looked around.

    Another Man walks in wearing a black suit with a blue tie and having slick back brown hair as he looked around. "Now where is it?"
  4. "Ku... Kuku..." the man called as the woman led them through the crowded museum. "Kurureenu!" He pulled on her hand, bringing her over and into him. "Slow down a bit, honey. What's the excitement for, anyway?"

    The woman, Kurureenu, turned her gaze back toward the man, not knowing that she was going too fast for the taller. "They're going to be releasing a new Greek exhibit and I want to get there before they do it. You know how much I enjoy Greece and their stories and language and religion... Right, Liev?"

    Liev laughed toward the woman, bringing her in for a quick kiss on the cheek. "Okay, okay, dear. If we must hurry, then let's hurry."

    "That's what I thought," Kurureenu responded with a smirk before hurriedly dragging him off again.
  5. Rune was hurrying through the crowd as he made his way to the Greek exhibit on his way he stop looking at a display. "Wow look at the axes" he chuckles as one caught his eye it was a two handed ax with a black gem in the middle of the blade. "This one new" he spoke softly to himself as he felt something come over him. "Feels like I've seen that before hell even held it once"

    "The opening of the exhibit will be opening soon so please hurry" spoke a voice over the pda

    Rune shakes his head. "Shit I almost forgot" as he keeps walking

    "Axes what a stupid weapon" sneered a man after Rune took off as the man looks at them he places a hand on his chest. "It starting to hurt again and here I though giving that Bull's ax to here would take the pain away" he sneers as he keeps walking
  6. Kurureenu was still hurrying with Liev in hand before pausing at the 'Weapons Through History' exhibit. The shine off one of the blades caught her eye so suddenly and she slowed down to a stop.

    "What's wrong, Kuku?" Liev asked, following her gaze to a gold and silver double-edged sword. The center of the blade had a streak of gold piercing through it while the rest was polished into a silver steel shine. The blade sunk down metal hilt with a pattern of stars and a woven purple handle.

    "I... I just... Have we seen that sword in another exhibit? I think I've seen it before," she pointed out.

    The man stared hard at it for a few more moments before shaking his head. "I don't recall. Maybe you saw it in one of your crazy dreams after eating pizza puffs before bed," he suggested, smiling.

    Kurureenu laughed, smacking Liev's backside. "We're going to be late if we keep sightseeing on the way there!" she pointed out, dragging him even further until the finally reached the massive crowd that also gathered for the same reason. "It's almost time!"
  7. Rune made it seeing the huge crowd of people as he sighed. "Good made it in time" he stood there waiting as he saw one of the museum's workers walks up to the center of the room.

    "Welcome one and all to the greats find in history" He smiles. "Now your all probably wondering whats under this sheet well let me show you" he takes the sheet off showing a golden box with ancient craving on it and at the center was a women's head with a open mouth opening looked big enough for a hand. "This is what researchers believe to be Pandora's Box said to contain chaos and evil in it said to be crafted by the gods" the people where in aw of it.
    "Now we wouldn't been able to find it if it wasn't for the donations from Rino corp and we like to thank the founder Arron Rino who sadly couldn't make it today so please enjoy and remember no touching please"

    The man chuckles to himself. "Found it so much money went in to this and its there now to get someone to open it"

    Rune was amazed by this box. "There no way that's the real deal"
  8. Kurureenu bounced on the balls of her feet with joy as they announced Pandora's Box. "I can't believe the found something so exciting!" she cheered to Liev. "We need to get a closer look."

    Liev looked around at the crowd, frowning. "There's a lot of people, Ku... Maybe we should wait until it thins out a bit."

    The woman scoffed, crossing her arms. "Fuck that noise," she muttered. "Just pretend it's the city traffic and go!" She took hold of Liev's hand again and started forward toward where they had the box on display. After a few passes from others, the girl finally hand a front and center view of the item. The carvings were so intricate... So detailed... They were practically spell-binding. She smiled, leaning forward a bit to get caught by the shoulder by Liev.

    "Make sure you don't get us in trouble hanging too close. They're going to think you a theif," the man joked, getting Kurureenu to stick her tongue out at him.

    "Nuh uh," she protested, still staring. "It's just... really beautiful, Liev."

    "Real creepy, you mean..."
  9. "He right Ku" Chuckles Rune "You are always good at getting in trouble" Rune smirked as he walks out of the crowed "Though I should have figured you be here I know of only one other person more interest in Greece then me and that's you, but you are right it is wonderful still do you believe it's the real deal?" he started to look at it getting the same look in his as Ku

    The man in the suit watch these two from the crowed listening.
  10. The woman gasped when another voice intercepted their conversation, turning with her back into Liev. "Rune...?" she murmured her gaze turning into a glare. "I can't be sure if it's the real deal without someone opening it, but that's not how Pandora's Box is supposed to work. No one in the world is supped to open it."

    "I wouldn't touch it, just in case," Liev muttered, taking hold of Kurureenu's hand. "Is this-"

    "Yeah," the dishwater blonde responded quickly. "I didn't think you'd come, Rune... Well, it looks like it's your turn to see the box, so we'll just be on our way." Kurureenu turned, leading Liev down the steps and away from the 'cursed' item. "We would see a curse while visiting a curse," she muttered to Liev when she was out of earshot of the other.
  11. The man in the suit grins a wide grin his teeth sharp as a sharks. "So even the Gods of old as place there bets against me bring them both here to this time" he laughed to him self as he touched his chest "The scars they burn, but it's a good pain one of them will be the one to open it and then I'll kill them both for sure this time" he begins to walking up to Ku. "Hello Miss I noticed your interested in the box" he smiles.

    Rune saw as they where stopped by the man not getting a good look at his face. "She getting in trouble again I should go help" he smiles softly then stops. "No that's not my job no more she has someone new get a hold of you're self" he sighed then began looking at the box more.
  12. Liev was chuckling at her little joke before they were stopped by the gentleman in the suit. Kurureenu suddenly brought herself closer to Liev, sensing something ominous with this gentleman. "It's a piece of history, sir. Specifically why we decided to come here today. Of course I would be interested in it," she pointed out kindly with a smile. "Now... If you'll excuse me, my fiance and I have plans to see the rest of the museum tonight, as well."

    She started to walk away, bringing Liev along with. She was happy the man didn't complain about the grip she had on his hand that she was holding behind him. For some reason... That person made her feel very uneasy.
  13. Arron watches her walk away then turns to Rune. "I see then the dumb bull" he smiles as he walks up to Rune. "Hello Sir I see your interested in the box"

    Rune turns seeing the man sensing something off. "Hello may I help you?" he spoke looking at this man with out realizing it one of his hands made a fist.

    "Yes what if I could tell you that Pandora's Box real function was to show your future and your past and that the rumor was just a lie to scare the people" Arron chuckles. "And all you have to do is open it"

    Rune looked at the box. "I know my past I'm a fuck up that's lost everything and is to scared to get it back, but I'll play your game" Rune places his hand inside the mouth finding a surface to rest it on as it started to glow as he fell to his knees in pain his hand still in the box as a golden spike runs through his hand the earth starts to shake as the box open. "Some one help" he screams as he looked up at the man.

    "You stupid Bull you helped me" he laughs as he begins to change into what looked like a human shark

    Rune's head began to plus as he held it with his free hand as memory poured in like a flood "ARRON RINO" he yelled getting angry trying to pull his arm free to try and chock the Arron to death. "Where Ku? I'll kill you if you laid a hand on her"

    Arron laughed more" I missed that fear in you eyes Rune"
  14. Kurureenu was walking with Liev hand in hand making their way away from the new exhibit. Ultimately, away from the strange man that had put the woman so on edge. There were some shouts and screams and Kurureenu instantly turned her attention, scanning the crowd for a reason why people would be panicking.

    She turned her gaze up toward the stage, seeing the gruesome sight of the shark man thing. Not only that, but the piercing light and a struggling Rune. The woman sighed irritably, pulling up the sleeves to her thin sweater.

    "Kuku! Where are you going?" Liev asked, taking Kurureenu by the arm.

    "Clearly the idiot needs a bit of help," Kurureenu responded, gesturing to the stage.

    Liev glanced up toward the stage before turning his attention to Kurureenu, pulling her in for a quick kiss. "Just be careful, okay? Don't get hurt and I'll be close by."

    The dishwater blonde smiled softly. "Thank you, Liev... I love you." She heard him return the phrase as she turned around running up to the stage against the crowd running away. She finally managed to get up there, the battle against the crowd already wearing her out. "The fuck did you do!" she screamed, running over to Rune and looking at the box and him stuck in it. "You didn't fucking open the box, did you? The hell is wrong with you?"
  15. Rune looks down as the blood trickles down his arm and the spike went back into the box as his arm went limp the box left a strange tattoo on Rune's hand and the ground shakes again as the box opens sending a light straight up destroying the roof and opening a rift in the sky. "I'm sorry Ku I failed to protect you again" Rune slowly gets up holding his arm as he places himself between Arron and Ku.

    "Kurureenu it's been way to long" Arron chuckles as he licks his lips and sways this tail as screams and even roars could be heard through out the area
  16. The woman saw the blood but ducked instead as the roof was destroyed. Pieces of debris fell from the edges and Kurureenu can see Liev guiding panicked visitors out to safety. "Protect me...? You've never protected me!" Kurureenu screamed, watching as Rune stood between she and the shark-thing. "You know me? How the hell does that fish thing know me?"

    The screams and the crying slowly started to drain away her voice. Her eyes darting all over as everything started to go to hell. Quite literally, too. "So this is the chaos from Pandora's Box..."

    A glint of light caught her attention in the crowd and she glanced over, seeing a panicked man waving around the gold and silver sword. His children were scared behind him while he kept screaming and shouting at the other people running away and trying to get out. Not only that, but it seemed that people were also running back in.

    "That's not..." the woman murmured. "Hoshiko...?" Her head began to ache dully as the light continued, but the potential danger in front of her kept her in her spot.
  17. "Aw Ku how could you forget little old me" Arron smirked as he went to swipe her with his tail Rune got in it's way catching it with both hands. "You can still move like that Rune after that burning pain not surprising" he pulled it away with ease due to Rune's blood as he did Rune tried hard to stay up.

    "Your not taking Ku away from me again Arron" Rune begins to feel faint due to blood loss.

    Arron laughed. "Then me and the box are going then" Arron reached for it, but before he could grab it a Red Dragon breaks the rest of the roof as it takes the box into it's clutches and fly off "Well at least I know it can protects it's self oh well the world of old is coming back and I'll be it's king" Arron turns around and begins to walk off. "It was nice catching up you to love birds" he laughed
  18. Kurureenu turned back toward the shark-man, glaring. "How can I forget something I've never seen before, you creep!" she hollered before seeing his tail start to head toward her. She tried to step away from the path and fell back as one of her heels bent under her foot. The woman watched as Rune stopped the tail, frowning as the blood dripped down from his arm.

    "Take who away?" Kurureenu shouted, glaring. "There was no one taking me away except for your stupid attitude, you fucking asshat!"

    She watched as Arron had started to make his leave, carefully working on scrambling back up to her feet. Just as she was finally up, going toward Arron to stop him from taking the box, the dragon crashed through, sending back and off the stage. The fall sent a jolt of pain across her side and back. Instead of reacting to the pain, adrenaline drowning away at the receptors, her eyes were stuck on the dragon grabbing the box and flying away.

    "That... that was just..." she stuttered out, Liev running up beside her with panic. "A dragon...?" Everything was starting to become too unreal now as all these creatures seemed to be popping up all of a sudden. All in New York City. "This is the power of Pandora's Box?"
  19. Rune fell down on one knee as he held on to his arm as he bleeds out. "Ku we need to get are weapons and kill that shark" he spoke as more memories poured into his mind as he saw his ax reaching his hand out as the dark gem in the ax glowed hearing it's master's call breaks from it's glass case and flew into his hand. "It's just as I remember it" he smiled softly holding the ax one handed.

    Arron walked out taking his human from as he decided to walk back to his tower. "I better get back and get ready for a war" he chuckles madly as screams of people running about could be heard. "AW soon they'll be dead and we'll be the rulers again"
  20. Kurureenu's eyes went straight to Rune after his statement. "Whoa... Wait... Kill?" she responded, flinching slightly as Liev helped her stand back up. "One, you're bleeding and so badly that you may need a few transplants. Two, killing is illegal. Three, I don't have a weapon. Quite being a cross between a dumbass and a cosplayer, get off that stage and these actors and animatronics from Hollywood can all go home now. This punking is over!"

    Liev hugged her close to him, turning his attention to the large hole in the ceiling. "I don't know if this is all a joke, Kuku..." he murmured. "It looks pretty serious to me."

    "Well... still! That asshole keeps spewing things out like 'protecting' and 'taking away' and shit like that. I think he's on drugs!" the woman cried. "We need to get away from all this. I'm supposed to be planning our wedding for fuck's sake!"
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